Children of the Shadows

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  1. Blade left the office, twirling one of his knives around in between his fingers, something he occasionally did when he was thinking. He wasn't sure just yet how they were going to do this mission- it definitely was going to be one of the harder jobs he's been put up to but it was nothing he and his partner couldn't handle. After all, they wouldn't be in the Shadow Mark if they weren't the best at what they do. He remained quiet as they exited the tunnel which led them back to the outside world (which was when he put his weapon away from sight) until they had a walked a bit farther away from all the other people so no one would be able to accidentally hear them. When they were far enough away he looked to Hawk from the corner of his eye curiously, "So, any ideas on how we should do this?"
  2. Hawk heard him but did not reply for some time. When she finally spoke it was in a low tone. "We will need to scout out the location first, and then figure out how to proceed." She paused slightly hesitant, which was rare for her. "The guard is what will be most difficult. They are better prepared than the city guard." As they walked and reached the forest area she disappeared among the trees and reappeared a bit later with a bow slung over her shoulders. "No one seems to be up ahead, but should we risk it? or should we just travel through the forest?" She looked at Blade and waited his opinion.
  3. Blade thought for a moment, he considered what would happen if they simply keep walking, it would definitely be interesting but might not be the wisest choice, especially since she now had her bow with her so that might raise a few red flags... He sighed and shrugged, "We should probably go through the forest, at least for a while." He nodded toward the trees lazily then walked toward them, his hands in his pockets.
  4. She grinned and started walking next to him as they passed through the forest. "You seem rather quiet today. In deep thought or something?" She says this in a calm, joking tone and her grin has faded to a slight smirk. Hawk preferred to be the quiet one but never really managed that with her quiet partner, she always ended up trying to get him to talk. In a way she had a feeling that she did it because even though she knew they had to be quiet the silence felt rather eerie. While waiting for him to talk she glanced around the forest and pulled an arrow out to fiddle with. It was a bad habit of her's to be honest since they were pretty sharp, but at least she wasn't messing with the more fragile crossbow bolts that were with her. She was just hoping that Blade didn't notice, he knew that she did that when she was getting a little nervous.
  5. "Hm?" Blade looks over to her, he hadn't been paying much attention but still heard what Hawk had said. "Oh, uh, yeah. I guess so. This is going to be one of our bigger jobs together." He explained. He noticed Hawk's movement out of the corner of his eyes and turned his head to look over at it. His eyebrows then scrunched together the slightest bit, not enough for any normal person to notice but he knew that she would be able to, they were trained to notice the little things. "What's wrong?" He asked, eying the arrow she was fiddling with.
  6. "Oh...I guess that makes sense." She looks forward and notices when he turns his head. Alexandria hears what he says but hesitates to reply. "Nothing major I suppose. Just in some deep thought, no worries." Her gaze moves to their path and the surrounding area. She hated to admit it but she felt a bit of pressure at what they were going to accomplish. People didn't try to mess with them, but this may set them over the edge and start a giant hunt for the guild members. She tried to focus on the arrow in her hands so that she could ignore her thoughts. No traces of her anxiety could be seen, save the arrow in her hands and the strange gleam in her eyes.
  7. Blade raised an eyebrow at her explanation. Judging by the fact that she was still messing with the arrow in her hands, deep thought wasn't the real reason behind actions. "Oh really?" He had a smirk on his face, now he was pulled from his own thoughts about their future mission and was only focused on figuring out what was wrong with his partner and the fact that it would inevitably annoy her was far from stopping him. He was still looking and facing her, he didn't need to pay that much attention to his surroundings at the moment, he knew this area like the back of his hand and nothing would dare to try to sneak up on or attack them. Everyone knew much better than to do something as idiotic as that.
  8. Hawk looked at him and huffed. "Yes, I am quite sure. Why does it matter by the way?" She knew he wouldn't drop it but she wished he would. For some reason he always did this to her, and she usually lost but she was still determined to hold out as long as she could. Being stubborn was something she was good at when she wanted to be, right now was one of those times.
  9. Blade chuckles, his deep voice resounding in the empty forest surrounding them. "Did you seriously just huff at me?" He shook his head in amusement at her actions. He then rolls his eyes at her question, "Because if you don't get whatever it is that's bothering you off your chest you'll be distracted and frankly kind annoying at times too." He just decided to be blatant with his answer. He knew that this rude of a response would most likely get at least get a response or answer out of her.
  10. Hawk glares at him, "Did you call me annoying!? At least I have a remnant of a heart!" She swings her gaze away from him and walks ahead of him. maybe she shouldn't have said that exactly, and he might misinterpret that, but really it struck a nerve. However, she was still angry and she wasn't going to apologize any time soon. Alexandria kept walking forward and hoped that this journey wouldn't take them to many days.
  11. Liam's eyebrows raised at her in initial shock but after a moment he got over it and glared at her. "What?" He asked, his voice challenging. He moved to catch up with Hawk angrily and repeated, "What did you say?" This sort of a comment wouldn't normally effect him this much but this time it was so unexpected and serious; usually when Hawk would say something like that they would just be messing around and he would just insult her back. That was how their relationship worked; one of them would insult the other then they would just give it right back and they would both laugh it off. They were just friends after all (no matter if Liam wanted them to be more than that... he would never admit this fact however.)
  12. Hawk heard him and realized that she couldn't really say anything to make the situation better. So she didn't answer him at all and without noticing her grip on her arrow tightened a bit, and it began biting into her skin. She hissed slightly and dropped the now bloody tipped arrow from her hand onto the ground. Out of reflex she pulls her hand to herself and covers it with her other hand. "Bloody hell! Sometime I hate arrows!" She glares at the arrow that she dropped onto the floor.
  13. Blade sighed, his anger dissipating momentarily due to her injury. He swiftly grabbed a long piece of cloth specially for instances like this while on the road then walked over to her and wrapped her wounded hand lightly while still applying enough pressure to wrap her cut. "Tsk. You need to be more careful, Kid. Don't want you to get too injured right before our big job." He said as he finished fixing up her hand. His constant nickname for her came out, he knew she hated it and that was why no one could ever call her that, he still did though and didn't plan on stopping anytime soon. He thought it was kind of cute when she was frustrated about things like that so he always does them. When he was done he moved back a little from her and picked up her dropped arrow. "Here you go. Put it away this time so you don't cut yourself again ok?" He told Hawk, handing her the arrow.
  14. Hawk sighs in frustration but accepts the arrow from him and slips it into her quiver. "Thanks..." She turns around and keeps walking, however she adds quietly, "Sorry about earlier Blade..." With that she continues on their set course. She decides not to comment on the nickname even though she hates it, and she just releases a sigh and looks at the sky.
  15. Blade nods in acknowledgement at her words. He casually walked after her, hands in his pockets. "It's fine, don't worry about it..." He told her, his voice still sounding more serious than it would normally. He glances over to her from the corner of his eye as he walks beside her. "So, are you ever going to tell me what was bothering you before?" He kept his tone light and casual but he truly was curious and concerned about what could be worrying her as much as whatever it was, did.
  16. She sighed but decided to tell him anyways, "I am worried what effect this contract will have on the guild when it is completed. I don't think the people will just sit around and take it. They will strike back and hunt them down." Hawk didn't look at him and had a frown on her face. She cared for the people in her guild no matter how annoying or vexing they may be to her after all.
  17. "Oh." Blade took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his hair as he usually would whenever he was thinking about what to do in an awkward situation. It was no secret that he was horrible when it came comforting people about anything, no matter how small the issue. However, if the issue was small enough and he didn't care about the person enough he would just tell them to toughen up and move on but this was his partner and it was a legitimate worry.

    He didn't let any of these emotions show on his face and only kept a cool expression so as to no alarm her of his concern also. That would just give her more reason to worry and everyone needs someone that is calm about the issue at hand otherwise it would all go crazy. Because of all this, he didn't even pause before he told her, "The guild wouldn't have taken on a job if they couldn't handle the repercussions.
  18. Hawk let out a sigh, this is why she didn't want to tell him. "I suppose so. You're right." She cast her gaze up to the sky as it began darkening for the night. At the rate they were traveling she knew they would reach their location in no time. She already had a list of things she wanted to do and had to do. Some problems that were foreseeable would be addressed later, she just hoped that Blade wouldn't over react to some of her plans. A humorless chuckle sounded from her as she imagined how he would react when she told him the exact details.
  19. Liam offered her a (hopefully) comforting half-smile and patted her shoulder. His eyes then flashed with humor, "You're damn right, I'm right." He smirked. He then raised an eyebrow at her random chuckle, "What is it?" He asked suspiciously. Whenever Hawk was in deep thought and then laughed, it always either ended in a prank (usually aimed at him) or some stupid plot that would ultimately end in his being angry with her.