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  1. This is Now for anyone who wants to jump in, The replies are from people who are no longer going to be in the roleplay, So its still open. :)
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  2. It dose sound rather interesting. I am not so much in to chobits but I like your idea. If you still want me I am up for it. ^^
    (I might not be the best but I will do what I can. ^^)
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  3. (I would love for you to Play my Sub!! Please respond when ever you can take your time.)
    The original person i had did not respond for a week so i told her i would get someone else if she did not respond. I thought of you, your Such a good sub. Your chracters are so deep too! :)
  4. Aww you make me blush. So what more exactly did you have in mind? I get the consept, fobiden love and all that.
    But Tell me a bit more about what exactly you had in mind? Boy on boy?
    Any special twists you want?
  5. Your good at just reacting, But if you have any question not answered in my frist post then I answer any you need. And by the was since these are Occ and will get delected we should dicuss this via Pm XD
  6. Sure, just send me a pm and we can talk there.
    ANd sure I got most of it.
    You want a forbiden romance with chobits, they are looked down opon and treated like just machines.
    But they feel more then they let on and hide the fact since they are afraid of being "deleted" or shut down as I belive you put it.
    And thies two keep seeing one another any way in seacret.
    Am I with you so far?

  7. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. wonderful feel free to start when ever you would Like then Valentine. take your time with your frist post, and be sure to Build a chracter sheet,
    name (including family name)
  9. @Yuki40 @Wannano

    Uh, guys, you don't have to use PMs. You can make OOC threads in the Signups/Plot Discussion section. XD

    I've moved your posts to a new thread for you, so you don't have to do that this time! You can discuss your RP here.
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  10. wow thank XD we actually cancelled but Now me and Valentine will use this, Thanks so so much , so attentive :)
  11. Oh okay, cool. No problem. :]
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  12. I'll eventually reply around Monday :)
  13. That's fine take your time, keep in mind you have to make up a family along with your chracter, weather they serve the family or are part of it is up to you but be sure to make one. :)
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