Choose You Own Adventure - the next Mass RP?


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On my holiday I found a boxed set of Choose Your Own Adventure books in a second-hand bookshop. It brought back fond memories. These books were my first introduction to fantasy, even before my D&D days.

I snapped them up and wallowed in nostalgia for the rest of the week. And then it struck me... this system would be PERFECT for a collaborative project.

So, maybe as the next Mass RP once Project Genesis concludes?

How it would work is that one writer posts a scene written in second person (i.e. You approach the castle and see a guard at the gate. Will you A) Attack him? B) Befriend him? C) Sneak around the other way?).

Then three other writers post the outcomes of the three possible choices.

This way, everyone is a GM, and a whole fantasy world can be developed, with different areas and challenges. The end result will be a game that can be played like a Choose Your Own Adventure book.

The current books use a simple stat system (SKILL, STAMINA & LUCK), and I'm thinking these can be recharged or levelled up by roleplay posts. So in addition to the descriptive scenes written by GMs, we can also have areas where people can free-roleplay.

If anyone has read these books, they will know what I mean. Each of us will be writing a scene and between us we can create a hugely detailed Fantasy world with multiple plotlines, settings and paths to the final boss.

I'll add more details of my idea later. My lunchbreak is over. >__>
Hrrrm... Sounds intriguing! And I know exactly what you mean, Asmoo. I'm currently looking at a stack of 20 or odd so Choose Your Own Adventure books right now, and I feel compelled to read some now. xDD

Well, it sounds fine in theory but I'm a tad confused...
How would we go on about the story with three different outcomes? Remember, that once you make three paths, those three needs a few paths of their own, multiplying it rather quickly, leading as to what I would call, a Mongolian cluster f**k. How could we get around that?
I don't think it'll be a clusterfuck. As long as everyone sticks to the formula and doesn't create anything too over the top, it should work well.

If we have sub-boards for certain areas, for example "Silverwind Forest" - then every scene has to take place in the forest. With dozens of scenes posted and paths overlapping, it will give some nice detail to the forest (an adventure going through the troll camp, an adventure in the human village, and adventure in the swamp, etc.). And once there's enough, we can start closing things down by reducing the options to two and then putting in dead ends or gateways into other subboards.

The great thing is, that the more threads are posted the better. It allows players to play the game over and over again by exploring different paths.

The big things to watch out for are people making it too hard, for example "You turn left at the next path and a tree falls on you. You are dead lol."
Pardon any perceived rudeness, but I do believe the proper term in this sort of situation is "Lurk Moar". Even when you're gone.

Slyen's been working on a space opera sort of proposal, getting people to come up with world ideas, setting details, possible characters, so on and so forth. I'm kinda biased in favor of it because I've been helping out a good bit, but it still seems like more of an RP than what you're proposing.

It's interesting, and I'd like to see it worked on in the art and writing forum or something, but doesn't much seem like an actual roleplay, much less the kind that would benefit from a large number of people participating.

((And no, we aren't ripping off legacy! Stop thinking that! D:))
Asmo has been on vacation and no one told you guys that Slyen was going to get to do the next Mass RP. >< We haven't even brung up the proposal idea of the Mass RP idea contest yet. And if we did do that, he'd have to win the contest too! Need to not get so carried away. ><


I think it's an interesting idea in concept and many members may enjoy giving it a try. Definitely need to work out a system though about how people present the options. >>
*stares blankly*


Just ignore them, Asmoo. xDD They speak in tounges not of our own.

Obviously you never got the memo... D:

I feel like there is so much that goes on behind the scenes here at Iwaku??

Where is this space opera sort of proposal? :S It sounds interesting like the kind of thread I'd like to stalk lurk on.

So does this "Choose Your Own Adventure" thing. I don't quite understand the whole logistics of it yet, buttt... I'd be interested. *adds to Subscribed threads for easier stalking*
I love it!

The Choose Your Own Adventure Books were my favourites when I was younger because you never knew what you were gonna get if you took a different path through the story! ;D

Plus, if we do the way Asmu says with the entries preplanned and stuff, we'll have all sorts of fun! ;D

I'm totally in and I want to help, too ^_^
Hmm... but it won't work without subboards.

*watches the space opera dudes through binoculars*