Children of the Stars

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Waking up to the sound of his alarm clock, Alex gently rolled over and looked at the time. It was 6:30 in the morning, like usual. No matter how early or late Alex went to bed, he always woke up at this time. It was like his body had found the perfect time to wake him up, and after a while, he had just accepted it. Rolling out of bed with a groan, Alex got ready for the day, showering, shaving and making breakfast, just like he did everyday. If anything, Alex was a creature of habit, and spontaneity was something he didn't employ often. While he ate his breakfast, he read some profiles from work, and took notes on his yellow notepad, scribbling in his confusing to everyone but him writing. His apartment wasn't huge, but it was comfortable enough to where if he had to entertain guests, or let someone crash at his place, they would have enough room to live together comfortably. Finishing his breakfast at exactly 7:20, Alex checked his phone, and sure enough, he had two messages. One was from Stacy, wishing him a good morning and wondering what he was doing today.

Stacy....What an interesting woman, thought Alex with a small smirk. They had been dating for about two months now, and she was exactly the type of woman he thought would never even notice him, much less be interested in him. But somehow, partly due to the smoothness that was his friend Roy Byatt, they had met, and hit it off rather well. She wasn't the brightest of bulbs, and she didn't really share most of his interests, but lately she had begun to be more perceptive, and Alex started to teach her, share his interests with her, and vice versa. He found her highly attractive, and she found him....what was the word she used? Cute. Yes, that was it. Cute. He hadn't known he was a cute man, but who was he to argue with Stacy? On top of that, the intimacy Alex had to give credit where credit was due, and Stacy knew her stuff.

I guess blondes really do know how to have more fun. Stacy was a 25 year old buxom blonde, of about Alex's height, and had a runners body, toned and slightly tan. As he answered her text with his own, he checked to make sure he was fit to go out in public, and noting nothing wrong with his plain t-shirt and faded jeans, sent the text, and left for the day. He had no work today, but he was meeting Byatt, as most people close to Roy called him at his school. Rarely did Alex participate in the classes, but he merely observed, and conversed with Roy when he had a chance.
Roy yawned as he climbed into the shower at 7 in the morning. Feeling the warm water rush across his body he slowly started to wake up and plan his day. He needed to open the school by eight and warmed up by nine which is when the first class starts. Stepping out of the shower, Roy wrapped a towel around his waist and went into the kitchen. Retriving green peppers, an onion, cheese and eggs from the fridge. Fixing himself an omelet, he read through the daily newspaper while it cooked. Nothing in the paper interested him, as he plated his omelet and sat down at the counter. Finishing the omelet, he walked back into the on suite bathroom of his two bedroom condo. Spitting food crumbs into the sink, Roy brushed his teeth. Walking into his room, Roy threw on his street clothes, and grabbed his gym bag. Locking his door, Roy decided to take the four flights of stairs down to the lobby as a light warm-up.

Leaving the building, Byatt smiled at the nice weather and the fact the Alex was going to be stopping by at the school today. It had been a few days since he last saw his best friend from middle school. Hopefully he would feel like joining in on the class this time, even though Roy knew that Alex rarely did. Walking the ten miles to his school, Roy quickly unlocked the door. Walking in, he took a quick glance at the time. Ten to eight. Perfect. This gave him enough time to check the equipment and do a real light warmup before the nine o'clock class showed up. Heading to the change room with his bag still in hand, Roy quickly changed and locked his personal locker. Grabbing the skipping rope from his office, started his workout routen.
Lona stretched as she laid in bed. It was around 7 by now. She was feeling like being lazy today, but also had to check and see if she had any sub requests. Stretching again, Lona slid out of bed. She popped her neck and back as she stood there. She looked around her bed room, noticing she left the window wide open last night. Lona walked over to her window and closed it. She noticed that she was still in her human form. She must have been really tired to not of changed back before going to bed.

The phone could be heard ringing from the living room. Better hurry and get the phone... She thought, moving to the door leading to the other room. Lona jogged a little to her phone, which was on the other side of the living room, near her kitchen. She picked it up just before the third ring ended. The conversation only lasted a few minutes. Lona was needed as a sub for an elementary school. She would need to be there in about an hour or so.

With the phone now hung up, Lona went to the bathroom. It was just around the corner of where the phone was. She took a shower, brushed her teeth, then went back into her room to get dressed. She wore a simple outfit. A light brown sweater, a pair of white washed jeans, and white tennis shoes. These were comfortable so she didn't mind what she looked like. There wasn't any time to dry her hair, so she just left for the school, locking her door behind her.

Luckily for her, her hair was already getting dry. It always formed curls if she let it dry by itself. Lona passed her friend's apartment door as she walked to her car. Wonder if she is already up. She thought, not stopping on her way to her car. It was a black Toyota Camry. Lona simply got inside and drove to the elementary school she was going to be a substitute for.
Adelaide stare at the screen in front of her and hit the call button for the hundredth time that morning. Through the transparent screen she could see the pot of Coffee she had yet to start, and she let out a little groan. She was trying to call home, to let her father know what was going on and that she and Lona were safe. Just like all the other times, Her call was answered by nothing but white noise static and annoying beeps. Rubbing her eyes tiredly, Adelaide stood and pushed the screen aside with a wave of her hand, then wandered into the kitchen to brew the coffee.

Upon coming to this strange small planet, she had found that she loved the black liquid that looked like used oil. When she finally drank down her second cup of the scalding liquid, Adelaide showered and dressed for the day. Though she preferred having the light that emanated from her body to surround her all day, she was starting to like her Human skin. She especially liked her strange eye coloring. When she first changed into this body, something had gone wrong and mix-matched her eye colors. At first shew as panicked thinking that they would know she was a Celestial child, however she learned that there is a trait that is very rare where a Human can have two different colored eyes. In her case, Blue and Green.

After dressing in a pair of dress slacks and a blazer that she picked up from her favorite store on this planet called "Victoria's Secret" She slipped into her pumps and hurried off to work. She worked as a Secretary of a huge law firm in the Tri-City area. While it wasn't her first choice, she figured it would be the best to get the Human currency so that she could live a comfortable life on this planet for the time that she was there. She wasn't exactly sure how long she and Lona planned on staying there, but she knew it was long enough to find out why they were drawn to the place. So far, they had no leads.
As soon as Alex pulled up to the school, he parked in his usual spot, and entered the building. It was nearly eight thirty, and Alex could hear the sound of Byatt's jump rope making the light thwaking sound as it hit the ground rapidly. Walking towards the bleachers, Alex was a silent as a ninja as he slid into a seat and merely watched. Alex didn't know how he did it, but he could be incredibly silent and stealthy when he needed to be, and in certain cases, it worked for him. In this case, when Alex merely observed people, he got a good idea of their personalities when they weren't with people. It was a fact that when people were alone they were truly themselves, and when humans are in the company of others, they change to suit the social needs.

Smiling at the little thought, Alex merely sat back, and waited for Roy to notice him. It rarely took his friend long, seeing as somehow, he could sense Alex was there. It was frustrating, seeing as how Alex still didn't know how he did it, or how he had come to possess the ability.
Letting the rope land at his feet, Roy coiled the jumping robe, and placed it down beside his towel and water bottle. Picking up the towel and bottle, Byatt wipped the sweat off his face, and downed a small portion of water at the same time. Looking at the clock he noticed it was a minute past 8:30. There was only two reasons why Roy would stop before class started, either one of his students had shown up early, or his friend had tried to sneak into the school, and considering it was a half an hour before 9 and nobody would being coming to at least ten to, it had to be the latter. Looking toward the bleachers, he saw the lone figure, and knew it was Alex. Placing the towel around his shoulders, he slowly walked toward the bleachers. Standing in front of the bleachers within a few minutes, Roy sat on a lower level, facing Alex.

"Glad you could drop by Alex. How's life and Stacy? I haven't seen her since the Satuday afternoon class." He asked his childhood friend, before cleaning more sweat off his forehead and breathing a bit heavly.
Alex watched in silence as Byatt noticed him, and a small frown made itself known on Alex's face. Barely a minute this time. He was either getting more lax in his ability to be silent, or Byatt was just too damn observant. Either way, the frown quickly disappeared and was replaced with a small smile as Roy came on over. "Once again my friend, your skills of observation are sharp as ever. You really should take me up on that offer to join the Bureau. They could use someone like you." While Alex was more of an analyst/lab jockey, Roy was more cut out for the field agent job. Alex had requested once that he join, but after lengthy debate, Roy had declined, and Alex had given up. But he couldn't help but edge it in the conversation every once in a while. It was just his way to be persistent.

Glancing at the phone in his pocket, Alex gave Roy a small smirk. "Life is actually looking up and not seeming to fall for once. As for Stacy, she's fine. She's been keeping busy lately, and she wanted me to tell you she's going to be in later this week, but only for one class. And it seems you're not the only one who wants me to join the class. She keeps insisting I join, but I don't really know why." He put his hand up in defense, adding, "No offense of course. It's just...I don't see the point of physical self-defense. If i can't think my way out of a problem--" Alex tapped his temple, "--Being strong won't help much, will it? But to each their own."

Shrugging his shoulders, Alex merely leaned back in the bleachers, and asked, "How are you by the way? Any new conquests as of late?" Alex of course meant of the female kind. His friend Roy was quite popular with the ladies, and many a story had Alex heard of Roy's female friends.
Lights dimmed and blinked in the office as Adelaide stared at the computer screen. She was busy with invoices when the power had gone out. Letting out a string of her native language's swear words, she stood up and slammed her chair back into the desk before looking around with an irritated look on her beautiful face. Walking to the window she looked out into the day light, surprised not only by sunny sky's but no reason for the power to have gone out at all. That was until she looked down and saw a car had wrecked pretty hard into a Telephone pole. "Ouch." She said as she saw one of her earth friends come up to the window to see as well.

They watched the scene for a few minutes before Adelaide sighed and looked up at the sky. "Want to go get lunch or something? I don't think they will be getting the power back up any time soon." Her friend, an older woman, nodded and soon they were off. Adelaide took her friend to the local Panera Bread. She loved that place, though it was expensive. Really, she loved all earth food except most of the sea food. Some of it freaked her out. As she sat at the table, waiting for their food, she felt that strong feeling again. The feeling that pulled her to this planet int he first place. Her eyes seemed to glow as she turned around and stared out the window towards the Local school.
Lona pulled into the elementary school parking lot, hearing a bell ring as she parked near the school's entrance. Upon turning the car off and stepping outside, she could hear the playful screams and laughter of the human children. "It must be recess now." She said to herself in a low, soft voice as she smiled, thinking of the kids at play. Lona made her way towards the doors, locking her car and turning on the alarm system with a push of a button before going inside.

The office was off to the left after going through the school's front doors. She received the lesson plans for the week, left by the actual teacher of the students, and directions to the classroom she was going to be teaching in. She smiled brightly as she made idle chit-chat with staff there before walking to the classroom, getting a little lost along the way.

Lona was to be subbing for a 3rd grade teacher. The poor woman's father had fallen ill and she went out of town to take care of him. She walked into the classroom, it being decorated by the student's drawings and projects. The letters of the alphabet were drawn by the students as well, and lined up on the wall above the large windows, which gave Lona a good view of the playground. She smiled again, seeing the children have fun outside. She moved to her temporary desk that was positioned in the corner near the white board.

She walked up to the board, writing "Ms. Evans" up in the corner of the board so the students will know her name, and sat down at her desk to look over the lesson plan for today. Lona took her time in picking a last name to use while her and Adelaide stayed on this planet, but finally settled on Evans. She glanced up at the clock to see what time it was so she would know when her students would be coming. She wanted to get everything set up for the lesson before they came into the classroom.
Roy laughed, "As I keep telling you good friend, I never see you walk into a room, and don't ask how I do it, cause you should know by now that I won't tell you, it would ruin the fun. He shaked his head, "And work under someone else, I'm good thanks." Byatts replied with a smile on his face, turning down Alex's invitation, "You know thats not my style. I prefer making my own hours and being my own boss." Roy wondered how many times Alex had snuck in the invitation to work at the Bureau into a conversation, not that it bothered him. The offer sounded tempting everytime Alex brought it up, but teaching people how to defend themselves while giving them a good work out, just appealed to Roy a lot more.

"Good to hear, I know how much you need the good side of life right now. Thats fine, tell her thanks and I'll see her when she comes in. Make sure though you spend some time with her Alex, no matter how busy a woman gets, they still want to spend a few hours every now and then with their lover." He waved his hand in front of him, "None taken good friend. One reason might be is that she wants someone who can protect her, also, its a good way to spend some time together when either of you get busy, that and it will keep you in shape.

"I've been doing well. Heading to the doctor's tomorrow for a quick check up, even though everytime I come out healthy as a horse and always will," he said before pausing to think about his conquests, "Had a threesome with a set of twins, a red head and a burnette just a few days ago, and a week before that a busty blonde with a tight ass. Now that woman knew how to have a wild night, " He said with a smile on his face.
Alex, being the patient one decided to take the denial of his offer in stride. He hadn't thought Byatt would join anyway, but he had to keep asking, even if it was only every once in a while. He knew Roy would make a good field agent, and with them on the same team, so much could be accomplished. Alex stared at Roy as he described what women wanted, and Alex had to admit, he was right. He knew Stacy wanted to spend time with him, and Alex enjoyed spending time with her, but she didn't seem to get him most of the time. And every time he would try and explain himself, she would either kiss him, or show some affection, and the next thing he knew, sex was on, and the matter was forgotten. Not like he was complaining though.

Sighing, Alex mulled it over for a minute, and replied. "Well, perhaps i will join one class with her. I'm not sure yet. And i do protect her, Byatt. My specialty is ending threats before they become serious problems. But that's not very showy is it? Perhaps I should make a show of me protecting her somehow?" Alex knew he would find a solution to his problems. He always did. He nodded his head as Roy explained his checkup, and shook his head and smiled when he heard about the women he had been with recently. "Shall wonders never cease? I don't know how you do it, my friend. Seduction and satisfaction should be your motto these days." Alex chuckled, and added, "And it's no surprise you're healthy as a horse, what with your activities and such. It's almost like you were never shot."
Adelaides attention was continuously turned towards the building across the way from them. She longed to go there to find out why it was calling to her. Eventually they got a call on her cell saying that work was cancelled for the day due to the accident. Power wouldn't be back on till tomorrow, So, Adelaide said goodbye to her friend and hurried across the street to check out this building. She quickly learned that it was a self defense school, although a moment of disappointment flitted through her she realized she could play off being a weak human at least until she figured out why it called to her.

She stood in the shadows for five minutes, watching and listening. She couldn't help but smirk as she heard the two men talking about the stealth and quiet of one of them. Finally she cleared her throat and began to walk closer to them, this time making sure her heals clicked on the hard floor to alert her presence. "Hello." She said smiling, she locked her eyes with each of them to let them know she was addressing them both. As she locked her two different colored eyes with the one called Alex, she felt a sort of shock run through her body. Now realizing why she was called there. She stared at him for a long moment before snapping her attention away from him "I am interested in taking a class and wish to know who I can speak to about that. There is no one at the front desk."
Roy laughed at Alex's comment, "When you put me and women in the same sentence it no longer is a wonder its just an everyday occurance." Nodding at his friend's other remark, Byatt added,"That was also my motto by the end of college if you remember Alex." Roy let off an exageratted sigh, "Tell that to the doctors. They still want me to cut down on my teaching to three days a week, and my regular workout to twice a week." He complained. "Can you do me a favor for tomorrow. I was hoping that you could pick up a present from my condo and pick me up from the hospital for about 3pm. Sorry for the short notice. " He said while rubbing the back of his head. Roy wasn't a big fan of asking favours, but he also knew the risks of trying to drive after being in the hospital for hours.

Byatt turned his head when he heard the clicking sound of high heels on a tile floor. "Good morning ma'am." he replied to her greeting. "Thats cause there is no front desk." Roy said as he got up from his place on the bleachers and faced the woman. "The name is Roy and I run this place. Just incase you didn't notice this is a school for self-defence. Not only will you learn to defend yourself against close quarter attacks, but it also provides a great workout. I am the only instructor here, so there are not a lot of classes each day, but there are about 15 or so each week including the weekends, that you can attend. Each class is two hours long and all payments are to be made at the beginning of each month." Pausing for a second, Roy noticed that it was quarter to nine and people would shortly start to show up for the first class of the day. "If you want you can participate in the first class of the day, as a free trail." He said, hoping that the woman would join, considering it had been a while since someone had joined his school.
Alex nodded, and wondered what kind of doctors appointment would require him to have to drive for Byatt, and Alex was also curious about this present. It wasn't close to his birthday. It was July, and his birthday was in October, so it couldn't be for him. Either way, he would do it. Roy rarely asked him for favors, and Alex still owed him for Stacy. "Sure. I'll pick it, and you up. Which hospital do I need to--" He was cut off as he heard the clicking of heels, and his attention was turned to a woman who looked to be around the same age as him walk in the door. She was startlingly beautiful, so Alex assumed she was here for his friend.

When he learned she was here for a self-defense class, Alex's brow furrowed in concentration. Her body posture was all wrong for someone who wanted to learn to protect herself. She carried herself with all the self-confidence of a woman who either was able to take care of herself, or was under the impression she could. She certainly wasn't the type who came in here most of the time. But as Roy explained the course to her, Alex couldn't help but notice she was staring at him longer than was normal for a customary glance. He couldn't quite place the feeling, but something was...reaching to him. As Alex continued to make eye contact with her, all his focus was lost as he noticed her eyes.

His own eyes went wide as he launched himself from the bleachers, landing with barely a sound and interrupted their conversation. "Oh my goodness! I can't believe it! Heterochromia Iridium!" Alex was excited to say the least, and he moved closer to this mystery woman. "Byatt, did you see her eyes? It's Heterochromia Iridium. Do you know how rare that is to see?" He chuckled at his unintentional pun, and then noticed the woman and Roy were both staring at him as if he were a mad man. He cleared his throat nervously, and swayed a little, slightly embarrassed. "Well, ahem...anyway...." he shot his hand out to her, and introduced himself. "I'm Alexander Sheridan. But most most people call me Alex. I really hope you're not going to leave. I've got so many questions for you. And the class is pretty good too." He smiled, a curious shine in his eyes making the smile kind of loopy as he adjusted his glasses.
The lights in the classroom were off. Lona heard from the other teachers that the power would be out for today because of an accident. They didn't dismiss school for today though, since most of the classes have windows that let in plenty of light. But they were going to let them out pretty early, just to be fair. Most of the other schools let the kids skip out on school. It would only be around 30 minutes more. Lona got here a little too late, but the other staff here didn't mind. In fact, they were pretty laid back for people who worked at a school. Maybe the job wasn't all that stressful?

She continued reading over the lesson plan, glancing up at the clock every-now-and-then. "So after recess is a reading lesson. That will be easy to do...But where are the books?" She asked herself, looking around the room for the box of the book the kids were reading.
"Ah, there it is." She smiled, standing up and making her way to the table near the windows. It was a simple book for the 3rd graders, Judy Moody. Apparently this was their favorite story. "I heard they are a pretty good class. Follow instructions and have fun at the same time." She giggled a bit. Ever since coming to Earth, Lona had taken a liking to human children. She found them entertaining and adorable.

Just then, someone was walking through the playground, ringing a bell and calling out that recess was over and everyone needs to get back to class. Lona rushed to set a book down on every desk for the students. She sat down the last book when they started pouring into the classroom. She walked up the front of the class, watching the students take their seats, laughing and smiling from recess. They became quiet after noticing Lona standing there.

A little boy raised his hand, and Lona nodded to him with a smile, letting him know it was okay to speak. "Are you the substitute teacher?" He asked curiously. She nodded again, but spoke this time. "Yes, I am. My name is Ms. Evans. I hope we can all get along during my time here." She said, smiling brightly at the students, who returned the smile with ones of their own. They all were so welcoming of Lona. One by one they stood up, introduced themselves, and sat back down to let someone else speak. Lona stood there, a bit amazed that they would do this without being asked to. She nodded at each one, with her usual smile, as they finished their turn. Once they got to the last boy, the one who asked the question earlier, he explained something.

"Our teacher has us do this for all the subs." He said, smiling with his own smile. "My name is Jacob Young." He continued.

"Jacob Young...Oh! I remember your name from the lesson plan notes. You'll be helping me out when I get stuck or confused then?" Lona questioned.

"Of course Ms. Evans! You seem like a nice teacher. I'm sure everyone would love to help you out, not just me." Jacob smiled. The rest of the class agreed with smiles, nods, and even some spoken words that lifted Lona's spirits. These kids were a lot more mature than the last class of 3rd graders she taught. There was something she was forgetting then...but she couldn't place her finger on it.

"Well, it's so nice to see that you guys are so well behaved." Lona began. "I'm sure our time together will be fun." She smiled. "Now who can tell me what page you left off on last time? And also, who would like to start today?" A girl answered her first question, and many others volunteered to read. Lona giggled a little and randomly selected one to read first, who would then pick someone else who wanted to read after they have read a few sentences.

The day continued like that, and it was quickly over. Lona let the students pack up five minutes early, and she was bombarded with questions about her from her students. For the last few minutes, she answered as many as she could before the person with the bell came walking down the hall, ringing it for those who don't watch the clock. "Have a nice day." Lona smiled, waving at the students as they left the class. "What a nice little bunch. I wonder why they are like that..." She wondered as she made her way back to her car. She didn't have anything to do after this school day today, so she was just going to go eat and then maybe take a look around the town for a while.

Upon opening her car door and sitting down on her comfy seat, she remembered why they were like that. Lona was teaching at a school for exceptionally gifted children. They each had something they were good at, or their I.Q. was higher than normal. Their parents sent them here so they wouldn't miss out on the joys of growing up. "So that explains it." She said to herself, giggling at forgetting such a thing. Lona started the car and started driving around, looking for a nice place to get something to eat. She felt that feeling of being pulled towards something as she pasted a self defense school.

She was curious about what it was that pulled her towards that place, but something like self defense didn't suit her at all. Instead of pulling into the parking lot of the self defense school, she continued driving until she saw the nice, cozy cafe she always visited. Even though she kept telling herself to go out and try a different place, she couldn't stop going here. Their cheese cake tasted too good to pass up, and the tea there was amazing to Lona's tastes buds. And she knew it wasn't just hers that loved the taste, but other people's as well. She pulled into the parking lot of the cafe, locking her car up before going inside. Luckily for her that her favorite table hadn't been taken yet. She gladly walked over to the booth next to the windows looking over the little garden the owner's daughter took care of. It was a lovely sight.

Lona ordered the usual, strawberry cheese cake and hot tea. She brought her laptop with her today, to check up on her email and to continue reading up on the subject she was learning about this time. It happened to be U.S. history, and she was just getting to point in time about the slaves. Her order was soon delivered to her table and she smiling warmly to the waiter, who seemed to blush at her lovely smile. Lona had never considered herself to be attractive to the male humans, so she didn't pay any mind to his blush. She didn't know that he actually had a crush on her. He was always waiting her table when she came, doing everything for her without delay. It was obvious that he was trying to get her to notice him.

"Thank you!" She smiled up at him, who just blushed a little more and said that it was his pleasure before walking away to help out a couple at another table.

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Adelaide smiled a little, feeling the eyes of the one called Alex on her. It was him that was drawing her to this place. As soon as she felt his eyes on her she knew it. She was about to answer Roy when Alex burst out something about her eyes. She turned her eyes to meet his gaze. She stared at him for a long moment before her eyes seemed to glow a little. They glowed only for Alex to see, but she showed a Charming smile and nodded "It is rare indeed and I am quite proud of them. Though when I first learned how rare it was I was a little iffy.." She explained before giving him a long look up and down.

Turning back to Roy she smiled and cleared her throat "There was a terrible accident down the street involving a car and an Electric Pole, so power at the law office I work at is going to be out till tomorrow. I however live up town and it is quite a drive from here and I am not properly equipped." she looked around the Gym for a minute before smiling a little more "If you don't mind, I would like to sit this one out and watch from the seats up over there." She said and pointed a finger to the bleacher type seating.
Alex retracted his hand automatically after a few seconds. It seemed this woman was not a hand shaker. Nor did she seem inclined to introduce herself. Alex could live with that. After all, what he was interested in was not her name, but her eyes. He had to know about her. It was as if she was some mystery he had to solve. He didn't know why, but he didn't care. He just didn't want her to leave. When Alex focuses on something, or in this case, someone, he develops almost an obsessive determination. This case was no different.

He was just about to respond to her statement about her 'iffy' attitude towards her eyes, when Alex's attention was once again ripped away from himself to the mystery woman. He would later understand why, but now he was as confused as ever when he thought he saw the woman's eyes glow. It had only been for a split second, but he knew he had seen it. He glanced over at his friend Byatt, but even stranger still, Roy either didn't see it, or wasn't showing that he did see it. This is ridiculous, thought Alex. Eyes just don't glow. Unless she's a....NO! No, you won't let your stupid paranoia ruin this! She's NOT an alien. Not, not, not. There...Now, say something!

Back out of his thoughts, he smiled back, and was pleased that she wanted to watch from the bleachers. "Of course it will be all right, right Byatt?" He looked towards his friend for approval, knowing that it would be okay.
Roy smiled while replying "Of course it is. If you like what you see, we can talk after the class is over. " Hearing the door open, he noticed light footsteps hit the tile floor. "Looks like people are starting to arrive, so I shall take my leave." he said picking up one of the plastic knifes that he was going to use for today's lesson. "Oh, and ma'am, this class isn't one of those that only teach you how to fight unarmed opponents." he said before turning to Alex, "Besides things aren't always what they seem to be," hinting to his good friend that he had noticed the glow in the woman's eyes, yet had chosen not to react. Grabbing the rest of the knifes, Roy held them all between his them and index finger.

With the hour hand of the clock pointing at the nine, Roy addressed the first class of the day. "Good morning and Welcome. Today, you will start learning how to disarm an attacker with a knife. No matter the size of the knife, these techniques will always work, trust me, when I was overseas I was always using them when caught in close quarter combat. Now lets begin." Keeping one knife for himself and placing the rest on a nearby table, he brought forth one of the attendees for the class, and had him run at Roy with the fake knife, so that he could deminstrate how to disarm attackers wielding a knife.
Adelaide had heard the comment that Roy had made to Alex. She gave a small little smirk and turned her attention towards Alex and said "Shall we?" and nodded to the bleacher seats. Once seated, she remained silent for a moment before saying "So, your name is Alex. Short for Alexander I assume?" She turned to look at him with those mysterious eyes of hers. She locked eyes with him and wasn't at all uncomfortable in doing so. For her race, it was a sign of great respect, but then she remembered that humans were strange about that kind of thing. So breaking eye contact she went back to watching the class disarm.

"Go ahead and ask about my eyes, I know you were dying to earlier." she said as she turned back to study alex. "strange things aren't they. Unique... in a world of things that are so... common."
Satisfied with Roy's answer, and furrowing his brow at his comment, Alex responded. "Of course things aren't as they appear. What ever do you mean in regards to this situa--" He would of liked an answer, but was cut off by Roy's urgency to get the class started. Alex noticed the time, and nodded. "Well, I suppose we'll see you during break." Nodding in response to the woman's questions, he said, "Certainly. Right this way." Once they made it to the bleachers, Alex found his usual spot, and motioned for his new acquaintance to sit. Once she did, he felt that same desire to find out more about her, as she were a magnet, and he was being drawn to her. All Alex knew was that it was his usual fascination with human oddities, so he dismissed it.

"Yes. My parents named me for Alexander the Great, a brilliant tactician, leader, and warrior. I haven't done anything remotely the same, so I go by Alex for now." He watched as she made eye-contact with him, and even though most people would find that unnerving, Alex simply stared back, not used to someone who made eye-contact for so long. Then, seemingly as soon as it started, she stopped, and Alex turned his attention to the class. "Roy likes to teach lots of knife combat. He was a specialist in the war before he was shot. A vast waste of resources I think. Wars I mean, you know?" Alex glanced back over at her, and noticed she had perfect posture, and sat like a lady, which made it even stranger she was in here. Women like her....they didn't need to protect themselves. They had others to help them with that. "I would love to ask more about your eyes. I think they are simply brilliant. such rarity, and yet so beautiful. But I would even more like to know your name, to see if it as unique as your eyes."

Alex did a mental double take. Was he just flirting with her? No....not possible. he already had a girlfriend. And as if to remind him further, his thigh buzzed and made a beeping sound, indicating he had a new message. sliding the phone out of his pocket, he winced as he saw the notifications for five missed text messages, all from Stacy. "Oops...I guess in my excitement, I forgot to answer Stacy," he said with a lopsided grin.