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  1. First let me start with a question: Have you ever heard of a Story Based Video Game?

    Great! Then you are already pretty much aware of the basis of this RP!
    Let me enlighten you, young one. The sweet and short description is that a Story Based Video Game is where you are presented with a description of the current scenario followed by several options to further the story. You personally get to pick which one to choose and in that way whatever circumstances occur is on you.

    Now that we got that over with would you like an example of what this RP is going to be like?


    Here it is then:

    Two burly guards approach you and your companion. By the stiffness of their frame and the suspicion in their eyes this encounter was not one of pleasantries. The moment they reached you the taller of the two men scrutinized your strange apparel, obviously not made from one of the of the local seamstress.

    Guard A: Where do you hail from strangers?

    >The East.
    >We live in the slums.

    Both the guards exchanged glances. They appeared no less skeptical then before and the one of more stocky-build placed a hand loosely on the hilt of his sword. Clearly they do not believe your words. Your companion by your side, a Huntsmen (of name you do not yet know), discreetly nudges your arm. By the look in his eyes he is silently saying 'Let me speak friend, lest you get both of us killed'.

    Guard A: Do not try to fool us. Your clothes may be filthy but they are no commoners rags.

    Guard B: Speak truth stranger or we will be forced to apprehend you.

    >Attempt to make a quick escape.
    >Insist that you do in fact live in the slums and stole the clothing you now wear.
    >Let the Huntsmen speak.
    >Admit the truth.

    [This is the moment where usually you would write something like: "John glanced towards the huntsmen, signaling his companion to speak in his stead." You can make it as blocky and chocky as you like.]

    Upon noticing your compliance the Huntsman steps forward, seemingly agitating both of the guards who instantly stiffen and grab at their swords.

    Huntsman: I mean no harm.

    The huntsman spoke, raising his hands as a sign of peace before slowly removing the hood that obscured his features. He appeared to be around his mid twenties with ruffled brown hair in need of a cut and a clear after shadow of days travel.

    Guards A: Explain yourself now traveler!

    The hunter smiled and before you know it you are being pulled over. The weight of his arm descends upon you as he slings it over your shoulder in a half hug.

    Huntsmen: This young child is my apprentice officer, picked em from the slums just a few weeks before. It's true we wear foreign clothes but that is because we have traveled from the East and have been resting in the slums due to scarce occupancy.

    The guard raises his eyebrows at the latter explanation.

    Huntsmen: Scarce cheap occupancy.


    Oh you're one that gets right into business. I like you.

    Also if you hadn't noticed, you were doing a bit of a Story Based RP right now! By choosing Yes or No you were represented with different answers. Did you like it?

    Great! Then you are sure to enjoy this RP ^^
    Honest too! You could be my spirit animal

    If you're are interested in this type of RP I'd really appreciate some help on getting any kinks out and developing a base plot that I could work with.
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  2. *Expressing my interest via rainbows*
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  3. I love CYOA's, and honestly, this got me cribbling for more.
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  4. Thank you for the support guys ^^

    The number of players I had in mind are only 3 so if theres one more interest I'll be ready to have this up around this week.

    In the mean time feel free to throw around genre ideas. I can even do fandoms if someone requests it (and Im actually knowledgable of it).
  5. Well, it has been pointed out that this site has an annoying lack of steampunk, but other than that, I have no preference.
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  6. This sounds pretty interesting, if you're looking for another player.

    And, fantasy. (sorry.)
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  7. Oh yea I forgot about one of my favorite genres. For the purpose of a test RP I'd like to start this off with a steampunk backdrop then.

    Yes, actually you're the perfect third if @Jessica2477 is still interested? If not I can always fill in the empty space myself.

    Nice to meet another fantasy nut ^^ Before I throw my own ideas in I'd like to hear a few of yours if you'd like to share.
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