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  1. In the future, children are illegal. The dictator, who rules the entire known world, outlawed them ten years ago. All the children were cast out into the wild, or hidden in cellars or attics. Adults became cold and ruthless, most showing no mercy when calling the officials on patrol toward a child-hider or a child itself. Science has found a way to continue the human race genetically, and these super-humans are mean, fast and always searching for those pesky brats lurking in the cities or towns. In the wild, things have changed since humans abandoned it. You might even say it has some...magical properties.
  2. Celeste ran through the forest, using the night as cover, a large sack slung over her shoulder. Branches nicked her cheeks and arms, only adding to the cuts and bruises she had accumulated. She paid no attention to the sharp seconds of pain, and sprinted away from the cold, bright city.
  3. Darren looked over his shoulder, his neck stinging as he did it. He needed rest, time to stop and sleep. Rest wasn't coming. He needed to escape, he was not getting sent to a containment centre. He grabbed hold of a low lying tree branch and only just managed to pull himself up. He gradually started to climb up into the canopy, his long arms extending to find the next branch. He finally stopped, sitting high up in a tall tree overlooking the forest. He heard the hounds run past down below him, the calls of their masters following them. He was safe, for now. Tomorrow he would be running again but tonight he could sleep.
  4. She was beginning to run out of breath, and tripped on a root. The sack fell to the ground, its contents pouring out. Muttering under her breath she hurried to shove what she could see back into the sack, standing up and looking around before taking off again, panting.
  5. He heard another voice from down below. He lowered himself down slightly to see what the commotion was. He watched the girl fall but couldn't see what her bag had contained. He was intrigued and decided to follow her through the trees
  6. Johnathan stood upon the large, thick tree branch. He was looking into the distance at the city from afar. The tree he stood atop of was large and tall. His blonde hair blew in the wind as he continued to stare. Without moving his eyes from the town, he pulled his hood up (which covered a little over half his face). His clothes were dark and seemed to blend into his surroundings. The belt that adorned his waist held two small daggers on each hip, and a broken coin that seemed to contain a picture a small child and another form indistinguishable. He sighed, eyed a branch adjacent from his, and jumped to it gracefully. He made the jump rather easily before sitting down and resting his head against the bark. He had been on the run for 11 years. He was 16 now. A few more years and he could return, return to her. His blue eyes stuck out in the darkness as he relished yet another breath
  7. Celeste could feel someone watching her. Without looking for a shadow, she began running zig-zag, ignoring the burning in her throat and her legs, which were beginning to feel like jelly. The weight of the sack had lightened slightly, and she focused on that, searching for the cave.
  8. He kept her in his sights as he leaped through the trees, each jump making him feel like he was flying. Until...."aaaaaargh" he fell from the tree, hitting the ground with a loud thump somewhere near the girl
  9. She instinctively froze in a crouch, ready to pounce. "Who's there?" she snarled, though it came out scratchier than intimidating, as she had intended.
  10. "Owwww" he lay face down in a pile of leaves "that hurt" he tried to pull himself to his feet. He was limping a bit when he heard the girl "you mean friend or foe, tigress?" He smiled "seen as I don't want any trouble and am in great need of rest I will say friend. Darren Fletcher, pleasure to make your acquaintance"
  11. Johnathan heard voices somewhere down bellow him. He heard a female voice, and the disgruntled sounds of another boy. He couldn't decipher if they were children or yet another search party. He stood up, crouched briefly, then used all his power to spring from the branch he had been sitting on. He flew through the air over to another, lower branch about 10 yards away. He landed silently, then looked down searching for the source of the disturbance. He blended in well, making it hard to see him through the trees. Eventually, he found them both, however, they were just silohettes against the cold ground. He sat and listened in to see what he could learn from them both.
  12. The girl pushed back her thick, curly hair from her eyes and stood up straight. "I don't give out charity," she snapped, walking toward the North Star now.
  13. "Clearly" he muttered to himself before limping after her "it's not charity when I have something to offer back" he called, wincing in pain as he did "shelter me for the night and I will bring you as much food as you'll need for a week"
  14. Celeste stopped and turned to the boy. She pursed her lips. "I have food already," she said. "And if you have food for the week, you must have been in the city. How do I know you're not a spy?"
  15. "How do I prove it?" He smirked at her playfully "I look old enough to be able to sneak inside the city and steal myself some food, it's simple enough really. I can steal you some too, all you have to do is trust me"
  16. She scoffed. "I'm alive because I trust no one." With a flip of her hair she turned to go, stopped and thought, then looked back at him, scowling. "Bring your food and come with me before I change my mind."
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  17. Johnathan couldn't just leave them to run off into the night. Worst case scenario, they have a lot of equipment and he could take advantage of it if needed. He decided he needed to keep tabs on them, for the time being. Once they moved, he would follow. Through the trees, silent, and unseen.
  18. He followed behind her "if you want proof you can trust me" he whispered in her ear "then we are being followed. I'm not sure who by, but there's someone behind us, in the trees, I can sense it" he slowed his walk, his fave showing pain
  19. Celeste narrowed her eyes. "I've never encountered anyone lethal in this area," she said. She stopped at a hold in the ground next to a large boulder. "Quick, get inside."
  20. "Carry on walking" he whispered "circle back, we don't want to get caught in there by a set of adult guards" he looked at her, his eyes darting around "quickly before we seem suspicious"
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