Children of the Stars

As soon as he got close to the building, Lona felt that feeling she was being pulled towards something. The feeling got stronger and stronger as he walked closer to her. Her heart was beating fast as she saw her possible soul mate sit down at the table in front of her. She ducked her head down behind her laptop, pretending to continue her studies. There was no way she could focus now that he was so close. Lona peaked around her laptop to look at Roy. He had his eyes closed and was breathing in deep and slow. She blushed, thinking he looked cute like that, then quickly hid her face behind her laptop again, realizing she was blushing.
Hearing someone address him repeatly, Roy opened his eyes and saw the redheaded waitress with his sandwhich and milkshake. "Sorry about that, had a rough day and felt the need to close my eyes for a few minutes." Taking the sandwhich from her, Roy also moved his phone out of the way so that there wouldberoom on the small table for the milkshake. "Thanks" he told the waitress as she left him to his food. Taking the ketchep bottle that was placed at the other end of the table, Roy removed the lide and poured a mound of it beside his fries. Tipping a small hand full of fries into the red sauce and ate half of the fries in a single bite. Finishing the golden slices, Roy picked up his sandwhich and before placing it back on its plate had finished half of the sandwhich. Taking a break from his meal, Roy looked out the window and gazed at the garden behond it.
Adelaide rushed to dress in something other then the sweat's she was already wearing. Slipping into a comfortable blouse and a pair of jeans, she made sure her hair was alright before cleaning some things up around the apartment. When she heard the knock on the door her heart began to race and she slowly walked too it, Not wanting to seem eager. When she opened the door she smiled and nodded, ushering him in. "Welcome!" she said cheerfully, though her nerves were on edge. Sure enough his star was still glowing on his forehead. Her eyes seemed to glow still and this time it wasn't just a flash like it had been before. "Please, sit, make yourself comfortable. The pizza is on the coffee table as is the soda and cups."
Alex was at his limit. He could no longer take the pain, the pain of his migraine. His vision began to blacken around the edges, and he felt himself begin to lose his balance. When the door opened, a very curious thing happened. As soon as he saw Adelaide, his ears popped, and he felt like a pressure was releasing inside him. He barely had time to say hello and walk in before he stumbled after her inviting him in. After he recovered though, his headache was gone, completely gone, and in it's place a pleasant, almost euphoric feeling crept through his body.

All the while he was looking at Adelaide, finding her so enchanting, so beautiful....and he didn't even know her. He felt a strange attraction to her, not lust, but....something else he couldn't put his finger on. Shaking his head and putting a hand on it, he spoke, not knowing what had just happened, but seeing that everytime he was around this woman, odd, unexplained things occurred. "I'm....I'm sorry for that Miss Adelaide. I don't know what came over me. I had a...had an unbearable headache ever since we spoke at the school earlier today. But...without explanation it has...suddenly disappeared."

Looking around, he noticed the apartment was very clean, spotless, almost like it was never used. Or it was very recently purchased. "You have a very clean apartment. Very clean indeed." Alex enjoyed spotless environments. His own place had nothing out of place, except for his library. That was a mess, simply because he always used it. Turning back to Adelaide, he thanked her for the Pepsi and Pizza, and said he would sample some in a bit, but he couldn't help but notice something on her forehead. It looked like a small, blue star tattooed on her forehead. He didn't recall her having that earlier when he first met her, but her bangs could have been in the way. Still, he noted it, especially since hhe thought it was glowing at times, but then stopped.
Lona continued to look over at Roy every-now-and-then. The attraction she felt towards him was starting to get unbearable. If it kept up, she may just start talking to him. And that wouldn't be all that good since she was nervous. When Lona was nervous, she would start to ramble on about random things, usually stuff she learned from her studies. She looked down at her cheesecake, and started eating it. She ate it slow though, trying to keep her mouth occupied so she wouldn't just start spouting nonsense stuff at Roy, stuff that would make her embarrassed later on.
Taking his eyes off of the garden, Roy, finished his meal along with his milkshake . Calling over the waitress he gave her the empty dishes and asked for the pie when he first ordered. Nodding the waitress left and within minutes brought over the slice of pie that was big enough for two people to eat. Grabbing the fork that came with the dessert, Roy slowly started to indulge in the warmed slice. Still feeling a pair of eyes on him, Roy put down his fork, reached for the napkin that was on the table and the pen he always carried on him. Writting "Hi :)" on the napkin, Byatt folded it into a small plane and let it glide in front of him and watched it fall on Lona's table, before resuming his pie. Finishing his dessert, he once again called over the waitress and asked for a small coffee with a cup of milk to go with it. Watching the waitress leave, he once again looked out the window, waiting for both his drink and a reply.
Out of the corner of her eye, Lona saw the the little napkin plane glide over to her table, and rest gently next to her laptop. She hid her face, her blush growing. He saw me. She thought. He knows I've been watching him...ahh this is so embarrassing. Her hand slowly went for the napkin, taking it behind her laptop screen where her face was hiding from Roy. Lona unfolded it, reading the short message he sent her. She took out a pen from her bag and wrote "Hello" on the napkin, just below his words, in cursive. Without placing the pen down, she folded the napkin up into the exact same plane he made, and let it glide back to Byatt's table. Lona fiddled with her pen in her hands, keeping her head down behind her laptop, and occasionally peaking around it to see Roy.
Roy watched as the plane move slowly back to his table and land in front of him. Before he could reach and pick it up, the waitress returned with his coffee and milk, placing them on top of the napkin. Gently lifting the cup up, Roy removed the napkin and read her response. Opening the napkin, he wrote on the inside "What are you reading?" Closing the napkin and following the same fold lines, Byatt softly tossed the napkin plane into the air and returned his attention to his coffee and milk. Picking up the cup of milk, Byatt poured about one fourths of it into his coffee before taking the spoon and mixing the two until it became a light brown. Taking the coffee cup by the handle, Roy lifted the cup and took a quick sip before placing it back down. Removing his blackberry from his pocket, he fired off several emails to his clients reminding them that the school would be closed tomorrow.
Lona saw the plane land next to her laptop again. She picked it up and read the note. Writing "American History" on the napkin, she folded it back up perfectly again and let it glide back to Roy's table. She no longer had the cheesecake to keep her busy. Lona's heart was racing from being so close to this guy. She would have to talk to him eventually, but it would be so much easier for her right now if Adelaide was here with her. Lona would feel a little bit better with her friend here with her, but she knew Adelaide had her own business to deal with right now.
Adelaide smiled softly and sank down onto the couch beside him "I know why." She said as she lifted her finger and touched it gently to his forehead, right dead center, where his star was. In the same place hers was. She felt the jolt of electricity flow through her body before she smiled and shivered and pulled her hand away. She knew he would have felt it as well. "I am sure you want to know things. Why your head started to hurt as soon as you left me. Why you feel so strange around me. Why my eyes glowed in the Gym. Why I act so strange around you. All those things... they can be answered. " Her smile slowly faded and she tilted her head to the side her eyes were glowing completely now. It was subtle but in the dim light of her apartment it was quite obvious. "But first... tell me. Do you believe in Fate?"
Alex felt a small jolt run through him when she touched his forehead, and his teeth buzzed and he tensed while she touched him. After she let go, he relaxed, letting out a small sigh. Despite the initial shock--Ha....shock...funny he thought to himself, he found the touch to be pleasant. Giving himself a second to recover, and listen to Adelaide speak, the voice in the back of Alex's head told him to get out, get out now, that this wasn't safe, but he couldn't move. Something stronger, something more powerful than his will commanded him to stay, to see this through, and although his mind was trying to flee, his body would not, could not listen.

He could only listen, and watch with growing fright as her eyes began to glow. Her talk of answers, it intrigued him, yet also gave him a small chill down his spine. It's all true. She's not human....not fully at least. Those eyes, the glow....I wasn't seeing things, I wasn't crazy! She's...I don't know, but I can't turn away, I can't run. Why? Why....can't I look away from her!

His thoughts grew more frantic, despite the calming effect Adelaide was having on him. His mind would simply not accept it. It was irrational, improbable, that Adelaide, this woman he had just met was not human. Yet deep down, farther than Alex chose to look, he knew without a doubt she was not who she appeared. Right from the beginning his heart had felt it, but Alex rarely listened to it, except for now, at this moment. Something changed in Alex then. Not by much, and not externally, but a step has been taken, a step that would take Alex into a direction that he had never even imagined before. When she asked him of his belief in fate, He knew he did not in his rational mind believe in such a notion. But now, as he looked even deeper into those glowing eyes of hers, Alex knew there was Fate in them, and knew he believed it in his heart.

"Yes. Yes I do," was all Alex could say, all his mouth would allow him to say.
Not letting the plane land, Roy caught the plane in a smooth motion, unfolded it and quietly read her reply. Smiling, he closed the napkin and used the other side to clean his face. Deciding it was time to end thismiddle school behaviour of passing notes, Roy picked up both his coffee and cream, and stood up from his seat, walking over to Lona's table. Siting down in the empty chair, while placing the two cups in front of her laptop. "So what time period are you reading about?" he asked Lona before non-chantly taking a sip of his coffee, while waiting to see how she would react to him being so close all of a sudden.
She smiled softly and tilted her head back erect. She stared up into his eyes and gave a soft kind of sigh. "You probably wouldn't believe me but we are destined for each other." She reached out and ran her fingers along his palm, leaving a trail of warm sensation's in their wake. She looked back up at him, her eyes locking with his own. Slowly they began to change. The change wasn't noticeable at first, but slowly they darkened then lightened to an almost iridescent white blue color with an even lighter white blue pupil. "You notice strange things about me Even from the moment we first met. You see the star on my forehead, it glows. You are noticing that now." she said then reached forward and touched his own star "You have one too. You are now noticing my eyes are not the same color and that the light isn't playing tricks on you." She moved her hand back and began to speak in her native tongue, which he would understand immediately if he indeed was her true mate. "I am a Celestial child, and you are my lifes mate."
Alex was curious to know how she thought they were meant for eachother. She didn't seem like she was believing it on some notion of romantic optimism. The look in her eyes said it was a matter of fact. Alex was excellent at reading people, and this scared a part of him. He was confident in his own skills, and whether or not it was true, Adelaide believe it to be true, and that made Alex swallow nervously. "What ever do you mean?" he asked, but he didn't have to wait before stranger things happened still.

As Adelaide spoke, her eyes changed color, and in the controlled light of her apartment, Alex knew this was no trick. His heart began to beat faster, his mind began to race, and possibilities on escape began to formulate in his slowly panicking mind. Alex felt for the star that was on his forehead, and found a small indent in the dead center of it. He gulped, and mumbled, "This is not possible...This, this is..." He cut himself off, and his eyes widened as Adelaide finally spoke in a language he didn't know, yet could understand her perfectly as if she were speaking English. Celestial Child? Life mate. No, no, no, no..this isn't happening.

He stood up, and started to back away slowly. "This is...too weird for me, Adelaide." He shook his head, and tried to make sense of it all. "What language is that? Why do I have this--" he pointed to the star on his forehead,"--Who are you? What is a Celestial child, and a lifemate? How can this be happening?" He finally backed up against the door with a hollow thud, and although part of him wanted to reach for the door, that presence, that power beyond his own will, wouldn't let him. "What's happening to me?!" he wasn't yelling, since Alex rarely yelled. He was merely panicking. It was a lot to take in being the lifemate of an alien who could perfectly mimic human form, speech, and quite possibly everything else.
Lona's heart pounded in her chest once she saw Roy stand up and move to her table. "Um...I'm at the time when slaves were just coming in..." she said, her voice getting softer as she spoke. She could feel her face growing hot from the blush and instinctively hid her face again from him. That feeling of being pulled was becoming too great for her to handle now that he was so close. Lona felt her heart was going to burst from pounding so hard.

If this keeps up...I'll start to change back into my true form... She thought, knowing that in situations like these she couldn't keep her shape shipped form up for long.
Adelaide smiled weakly at Alex as he jumped up and stammered out. She sighed softly and stood as well, walking to the wall she hit a button. A screen seemed to appear out of no where, one you could see through. She sank back down onto the couch and tried for the billionth time to contact her own people. Her hands moving gracefully along the screen, flicking windows here and there, getting nothing but static on one end. "Celestial child. A... child of the stars." she began then turned to look at him. She thought a moment and frowned "An... Alien if you will." she said then held her hand up, knowing it would cause him more distress. "Please, hear me out. Before you panic. I am a lot like you. As a Human. I just have powers, and greater knowledge. Also, I glow." she stated then smiled excitedly.

She watched him for a moment then shrugged her shoulders "You can go Alex. But you will be back. If you don't, that pain in your head will slowly kill you. Or worse, Drive you mad and kill others."
Alex was still freaked out, but not as much as before. Something was settling in him, as if he could accept this, although he was still on edge. She looked so....normal, and yet, she glowed, she whipped out some type of transparent screen, and she called herself a Celestial Child. Alex had no clue what that was, or what it entailed, but a small, probably insane part of him that wasn't listening to the fleeing part of his brain, was curious about her. She said she had powers, greater knowledge, and once again, she could glow.

Alex didn't know how she glowed, but she was beginning to fascinate him, and to be honest, when she smiled, he couldn't help but smile as well. Taking one more breath, he didn't leave, but in fact silently walked over to a couch, sat down, and upon grabbing a cup, poured himself some soda. downing the drink in one swig, Alex let the calming effects of the caffeine take a hold of him. Turning to her, his shock now blowing over, he let out a breath and spoke, his voice calmer than before. "Okay. I'm better now. Much better.'re saying the pain I had is because I wasn't near you? Does that mean we have to be together forever or something?"

As he said the words, he recalled what Adelaide had said earlier. "Lifemates...Oh, right. I guess you answered my question before I even asked it. So....what happened next is I guess what I'd like to know."

Alex could keep himself calm if he focused on the human aspects of Adelaide. Her hair, her smile, her body.....Now that Alex took a look at his new...Alien friend, he noticed how beautiful she was. In a way, she's even more attractive than Stacy. She had.....I don't even know, but I shouldn't even be thinking that! Stacy is still my girlfriend, no matter what is happening. His thoughts turned to Stacy, but only for a moment. His attention was almost entirely focused back on Adelaide. He wanted to know more about her, regardless of his anxiety about what she was. She fascinated him, and he wanted to know everything about her, and more.
Roy finished his cup of coffee before answering Lona "An interesting time period during Americas hsitory thats for sure. Wait till you get to the civil war, when the country was finally united as a whole." Waving to his waitress, he gave her the empty cups and pretended to watch her walk away while noticing that Lona was starting to blush before she decided to hide her face from him. Roy was about to ask her another question when his phone started to ring. Taking it out of his pocket, he noticed that his cousin was calling him. What could she want? he asked himself before turning to Lona. "Sorry, I'll be right back, my cousin is calling me."

Getting up from the table, Roy hit the talk button and walked only a foot from Lona's table, still within ear shot. "Hi Mary. Yes, don't wory worry, I still plan to pick up Jack up from that school for the gifted tomorrow after my appointment with the doctor. Yes I know his school lets them out at 3:30. Okay, bye" Hanging up, Roy placed his phone back in his pocket and sat back down across from Lona. "Sorry about that, my cousin has an appointment with her doctor tomorrow and wanted to make sure I could still pick up her son. So what do you do for a living?"
Adelaide smiled softly and reached out to him, A simple gesture, but she was trying to get him to come closer, to relax. "Come, Alex. No need to be too nervous. I know how you feel, I know what you are worried about. Take it from me. I hadn't expected to find my life mate on a planet that is not my own. Its not as rare as one would think, but it doesn't happen as often as we would like. Those of us blessed with lifemates of another race are held in high regards. Because we are branching out. Imagine... " She smiled and offered him another refill of soda. "I do not mean to worry you, but listen. Imagine the type of Human hybrid we could create?" She looked back towards the screen and watched as it flickered a few times before she pushed it away. "What do you wish to know?"
Lona nodded to him when he talked about how interesting the time period was. "It is very interesting." She agreed with a nod and small smile. "And I'm looking forward to reading about the Civil War." Lona observed Roy watched the waitress walking away, getting to see a new side of his face. He was attractive, even to her. Realizing she was starting to stare, she ducked her head down behind her laptop again, blushing more.

Hearing him speak again made her look up, and she nodded. She didn't mean to, but Lona listened in to his conversation with his cousin. Her eyes widened slightly, hearing he would be coming to the very school she was teaching at currently. And she was sure there was a Jack in her class too.

She looked at him as he sat back down, and ask what she did for a living. "I-I'm a substitute teacher. Currently I am subbing for a teacher at the school for gifted."