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  1. Story:

    In the far future, most of the human population exists in huge, sprawling cities. The rich have become richer, and the poor poorer, than ever before, and at the top of the heap, scientific research has gone unchecked. The so-called Chimera project, an attempt to hybridise humans with other species and give them the useful traits of the animal kingdom, has ended in failure. Its subjects, drawn largely from the lower classes, roam the city again as humans. Some do not remember their forced participation, whilst others have simply chosen to put those days behind them.

    The richer part of the city prepares to celebrate a massive solar flare, an astronomical event unlike any other. Down below, life continues as normal. But when the flare comes, it will trigger changes in the research subjects loose in the city, and the failed Chimera project will take on a new lease of life.



    - Be polite!
    - Spelling and grammar will need to be intelligible at least
    - No god-modding, controlling other people’s characters etc.
    - I would appreciate a heads-up on exams/ holidays etc. so we can plan for your character during your absence.


    - If Chimera, you may have any number of hybrid animals, as long as this doesn’t lead to overpowered characters
    - A Chimera must possess a purely human form, but they have an alternate form which can be anywhere from humanoid with animal characteristics to completely animal
    - Special abilities must derive either from hybrid animals (e.g. bird hybrid with flight ability) or from technology (e.g. a special gun the character carries; there must be a logical explanation for how and why your character has this). So, for instance, a human-wolf hybrid with super strength is not ok. However, a human-wolf-gorilla hybrid with increased strength is fine.

    Character options:
    Characters can either be Chimera subjects or ordinary humans.

    Character sheet:





    Hybrid animals:

    Appearance: (human and Chimera forms)





    Speech colour:
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  2. Name: Gordon Benedict Seddon

    Nickname: Ben

    Age: 18

    Chimera: Yes

    Hybrid animals: Human-penguin

    Appearance: Human form: Blue eyes, black hair, slender face, thin and short (wrong side of 5 foot)

    Penguin form: Shorter- approx 4 foot. Penguin.

    Skills: He's an expert fisher and climber, with impressive (biologically aided) swimming speed. Sharp eyesight (not quite hawkeyed, but…). Very comfortable in colder climates. Small stature lends itself to being quite agile and so he’s almost impossible to hit in a fight when he puts his mind to it.

    Background: He has a brother who was also an experiment, but they haven't seen each other in years. Ben's brother was crossed with an albatross, however. Between that and his height, he found he always needed to excel at other areas, and is always trying to pick up new skills and compensate for any (even perceived) weaknesses of his, although more often than not, his efforts come to nothing- see “Personality”. As a result has passable survival skills, although how those have been enough to make up for his “common sense” is anyone’s guess

    Other: Personality: Stupid, but eager

    Speech colour: Blue
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  3. Name: Angela Elward

    Nickname: Angel/ Ange

    Age: 13

    Chimera? Yes

    Hybrid animals: They were trying to create a dragon – so bird, lizard and komodo dragon, possibly amongst others. Nobody knows how they were planning on doing the fire-breathing, but since the hybridisation didn’t work, they never got that far.

    Appearance: Small, skinny and usually dirty, with messy dark-blonde hair and brown eyes. Her Chimera form is essentially humanoid but has large feathered wings, sharp teeth and green reptilian eyes.

    Personality: Outgoing and a little bit rebellious, but usually quite accepting of strangers. Tends to rush in before thinking things through.

    Skills: In Chimera form: She can fly! Her altered eyes have very sharp vision. Also, if she bites someone, they’d better get it cleaned up, because komodo dragon saliva is full of pathogens and it can be deadly if left unchecked.
    Otherwise, she has reasonable street smarts, but she wouldn’t survive very long on her own.

    Background: She hangs around with her sister Artemis. They are orphans who live on the streets, and in truth Artemis might not actually be her sister, but they stick together no matter what.

    Speech colour: This green
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  4. Name: Artemis Elward

    Nickname: Arty

    Age: 19

    Chimera? No

    Hybrid animals: None

    Appearance: Average height but lean, with some muscle but almost no fat. Brown hair, brownish-green eyes and a slightly olive skin tone. She can appear quite hostile as she rarely smiles.

    Personality: She’s wary, and doesn’t like people very much, preferring to rely on her own wits to get by. Doesn’t talk much. If she can avoid getting into a sticky situation, she will, but she normally handles problems calmly and rationally.

    Skills: Artemis has real street smarts – she knows where to find enough food to get by, how to get your hands on a penny or two in a pinch and above all how to fight dirty, if she has to. She’s tough, determined and quick-thinking, although at the end of the day little more than a girl on the streets.

    Background: She takes care of Angel, who she views as her sister in spirit – although she’s pretty sure the orphanage lied when they said they were related by blood. She will never admit this to Angel’s face. Since then they’ve ended up out on the streets, where every day is a struggle, but she works hard to keep them both alive.

    Speech colour: Whatever this one is
  5. I guess I'll give this one a try. My own RP is going pretty slow in recruitment, anyway. By the way, this colour is Lavender
    Name: Lou Carrigan

    Nickname: Lulu (only used by lovers and the closest of friends)

    Age: 27

    Chimera? Yes

    Hybrid animals: Gorilla-Howler monkey

    Appearance: Human form: a young man of average build, Lou has dark brown hair, light skin, and not much facial hair to speak of. He can be described as a bit gaunt but nonetheless quite attractive. Lou's skin is always dirty and his hair always messy as he spends most of his days at his family's workshop. He is either dressed in an orange jumpsuit when working on something technical at the workshop, or he likes to walk around in a light blue t-shirt under a dark brown jacket, along with a pair of blue jeans and white shoes.
    Chimera form: as a Chimera, Lou looks neither like a gorilla nor a howler monkey, but some kind of enormous in-between. He was given the size, strength and teeth of a gorilla - and then some, and the long limbs and incredible mobility of a howler monkey. His large body is covered with thick, black hide which in turn is covered in an equally thick, black coat of fur. He also gained the infamous howl of the latter monkey, but due to his size, it is much louder and much darker, and also more guttural as it was mixed with the growls and rumbles of a gorilla. This makes hims sound more like a monster than a monkey.

    Personality: Determined and persistent, but also stubborn and hot-headed. Lou refuses to accept defeat, and often becomes angry when things do not go his way. He doesn't care much for strangers, and tends to not give them any thought unless they are customers, but he is kind and almost unshakably loyal to his family and those he considers his friends. He has a passion for all mechanical technology, and tends to sometimes pick things apart, with no guarantee that he can always re-assemble it again.

    Skills: As human, working at his family's workship since age 12, as well as having a natural talent for everything technical, Lou is a master at both repairing and picking apart everything mechanical and electrical, and he has the skills to build some interesting things as well. He has a home-made automatic rifle in his room, for example, though he accidentally built it so that no existing ammunition types fit it.

    As chimera, Lou's combined strength and agility, along with his already existing hot temper, makes him a dangerous force on the ground. That, and his howl can both terrify opponents and damage hearing.

    Background: Working at his family's workshop as usual, taking whatever paying job is give to him.

    Speech colour:
  6. All accepted! I don't expect this to be a huge RP, but I am still waiting for somebody who's expressed an interest to post her characters before we can start...
  7. Name: Killian Ahsan

    Nickname: Gnat

    Age: 10 (mentally more mature)

    Chimera? Yes

    Hybrid animals: Gecko, with a dash of Cat.

    Appearance: Human: very, very short (think baby dwarf, but skinny) with big eyes. His light-brown hair is always a mess, like a little Einstein and he has fair skin. He wears overalls that his mother had adjusted for him, with leather gloves to work with, and old leather boots that have seen better days.
    Chimera: Very much the same as his human form, except that his face looks like a shortened version of a gecko with whiskers and he has a tail, and his neck is a little longer. His skin is of a soft leathery texture with very fine hair all over, but thickens towards his slender tail. His hands and feet are like that of a gecko, with small retractable claws.

    Personality: Very enthusiastic and inquisitive. He likes meeting new people and loves his mum and adopted big brother. There are times when he's working that he'd get completely immersed and may seem distant, but he always has a smile on his face. That might be because of his very optimistic nature.

    Skills: He's a little genius, and an aspiring engineer. He's very good at figuring out how things work and can take anything apart without blowing it up. Getting pieces of things to work together is a speciality of his, even if the end-result looks like a weird concoction. As a chimera he can cling to any surface, and his gecko/cat "genetics" allows him to be very agile and fit into small spaces.

    Background: He lives in the poor areas of the city with his mom and older "brother" Raiken, and runs a family repair/pawn shop. They've always been poor but managed to scrape a living nonetheless. He doesn't know any other family, nor where his father is.

    Other: He's rubbish at fighting or aiming guns, but loves helping his mom out in the kitchen.

    Speech colour: Yellow
  8. Name: Raiken Ahsan

    Nickname: Snougar

    Age: 22

    Chimera? Yes

    Hybrid animals: Wolf, King Cobra snake and Cougar

    Appearance: Human: He's a big, tall guy. His hair is short and dark reddish, and his skin looks tanned. His eyes are soft blue, with a hint of bright orange in the middle. His clothing consist of cargo pants that are a little short for him, t-shirt and a sleeveless patched-up leather overcoat. The shoes he wears used to be boots, but had to be cut open in the front and back to help them fit.
    Chimera: Overall body shape is a mix of wolf at the front and cougar in the back, but in a blended way. His muzzle and underside has scales like a snake, and his long tail thins out like a snake as well. Although his head is mostly wolf, his eyes look like a cougar's. His teeth is sharp, and along with his canines, he has longer fangs like a snake. The colour of his fur and scales is mostly reddish, with patches or black and grey, following the pattern of wolf fur.

    Personality: He doesn't speak much and doesn't like violence. When push comes to shove however, he'd fight to the death to protect his friends and family. He doesn't talk that much, and most people think he's mute. Despite his large and intimidating size he's a sweetheart and a very good listener, though he might not always understand what you're saying. His mentality is that of a child, but he has very good manners and always listens to his "mother" and little brother.

    Skills: As a chimera he has a lot of stamina and can jump extremely well. He has a deadly venomous bite when using his fangs and his regular bite can easily crush human bones. Like a snake, he has heat-sensing capabilities and can see in the dark (somewhat). When fighting he uses his bulk and strength, along with his claws and teeth. As a human he also has more stamina than most and can cook quite well. He's had to learn how to fist fight on the street, but thanks to his huge size he rarely gets challenged.

    Background: He's not sure of his origin, but joined his new family when they found him in one of the many back alleys. His past is a complete mystery, and all he has as a token of it is a sharp hunting knife (that he never uses). He helps his family in the shop by making sure no one sneaks off with anything and collects any due payments. When needed, he goes shopping with his little brother and protects him.

    Other: He has a pet canary, named Cimphy.

    Speech colour: Lightest red
  9. Also known as pink.

    Anyway, just how many characters are we each allowed to have? I assumed only one, but here we got one with two.
  10. Andalais - you can have as many as you want! Although obviously there's no point in making loads as you'll just end up RPing with yourself a lot, but I'm not going to restrict you. If you have another character you'd like to add, by all means do.

    Apologies for not being clear, and also bad colour naming. I've been on Iwaku for a while but only 1x1, so I haven't had a chance to really grasp how things are done around here. I'm used to people just creating multiple characters and then adding more as they wish later on. I think we're also used to BBCode colours, in which case pink looks like this, and without names on the drop-down it's hard to know what names to use...
  11. What Poppy said about the colour... some colours can look very much similar so I used the "lightest" as a description for the kind of red in the drop-down list :)
  12. Okay, I was just wondering. I have no interest in making more characters, but it's good to know.

    Also, I'll say right now - I think it's pretty strange to have characters aged 13 and even 10 here. I'm assuming there will be combat - how will a 13- and 10-year-old handle the chaos and brutality of that? I'm sorry, but I'm highly unused to have such low ages, and it just doesn't feel right to me. I'm not asking for anything to be changed, I just wanted to add my two cents.
  13. Well, we shall have to find out, won't we ;)
    A thing to keep in mind is that in the future (if you look at the way things are progressing now IRL) children are most likely to mature much sooner than they are now. Both of the younger ones have older 'guardians' as well to help them out. If they happen to be alone... Well I suppose it would make them easier to capture should the scientists want their lab rats back. That then makes for some interesting action/drama in the rp, no?
  14. I'm sure with the elder ones around, they will be ok... Ange will probably just fly out of danger if any arises, anyway :-)
  15. This RP will be starting soon... probably tomorrow, if I have the time! :-)
  16. [​IMG]

    Character sheet:

    Name: Lucian Evans

    Nickname: - - -

    Age: 26

    Chimera?: Yes

    Hybrid animals: Hybrid between a bat, a Liger, and a reptile of some sort.

    As a human, Lucian is a male with a masculine looking body that's built not to heavy yet not to light as he focuses on both speed and strength. He is about 5"9 and weighs 125 lbs with brownish blonde hair and bright blue eyes.

    In his chimera form overall, he looks more like a white lion with faint tiger gripes only visible in certain angles of the sun (stripeless tiger stripes, google it). But Infact he is a mix of two wild cat breeds, a lion and a stripeless tiger baring a very large mane. He has a long reptilian tail that is both flexible and strong and also has a pair of large white bat ears to help him hear further than others.

    Lucian is a nonchalant and laid back male who is for the most part sarcastic and snarky. He tends to always say some sharp and witty remarks and is known for his crude humor when trying to be funny. Lucian doesn't show friendliness really, better yet prefers not to, but you can see and tell the difference between him being rude and him being more nicer then rude after a while of putting up with him.

    Lucian is also typically described as a manipulative and cynical young man too. So it isn't hard for him to tell a lie as he always has a straight face on whenever he talks or doesn't. His actions really do somewhat speak louder then any words needed to be used and it's often hard to tell when he's lying or bluffing around as he practically seems very serious.

    However despite this, Lucian is undoubtedly a gentleman and good with kids somehow--which often catches people his age off guard ultimately. Those who know of his chimera, often think it's probably natural instinct from the Liger side (lion/tiger), the natural tendency to care for young, watch over them, and become protective possessive over them. Or in conclusion, care and not show it in a lovey dovey way.

    Lucian is able to be more stealthier and quieter than normal humans or possibly other chimeras. He has super human strength somewhat however it's not really super, just stronger then a normal humans strength. His bat ears give him super hearing however, so he is able to hear from a few miles away and distinct different noises heard and his reptile like tail is very hard, ultimately able to crush and thing. Though not a large building unless he does it a lot. His saliva is poisonous whenever he wants it to be, some saying he is possibly a mix between a black mamba snake and a Komodo dragon (tail and poisonous saliva) but in truth it's unknown--not even he can categorize himself comfortably so I've sticks to being where he's at.

    Lucian is a loner type male. He lives alone in his own house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms yet is mostly keeping himself busy in some way. For most of his chimera life he is most often, Atleast half of his life sleeping twenty hours a day before becoming active for the four remaining hours while the other half he stays as an insomniac before falling asleep immediately when he has the chance. In the spring and fall he is an insomniac, in the summer and winter he sleeps twenty hours a day (mostly) and is active in the last four hours.


    Speech color 'Antique White' or this antique white

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  17. Character sheet:

    Name: Priscilla Evans

    Nickname: Pri, Pris, Cill, Cilla, Illie/Illy, Risa, Speedy, Thumper, etc.

    Age: 25

    Chimera?: Yes

    Hybrid animals: Rabbit, Fox, Lion







    Speech colour:

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  18. Name: Felix
    Nickname: the fox


    chimera: yes

    Hybrid: Japanese Hornet /Indian Rhino

    Plus this:

    Personality: Felix has been scared of two things since his childhood: bees and rhinos, and hes not handling the fact that he's both part bee and part rhino very well. Other than that, he's very hardworking and honest. He can stress about things very easily though.

    Skills: Felix has a degree in programming, and he cooks a mean bowl of chicken noodle soup.

    Background: Felix worked a normal everyday 9 to 5 workday, not much in his life was interesting. Until one day he saw an ad in a magazine promising to change his life. For once in his life he decided to take a risk, and investigate the ad; he ended up being turned into a chimera. A chimera made out of the two biggest things he fears. Now he has to deal with the fact that he is his own worst fears.

    Other:Felix is allergic to peanuts

    Color: Deep Green
  19. Name: Archie Hackett

    Nickname: Dirty Hack

    Age: 89

    Chimera? Yes

    Hybrid animals: Armadillo and Jellyfish

    Human: Archie is a dirty individual, literally you almost typically see him covered in dirt, and mud. Archie has combed-over gray hair, and a giant pig-nose with a large gash going up from the right nostril. Archie is fairly short, and is incredibly pudgy. His eyes are dark brown in color. Archie also is missing his left middle finger, and has bite scars in the general area of it. Archie wears a tattered Hawaiian Shirt, which is a bright red, but is caked in mud. Several of the buttons of the shirt are missing. Archie also has a pair of grey sweat pants, with a giant hole over the right knee. Archie does not wear any shoes.

    Chimera: Archie looks rather similar to his human form, while he is a chimera. The most notable difference is that his back is an entire armadillo shell, and his arms are much stubbier, and his fingernails have adapted into claws. Archie's ears are lengthened and pointed upwards, and his teeth become sharper fangs. Archie also has several transparent tentacles that come the sides of his torso, and extend out a few feet. Archie's legs also become stubbier and become claw like.

    Personality: Archie is a cold misanthrope, who doesn't care for today's generation, as he blames them for all the ills of society, mostly his own. He blames his own generation for the problems of the world as well, (mostly his own). Archie is also an incredibly paranoid individual, and is almost always on edge as he knows that something is going to happen that is going to lead to terrible events. Archie is envious, callous, needlessly petty, and is over-all a fairly despicable being. Though Archie does have a soft spot for turtles, oranges, and science fiction novels. If you were to ever get Archie to become a friend, he would probably stick by you through thick and thin. *Unless the situation was really, really, really dangerous, in which case he'd promptly bail.*

    Skills: Archie is fairly okay with vehicle mechanics, and has a good understanding of chemistry. Archie can also make high quality soaps, liquors and can make a tasty souffle. Archie's tentacles contain a dangerous venom, which leads to a painful, agonizing infliction which can lead to death to anyone who can't receive medical attention as soon as possible. Whenever Archie curls up into a ball (while in Chimera form), his shell provides a thick armor plating that is hard to penetrate.

    Background: Archie's background is a long and arduous piece of work, which is covered in his own personal manifesto, "The Hackett Story" (which is available at discount book-stores for free, no profit was gained from his biography). The most important detail of Archie, as of this moment is the fact that he is homeless and lives in a cardboard box which he affectionately refers to as "Sarah". He never tends to stay in one place, as he knows other people want to steal his card-board box, and his recipe for bootleg wine, which he perfected while he was incarcerated for assaulting a midget. He represented himself at that trial and claimed that the midget was "The mischievous little folk who steals your souls" and "Look at him, that is the face of evil! Clearly I was in the right!" and that is why Archie had to beat him up. The rest of that stay in prison is documented in "The Hackett Story" (Which is available at shady used book-stores for free).

    Other: He has written his own biography, and submits research papers under the pseudonym "Johnathon Gully".

    Speech colour: Cyan
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  20. Three notes: first, I like how one of Lucian's hybrid animals is a hybrid. Second, Dinorocket, could you please try to cut down on how often you write "Archie"? I almost popped a blood vessel reading his sheet. Third, this colour is called Cyan.
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