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  1. This is the OOC for Chivalry Is Dead! Use this to make comments out of character, discuss characters, plot, and other things. I'll also have the characters listed once we get some.
  2. Heeey, Gloucester! I'm throwing a together a character right now. She's a Sorcerer (in the vein D&D/Pathfinder, meaning she's got magic in her blood! The blood of DRAGONS, baby!), and she has a bit of a big ego. Anyways, incoming.
  3. Oh dear.
    My darling Persephone's spoilis are refusing to become one.
  4. Whelp, not joining this QUITE yet, though I do have a character ready for ya. I'll post her sheet here so you know she's around. She'll probably join in once you're out of the bar.

    The picture was drawn by someone named "Violet Kirk", and I looked at her other stuff and it's also great owo

    Hazel (open)
    Name: Hazel
    Age: 28
    Race: Human ("And a bit dragon, mind you.")
    Class: Sorceress ("I've got the blood of dragons, baby!"), specializes in magic of the fire-y and explode-y sorts. (BURNING HANDS! EXPLOSIVE RUNES!)
    Inventory: Sorcerous staff, vials of quicksilver, vials of (her own) blood, leather-bound tome on her hip, several scrolls, assorted spell components.
    Appearance: A red-haired spellcaster and her pet weasel, "Patches". Essentially what's seen in the picture, plus the leather tome on her belt, a case to hold scrolls and such on her back, and a satchel to carry whatever other random crap she carries.
    Notes: She's quick to point out her dragonic blood, and is often a wee bit overconfident. Sometimes she can back it up though... Sometimes.
    Also knows a bit of alchemy, but more as a 'hobby' than anything else.
    While she is able to cast non fire/explosive spells when she puts her mind to it, they aren't as effective and it tends to take a lot out of her.
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  5. As a note, I don't know if a fight would break out from Persephone's act, so I think I left my post open enough that a brawl can still go down. Tell me anytime if you think I'm call-shotting.
  6. Eh,I generally had it so that she was out of the way when she did it, in a way that people might or might not notice. I really don't care either way. x3
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