Children of the Night

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    Name: Ambrosia
    Age: 19

    Creature: Vampire
    Special Talent: Can control the elements of wind
    Other skills: Use of dagger, guns, and fighting skills

    Additional info: Will be revealed throughout the roleplay

    Ambrosia ran through the ally's of New Orleans. Hiding herself in the shadows of the night. She ran for what seemed like hours until she could run no longer. Her breathing was ragged as she fell against an old dumpster. She could hardly breath as she slid against the dumpster falling to the ground. Her hair was a straggled mess and it was stained with the thickness of blood. Her sobs grew louder with each passing minute as she drew her knees to her chest. Black mascara ran down the sides of her face mixing in with the blood that ran along her mouth and chin.

    She was shaking violently and her mind was racing. Playing scenes of what happened over again in her head as if it was a movie. She was in horror.

    She ran her of her hands through her hair and across her face. Only smearing the blood across her face more. In the other hand laid a dagger. You could see nothing, but the blood that ran across it. Ambrosia went into a panic mode throwing the dagger to the floor and screaming out in pain. It was as if her body was dying and she couldn't describe the pain. She bit her lip only to cry out again in pain. For she had forgotten the fact that she had fangs. Everything happened so fast.

    The blood, her mother and father, their death.

    "Oh god, what have I done?"

    She asked through the darkness. Her family was dead and it was on her behalf. She couldn't help it the blood it smelled different. Just then Ambrosia let out another cry of pain and fell to the floor. Grasping at her chest that seemed to slow with every beat she took.

    Was she dying?

    Everything became a blur as her eyesight turned red, she felt her nails grow out longer, and she could feel as her fangs grew out more.
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    Name: Vance Hadix

    Age: 19

    Height: 6'0"

    Creature: Vampire

    Special talent: Telekinesis

    Other skills: Stealth, use of blades, hand to hand combat, gun accuracy

    Vance could practically feel the panic in the air, but couldn't pin point where it was coming from. It wasn't his concern anyway, the full moon high in the night sky and his hunger was rising inside of him with every passing second. He could feel the slight tug of his gums as his fangs extended when he caught the scent of blood. Lots of blood. His body began to run on pure hunger as he began to near the source but he restrained himself as he noticed that he wasn't smelling a human; but a fellow vampire.

    "Well shit, someone's had a rough night." He said to himself as he spotted the female vampire in a nearby alleyway. He thought about going to try and talk to her but decided against it. It probably wasn't a good idea for him to approach her just yet. He didn't know if there would be anything he could do to help, but judging by the blood on her, he assumes that whatever was going on had ended terribly.

    He continued on his way down the street but as he passed the alleyway. He used his telekinesis to give a slight tug at her mind. He figured if she wanted help, she would grab his attention; if not then she wouldn't. He didn't know what was wrong with her, but he could tell that it was something that struck her deeply.

    Just as he went to send his mental tug, he noticed her drop to the ground and give out a cry of pain. Okay, now he could tell she needed help. He jogged over to her then kneeled down next to her. "
    Hey, what's wrong?" He asked and put a hand on her shoulder
  3. Ambrosia saw a boy approach from the shadows and she quickly scurried into the furthest corner she could find.

    "Stay back!!!"

    She yelled throwing her hands up. They were covered in blood and she couldn't help but watch as small droplets fell onto the cement. Staining it with her parents blood forever and always.

    "Please I'm dangerous and I could hurt you. I....I can't control it, and my throat burns. I can't see right anymore. Everything's red."

    She gave out another cry of pain and gripped her chest. Her heartbeat was beating at a rate that wasn't humanly possible. It was beating so fast that it caused her pain. Her screams echoed through out the dark ally. Her fangs grew longer, sharper. Her eyes swaying back and forth from the color red and to her original eye sight. Tears ran down her face and she tossed and turned as if she was being possessed by demons. She had no idea anyone could experience a pain like this. She turned to the boy who still seemed to be standing there.

    "You should go!!!"

    She said, only this time she grew angry. She let out a low snake like hiss and her fingernails grew to a pointed edge. She was sure that if this boy didn't leave now he would be her next target.
  4. Vance took a step back as the girl quickly scurried away from him. Vance's fangs instinctively dropped as he saw the blood dripping from the girl's hand. "Hey I can help you" he said putting his hands up for a minute showing he wasn't hostile. His supportive tone switched as the girl yelled at him then hissed, her fangs and nails growing to a razor edge. "Ah shit" he said as he pulled a small curved knife from his belt. "Let's stay cool. I have something that can help you." Vance took a few steps towards the girl and kept his attention on her body posture. He was ready for her if she lunged at him. "What the fuck am I getting into?" Vance said to himself as he kept walking toward her
  5. Her eyes seemed to return to their original silver and blue color. Her fingernails retracting to their normal length. The pain never did stop completely, but it had died down enough for her took speak to him without screaming in pain. Her fangs still showing under the moonlight.

    She glanced up at the boy and realized that he too had fangs.

    "Your...Your a...But..."

    She couldn't find the words. She seemed to be a complete loss and her mind was dancing all over the place. Just a couple of hours ago she was murdering her family and now she was in a dark alley with an unfamiliar face telling her he could help. Her eyes feel to the blood that was now splattered against the trash bin, and splattered along the gravel.


    She asked in a whisper.
  6. "Now that I know you're not gonna try and kill me..." Vance walked over to her and held out a hand to help her up. With his other hand he pulled out a small vial full of a silver liquid. "This is like an anti-venom for vampires. It'll stop the overdrive of your venom. The same thing happens to me." He waited for her to take his hand, before giving her the vial. "Take it all in one go, you'll feel better in seconds."

    Vance looked passed the girl after he gave her the vial to the blood on the ground. "
    Might I ask what happened tonight? Or is that too personal? I know the uncontrollable feelings that happen during the "overdrive"." Vance thought back to the times when the "overdrive" had taken over him, before he had found the anti-venom. He had never felt more out of control than those moments
  7. Name: Charlie Newman

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'8"

    Creature: Animal Shapeshifter

    Special Talent: Can transform into any animal that he knows of (obviously), but is also an excellent martial artist. Acrobatics, Quick on his feet, very creative and crafty, and is an excellent trickster

    A low growl could be heard in the darkness of the alley way. Yellow eyes appeared about 6 feet away from the two vampires. A creature had been lurking in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike. Before the two vampires realized that they were being watched a lunge was made by a large creature. As it flew through the air ready to pounce on the male vampire, the creature could now be classified as a male lion. It's claws were out and ready to sink into the skin of the male vampire. It roared once more before making the attempt to pounce.

    (Wouldn't let me edit the post so this is just an extra post for Charlie's appearance)
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  8. Vance quickly jumped back to avoid the claws of the lion. "Of all things?! You've got to be kidding me!" Vance didn't know whether to be angry or irritated. Who the hell gets attacked by a lion in an alleyway. He pulled his curved knife and got ready to fight. His reflexes were heightened but the lion could match him in speed. At least he was still stronger. His eyes went from the girl to the lion. This was not how he thought this was going to play out
  9. Name: Raura Roth

    Age: 18

    Height: 5' 6"

    Creature: Half Demon

    Special Talent: Magic (Main examples: Telekinesis, Flight, Empathy, Intangibility, teleportation, precognition ect.), ninjutsu.

    Good to Know About: Raura can feed off of others emotions mostly fear and anger (she doesn't like to though so she try's to fight it), and the stronger she feels the more her powers are affected.


    Raura was walking near a dark alley then she stopped she heard some kind of commotion. Raura turned and saw a lion and two people being attacked. She went to help. Her hands began to seem to be in cased in darkness for she was about to do a spell. She froze for when she got closer she notice the two people were vampires. She wasn't to sure on what to do for she didn't know if they would attack her as well so she let her self blend into the shadows so she could see how things would pan out.
  10. Charlie growled loud as he stood there in a primal stance getting ready to strike again, however it was his move. He needed to wait and see what he would do, before making another move. Maybe if he had been smarter about his last move, then he would've already gotten the vampire scum.

    Charlie's stance let up a bit as he sensed another. He cursed in his thoughts. Someone is witnessing this going. "OMG there's two people being attacked by a lion in that alley way!" ...great. Last thing I need is to be discovered again.

    Charlie backed up slowly keeping his eyes on the male vampire then turned around quickly and ran. Once he was in total darkness once more, he turned into a pigeon and made his get away. Once he reached the building tops he turned back to his human form and sat down in frustration. "The first supernatural they hire to be a bounty hunter and I'm messing much for showing them how 'helpful' or 'productive' our kind can be," he said to himself. He grumbled in frustration as he sat upon the roof-top, trying to gather himself.
  11. "What type of meeting is this?" Said Vance as he sensed a dark presence in the distance behind them. Vance lunged at the lion and swung his knife twice. He wasn't really attacking yet, more of a warning blow. He stayed tense even as he watched the lion disappear back into the darkness of the alleyway. "I didn't sign up for this!" Growled Vance as he turned around to look for the dark presence but found nothing. He kept his knife in hand and looked at the female vampire. "I'm getting the hell out of here. You can follow me or not, choice is yours." Vance began moving down the alleyway toward where he felt the presence. He'd rather take his chances this way, than running into another lion or maybe something else that a shifter could become.
  12. Ruara watched the lion disappear and she swear she saw it become a bird and fly away but she wasn't completely convinced. Maybe my eyes were just playing tricks. I'm just glad not to in up any mess.

    As the vampire got closer to her location Ruara held her breath hoping she wouldn't be found out. She wasn't to ready to deal with them especially if they wanted to fight. She walked even farther back till she was almost within the wall, which if she wanted she could be in the wall but she felt it would give her away.
  13. [​IMG]
    (wolf form)
    Name: Nick Ambiriz

    Age: 22

    Height: 5'11"

    Creature: Werewolf

    Special Talent: Sharp and Attuned sense of hearing, can transform at will.

    Other skills: Running and high stamina.

    Nick woke up from the commotion taking place in the alleyway across the street. He was in his wolf form but most people considered him a large street dog. At least that was good, it allowed him to be 'homeless' and have decent income. A pigeon flew out of the alleyway as Nick got up and slowly made his way to the street. He heard a male voice coming from the alleyway. Wait... is that..? Nick runs across the street, recognizing the voice as Vance's. He tentatively approached the alleyway, sensing three presences, two of which he could see and one of which he could smell. The one who hid didn't seem to be of any harm, but no reason not to be cautious.
  14. Ruara saw a figure that looked like a dog approach. This can't be good the dog can probable smell me, and it's bigger than what I've seen around here maybe it's a German Shepperd or a Husky, maybe even a wolf mix of some sort. But I'm sure if it gets to close it might be able to see me I'm not sure? Well the lion I don't think did so maybe not. Maybe if I continue to keep quiet and barely breath all of them will pass. Or of course if I'm found out maybe there not a threat. I better stay cautious and alert till then. Why I put myself in such a position? Accidentally let's out a sigh. She quickly covered up her moth hoping no one or thing saw or heard her. For she knew it might give away her exact location near the wall.
  15. Vance stopped and tensed up as he heard someone sigh next to him. He quickly turned and took a step back as he saw a girl hidden in the darkness. "A vampire, shifter, and now a demon I'm assuming by your essence. This had got to be the weirdest night ever." Vance straightened himself and looked the girl over. She looked kinda scared so he backed off a bit
  16. Ruara thought crap he heard me she quickly thought of a resizable expiation that might not cause any conflict. "You got me I am a demon although I'm only a half demon not full blood or trust me I would be much more treating. I had heard the commotion within the alley way, and decide to check it out. Sorry if I interrupted anything." Ruara continue to keep a close eye on the vampire in case he tried anything.
  17. Name: Scarlet Noir
    Age: 19

    Height: 5'2"

    Creature: Full Blood Vampire

    Special Talent: Telepathy and Time Control (depends on her energy and focus)

    Other Skills: Dagger, Bow and Arrow, Close combat

    images (2).jpg

    Scarlet jumped from building to building stealthily looking for Vance. They were supposed to meet up and now he's nowhere to be found. Using her sense of smell, she tracked him down. When she was almost near him, she sent out a message to him using telepathy. "Vance, you idiot! Why are you slacking off? We're supposed to meet up." she told him pissed off. She followed his scent and picked up her pace until she arrived at an alleyway. At the top of the building which weren't that high, she saw him with a girl. She rolled her eyes at the scene. "He's always goofing around." she muttered at herself. Judging from her smell, she's a half demon. Shrugging, she sat and waited for something to happen.
  18. Vance could hear scarlet talking to him in his head. "I'm sorry, if you could've seen everything that's happened tonight you wouldn't blame me. It's a fucking supernatural collection down here" he said to her using telepathy. He looked around at the others and for the first time he noticed the wolf in the alley that he instantly knew to be his good friend Nick. "Nick, hello there" he said giving a small solute to the wolf. "Unfortunately I have to go or someone's gonna be pissed for days" he said gesturing up to Scarlet. "Well it's been fun seeing you all" said Vance before quickly running up a wall then climbing onto the roof. He walked over and stood next to Scarlet "Hey beautiful"
  19. Raura watched him leave. Then turned to the wolf looking dog he called Nick. So he's the one I saw come up. They must be friends weird unless he's a werewolf or something. He probable sees me thanks to that vampire. Great I don't wont this to end badly, I hope he's not hungry. Maybe I'll leave when I see a chance. That would be wise I think.
  20. Name: Evangeline Nighthollow

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'8

    Creature: Shapeshifter

    Special Talent: Shapeshifting

    Other Skills: She's pretty skilled with something sharp
    Weaknes: Too trusting, guns confuse her, can be extremely annoying and stubborn

    Other: She's an outgoing girl and really willing to help anyone, she's got a very trusting nature which usually lead her to near death situations. Her intentions are good, most of the time


    Evangeline didn't really know what to do as she watched the commotion from her hiding place as a little gray rat in the shadows of the Alleyway. She didn't want any trouble and figured she could probably just scurry away without being noticed by anyone. She decided to watch for a few minutes before deciding it was probably just a better idea to pretend to be a human. Shifting easily back into her human form, she ran her fingers though her purple hair and walked out of the shadows trying not to draw attention to herself.
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