Children of the Stars

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Adelaide smiled as she watched Alex, however when she heard the name Stacy she tensed a little. Had this man, who she had just met, already have a mate? Her face went blank and she turned to stare at the man called Roy. As she sat there, she went through all her knowledge of what she had been taught as a young starling. When being drawn to something, especially of the opposite sex, with a strange attraction, it usually meant they were destined for each other. When he was finally done fiddling with his phone, she turned to look at him once more. "Adelaide" she said simply. It was a strange name, a rare name. Pronounced Ah-da-lied. It surly wasn't a name for a normal human. "That is my name."

After a moment of studying his face again she turned back to Roy and his class "War is a terrible thing. Which is why my... where I am from... is so peaceful." she said "I just moved here from Up north.. Way up north." In her mind she wasn't exactly lying but she wasn't telling the truth either. She did come from up north, meaning the stars, but instead she pretended she was from "Canada... we don't go to war up there."
Lona was so focused on her reading that she didn't notice the guy had come back until he tapped her on the shoulder lightly. She looked up at him, seeing him smile at finally being noticed. "We have a new house special that I thought you would like. Do you want to try it out? It'll be free of charge." The waiter said, smiling at her still. Lona looked at the man's smile, then glanced over at the whiteboard that said what the special was. Strawberry cheese cake? It didn't sound all that great, but then again it could be a different recipe for it. "That sounds delicious. I'll try a slice." She said, smiling up at him.
Alex tilted his head ever so slightly when he heard her name. "Adelaide. That is most certainly the first time I have ever heard that name." He turned his head back to watch the class, and leaned back, a sign he was getting more comfortable. "You hide your accent well. How long have you been in the states, if I might ask?"

he chuckled softly, and added, "Yes, Canada isn't exactly the most warring country in the world." He glanced over at her, and she seemed quite far away, from what he could tell. scooting a little closer, Alex reached over and put a hand on her shoulder. "Are you oka--" Alex barely finished his question when he felt an intense shiver run up his spine, and an almost complete and total relaxation of his body the moment he touched Adelaide. Also, even though he couldn't see it, nor could he even feel it, a small mark, only visible to Adelaide appeared on Alex's forehead. It was the symbol of the 'life mate.' If there was any doubt about him being hers, there could not be now. The moment he came in contact with her, his fate was forever entwined with Adelaide, but he could not have known it then.

The moment passed however, and Alex removed his hand, and the mark disappeared, along with the feeling he had. " apologies Adelaide. I just experienced a small bit of...well, I have no idea what." Shaking his head and pushing his glasses up again, Alex continued. "Anyway...what were we just talking about? I seem to have blanked out."
Adelaide felt his hand on her shoulder and then felt the unmistakable feeling of the brand fill her. She turned to look at Alex and her heart sped up in her chest. Her eyes widened and she scooted away from him. "Impossible.." she stated then shook her head and blinked a couple times. There was a mark that slowly started to appear on her own forehead, Like a glowing star, only for her own kind and her life mate to see. "Alex. There is something you must know. " She stated before looking back towards the room full of people. "But this is not the place to discuss such things." she reached out to touch and finger to his forehead to make sure she wasn't just seeing things. She jotted down a number and handed it to Alex "This is my cellular and this is mu apartment number. Please. Come by later this afternoon." And with that she stood and walked away from him.

Adelaide used her senses to find Lona, her heart thundering like mad inside her chest. When she find Lona, she let out a grumble. Still in a public place, but once lona saw the star on Adelaides head she would know. She pushed through the doors and marched straight up to Lona's table. She put her hands on the table and stared at her friend. A look mixed with Horror and joy on her face "Its happened. I have been marked... and to a HUMAN." She said then moved her hair aside, the star on her head glowing bright.
Lona jumped slightly at Adelaide's sudden appearance. She listened to her friend quietly, and her eyes widened at hearing the news. She nearly choked on her tea once she saw the star on her forehead. Lona looked around the cafe. No one was paying any attention to them. "Where and when did this happen?" She whispered to Adelaide.
"Just now." Adelaide answered as she sank down at the table beside Lona. She was shaking, which was something she usually never did. She usually always kept her calm, never showing emotion. However right now, her face was in her hands and she looked pale. "I was at the school of defense. There were two young men in there, but something... That feeling that we had felt before. The one that drew us here... I got it from the one named Alex." she said with a little sigh. When the waiter appeared she asked for a glass of soothing herbal tea. She turned to look at her friend "Thank god no one can see this star. Otherwise we would be hunted down and stoned."

She was silent for a few minutes, until the tea got to her and she drank some to calm her nerves. When she did speak again she said "Alex and I went to sit upon the bleacher's to watch the demonstration. The only reason I went in was because I felt like the place was calling me. Alex was the one calling me. Something happened in there, and he touched my arm. I felt the shock and he was marked as my life mate. What do I do?"
"A defense school?" Lona asked. "I felt a feeling of being drawn there too...But I decided against going. I'm not into all that stuff..." She said, glancing over at her laptop. She closed it, knowing that talking with her best friend was more important than her studies. "Do you think my mate is there too?" She asked quietly, more to herself, then shook her head. "If this Alex guy is your mate, try getting closer to him. Get to know the guy. If you two are truly meant for each other then it will all work out.
Adelaide stared down at the tea in her hands before she slowly drew out a sentence "I think he could be, Lona." she said, her brow furrowed in thought. "Alex was there, and he was the one that drew me there. I am not interested in Self defense either, our race is a peaceful one, but I felt the need to go there." She looked up at Lona with a small smile "The only other person there was a rather attractive human male named Roy Byatt." she stated then grinned a little bigger "You could always do what I did and fake your interest in the school just so you can go and find out that it is exactly that is pulling you towards the school."
Alex had no idea what was going on. First he lost some time, then he felt like he had just been given the greatest massage in the history of ever, and then this woman, Adelaide immediately started acting weird. She had looked at him like she had seen a ghost, touched his forehead, and then gave him her number, apartment number, and before he could do anything, she left, leaving Alex in a state of utter confusion, not to mention he had a slowly growing headache. He looked at the number, remembered what she had said, and could find no reason, no plausible reason anyway, why she might want to discuss things with him.

Meanwhile, Roy's class was still in full swing, even though Alex needed to ask him his opinion on what just happened. He certainly had no idea. Had he offended her? Had she seen something in him he didn't? Alex didn't know, but as he stared blankly down at the paper in his hand, he couldn't help but be curious. "Damnit. I have a girlfriend. I can't just go to some stranger's apartment. She could be a serial killer, or the bait for someone to kill me." Or an alien, he thought to himself.

Dismissing that thought with a roll of his eyes, he turned back towards the school, and merely waited, content to let the situation unfold for now. He didn't even bother with his phone once it buzzed. His mind was far away, in the stars.
"Fake my interest in the school?" Lona asked, not all that surprised about her friend suggesting such a thing. It was just in Adelaide's nature to do that. "But...what if this Roy guy really is my mate? If he learns that I faked my interest in the school, what would he think?" She asked, looking down to her hands which were in her lap. She knew she would get self-conscience if it was about her mate...or possible mate anyway.
Adelaide frowned at her friend and shrugged her shoulders "Well if he is your mate wouldn't you want to find out? Perhaps just come with me to watch one day. You don't have to be interested, just tell them I dragged you along with me because I didn't want to go by myself. Which is mostly true." She stated before standing up. She left the money for the tea on the counter and ran a shaky hand through her hair and sighed softly. "I am going to go home and have a long bath with some of those strange salt things people seem so fascinated by." She waved good bye then headed off to her apartment.

Once at home and the door was firmly shut behind her she sighed and leaned against it. The stare on her forehead seemed to light up the room before her. "How am I going to ever sleep." she stated as her hand went up and she tried to rub the mark off. She slammed her purse on the counter, pulled off her jacket and with in five minutes she was soaking dreamily in the tub. Her hair piled up on her head to keep from getting too wet. She hated blow dryers, they made her nervous.
The waiter came back with the house special for Lona. She smiled at him a little, and he seemed to smile back very brightly. "Here you go Miss Evans." He said as he set down the cheesecake in front of her. "Anything else you would want before I go?"

"No, I'm fine. Thank you though." Lona replied politely. She looked down at her food as the waiter started walking away. Feeling full now after her chat with Adelaide, Lona didn't touch the cheesecake. Instead, she opened her laptop and continued her studies on the humans' history. It was always so interesting for her to learn new things, but now she wasn't all that interested. Knowing that her possible soul mate was so close to her made it difficult to enjoy her reading.
The class finished without a problem which meant once again no injuries. Cleaning up the equipmet used for the lesson, Roy stored i in the usual place wihich was in front of his locker tucked in the corner of his office. Plucking a red binder from one of the few shelfs that he had, Byatt checked his schedule to see who e still had to send invoices to. "Only five this month not bad." He commented out loud as he closed the binder and placed it back on the shelf with the the others. Walkingout of the office, Roy noticed that Alexwasthe only one sitting on the bleachers. "So she was the one who left all of a sudden," while takig off hs shirt and whiping the sweat from his forehead.

Standing now almost in front of his good friend, Roy noticed that Alexwas looking a bit of. "What's the matter it looks lie you have seen a ghost r better yet an alien." Roy said with a slight chuckle not taking himself seriousely.
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Adelaide didn't know how long she lay in the tub soaking. She was humming a song in her own language, her mind drifting over the hills of her home planet. She was startled from her day dream when her cell phone went off. She sprang from the tub, thinking it was Alex, however it was one of her co-workers, Claudia to be precise. They talked for fifteen minutes about the project at work they had to do before Adelaide hung up and started to lightly hit her head against the wall in frustration. She quickly hopped in the shower to rinse all the bath salt's and scented oils off her skin, then dressed in a pair of sweats that she liked to roam around the house in. She called the pizza parlor down the street and ordered a large supreme with a two liter of Pepsi on the side. Then she twitched across the hall to ask Lona if she wanted to share dinner with her.
Alex finished watching the class, and as soon as they departed, waited quietly until Roy was done. He was still clutching the piece of paper Adelaide had given him, and he had still not come up with a solution. He had gone through dozens of scenarios, and all of them were utterly unhelpful to him. He needed an outside opinion, and Roy often gave him clarity of thought. His friend had a simpler view of things, and didn't really pay as much attention to the details as he himself did. It was both refreshing and helpful, which was yet another reason why Alex had bestowed the 'best friend' status upon Roy.

As Byatt walked over, and spoke, Alex had to snap himself out of his thoughts, and smile slightly. "Oh you're not going to believe what happened." Alex told Roy the whole story. How he had started flirting with her, had forgotten to reply to Stacy's text, and how odd it was that Adelaide, whom Alex explained was her name, tensed up and seemed distant once he mentioned Stacy. Then Alex went off on a tangent about how he was suspicious of her motives for coming to the School. Alex explained that a woman of her posture, stance and personality didn't fit with the normal students of Roy's. He went on that tangent for a full five minutes before Byatt reminded him bluntly of what he was trying to say. Alex concluded with the number, address and cryptic message he had received from Adelaide, not to mention the weird loss of time, and complete body relaxation sensation he had experienced. "So ever since she left, I've been pondering what to do, and whether or not to go over there or not. What do you think, my friend?"

Alex wondered what Roy would suggest. He hoped he didn't have a long winded suggestion, because ever since Adelaide had left, his headache had intensified.

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Roy chuckled when Alex finished his story not because he found it unbelievable and funny, but because for some reason his best friend always found himself in these situations. Forcing himself to stop laughing Roy looked at Alex and answered him seriously. "Call this woman named Adelaide and tell you are willing to listen to her story and will go to her place liked she asked. Once that is done with call Stacy tell her sorry for not answering, and you won't be able to see her today because you are seeing a woman you knew from college and forgot to tell her and that you will make it up to her soon."

Taking a look at the clock he decided it was time for something to eat, "Now lets grab a bite to eat, oh and before I forget if what she tells you is all true dump Stacy within the next week and a half. Now lets go I'm starved."
Alex listened, but found it difficult. His headache was brutal, and unyielding. It seemed to be only intensifying, and Alex hoped it wasn't a migraine. The last time he had a migraine, He had lost his ability to see for about an hour, and had wished he was dead for eight. He frowned slightly at Byatt's suggestion to cancel anything with Stacy, and to dump her if what Adelaide told him proved to be true.

"Wait, where did that come from? Dump Stacy? I don't even know what Adelaide is going to tell me, much less why It would change anything between me and Stacy. Oh and I already canceled plans with Stacy tonight. I knew either way I wasn't going to be feeling up to doing anything with her tonight."

He frowned again, rubbing his temples. "I think i might pass on food buddy. I've got a killer headache, and for some reason, I think it might turn into a migraine. Oh man, this is going to be one of those afternoons." He told Roy he would catch up to him later, and added at the end, "Hey bud. There's a new cafe that i heard was pretty good. You might want to try it sometime. It's basically around the corner from here." With a final goodbye, he left, got in his car and drove away. As he drove, he thought about calling the number on the note, and with one final dreading thought, he did, pulling his car into a parking lot. Getting out the number, he punched it into his Droid, and waited for her to pick up. Within three rings, he heard the familiar sound of someone picking the phone, and he spoke. "Hello? Is this Adelaide?"
Adelaide was just walking through the door of her apartment when she had heard the phone ring. She sighed and picked it up, not knowing who it could be, but hoping it was Alex. Her head ache started to subside as soon as she picked up the phone and she grinned. "Alex, Hello. I am so glad that you called." she said softly. Lona hadn't come home yet, and she was hoping that she could talk things over with her friend again. However hearing from Alex was a nice surprise. "I am glad I walked back through the door in time to catch the phone ringing. Anyways, I would like to discuss something with you if you don't mind? I have just ordered a pizza and a 2 liter of pepsi, perhaps you would like to come over for dinner tonight?"

She was nervous, her heart raced and her body began to give off a light glow. She gave him her address to write down, in case he did want to show up.
"Just think about" he said before Alex left the building. Grabbing his blackberry, Roy checked for messages and saw that his family had called while he was teaching, "I'll have to remember to call them back tonight, now time to grab some food." Leaving the building himself, roy followed Alex's directions to the new cafe that had opened not long ago. Finding the building easliy enough, he walked in and was greeted by a pretty redheaded waitress. Asking for a table for one near a window, she guided Roy to a table that overlooked a small garden that kust happened to be across from Lona. Sitting down with the menu in front of him, Byatt looked through the menu before finding a few items that sounded delicious.

When the waitress came back he gave her his order "One large ham sandwhich with a side of fries, a large chocolate milkshake and for dessert I'll have a slice of your apple pie please," he said while handing back his menu. Roy chuckled as the waitress left, because the face she gave when he finished his order was amusing, and decided to tease her about it later. Sliding his blackberry out of his pocket, Roy checked his emails and quickly sent the address of the hospital to Alex so he knew where to go. Placing his blackberry on the table, Roy leaned back in his chair while closing his eyes and started to breath slow and deep, trying to relax and bring down his heartbeat.
Even though she couldn't see him, Alex smiled at her voice. He didn't know why, but her voice was so melodic, it made him want to smile. "Oh really? Then it must be fate that had us meet." He laughed at the end of it, knowing full well he didn't truly believe in fate, but finding it amusing he did. As he laughed though, his headache spiked, and he winced, making a grunting sound. "Ugh...Sorry about that. I've had a monstrous headache for a while now. But to answer your question, yes, I am curious as to what you wish to tell me. I have directions, and Pepsi is indeed my favorite soft drink, and who could ever deny pizza?" He chuckled, and told her he was already on his way, and would call when he arrived.

20 minutes later, he was at the place where the directions had suggested. It was quite far from his own apartment, about a 30 minute drive to be exact, give or take a few minutes. He parked his car in a vacant spot near the apartment building she was located in, and he noticed how nice it was here. Her place was in the richer part of the city, and even though it was an apartment complex, the air smelled richer even. Making sure he was presentable, Alex sprayed some body-spray for good measure that he kept in his glove box, and then, forgetting to call, walked up to her apartment. By the time he got to her door, his headache was in full swing, the lights that lit the hallway making him squint, and the throbbing pain almost too much for him to walk. Damnit....not now, you stupid oaf! If you pass out here, who knows what could happen? Remember your training, both mental and physical. You can do this.

Confident as he could ever be, Alex knocked on the door a couple times, and awaited Miss Adelaide to open up.