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  1. . It is both alive and not. It is everywhere, but nobody notices. It came about 17 years ago. There was a group of people who had found a cave on an island about five miles off the southwestern coast of Alaska. Some archaeologists went to check it out and found a large room that was carved out of the cave long ago. The back wall had a large circular part with symbols and pictures on it. The table in the center had an old iron helmet on it with a spike on top made of some kind of bone. There were no more reports on it after that and within a week, the news reported a wave of a dark purple mass making its way towards Canada. All it ever did was pass over and keep moving. It made its way south through L.A. and continued south until it reached the bottom of South America and disappeared off the southern coast, never to be seen again. It is The Taint. The taint brought its children with. In each town that The Taint passed through, many random pregnancies were reported. The children have violent tendencies. Some are in jail for murder. These children often have a better metabolism and rapid muscle growth. These days, the tainted are discriminated against. More often than not, people try to kill them.
    The tainted have almost no physical alterations except their eyes are often brighter and/or change color along with having a purple birth mark on their body in the shape of sleep thorns. The Tainted have voices in their heads.
    Some of them are violent and some are caring and kind. Depends on the person.

    Don't be an arse. I think that is a given.
    Don't kill players without permission
    That being said, multiple characters are allowed if you can keep track of them all

    Character sheet:

    Age: (please note that all Tainted will be about 17)
    Tainted: (Y/N)
    Other info:

    Character list:


    Name: Daniel Miller
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Tainted: Yes
    Hair: Longish blond.
    Eyes: Deep purple. Gets brighter when he gets mad.
    Clothing: Jeans, a white t-shirt, and a leather jacket that is too big for him.
    Other info: A 6'2" well-built street rat who lives off of what he can steal or, usually, beat out of people. The Taint rings violently in his head, mostly. His thorns are on the back of his right shoulder.
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  2. Just so anyone interested knows, it starts out with a small riot breaking out in a square where several of the Tainted are being attacked by purists (people who hate the tainted). If you wanted to start as one of them.
  3. Name: Xiomara Arillo.
    Age: 17.
    Sex: Female.
    Tainted: Yes.
    Hair: Soft orange.
    Eyes: Lilac with darker purple rims.
    Clothing: Torn blood red stockings, leather gloves, worn combat boots, black high waisted shorts, short vest, long sleeved shirt.
    Other info: Often has red lipstick on her. Often has her steel guitar on her as well. Leggy 5'7.
  4. Accepted :D Feel free to join the IC whenever you want.
  5. Name: Ace Isuki
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Tainted: No
    Hair: Black short Spiked hair
    Eyes: Hazel
    Clothing: Grey Long sleeve shirt with Black Jeans and Sneakers to match, Also fingerless leather gloves, Plastic rim Glasses
    Other info: Lives alone inside a apartment, took Martial Arts for 3 years so he can defend himself
  6. Accepted, ace. Start posting at your leisure
  7. Name: Della Mason
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female
    Tainted: Yes
    Hair: Deep auburn
    Eyes: Pure white with flashes of grey and blue
    Clothes: Black cargo pants with an army green thick strapped tanktop. She wore the same shade of army green on her sneakers.
    Other: Known to be a very strong tainted. She fights often, like most of the tainted, but she does not leave a fight until she or the other person is dead. Currently on the run and in hiding from a murder case. Tall and lean, very tan, and is always carrying her trusty black War Hammer
  8. Name: Sirvus Brown
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Tainted: Yes
    Hair: shoulder length and black.
    Eyes: Blue. Becomes a Turqouise blue when he feels threatened or someone makes him mad.

    Clothing: He wears a gray hoodie, a baggy black and gray stripped shirt that's a little to big for him with black jeans.

    Other: He's an orphan on the run, accused of slaughtering his father, twin brother, and aunt three years ago the setting the house on fire. He's around 5'6" with a light complexion. His thorns are on the middle of his back.
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  9. Accepted :D
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