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    Columbia is a city floating in the sky that was commissioned by the United States government and founded by Zachary Hale Comstock as a symbol of American political and religious ideals.

    This Columbia however grew into something else entirely...something better in fact. Relocated outside time and space into a realm called Limbo the city has been turned into a multiversal tourist resort! What other place can you visit and spend years in with out fear of aging and having the time to do everything you want yet return to your own universe with out anyone even realizing you were gone? No other place offers this luxury!

    The city is fully automatic with the every day routines performed by highly sophisticated machines that are at your beck and call for any needs you may desire, be it transportation, food or anything in between! You name it Columbia and its staff has what it takes to get your jollies off!

    All areas are open to you! Want to feel like you are part of the wealthy and rich? Then settle down at Emporia where you will find the good things in life! Or perhaps you prefer to go for some slumming? Columbia provides that as well thanks to Shantytown home to some of the seediest bars and smelliest alleys you will ever have the pleasure to visit!

    So come on down to Columbia! An eternal vacation awaits you in a plane beyond time...

    The first place you will find yourself when you materialize at Columbia was the Garden of Eden located in the town center.


    Nearby you'd find a map and an information screen that would explain the different areas to you.

    Town Center


    Your current location and where all newcomers first arrive. From here you can use a nearby teleporter (note these are easy to find and use. Just think of where you want to go in the city and they will send you there) to venture easily further into the city or investigate the area.

    Comstock Center Rooftops


    The locality is a mix of businesses and middle class residential buildings and houses the famous Blue Ribbon.

    Monument Island


    Once it was the prison home of Elizabeth, the daughter of Zachary Hale Comstock. Now it has been repurposed in an attraction that houses one of the most impressive libraries the multiverse has to offer.

    Soldier's Field


    The amusement park area of Columbia. Here you will find arcades, casino's, cafe's and a lovely beach area where you can just soak in the rays and have a good time.



    If you feel like getting the working experience or feel like slumming in the shantytown? Then Finkton is the place for you!



    Was once the residence for the wealthiest citizens of Columbia, now it's all open for the new visitors of the city to feel like how it is to live like the crème de la crème!​

    Note that all areas are operated by solid holographic creations in the form of of residence of the area to bring some authenticity to the entire town. If you ask them they will certainly cater to all of your wishes.

    We hope that you enjoy your stay here in Columbia, have a pleasant continuation of your day.

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  2. It was nice to finally get away from it all and have a break. Ace really didn't have any idea what this 'America' was but if they had such tasty food there? Then Ace wouldn't mind visiting there one bit. All the while still trying to keep his eye for Teach. He had been assured that he wouldn't really miss much while being here which was a relief. Because it meant that if his knucklehead of a brother, Luffy got himself in another scuffle with marines, Ace could still show up and teach them a thing or two. Because whether it was in the Grand Line, or Columbia, one thing remained consistent. You didn't mess with the the 2nd division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.

    Unless of course you were wanting to get burned.


    That's right, folks. Ace was a fire-fire human, thanks to eating the Flame-Flame fruit. Along with being able to manipulate fire to suit whatever needs he may have had from powering his boat, he could also turn his body into fire. Made trying to engage him physically quite the hassle as one would imagine. But Ace wasn't looking for a fight here by any means. He was currently content with just strolling along Solider's Field with a hotdog in hand.

    Sparing a glance up at the sky, he imagined how well Luffy might have done in a place like this. Heh, the hot dog stands and the like would have been stripped down to the bone if both him and his younger brother got a hold of em. Whether or not that got the two D Brothers in trouble, he couldn't really say. Whatever the case Ace would have watched over him and although the people walking around this place sort of gave off a creepy vibe to Ace, he wasn't going to complain. While nothing would ever beat soaring the great oceans with the wind at his hair, taking a break from it all for a break or two was nice.

    Now, if only he didn't fall asleep at spontaneous times like his family was known for doing-Oh. If anyone else passed by Solider Field, they would have seen a boy around nineteen or twenty years of age, shirtless with a strange tattoo adorning his back and half eaten hot dog clutched in his hand standing in the middle of the field, as his head was inclined to the side. While this may have given off the impression that he was dead or something, if one looked closely they would have realized that the pirate had simply fallen asleep. It was a trait passed down the Gol D Roger/Monkey D Dragon line for generations!

    Why it seems like there were three adolescents of varying heights and dressed in their own colorful attire walking past the sleeping pirate. The shortest one of them was carrying an empty jar and stopped before Ace as he held the jar out. "Hello sir! Would you care to donate to the 'Jawbreakers for Ed Campaign?' It's really simple! All you need to do is slip a quarter in the jar!" Noticing that Ace didn't seem to respond, Eddy narrowed his eyes and leaned up to try to look at Ace's face. Noticing that the pirate had the hot-dog about halfway to his mouth, Eddy growled.

    "Oh, so he's too busy sleeping and eating at the same time to donate, huh?" Eddy noticed that he was suddenly alone. Looking over his shoulder, he yelled at where his tallest companion with the red and white striped shirt and green coat were looking all around. "Hey! Sockhead, Numbskull! You better be getting me money!" Eddy screeched as Ed grinned and waved. "Hi Eddy! Double D and I were just watching all the people! All the holograms remind me of Glothorr the Alien Robot Space Ranchers! But only all old!" He'd say giving Eddy a dopey smile.

    As Eddy stared at Double D waiting for an explanation, the smartest one out of the Eds rolled his eyes. "Oh Eddy, will your devious little schemes never end? This is an adventure, Eddy! A chance for deep historical analysis. Isn't that thought alone spiffy?" Staring at Double D with a 'are u srs' expression, he'd tuck the jar away.

    "Oh sure! Let's just forget about the jawbreakers! Let's forget about our scams! You know the things we spent so much time working on for 5 or so seasons!!"


    "Hmph!" Double D gave an affronted sniff to Eddy's sarcasm. Growling, Eddy gripped Double D by the sock and began dragging him off. "If the only customers we're gonna get is sleeping boy then let's head to Finkton or whatever. Maybe we'll find some suckers there. Ed!" Eddy called out as Ed began to follow.

    Much to Eddy's surprise and displeasure, he would have been knocked down and his jar rolled out of his pocket. As he started to push himself up, he'd notice what appeared to be a young girl grabbing the jar and what looked like some kind of tail. "What the-" Before Eddy could speak any further, Ed smashed his head on the ground and raced toward the tailed girl with his arms extended out behind him. "SHE'S GOT A TAIL, EDDY! SHE'S A LION-GIRL! I'LL TRY AND COMMUNICATE WITH HER! ROAR! :D" Ed bellowed as he got on all fours and thrust his butt up in the air as Sette stared at Ed in genuine bewilderment.

    "..Are ye knocked in the head or somethin, mate?" All she needed was a jar to store her own winnings here and the short loud-mouthed one seem to have the best one available. As Sette began to take off with the jar, Eddy jumped on Ed's back and grabbing Double D, he'd pull Ed's monobrow. "Go Lumpy, go! Get my jar back from that jar thief!"


    With that the chase was on as the Eds began to chase Sette down to Finkton.

    Back at the town center however, there was one being far more malicious than Ace/Sette and manipulative than the Eds. The Springwood Slasher, that's what they called him. At least before the parents of Elm Street roasted him to death after taking justice into their own hands. But having arrived here, he was gonna kick it up and see if he couldn't kick up some scares while he was at it.

    "Freddy's back.."

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  3. The bell dinged as Yang walked into the small office at the corner of Vale's mainstreet. It wasn't a grand affair. A pane window took up the wall facing the street. The floor was simple white tile, only slightly less boring than the tan walls. a single desk sat near the back of the room, with two chairs behind it and one on Yang's side. Apart from the entrance, The only other doors flanked the desk. And that was it, save for the single name plate that sat in the middle of the desk that read;

    The huntress gave a bemused frown as she glanced down at the business card in her hand, then flipped it over to double check that the back was blank. Nothing. Just the text on the front that listed 'Travel Agency' and the address she was at, just like it had when she'd found it next to her pillow this morning. She figured it was some clue or something towards their investigations into the white fang that Blake or one of shorties had left her that they wanted her to look into, but...

    "Thiiiis is weird."

    "Is weird? Or is going to be weird?"

    Yang's gaze snapped back up as a curt, sophisticated woman's voice cut through the silence that had permeated the office since Yang's arrival, and the chairs behind the desk were no longer empty. A man sat in one, and a woman in the other, both their hands clasped before them on the desk as they stared calmly at Yang. Both had bright orange hair, and the man's suit and the woman's business skirt were done in strikingly similar styles. The symmetry was almost disturbing, including how both reached down to straighten their nameplate at the same time.


    "Excellent. We'll have someone collect you bags and-" the man started before the woman raised her hand to cut him off.

    "No brother, that was the wrong yes. She's said yes, but she's going to say no, and then yes."

    The man frowned but nodded after a few seconds. "Ah. Right. I think you missed a yes though sister."

    "I did before yes, but I have not"

    "I believe you did and have."

    "Did, have not."

    The two stared at each other for a moment, almost in challenge before the man spoke again "Would you like to sit?" he asked as both turned to raise their eyebrow at Yang. The brawler stared for a few more seconds before she finally shrugged and walked around the chair and dropped into it. She swung her feet up to rest on the desk as she crossed her legs and arms, and almost sarcastically returned the raised eyebrow look. The apparent siblings stared right back for a yet a few more seconds, before the woman leaned over slightly.

    "That wasn't a yes."

    "No, but it is an affirmative."

    "But she didn't say yes-"

    "-This is super adorable to see someone besides me and Ruby do this, minus the weird tense fetish, but am I allowed to ask why I'm here?" Yang cut in deadpan as she stretched her arms above her head.

    "Yes" the twins answered simultaneously.

    Yang brightened into a grin and swung her feet off the desk so she could lean forward and listen. The twins cocked their heads to the side and looked at each other, before the shrugged and leaned forward as well.


    "...Well?" Yang asked, her smile slowly fading into uncertainty.

    "Well what?" The man asked, his expression the same as it had been since the beginning.

    "...My question???"

    "Yes. We're waiting for it" the woman replied with a nod.

    "...answer it?" Yang suggested with a baffled frown

    The woman blinked. "Well we can't very well answer a question before its asked."

    "Actually we're going to do that all the time" the man corrected with a small frown.

    The woman rolled her eyes "Well, yes, but we have worked on it."

    "not very well-"

    "-oh my god OK I GET IT" Yang growled, eyes flaring red for a second as she ran her hands down her face in frustration. "...Why am I here?"

    "Because you say yes." the two answered in concert.

    "...TO WHAT?!" Yang said as she pushed out of her chair, hair burning gold and the temperature rising in the room as she gripped the sides of the desk and-

    "-To the vacation of course"

    The response had been so prim and so calm, and the words so unexpected, that Yang's anger deflated like a popped balloon, lilac eyes returning as her shoulders slumped and she just stared. "...Your offering me a vacation. Why? When?"

    "Because, again, you say yes. And now. Though I believe the more pertinent question is where."

    "and when."


    Yang fought the urge to just toss these goofballs out the window as their banter continued unabated, but eventually her face scrunched up into a more confused frown. "Uh. Sorry guys, but it doesn't really matter where this is going. Its literally the middle of the school year, and my team still needs me! and seriously even I think this is shadier than I wanna deal with. The answer's no"

    Strangely enough, the twins both smiled slightly as Yang delivered her no. "You forgot when Miss Xiao Long."

    "...You literally just told me it was now."

    "Yes, you would be leaving now, but to what when would you be arriving is the question, to which the answer is-"



    And so they explained. About Columbia, and what this particular Columbia was. How she could take a break from fighting with her team, hunting grimm, and looking for her mother, with no time lost in between. How she could see things no one on Remnant had ever seen before, do things no one else from her world had ever done, kick asses no one had kicked before, and do it all with five star service at her beck and call whenever she wanted. All for free, just because she was picked.

    When they were done, Yang stared, mouth slightly open as if in shock... before she bust into one of the most intense giggle fits ever to overtake the blonde as she fell back into her seat feet kicking, and that was saying something. "Hahahahahaahaaaa! T-that was the, the, heehee, that was the goofiest thing I've ever heard! D-did Weiss hire you guys? hoo man, it'd be just like shortstuff to sink enough money into a prank to buy creepy twins AND an empty office and, hee-" The laughter continued for a few more seconds until Yang wipeda tear from her eye a and settled down some.

    The twins, through it all, just stared.

    "...Ok, you guys can stop now. Joke's over. Weiss can come out now. Were the other two in on it too?" Yang said, her mirth fading a bit at the still supremely serious expression.

    The pair glanced at each other. "Door?"

    A nod. "Door." The man stood up and moved towards the door on his side. Yang gave a small sigh of relief as she hopped out of her chair and brought her goofy grin back. "behind there? I gotta say Weiss, I'm not sure if I really get the joke here but you at LEAST get an A for effo... an A fo.... f...." The door had opened.

    On the other side were clouds.

    A huge expanse of sky was visible for all around, and Yang took a few hesitant steps forward onto the grass beneath her feet. She was at the edge of some sort of platform, and when she looked down past the gilded railing, she saw nothing but more sky down below. behind her was a wooden door, built into a squat marble building that had in simple lettering emblazoned above it;
    Remnant, 34
    "Well? I assume we can send someone for your things now?" Asked the man from a door in a voice so calm and with a face so smug Yang probably would have punched him out if she wasn't still in awe. Slowly the awe turned to a grin. A bright, excited, and joyful monstrosity of a smile as Yang started to bounce up and down, excited from end of her hair to the bottom of her toes.

    "HECK YES!"

    And then she punched him.

    The woman watched mildly as her brother skidded across the floor in front of her, before she held out a small notepad that was separated into columns. The man shakily took the notepad from where he was lying on the floor and pulled a pen from his pocket, making a small tally in the column marked 'Robert.' Said column had at least a dozen marks. The one marked Rosalind next to it had none. "I told you it didn't matter which one of us opened the door."

    he just grunted weakly in response, as Yang bounded farther into the garden to explore with a wild grin.
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  4. [​IMG]

    He could remember it as though it was yesterday. The almost frantic attempts to become more then what he was. To transcend these petty emotions now distant and cool in his mind. The memories were there, but lifeless now. Like watching a movie of your life, completely detached to anything in it. He could no longer recall the sensation of anger. Nor the thrill of watching a storm in the skies above the land.

    Nor the joy of creation, save perhaps satisfaction in a job well done.

    And annoyance at the constant refinement at times he would have to do. But this was good- Evolution, taken into the hands of those worthy to use it to their own ends. Primates and other races generally took centuries to refine. For him?

    Little more then the space of a match and the time invested to improve. Design, construct then improve- That was how he did things now. It was a glorious evolution indeed, one that was even attracting followers every day as his movement took off. Himself, their prophet and example as he paved the way.

    But even messiah figures required greater knowledge in order to construct superior designs. Hence him being here.

    A multiverse library was nothing to sneeze at- If he was still capable of such of course.

    As it was, he would be satisfying himself as he committed entire sections to storage in his processors before moving on to the next book. Progress waits for no one.

    Just look at him.
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  5. "Aha! What a wonderful and beautiful execution of a steal this time around, Lady Arséne!"

    "... pipe down Twenty, you imbecile. You're going to ruin our cover."

    "Don't even bother Stone River... he's too much of a fucking idiot to realize that he's pulling a bad move here..."

    "... shut up, all of you."

    """... yes, Lady Arséne."""

    The Gentlemen Thieves had successfully stolen some goods out of a thriving business in Comstock Center Rooftops, the four of them taking refuge at the very top of the highest buildings. Of course, obscured by the shade as they waited the activity down. What that item was, well... they'll get a better look at it once they were out of sights and able to switch into their civilian clothing. Well. It's not like Twenty's idiotic rambling is going to draw attention towards them... right?​
  6. "Come on, dude. You have the brochure thing in your hand, right now!" He exclaimed, gesturing at it. "Nerds can read, right?" He mocked. "It reads like a utopia. Never aging, automated everything you could think of and then some...maybe even some ladies, eh?" He perched on the railing of the structure they were on, looking over at his friend with a cocky and knowing smirk.


    "Well uh, I mean...I just..."

    "What's that, I didn't hear you over the blabbering." He held a hand against his ear, leaning closer.

    "I just don't trust it, man. It seems too fishy."

    "That's just different words for: 'I am a wuss', you know that right?"

    "Not true! It just means that I have the clear analytical mind expected of an intellectual. One of us has to."

    "Ow. That hurt, dude. Just tell me again, which one of us actually expressed interest in Ice Queen and when she reciprocated, turned her down cause you can't dance, hmm?"

    "Hey! Low blow! And besides, it was a legitimate reason."

    He scoffed. "Please! You saw me dance right? There was nothing legit about that reason. Hell, Jaune of all people came up in a dress and lit the dance floor up. No embarrassment among friends!" He paused. "Well, not much." He snickered.

    "Very funny."

    He simply grinned in reply. "So come on, bro! A little resort time's not going to kill your grades or anything, we'll be back before anyone knows we're gone according to this brochure!" He reached out with his tail, swiping it back from Neptune. "See?" He flipped it open. "Right there!"

    "Sun. I'll pass for now."

    He just sighed. "This is like when you and Scarlet sent me ahead of you guys to scout out Vale, isn't it?"

    "As I recall, that was our fearless leader's idea." He returned with a smirk. "You didn't have to stowaway ahead of us, we got there anyways."

    "Yeah...but then, I would have missed out on missing like the coolest faunus ever! Seriously, she's just like a ninja. There one second, then bam! Gone. And all her friends too, all of them are great. A food fight like that...awesome."

    "Just like their weapons."

    "Pretty much yeah! The turkey fists, the leeks, those baguettes."

    "...What do you think our weapons, food-ized, would be?"

    "Uh...linked breadsticks? For me at least. And you...aha, skip the food. Give you a giant fork." :|

    "That fits." He admitted with a nod.

    "Well, if you're really not gonna come with, I'll just say I'll be back before you know it. Andofcoursetheobligatorycommentofyoustillbeingagiantwuss." He added rapid fire, practically under his breath as he departed.

    "I'll be sure to rub it in extra when something goes wrong over there! You'll complain and I'll just say with the cockiest smirk...I told you so."



    "...Heh. The best." And true to his word, he snuck his way through, not getting caught until the near penultimate moment and he dashed through the open doorway with a snicker, carrying little more than the clothes and weapon on his back. "This is the day you will always remember that Sun Wukong...snuck through even though it was an open invitation. Hehe." He rubbed the back of his head. "Sounded better in my head."

    He made his way over the grass to the edge of the place and peered over...nothing but blue sky and white clouds below. "...Whoa." He pulled back from the edge, turning to leave, when an idea came to mind and he turned back. "I wonder how high we are." He peered up, thinking further... "Yep." He said with a "why not" shrug.

    He clapped his hands together, palms up.


    He stood utterly still while his light clones surged forward, taking a running leap and diving down through the sky. He counted the seconds from leap off up to the moment he felt them dissipate once they were just plain too far away from him.

    "Whoa. That's a lot of seconds."

    That moment when you needed a blue haired nerd to calculate stuff with equations and he was not around. :|

    "Oh well. Let's go see if this place is all it's cracked up to be!"
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    Columbia was a crazy place.

    Literally. The guy who founded it? Loooocooooooo!~ But even besides that, everything about it was just nuts! A whole city, just floating up in the clouds?! It was like a bird! No, a plane! No, wait, it was all happy and big and bright and it floated up in the middle of the sky just like a hot air balloon! And now that it was open to the whole multiverse, it was just bound to attract all sorts of colorful individuals. Good and bad. Who knew what kinda people would show up for a little R 'n R? After all, even superheroes and villains needed a little break every now and then! They worked, like, suuuuupermegahard and almost never took sick days! Here they could relax, and go swimming, and play table tennis, and skydive, and sunbathe and eat ice cream and take part in volleyball tournaments at the beach and win swimsuit contests and go on tours and feed the birdies and that wasn't even BEGINNING to touch on all the cool kinds of retro stationery they probably had stocked here, and the SCISSORS! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat: Oooough, it was all just so EXCITING!!! Sure, she hadn't known what to make of it when those two twins showed up at the Gatchaman HQ with their offer (which only Hajime had been able to understand, oddly enough. Everyone else said they both talked cryptically like weirdos, but she didn't see it!), but now that she'd seen the place for herself she was SO glad Pai-Pai let her take a tiny lil' break from protecting Tachikawa to come out here!

    Well, maybe saying he "let" her go was a little dishonest.

    What actually happened (open)

    But whatever, she knew her little Pai-Pai well enough to know he was totally signalling her with his eyes! Like, "Yes, noob, I'm a tiny little panda man who's an absolute crank of a boss and I'm mean and nasty and I'm going to treat you like you're dumb, but I actually want you to go and have a good time! Go do so at once!!!"

    And then she was like "IT'S HAJIME, SIR! BUT AYE-AYE!"

    And that was how it went down! Subtext was the name of the game, yessir! It was all in the body language! Sure, Pai-Pai was an alien and his body language was a little different so there might've been some stuff lost in translation, but what did that matter?! She was here now, and it was every bit as COOL as she knew it was gonna be! The only sad part was that she was here all alone... :'( She couldn't ask Senpai to go with her, since he had a stick up his butt and probably would've tried to stop her from going, and Joe and O.D. were busy with other stuff. She tried asking the sweetest, most cutey-patootiest gal she knew to go with her, but...

    Show Spoiler


    "UTSUTSUUUUUUUUUUU! Pleasepleasepleaseplease PUH-LEEZE say you'll come with me to the crazy awesome multiversal vacation resort?! Pleeeeeeeeeease?"

    "...Everything's so expressionless."





    But that was okay! She knew how busy Utsutsu could be, what with watering her plants and contemplating life's meaninglessness in dark rooms and all. The two of them could just hang out some other day! That might've left her on her own for the time being, but making new friends was as easy as talking to people she hadn't met before! So, when Hajime first bounded through the portal to this new, mysterious world, giggling non-stop with undisguised glee and the enthusiasm of a puppy in her eyes as she gripped the hem of her dress with both hands and spun around and around to take in the awe-inspiring sights of Columbia, that was exactly what she'd been dead-set on doing: making friends! But, well, with the sight of all the ornate golden buildings and dazzling marble statues and the birds and the holographic people and, and, ooooh, just everything, she guessed she got a little carried away. The funny feeling in her chest and butterflies in her stomach were as excited as they were when she first became a Gatchaman! This was just so, SO, sweet! It... sorta got the drop on her.

    Literally. She spun straight over a railing and plummeted into the cloudbanks below, and anyone particularly nervous about heights probably wasn't too assured by the sight of the cackling nutjob freefalling through the air, arms spread wide and whooping with joy as she enjoyed the ride. :D

    Unfortunately, Columbia's failsafes kicked in before she could even get far enough to transform and fly back up, and she found herself landing on her butt back atop the platform she started on. D:

    "Hee-hee-hee-hee, that was so much fun!" she nonetheless giggled, her expression full of childlike wonder as she checked her hair to make sure her birdie clip was still in place. Gosh, she was having a blast already! Utsutsu, like, TOTALLY missed out! She was about to get up, run right over to the railing and jump off again, but before she could... she was distracted by a sudden shadow falling over her, a silhouetted figure blocking out the sun from her view. She looked up, a pleasant expression now tinged with curiosity as she smiled and blinked twice. "Huh?"

    Oh, wow, it was one of the city's police officers!!! She wondered if she was in trouble?! On her first day??!? In her first minute?!?!??!!!? Hajime's life flashed before her eyes, but before she could say anything further, the policeman spoke up.


    "'Ello ello ello. Please make sure you're outfitted wit' a proper Sky-Hook 'afore you go runnin' off the edge o' platforms, savvy?"

    He offered Hajime the device, and the girl's mouth formed a small, awed "O", her eyes sparkling as she gazed up at the man.


    "Wow, mister! Your mustache is bushy and fat like a hamster!"

    The man didn't respond (because he was a hologram and ain't nobody got time for that), and faded away as soon as Hajime accepted the Sky-Hook.


    Wow! Was he... a ghost??? That was so amazing! And he even left her a present! She held the contraption up to the light with one hand, giving the mechanism a testing spin with the other as a devious twinkle formed in her eye. Hmmmm...

    ~Five minutes later~


    This was even more fun than falling was! She was zipping around on Columbia's magnetized Sky-Lines like Tarzan now that she got the hang of using the thing, and gave a mighty, ululating cry of "AAAAaaaaAAAA-aaaaaaa-aaaaaaa-AAAAAAAAAAAA!" to match as the wind whipped through her hair at breakneck speeds. Best. Vacation. Ever!

    She was off, now, going where the wind took her. Just like a certain celebratory vehicle once did, long, long ago.

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  8. [​IMG]

    One can find this creature nearby.

  9. "Hey there, ball of fuzz!"

  10. [​IMG]

  11. "...Heh. It's cool that this place has wildlife too." He grinned, giving the creature a thumbs up before he straightened back up. "Feel free to tag along if you want, little guy, but I got a whole lot of things to explore." He made his way forward.

  12. The poro followed him. Slowly but surely.​
  13. [​IMG]

    Somewhere in the Middle East
    CT's 14 - T's 15
    Match Point
    1200 "Zulu" Time

    The lasting sounds of spent bullet casings dropping upon the sand echoed, a squadron of five heavily-armed, well-dressed, militaristic task force steadily a long stretch towards the "A" Bombsite. The beeping and buzzing of a highly-explosive bomb echoed outwards, the squadron of UN-sponsored, elite bomb defusers steadily approaching onto the site. Four dead bodies of shoddily dressed, shoddily armed terrorists lay upon the ground surrounding the site. From sawed-off shotguns to beat up AK-47's, the terrorists stood no chance, lacking the proper skill and expertise it took to endure these scenarios. Ye, all of them fell...

    Except Steve.

    He approached steadily on a catwalk, a bandanna wrapped on his face, aviators glistening in the sunlight. With an AK in his hands and a pair of Dual Berettas on his hip, Steve hastily poked from his cover, feeling his rifle rattle in his hand as the assault rifle round whizzed in the air. Lo, in an instance, the one counter terrorist that was defusing the bomb fell, his brain splattering onto the sand and stone. Alarmed, the rest of the four elite soldiers ran down Long, towards Bombsite A, ready to end this missions once and for all.

    And then Steve jumped out, proceeded to crouch up and down, and spray his AK-47 like some deranged monkey in the zoo whilst suspiciously jolly music played in the background.

    Terrorists Win!

    "R'EPORT 2 GUBEN!!11!1!!"
    "Oh my god Steve that was amazing"
    "Hey guys follow me on Twitch my username is XxxXTwitchzscoperxXxX!!"
    "Anyone want to trade skins? I need to get an AWP Asmi-"
    "Can someone report DJ Kevinz? He has been playing Darude Sandstorm this whole game!!"

    Another game in de_dust 2, another band of raging teenagers and young adults.

    Steve comfortably sighed, awaiting yet another game, watching the world around him disappear. Another band of puppetters to pull the strings, whether they be Master Guardians or Silver II's. It was shocking a comfortable life, and in these intermissions between games, he'd gotten to now everyone around a bit. When the game launched, he felt an almost undying hatred for these Counter-Terrorists. But, as time progressed, and after many long talks at the water keg, they weren't half bad (except Gregory, everybody hates Gregory.)

    Seeing a flash of white, Steve closed his eyes underneath his aviators, raising up his AK-47 to rest on his right shoulder.

    By the time he opened his eyes, he didn't find himself in Dust II, or Inferno, or Nuke, not even those shitty Community Maps with Waifus plastered everywhere.

    No, instead, Steve found standing awkwardly in the Town Center of Columbia. You know, the shoddily-dressed, rather generic-looking, middle-eastern fiend wearing a rocking pair of aviators and a whole bandanna on his face.



    Coco, obviously, was chilling at a nearby cafe in Soldier's Field.

    Why, you ask, is the captain of one of Beacon Academy's finest teams of hunters and huntress in doing in a multiversal hotel location?

    Because she can.

    That and being a captain is a stressful job, m'kay? Gotta have a cup of joe here and there, obviously.

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  14. "Kiss me bum, ya no chinned buffoon!"


    Sette shot back at Ed as he continued to pursue after her. While her tail was wrapped around the jar she had recently 'borrowed' from Eddy, she was more than nimble and crafty enough to use her surroundings to her advantage as she leaped from object to object. Ed was more brute-forced in how he handled things. With Eddy and Double hanging on for dear life, Ed smashed through whatever got in his way.

    Sette had been pursued before. Most of the time though she usually had someone like Duane to back up her escape. Not that she always needed his help or anything, the shambler. But she had to admit that these kids certainly were persistent with their pursuit of her. She supposed she had failed to really take into account how much a jar meant to someone. But it was nice and crafty and these three could shove off if they thought they were getting it back no questions asked! Scaling up the side of a building using whatever footholds she could find, be it signs, or whatever else. She'd glance down at the Eds and smirked as she pulled her eyelid down at them and stuck her tongue out.

    Eddy was furious to say the least and jumping off Ed, he didn't bother warning his friend about the incoming wall. The leader of the Eds was so ticked that Sette had apparently gotten away with his jar that his skin began to glow a bright shade of red. So red in fact that fire could have been seen burning at the tips of his three strands of hair.



    Eddy roared as the three collective balls of fire on Eddy's hair fused togther for one collective burst of flame. Double D was busy trying to assist Ed after he had rammed his head into a nearby wall. "Oh goodness gracious, Ed! Are you alright?!" Ed was always the one who suffered the most physically from Eddy's nefarious and often half-baked scams but the lovable oaf never really seemed to mind. As expected Ed gave a thumbs up and his voice could have been heard coming from within the wall.

    "Head's still on, Double D!"

    Grateful for his less intelligent friend's durability, Double D finally turned around to see what Eddy was ranting and raving about now. Only to get grabbed by the neck and dragged down so his nose would be smushed right against Eddy's.

    "If you and Lumpy hadn't been so eager in exploring the sights, I'd still have a jar. Which means I could still get some cash for our jawbreakers!"

    "It's my fault that your charlatan acts of greed was met with a karmic response? At the cost of our own friend's safety! Why if Ed wasn't so naturally gifted with inhuman durability, I'd have a few choice words to say to you, Mister!" Double D snapped. The two Eds seemed like they were about to go to blows until Ed who had freed himself and a chunk of the wall as well walked over to the other two and placed his hands on their shoulders.

    "I have an idea!" :O

    Eddy rolled his eyes and folded his arms as he gestured for Ed to continue. "Oh, don't mind me Ed! It's not like you may have wasted my time or anything! With you being a brainless lumax who can only seem to think of gravy and monster movies! Here's an idea! WHY DON'T YOU TRY THINKING OF SOMETHING USEFUL!?"


    Ed watched in growing horror as Eddy scolded him. Then as Eddy finished, Ed's monobrow began to tremble and Eddy knew what was coming next. Pulling a convenient umbrella out of a convenient location where an umbrella would happen to be, he'd open it up and braced for impact.

    "B-BUT EDDY! I-I JUST WANTED TO SHARE MY IDEA! IT'S A GOOD ONE, EDDY! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" The oaf blubbered as tears blasted out of his eyes and knocked Eddy and the umbrella back as if they were being blasted by a high powered hose. Double D looked on in surprise before quickly recollecting himself as he patted Ed on the back. After making sure his hands were properly gloved of course. Because friendly as Ed may have been, his hygiene was a completely different story and Double D was the personification of cleanliness. So naturally some precautions had to be taken.

    "There there Ed. I'm sure your idea is wonderfully creative and fits your..unique mindset!" Double D comforted him as he turned a glare Eddy's way. "Honestly Eddy! Stemming the flow of creativity. I expected better even from the likes of you." Eddy tugged at his strands before throwing his hands up in an exasperated manner.

    "Alright already! Let's hear your stupid scam." Couldn't be any worse than the Evil Tim thing. That still incensed Eddy's immense dislike of birds even more.

    "OH BOY!" Eddy then grabbed Eddy by the collar of his shirt and began to spin his strands of hair until he was floating like a helicopter. "FLY FLY AWAY, EDDY!"


    "ED?! HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS!?" Eddy exclaimed as he soared up in the air. Spotting Sette making her way toward the Garden. Eddy grinned and extended his hand outwards. "I got you now..What the?! DOUBLE D!!!!" Eddy screamed as a gust of wind blew him off towards the skylines. He had no idea how Ed had managed to make his hair spin like this and he really didn't want to find out either. He just wanted it to stop. His yelling could have been heard by Hajime as he flew right next to the skylines clearly out of control.

    "Oh dear, Ed! I'm afraid we've lost track of Eddy! We'll have to track him down and-Ed what are you doing? You're invading the sanctity of my personal space!" Double D whined as Ed gripped the sock and then blasted him off like a slingshot. As the geeky Ed-boy was sent soaring through the air, he'd crash down in Monument Island, near one of it's esteemed libraries.


    "I feel so unclean.."

    Now the solitary Ed left to his own devices, Ed attached his pockets to the nearest street lights. Once he made sure they were secure, he'd back up and up. Until he too was shot into the air like a slingshot. Or well like the world's dumbest projectile. As he flew through the air, he'd see a multitude of things like the thieves trying to sneak off with their stolen goods, Hajime enjoying herself, and an assortment of other things. But eventually he'd crash down in Solider's Field leaving an Ed-Shaped crater in the ground. Poking his head out of it, Ed chuckled to himself.

    "I have dirt in places I didn't even know I had."


    This was also enough to wake Ace up as the pirate quickly scarfed down what remained of his hot dog. Glancing around to see what that noise had been, he'd walk over and see Ed poking his head out of a crater that seemed to look suspiciously just like him. Which either meant he had some kind of Devil Fruit that allowed him to open doors that looked like him or he had been launched here. Either one sounded believable to Ace.

    "Hey, buddy! Are you okay? Sounded like you took a pretty hard fall." The pirate asked, really out of curiosity's sake more than anything else. Turning towards Ace, Ed smiled. "The mind is a terrible organ to shove." He'd say before picking himself up out of the hole and walking towards the cafe without a care in the world. Scratching the back of his head, Ace suddenly felt like he was talking to Luffy but this kid seemed to make even less sense.

    Still, beat standing around here. Though that was a pretty good nap! Following in step behind the blockhead Ed-boy, he'd decided to try and make friendly conversation. "I'm Ace. Who..Uhhhh.." Ace watched as Ed walked into the window to the side of the door instead of the door itself. "Are you might not be the right question to ask. What are you, yeah seems a better fit." The pirate said as he opened the door and made his way in as Ed did the same. "Thank you, sir. Now I need to find me some butter toast!"


    "..Weird kid."

    Having escaped the clutches of the Eds, Sette sighed as she saw herself exploring the gardens. "Darn buggers. No-neck, no chin, and the one who wore a sock on his head. Doubt I'm gonna find any business out here in the garden. But figures things wouldn't be easy here." Sette murmured to herself as she balanced the jar on her tail.

    Still things didn't seem all bad! Watching a mesh of blonde hair break through all the greens in the Garden, Sette smirked and began to race after her. "Oi! Wait up!" Perhaps she'd find someone that wasn't a simple ghost or some kind of magical construct from what she assumed. She hoped that this blondie didn't have anything to do with those boys from earlier. o_e

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  15. "Was it wise to sell it?"

    "Is it wise to sell it?"

    "Will our guests appreciate it"

    "Ms Long certainly did."

    "Feisty one."


    Robert and Rosalind Lutece would be on one of the walkways in the town center. Robert seemed to be making a drawing out of Rosalind.

    "Why make this happen?"

    "A certain offer was too good to pass up."

    "Are we suddenly entrepreneurs in the landscaping business?"

    "My property, my business to do what I will with that property. Surely you if anyone understands."

    "I do yet at the same time..." He'd look over his drawing to see if he was getting the proportions right. "I don't see the point."

    "Dear Robert...that's exactly it. Not everything needs to have a point."
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  16. Some time later, there seemed to be a certain man eyeing their work...


    "My my... what some level of beauty~! Then again, it would be wonderfully much more beautiful if it had a little bit... no, a whole lot more of me in there~~!" Twenty playfully winked as he strolled over to the drawing that Robert and Rosalind were working on.

    While Twenty was making his usual small talk to the two of them, the rest of the Gentleman Thieves were hiding out somewhere near the Town Center.

    "... is it really a great idea to use Twenty as a distraction?" Rat asked with some annoyed look.

    "It appears as if he has this taken care of. It is completely natural for him to talk about things relating to... himself," Stone River spoke, nearly groaning when it came to talking about their colleague's "expertise." Arséne, on the other hand, silently waited for the perfect moment for them to swoop in for the steal. Surely that painting would be worth a lot...

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  17. "What do you mean newbie left on Vacation!? I clearly told her no!"


    That was just start of Paiman's fury at the news of the new Gatchaman's plans. Paiman was "upset" would have been an understatement How dare Hajime go vacation! She's a Gatchaman! How could she carelessly leave the town. It enraged Paiman to no end.

    So of course he had to retrieve her.

    Searching around Columbia, it took Paiman sometime to find the young lady. However, when he found her, she was the sky hooks, and zoomed right by him! Paiman's rage grew and he would shout to her.


    "Newbie! Come back here right now!"

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  18. [​IMG]

    She would've recognized that voice even if it were screaming at her all the way from the South Pole! It was...

    "PAI-PAIIIIIIII!~ OhmigoshIcan'tbelieveyoudecidedtocomewith!!"

    Came her rapidfire chirped reply as she zipped past him, holding herself to the Skyhook with her right hand while her left reached out to snatch that lovable little panda up and give him a great big hug! And as a bonus, he even got to come on the ride with her! Win-win, right?

    She giggled as the two of them hurtled down the zip-lines high over the clouds between the platforms of Columbia, continuing in her usual bombastic tone. "I'm pretty sure you meant Hajime, though! Anyways, Pai-Pai, if you don't mind me asking, what changed your mind? I thought you didn't wanna let the Gatchaman take any days off, so how come you're here?? What's shakin', bacon?!"

    As usual, Hajime seemed to have no shortage of breath, even though they were both speeding high through the air like a couple of bullets. The power of strong lungs, she guessed!

    "Wow! Do you see that, Pai-Pai??" Hajime exclaimed as Eddy's shrieking caught her attention, keeping Paiman on her shoulder and using her free hand to point to the poor, cartoonish figure. "That's just crazy. He must be having a SUUUUUUUPER fun time! Hey, are you thinking what I'm thinking?!"

    She grinned, peering down at Paiman with a gigantic, cheerful grin.

    "That's right! PICTURE TIIIIME!~"


    She seemed oblivious to the fact that Eddy needed help; but no worries! If it looked like he was in danger, Hajime Ichinose, Gatchaman Extraordinaire, was on the case! :D


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  19. [​IMG]

    Shinjuku City: A bustling, busy city populated with a plethora of citizens. Living among the citizens of Shinjuku are the yokai, who some times wander the human realm. The humans are unaware of the yokai's presence, however, and just continue with their lives without any interaction with the least, not that they know of.

    Most humans don't believe in the yokai, or any other type of spirit for that matter. They consider these topics folly, and not worth discussing. But that's where humanity's greatest mistake lies within their ignorance. The yokai often contemplate the fate of humanity and if it's really worth keeping the peace between them when humans seem less interested in co-existing and more fulfilling their own selfish agendas. Some have even talked of taking a stand against the humans. But not out of any nobles causes but their own malicious goals. These human's ignorance shall also be their peril: for there is another type of spirit that only lives to terrorize and destroy human life: the Mikura. The Mikura are a corrupt, malicious type of spirit that feed off a human's bodily fluids and organs. They are truly ruthless, evil and care for nothing more than to watch a human suffer and die.

    But, along with the terror that exists in the shadows of Shinjuku's streets, so does a guardian to protect the humans from such a threat. This guardian's name is Karas. Every city had it's own Karas to protect it's citizens from the Mikura and former Yakuza tough, Otoha had taken it upon himself to become the guardian of the city. Being born from an incestuous relationship involving his father/brother, Otoha had developed a rare condition. CIP; Congenital Insensitivity to Pain. No matter how many times he was shot, no matter how many times he was cut. Unless his limbs were severed or he was literally damaged to the point of not being able to move, he'd slaughter whoever got in his way.

    But that life was behind him now. After the mafia boss(his own dad/bro)had killed one of Otoha's very few friends, he took up his katana and went on a bloody streak of vengeance against the Yakuza. Not stopping until everyone up to the boss was dead. It was around this same point that after the sword had stopped swinging and there were no more bodies left to carve, Otoha struggled to think of a purpose. His best friend in this mad, mad world was gone, he had no connections to whatever family he may have had left. What was there left for him to do?

    That's where she entered the picture.

    Will of the City (open)

    The being referred to itself as Yurine, the so-called Will of the City. They were specifically yokai priestesses that were designated to each city in Japan with their own Karas who they'd make contracts with. Apart from a few cosmetic differences such as their hair, they all shared the same design among themselves. They all have jackets with giant zippers that'd make a certain faunus ninja blush, other than that they differentiate from a few changes which are the blue scar tattoo, hair color, goggles, tights, skirts, and hair beads.

    They watched over the cities in their jurisdiction and are the key to Karas. For whenever they feel the situation calls for it, they will begin the chant needed for Karas to draw their weapon and take on the form. Today was one of those days. As Yurine sat on a rooftop above the bright glimmering night-life of Shinjuku City, she spotted a Mikura lurking about in the alleyways of the city. To the humans the Mikura appeared like some crazy homeless bum.

    But nothing but the truth was fit for the eyes of Yurine and the same went for her Karas. Also known as Doctor Otoha to some of the yokai due to his attempt to aid the yokai whenever he could, tonight was not a night where he'd be acting out of the kindness of his heart. This was the job he had brought upon himself by accepting the contract with Yurine. He wouldn't have it any other way. As the Mikura started to lumber towards some other unsuspecting and legitimate bums, he paused as he could have heard the distinct mantra that came as a Karas neared.

    "One, two, three, four. Five, six, seven, eight, nine and it is ten. Sway to and fro sway."

    With that Yurine ran her fingers along her neck before pointing them outwards as if giving a signal.


    "Do it now, Karas!"

    Reaching for his blade, Otoha could have seen stepping out from the shadows. "Understood." He'd say simply as he threw his medallion that signified his connection with Yurine up into the air. Grabbing it before it touched back down, he'd thrust it forward opening up a portal which he'd step through. At the same time an enchanted chain around his katana vanished into dust. As he entered through the portal, the armor of the Karas began to spread over him. As the portal finally closed, the hobo-Mikura would have been face to face with the fully suited Karas, the Guardian of Shunjuku City and slayer of creatures like him. Understanding that his cover was obviously blown, the hobo smirked.

    "Well, if you're anything like the Karas I've heard about. You won't disappoint me, you fucking crow!"

    The Mikura's human disguise then began to bulge as metal implements tore out of the flesh. The nearby humans had been frozen thanks to Karas's ability. It was a safe measure implemented to help avoid any potential human casualties in the crossfire of Karas's battle with the Mikura. This one looked like he'd be trouble once the human skin was finally shed and the Mikura stood up to it's full height, towering over Karas by at least two feet.


    But to be a Karas you had to set aside emotions like fear. They'd only slow you down and give the Mikura a much higher percentage of ripping you limb from limb. Knowing full well of the nature of such creatures, Karas rushed forward and delivered a swift uppercut to the jaw of the Mikura. If they had kept the battle on the ground, he might have attempted to use one of the frozen humans as a shield and that just couldn't be. Not while Karas was still breathing. Letting out an anguished cry as she was sent flying, the metallic tendrils on the demon's arms lashed out in a flurry as if to try and impale Karas. Standing his ground, Karas threw his katana into the air and with a quick gesture of his hand, the blade began to spin rapidly in a clockwise motion.

    This created what was referred to by most yokai who were fortunate enough to catch glimpses of these battles as 'the Circle of Death.' The spinning katana sliced any tendrils coming towards Karas into mince-meat. But the Mikura wasn't as dense as his appearance may have lead one to believe. Four of the tendrils sought to dash around the spinning blade. But Karas was prepared for that inevitability as well. Thrusting his pointer finger forwards, the blade lunged forward and Karas gripped all four of the tendrils coming at him from either side under his armpits.

    "You think just because you're a Karas, your strength is superior to mine!? You forget who you're facing with!" The Mikura taunted as he tried to pull the tendrils back and while he did succeed in dragging Karas forward, it wouldn't be very far as the guardian dug his heels into the concrete. Leaving deep crevices in the concrete as he went, Karas tilted his head to the side as the blade which the Mikura had failed to notice did a return pass and sliced into the right side of the malicious spirit's neck. Taking advantage of the surprise created by his rouse, he'd yank on the tendrils with all of his might. Watching as the Mikura was pulled forward with the katana still firmly wedged in his neck, Karas leaped forward and looking straight into the black soulless eyes of the Mikura, he'd grip onto the hilt of his weapon.

    "It's over."

    With that'd he'd force the rest of the blade through with the Mikura's scream becoming more and more distorted as the blade cut deeper and deeper. Until it eventually went silent and the only noises were the sound of the Mikura's body dissipating before it hit the ground and Karas sheathing his blade and making his way off. Humanity could rest easy for another night without fear of unwarranted reprisal. Time would unfreeze and the bums would have gone one with their lives as if nothing peculiar had happened at all. That was how it should be. The humans remained blissfully ignorant of matters that they would truly never be able to understand and Karas dealt with those who'd seek to force themselves upon humanity and seeing them as nothing more than food to be devoured. But even a Karas had to stop and consider if they were doing ultimately mattered in the grand scheme of things.

    Which brought one to the current scene of Otoha sitting on a rooftop with Yurine nearby. Glancing down as life continued as it should, Otoha smiled as the little yokais popped up every now and then to enjoy themselves as well. But this wasn't why he had brought himself up here. To simply enjoy the idle sights.

    "Yurine. When I made the contract with you, I was in the worst spot of my life. I had literally nothing. No family, my only real friend had been brutally murdered thanks to my failure. I thought accepting the role of Karas after hearing what became of the previous one might do me some good."

    Yurine glanced over and tilted her head as if her interest had been caught by Otoha's statement. "Yes, this was all stated back when you made the contract. What inspired you to bring it up now?"

    "It's just that I've done what a Karas should do for their given city. Protect the innocent yokai and humanity. Deal with the Mikura and that'd normally be the end of it. But there have been nights where I just begin to wonder."

    "Wonder about what exactly, Otoha?"

    "Just what life would be like away from all of this? All the Yakuza, all the Mikura. Just the drama that plagues not only this city but Japan as a whole. Never been able to really achieve something like that. Either I was a living weapon used by criminals to do their dirty work and now I'm another weapon. But this time on the side of good. Just a nice spot in the middle would be interesting to explore."

    Yurine actually seemed to mull this over before walking over and taking a seat next to Otoha. "So, if I understand your request, you wish for some time off from living the life of one whose been forced to shift from both sides of the morality chain?"

    "..That's pretty much it in a nutshell."

    "Then consider it done."

    "..What?! I can't just stop being Karas! Not unless something were to happen to you. But I would never allow anything-"

    Before Otoha could continue on his concern filled rant, the priestess raised a hand for him to be silent. Upon him doing so she'd continue. "As I was going to say, we've received an invitation. To what's known as a city in the sky. You'll not throw off your duty as Karas for the city will be as you left it upon our return. I've made sure that was in the prerequisites before agreeing to the proposal. Now that I see you're on the same page, I see no reason to decline the offer. It'll allow you to see a possible chance a life you could have had if things played out differently. I'll follow of course in case Karas may be needed."

    There of course so many questions that Otoha had. Why hadn't Yurine informed him of this before? Was it because she'd knew he'd bring it up eventually? If that was the case then how long had she known this information? Well, he supposed they'd be all answered in time. For right now he had more important things to focus on. Like this city in the sky that Yurine had spoken of. After living in this city for as long as he had, nothing would ever seem far-fetched or too outlandish to him again. But this idea sure did. He knew that if Yurine was ever hurt or god forbid, even killed than he'd never be able to unlock his sword again and summon Karas. He'd just be Otoha the man and not Karas the Guardian. But a chance to see what life was like without needing to be a vigilant watcher day in and day out?

    How could he say no? Soon, the two of them would have found themselves on the flying city of Columbia where Otoha took a moment out of the time that they'd be here just to stop and smell the air. To be able to do so without having to worry about being whisked away to stop a Mikura attack felt strangely foreign to him. But even he knew that they could not stay here forever. He had made a contract and for as long as the two of them lived he'd keep it. This was just a chapter in the long story of the guardian of Shinjuko City.


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  20. Before being grabbed, Paiman was already in lecture mode.


    "Listen here, newbie! As a Gatchaman, it our job to nev-"

    Hajime hand swooped the Panda-like alien up with ease. Paiman would freak out as the two few around the city in the sky.

    "Slow down, newbie! You're going to kill both of us!"

    Suddenly, the fear was too much. As Hajime asked about the Eds....


    Paiman would be passed out, bubbles floating out of his mouth!

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