Chocolate Equality Or European Eliteism? YOU CHOSE!

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Which is your side?

  1. All chocolate

  2. European Chocolate

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  1. It is as the Title says. Will you support free chocolate rights or side with the Elitist Euroites?

    Post both your arguement and side in this forum and vote in the poll if you wish to contribute to your side.

    LET THE WAR BEGIN @Lysander. !!!
  2. There is no poll. :/
    And I vote chocolate, cause it's chocolate.
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  3. I don't care what country produced it, but cheap chocolate with added sugars and syrups and wax and God knows what are never as good as "real" chocolate
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  4. Someone want to explain what this is about? Europe becoming a haemonculous chocolate Gollum?
  5. I make my own chocolate.

    And it's fucking delicious.
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  6. ...what?
  7. Whatever costs less than two bucks at the corner store every once in a while.
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  8. Chocolate, choco, chocolate
    You can never have enough
    Chocolate, choco, chocolate
    No mater from where it comes
    I just want to eat it - cuz chocolate!

    AKA as long as it is chocolate I will eat it.
    Actually I will eat pretty much anything tasty.
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  9. Nice old man customer tries give me Tootsie Rolls from time to time, I try to politely say no. Sometimes it's easier to take the abomination and leave it for the next cashier.
  10. ... Eh? I have no idea what's going on, but I am European and I'm an elitist, so I'll go with the second option :D
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  11. Also, I don't see a poll. Is there a poll or is there a glitch with mobile?
  12. Chocolate is chocolate. Doesn't matter from where it was produced.

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  13. Dark chocolate, none of that milk chocolate nonsense. I want something sweet and bitter slapping my tongue with cocoa goodness!
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  15. Any of those cheap chocolates bought at your everyday grocery store are crap. The only worth saving are the good brands and the ones meant for cooking. How much diluted chocolate are we supposed to suffer through?

    (I once tried a plate of 94% dark chocolate. So good... A piece lasted for hours...)
  16. (that cookie you get is dark chocolate)
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  17. Dark chocolate is okay; as long as it's not too dark and I have it at the right time.
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