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  1. Fisher King or Dominion would be my choices...
  2. I choose mech-suits.

  3. I would choose The Road Eternal.
  4. Nakama. I don't really care for the luck part, I just want friends, so...
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  5. The Road Eternal
  6. These all sound horrific.

    Road eternal.
    What if I want to die young?!
    What if I like where I am!

    Fisher King.
    What if want to journey the world?!
    What if I forget which room I'm in!

    Sad end is sad!
    I'd pick this if I didn't remember my past lives each time!

    Ruling is stressful!
    Friendship is important!

    I'd rather live the way I do now.
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  7. Please tell me this is actually from a Pen and Paper.
  8. Which one would allow me to spend the rest of my life in an alcohol-induced stupor?
  9. The Road Eternal or Fisher King. They both sound good to me.
  10. I think its just an image, but it's possible people have added on.
  11. Medium- Mobility - Nerve Suit with internal sensors and wi-fi communications...

    I'd either have Hydra or Progenitor Nanites. My armor's utilities would include storage, Automated Cleaning and additional form. For Combat my weapons include Cutting Blades, Plasma Flaimthrower and the Rail gun. For Defense Tempreture resistance x2 and improved Haul. My Locomotion is flight.

    195 if I go Hydra, 200 if I am Progenitor...
  12. The Road Eternal or Nakama. Probably.
  13. My mech (open)

    Support Specialty
    Nerve-Suit Controls
    Enhanced Vision
    External Sensors
    Dummy AI

    Ion Cannon
    Fusion Missiles
    Combat Drone
    Kinetic Strike Module

    150% shield
    Plasma Shield
    Improved Hull
    Temperature Resistance 1

    So, a tank.
  14. The road eternal. I'd love to travel places forever
  15. Dominion or Nakama.
  16. I like the expanded one with the kaiju hunter
  17. The Fisher King sounds good except for one small problem--it would get dull. Unless you could live with other people and they would also be immortal, you would either be alone with your possessions or watch your loved ones grow old and die while you stay young. No thanks.

    The Road Eternal is pretty cool except that you never get a moment to really rest. You have to keep going forever. You can go pretty much anywhere, but you never get to stop. You can't make friendships because even if they're willing to travel with you, again, you're immortal and they aren't. They get too old to travel, have to settle down, and you keep going, watch your the people grow old and die. ...Wait, could you just move between two places in a circle forever? That would make it better since you still had the option to travel when you want to, but it doesn't solve the problem of immortality. No thanks.

    Dominion has the least direct downsides, but it's a life of constant stress and loneliness. You have almost everything you'd ever want, except peace, calm, and friends. No thanks.

    I choose Nakama. I almost dismissed this one at first, but then I read the bit about losing your memories of past lives and decided it was fine. It circumvents the problem of remaining immortal while your friends die, letting you have a perfect circle of friends until your last life. It would be extremely depressing if you remembered your past lives, but since you don't, everything is fresh and new, even your friends. Sure, it's sad from the perspective of an outsider, but actually living it you wouldn't remember enough to be sad, and you're assured happiness in each life with your supernatural luck. It's the only one where you die in the end, but that's fine. More than fine. It means you don't watch everything temporal fade around you while you're timeless. And you get to live a normal life. Meet people, get a job, learn new things. These are things that the others don't have or only in limited ways. All I want is a normal life.
    Also, as a horrible uranophobic (used to be worse though) I find the idea of reincarnation extremely appealing.
  18. Fisher King for me. The structural limitations are less limiting than you'd think. This holds especially true if you colonize your 'house' into a nation and use an infinite golem army to construct larger and larger buildings outside of it.

    As more people move into your realm of comfort, economics will change suitably. Culture, science, religion, etc will all change. One could use this to be a huge asshole but what would be the point unless you're omnicidal? In the end, it feels like this would err towards me creating as close to a utopia on earth as would be possible (if it even remains 'on earth'; given enough time the golems could foreseeably make the structure a bit less restricted even without 'moving the core'. Given the earth is constantly moving it seems it just can't move relative to that base, and you can definitely control the motion of the base with enough resources)

    This permits large numbers of people to have joy, contentment, safety, and all that shit within without preventing them from leaving and exploring. Life would become a way of art, science, and exploration (ideally, at least). Sure, I'd have to deal with the problems of being basically a living god with an infinite army of angels, but that doesn't seem so bad when I can ensure the continued survival and prosperity of untold numbers of mortals.

    Plus, just because there's not a memory switch, doesn't mean you can rig one into the system anyway to cope with cycles of loss.

    AND, the golems can be conceivably made to hold personalities, independent wants and desires, feelings, and such. They're not humans but they're still people. That eliminates the lonely detachment as well.

    So, TL;DR: Fisher King 'for the win'.
  19. I'd go with the Fisher King because I'm not that fond traveling a lot. Don't think I'd be able to take seeing my friends die during each reincarnation. I have absolutely not desire to rule the world cause that is far to much work and I wouldn't want to have to deal with people trying to ever throw me. I'd much rather stay in a single place that has everything that I will ever need.

    My Mech Suit (open)



    User Interface
    Nerve suit
    Brain implant 2

    Enhanced vision
    Internal sensors
    External sensors

    Universal translator

    Hydra nanites


    Cutting blades

    Improved hull
    Temperature resistance 2


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