Children of Typhon - A Roleplay about Greek Mythology and Beyond!

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  1. I had this idea for a loooong while and the last time I put it up no one responded.

    Basically, after numerous eons, the great deity Typhon rises from his slumber from being trapped underneath a volcano. However, the Egyptian Diety Horus proceeds to slice his body into pieces mere moments after his revival, scattering them across the world.

    And now, the children of Typhon have caught word of this. They must now revive their father by gathering his pieces. Horus will be there to stop them, so the first arc will involve sealing Horus or defeating him, or however we're going to rid of him. He's a god so we can only hinder him, not kill him.

    This will be more anime-esque and JRPG-like much like every single roleplay of mine. I will be playing Hydra and Chimera, as well as a good deal of NPCs.

    The story ends when we have successfully revived Typhon. What happens afterwards is for another story that will be kept a surprise until the time nears...
  2. Why is Horus dealing with Typhon? Wouldn't it usually be another Greek myth that would deal with something from its own pantheon?
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  3. You see, Gods can identify as many other gods. Lesser Shinto deities can be identified with certain Hindu or Buddhist deities. In Typhon's case, he is identified as the deity Set.

    Set sliced Osiris into pieces and scattered the pieces across. Blablabla Isis revived Osiris fugg have baby

    And then Osiris was meant to take vengeance on Set.
  4. Wait I'm confused, Osiris or Horus? I figured you might have been considering gods of similar things to be the same god.
  5. Waitwaitwait

    Yeah Osiris and Isis birthed Horus to take vengeance on Set. The prophecised battle was said to be close to epic but Horus destroyed Set/Typhon before he could reach even 1% of his full potential.

    Well, it's kind of like how certain Greek deities and Roman deities are one and the same, to the extent that I call them Greco-Roman.
  6. Aaaanyone up for a round?
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  8. Greetings.
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  10. I like this idea ^.^
  11. Thank you for expressing interest. Would you care to invite some friends?
  12. This does seem interesting ^-^ thanks for asking, I'd be glad to participate! I'd invite friends, but I don't have close ones here :3 it'd be awkward for me to ask random people XD
  13. I think I'll start soon. Maybe then will I attract more attention. This idea appears unpopular, which gives it potential to run smoothly with few players.
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  14. Let's roll this up.

    @Izurich might you hold interest?
  15. Thank you for the invitation, but I am not in the mood for Group RPs atm. Sorry, Crow.
  16. Very well.
  17. Waiting up, waiting down.
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