Chiroko is a lurker no more!

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  1. After finally being declared a lurker I come back in search of a romance RP /shot

    But yeah...does anyone wanna brainstorm a romance RP? I'm in the mood for hetero and I am ok if characters are werewolves, vampires, humans, magic users, etc. ....No demons or angels though.

    It's ok for more than one person to come and ask for an RP, I can RP with multiple people c:
  2. I wouldn't mind doing a romance RP with you, I could pull up one of my characters.
  3. I wanna do something! :O *Points to dead MLP RP* It must be avenged with an even better RP.
  4. [MENTION=2282]ForLackofaBetterName[/MENTION] All right then ^^

    @ImmaLantern Ok! :'D sorry for killing that RP ;u;
  5. All is fine now. We just have to make something better. :O