Children of the Gods

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  1. “Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.”
    ― Terry Pratchett, Reaper Man

    The darkness had slowly invaded Jessington for years, slowly taken a Demi-gods soul at a time. For years it was aloud to grew and work in the shadows without detection from all others. Many who lost there lives to the dark, changed in mood actions. The darkness creeps inside them and takes control, leaving them to scream silently for help on the inside.

    It had been a rough beginning to Ty's night, working at the Club as a bartender wasn't his ideal life style. Some drunk girl that he was flirting with got jealous when he flirted with her friend and decided pouring a martini on his shirt was a fitting punishment. Ty pulled his shirt up to see if the smell was masked by his Axe, but it wasn't, the Axe just made it worse. Taking off his shirt in the back room, and exchanging it with a clean white one, which were stocked pilled back here for incidents just like this one. Throwing his belongings back into the locker and placing his lock back on to it, he turned a played with his hair, making sure it was still looking "fresh." After a few quick adjustments to him self, he walked back through the employees only door, back into Breathes bar. Seeing the girl that had dump the liquor on him, still sitting there starring him down, Ty smiled a mischievous smile at her. Walking over, "What can I do for you." She smiled and asked him for another martini, he smiled a told her she could get one at the bar down the road, then took the empty glass that sit in front of her and wiped the counter clean. "Could you please move, there are some more valuable customers waiting for a spot at the bar." Ty smirked at her as her face steamed red with rage, signaling the security man to come get her, he wished her a nice night and continued serving other customers.

    Dreama's day had been awesome, like always, shooting guns all day long, though one incident stuck in her mind and made her mood shift. Some idiot teen and their father brought beer to her shooting range, which was located just outside of town. She had tried to convince them to leave and then the boy's father asked why she wouldn't join the party, Dreama had no want or desire to have relations with humans, for reasons she repressed in her mind. She told the man no and that he needed to vacate the premises, but then he grabbed a hold of her. Dreama did not want to have the man suffer, so she simply pulled a gun on him and his kid, and repeated the request she had given them. Dreama laughed a little bit as she thought of the day, if only they knew they got the lucky end of the deal. Getting in her car, she drove over to Breathe, it was a pretty good club, and he friend Ty worked there, and her cousin Kelsie owned it. By the time she reached the club, she could see storm clouds beginning to form over the city. Sighing she grabbed her jacket and made her way in through the back. She walked up to the VIP room and found Kelsie sitting drinking a purple haze. She smiled and gracefully sat in the seat next to her cousin. "How has your day been?" as she spoke the waiter brought her her usual, the clam Volcano.

    + Kelsie +
    Kelsie had a very invigorating morning, her day had started early with a seven mile run, and a five hour training session in the gym. She loved Mixed Martial Arts more then anything, well besides Dreama and the club. If was weird to think about it, they both were demi-gods and both human parents were foster siblings. "My morning was like usual, nothing changed except I knew I was being followed." Kelsie took another sip of her purple haze, it wasn't her favorite, but she liked trying new drinks Ty introduced to the club. She looked down upon the crowd of drunk dancers, and laughed as she saw one slip and spill her drink all over her white dress. Her VIP room saw everything, it was like she was the queen and they were mere peasants. She looked over at her cousin, "So I heard you pulled a gun on someone today." She smiled as she saw the shock on her cousins face, "news travels fast in this town." She returned her gaze to the dance floor, what other people could she find joy in their accidents and mistakes.

    $ Jesse $
    Jesse laughed at the poor innocent soul that sat in the chair, for the most part "Jesse" enjoyed the boy's screams as he crushed the poor guys skull with clamps, in fact that was why he kept doing it. That was one thing his other dark "brothers" feared about him, his lack of empathy for someone who had given all they could. The poor boy was dying and he knew it, and in a last attempt to get Jesse to stop he told him that he knew nothing more about where he could find the other Demi-gods. Jesse simply bent down into the boys face, "Are you sure that is all you know?" the boy started to cry and scream yes, "Wrong answer!" Jesse turned the clamps some more, not enough to crush his skull all the way or kill him, but the boy did start thrashing. "Now tell me what you know!" Jesse walked over and hopped up on the table in a setting position and looked down on the boy. The boy looked fatigued and like death was going to touch him at any moment, he just silently mouthed the words nothing. Jesse was angry at this point, he knew the boy knew more, "Wrong answer." Pulling the gun off the table he shot the poor lad in the head and threw the gun down next to his corpse and hopped down from the table, laughing. "Someone get this filth out of the my warehouse." Jesse smiled and walked out the door into the parking lot. Not a drop of blood got on him, and he was actually satisfied with something that day. He decided to go to the club that night instead of going home, but as he gained entrance into the club he regretted it, there was just so many ignorant horny people in there, if only they knew a sadistic killer was among them.

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  2. "You have such a way with the ladies, Ty. I'm surprised she wasn't begging for more."

    Jo smirked at her fellow bartender, then turned away to continue spinning the bottle in her hands. She poured a shot for a customer, sliding it over to them and giving them a wink as they handed her a tip. One hand put the bottle back in place, while the other slid the cash into the back pocket of the black shorts she wore. White top, black bottoms. That was the rule - one she rarely followed, but today was a laundry day and she had no other choice. So now she was being as disobedient as possible while still conforming to the rules - a tiny white tank top that showed most of her belly and many of her tattoos, and black shorts that did a marvelous job at showing off her legs. Bill, their boss, had nearly died of a stroke earlier when she walked in. Too bad she was already late for work and he couldn't afford to send her home to change.

    She suspected Bill had given up on her anyway. Before Ty had been hired, Jo had worked with all of the other bartenders and had either scared them off or gotten them so angry that they quit. They couldn't take how she got drunk every night while working. Sure, most of them hadn't realized she was drinking, but by the end of the night when she was moody and agitated, they got pissy. Then he had hired Ty. For whatever reason, she found she liked working with him. Perhaps it was because he had yet to ask her if she was doing shots all night long, or maybe it was because he had a sense of humor. Either way, she usually didn't lash out at him.

    Tonight was going to be a good night. She poured herself a shot and downed it while waiting for new customers. Already her head was swimming, though she was quite skilled at hiding it. Normally she wouldn't be this far in the bottle for a few hours, but earlier she had gotten a call. They were taking her apartment next week unless she could come up with the cash. She spent all her money on booze and having a good time, and she had let her bills slide until they were out of reach. Now she was coping the only way she knew how.. by getting stunningly wasted.

    "And what would you like?" she asked, turning to Jesse as he sat down at the bar. He seemed unhappy to be there, so she suspected he was there with somebody else. Wingman, maybe. It didn't really matter. Happy or not, he was probably going to want a drink.

  3. Chloe
    It had gotten late, terribly late, and well past her curfew. Not that she really had a curfew, her caregiver just really dearly appreciated it if she came home before 9 in the evening. At this point it most definitely was not 9 anymore.
    Oh why in the world had she allowed herself to get talked into this mess. Parties just really were not her thing. This girl she had never met had come up to her and invited her along. Sure, she could have declined but if someone went out of their way to specifically invite her, it would have been very rude to refuse, right?

    A deeper sigh than Chloe anticipated to let out escaped her normally soft peach colored lips. Now it was thick with a deep red lipstick and sticky lipgloss, courtesy of the same girl that invited her along and nearly forced Chloe into this incredibly tight baby blue tank top. Thank the heavens that she had decided to wear jeans today instead of a skirt like usual, so she could just keep wearing her regular jeans instead of the miniskirt that was offered.
    Her clothes reeked of beer and cigarettes. At home she would have to make sure to wash the clothes and return the top as soon as she could track down the girl again. What was that girl’s name again… oh drats, now she had even forgotten that. Though Chloe was sure the girl didn't even remember her name either.
    The moment she was brought to the party had been dumped there, in the crowd on her lonesome. She barely saw the girl since they arrived and miraculously the girl disappeared when Chloe had wanted to go home. Her jacket, and shirt were still in the girl’s possession too. Oh forget it, no point in fretting over it now, it didn’t help the fact that she had to get home, soon.

    Of course to make matters worse, Chloe and her caretaker lived well away from the center, so to get home she had to pass through a few dimmer lit areas in order to get on the more well lit roads that lead home. And if there was one thing that Chloe disliked, it was the dark. Below and near a lamp post it wasn’t too bad, but beyond that she just about shivered in the simple blue ballet flats that she was wearing. Quickening her pace a little would get her home a little sooner, and away from the dark, though on the other hand it did tire her out much faster and she would likely have to catch her breath when she neared the main streets. Either way, she rather did that than linger in the darker areas.

    Turning a corner Chloe passed a man leaning against the wall. She didn’t notice him, all caught up in her own thoughts, but the moment he moved, she nearly jumped onto the roof.
    Woah, sorry there, didn’t mean to startle you.” The man said. A scruffy man, probably around his early to mid thirties and a dark aura that just spelled out danger emitted from him. Chloe didn’t need to be able to see or sense auras to be able to pick up on that wave. Half out of breath, her heart nearly leaping out of her chest, and her fears gripping her tightly, Chloe’s feet were nailed to the ground.
    I-It’s fine.” She said with a voice so soft, you’d just about need a megaphone to simply hear her.
    Oh, no nonsense, you look like you’ve seen a ghost and have run half a mile.” The man inched forward, his hands digging deep into his pockets. “You seem like you could use a little rest, maybe something to drink.
    Chloe shook her head. “No, I mean, I do, but I should get going.” Chloe tried to get her feet to move, but they didn’t budge an inch. All the while the guy came closer till he was just about visible in the light.
    Oh come on, you look beat. Five minutes won’t matter, I’ll just get you something to drink, you’ll be on your way again before you know it.
    It was true that she was tired, and a bit antsy, but that kind of was his fault. She could use a glass of water, as her mouth felt dry, but she couldn’t just come along with this stranger. Before she could actually reply, the guy was already by her side.
    I-I really should be going.
    Nonsense, this won’t take long.” He had an arm around her shoulders and was nudging her towards the doorway of a cafe. Chloe, being the weak little girl that she was, couldn’t stand her ground as he guided her away towards the entrance.

    The music was blasting. The club was packed, and the stage was occupied by one woman. Tight leather wrapped around the curvaceous body that smoothly twirled her hips around as she turned. Wolf whistles came from the crowd, which made Tiffany smirk with delight. Good, the crowd was already hot, so she didn't have to warm them up. She always liked it better if she could dive right into the deep end. Much more satisfying.
    With a quick motion of the head the brunette flicked her hair over one shoulder and dipped down, leaving her bottom high up in the air.

    As her little performance neared its end, Tiffany had far less clothing on her than at the start, and not just because she was getting sweaty and hot. With a final slide across the stage on her knees she gave the men, and a few women, the final chance to grasp at her gleaming skin and give their tips. For the final touch Tiffany gave one good deep kiss to a young man who was here for his bachelor's party. "Come and find me if you ever need a break." She whispered in his ear before she got up and paraded down the runway to the exit. One last devious look over her shoulder, a smack on her own behind, and she was gone.

    Behind her she could hear the calls for her name, the whistling, and overall jeers of wanting her back on stage. Her show was over for the night, and she wiped away the sweat from her brows with the first towel she could get.
    "Great show, as usual." One of the male employees of the club said as he came over to her. Blackened hair, toned body, striking bright blue eyes and a chiseled cheekbone that you could almost cut yourself on if you slapped it. Sometimes she wondered how he couldn't be a demi-god, or full blooded one for that matter.
    "Had you expected any less?" Tiffany replied as she caught her breath.
    "From you? Never." She could feel hungry fingers grasping her right cheek as he stood flush up against her, but as she was about to turn her head and pull him closer, he moved past her. Damn. Just when she was really in the mood for some.
    After drying herself off completely and making sure she looked and smelled as fresh as she could without a proper shower, Tiffany slid on a pair of hotpants and a snug crop top that seemed almost too small for the size she carried. She stepped out of the dressing room and into the club to find herself a drink, and possibly a partner for the night.
  4. $ Jesse $
    Jesse smiled up at Jo as she asked him what he would like. Thinking, Jesse turned in his chair to look out on the dance floor, he saw no interest in the people here tonight. "Give me something strong enough to kill me." Jesse smiled, if only he could die. He hated Jessington more than anything, really, all he ever wanted to do was leave, but no demi-gods had to find salvation here. Why? he had no clue. Realizing Jo wasn't really buying the whole kill me drink, he slid off the chair a little to lean on the counter, "Surprise me." Jesse grinned, his grin was devilishly handsome and virtually irresistible. Feeling his phone buzz in his jean pocket, he reached in to retrieve it. It was a message from one of the guys at the warehouse, the body was gone. Jesse was happy, and relaxed back into the chair looking over to Ty, he was a demi-god, why he was good he never knew, but it was Jesse's job to make the good little boys and girls into bad men and women.
  5. [​IMG]

    "Hey, buddy. Order something or get out!" An angry man yelled at Ryan, who found himself sitting at a counter of some bar or something. Not knowing where he was was pretty common for him and it always took him a moment to get back to reality and figure out where he ended up that day. How long he had been sitting in that chair before the bartender spoke up was also a mystery to him. The place didn't feel like any of the bars he'd usually end up at though, in fact, it didn't feel like a bar he had ever been before! The music was loud, the seats were comfortable, the lighting seemed almost sensual, there was a stage with a beautiful woman performing with incredible elegance who caught his complete attention. The crowd was going wild for her, releasing incredible amounts of hormones, which was probably the reason Ryan was attracted to this establishment in the first place. After a few seconds Ryan noticed he had turned away from the barkeep while he was examining the scenery around him and quickly turned back towards the man who at this point seemed ready to toss him out. "I'm sorry! I'll have two beers, please." He quickly told the man before spinning around in his seat again. This place was a strip club he figured eventually.

    Then Ryan got startled by the crowd cheering again and a name being called repeatedly. It came from that stage from before, though the girl performing had left by now, which made him feel a little bummed out. He wished he could've seen her perform some more, and he wasn't alone, though Ryan was into it for more innocent reasons. The beauty of her movements, rather than her body, was mesmerizing to him.
    "Is this why people come to strip clubs?" He wondered out loud. Ryan never understood the appeal to strip clubs. They seemed like a waste of money. Sure, the club was very nice, the drinks and music was good, but it all seemed to cost more than it was worth and there was dancing in many other clubs, too. However, the whole crowd seemed to be a lot more excited in here than in any other club, and some girls were very friendly, but whatever the reason for that was didn't get through to Ryan.

    A tap on his shoulder startled him again. The bartender had opened two bottles of beer for Ryan and waited for him to pay, though Ryan didn't seem to be focused at all on this transaction. He had gotten so lost in thought he didn't even remember ordering two beers anymore, but figured he must've at some point. Stuff like that happened all the time with him, so he gladly accepted the two beers and handed the bartender the money, and then some. After a reassuring gesture that he could keep it, the barkeeper seemed a lot more accepting of the strange man at the other end of his counter.
    Turning towards the club again, Ryan took a hearty swig of his beer before overlooking the crowd. This place wasn't so bad afterall.
  6. ___________________________________________________________
    ≡Richie Jami Michaelson≡

    Richie was walking home, he just got back from a boxing match. Just like always, he won it. Sometimes Richie got tired of always winning. He had never challenged another demi god or any other supernatural being. He wondered if they would be stronger then him. Richie looked up at the sky, he could see it was about to rain. He put on his hood.

    He hated getting caught in the rain, rain water smell was the worst. He checked his phone, it was late. He had stayed later then usual. He was planning on going out tonight, but he was to tired. To make things worst, his car was in the shop. He had gotten some road rage and crashed into a pole.

    Luckily with his celebrity like status, he just went away with a ticket. Now he would have to walk home for the next three weeks, until his car was fixed up. While Richie was walking he spotted something unusual. There was some sketchy man and a little blonde girl. He was pushing her towards a door, Richie could tell by her body language that she wasn't going willfully.

    Richie ran over to them. He grabbed the man's arm off of the girl. "Ay, what were you doing with this girl!" Richie was more demanding then asking. The man just looked at Richie, he was trying to squirm out of Richie's hand. Richie punched him in the gut, making the man topple over in pain.

    Richie turned to the blonde girl, who looked no older then 15-16. "Did this guy do something to you? Was he making you go in there?" Richie could see the man trying to stand up again, Richie kicked him in the stomach. Richie didn't hate anything more then bastards who took advantage of the weak...which is ironic since his father is Ares and all.

    ⌈Cristoff Max Johnson⌋

    Cristoff was in his studio apartment working on his poses. He had a modeling shoot tomorrow morning. He went to his mirror, checking out his hair and face. "Freyja, thank you for making me so beautiful." He smirked up to the sky, he knew that she was listening to him. Cristoff knew he was the favorite child of Freyja, even if she wouldn't admit it.

    He went to his bathroom, to moisturize his face and neck. It would keep him clean and pretty for the next day. This was one of his bigger deals, he knew it would make him a star in the modeling world. For now he just went to his bedroom, watching T.V. and staying in the house for the night.

    ΔAzmarie Zuri NimbiΔ

    Azmarie was in the dance studio, it was the best place for her to think and get centered. When she was dancing she was fulfilled, her magic flowed in her. She could feel the sparkles of magic flowing, it felt amazing to Az. After a few more minutes, Az went to the back room. She took a quick shower and got dressed up. If people saw what she was wearing, it didn't really look like she had anything on.

    Az knew that her friend Dream was probably at her cousin's club. Az didn't have anything else to do right now, so she would go see what her friend was up to, probably shooting someone or something. Az got her bag and her coat. She saw that it started to rain, she was annoyed. "A Sumo Chi Mu." Az did a little conjuring spell, an umbrella materialized in her hand.

    It was good to be the daughter of the Goddess of Magic, especially if you didn't want to get you hair wet. Az made a dash for her car, getting in and closing the door tight. "Uhh, I wish I could stop the rain." Az didn't have that type of magic...yet, she was still a novice with everything.

    She was a pro at levitation and conjuring, that was about it. She wanted to learn more spells and other cool things, but her mother Hecate told her she would need time before she could handle those spells. Az made her way to Breathe. She took her coat off, all the guys were looking at her. "You can look, but you definitely cannot touch...boys."

    Az smirked at the drunken men, she saw Dream and Kelsie at the bar. She walked over to them. "Dream! Kel!" She gave Dream and Kel light hugs. She took a seat next to them, crossing her legs, maybe she shouldn't have wore such a risque skirt, well it was to late now. She turned to Ty. "Ty, can you give me a vodka cranberry?" She smiled at him. "So how have you girls been?"
  7. Moreno

    As Moreno waited for the waitress to return with his credit card, he slipped the sausage he hadn't eaten down to Max, who was sitting under the table. Despite being late at night, he had been craving pancakes, and a chance to get out of the house and away from his step-dad. So he and Max had walked down to the cafe and had been there for about two hours. He probably could have sat around longer if he wanted to, after all, who was going to tell the blind combat veteran that he had to leave? It almost would have been nice if somebody had asked; then he wouldn't have felt like they were all tip-toeing around him.

    But his phone had chirped out that it was late, and he really should be getting home. So he'd asked the waitress for the bill. When she returned, he thanked her, re-harnessed Max, and headed for the door.

    As soon as he opened the door, the sound of a commotion reached him. It sounded like somebody was being beat up. He could pretty much hear Max tensing, but the German Shepherd didn't do anything yet.

    Great, Moreno thought, sighing. Stupid civies and their ridiculous fights.

    "Hey," he snapped, turned in the general direction of the fight. "What the hell is going on?" His deep voice rumbled with annoyance. He just wanted to go home, and not have to worry about some stupid fight tripping him or Max.
  8. *Dreama*
    Dream was laughing at something Ty had said when Azmarie walked up. Given her a slight hug, Dream could smell the small amount of Rain on her, it was sad when it rained, it meant someone died. "I've been pretty good." She missed her friend, Dream was always busy out at the shooting range, surprisingly it wasn't just s simple job. "I almost shot a man today, so I guess I am still me." Dream laughed, she always joked about tense situations, and she loved the reaction she got out of people. Noticing a guy at the base end of the bar, she looked over at Ty and pointing at the guy, "Whose that?" Dream was curious she hadn't really seen him before, probably cause she just came back here for the first time in weeks. Ty explain that it was some guy named Jesse, and not to mess with him. Dream looked closely at him and could see he had a dark aura around him, shrugging she looked back at Azmarie, "Hows dance been?"

  9. Jo smirked at Jesse and sauntered off as he answered his phone. She knew just what he needed. Picking up a glass, she set it aside and started pouring several different things into a shaker. Mister handsome machoface over there may not be a fan of mixed drinks, but he'd like this one. It was her personal creation - in a large glass that somebody might normally have a big drink of water, with several different types of alcohol. Almost like a Long Island Iced Tea.. but a bit more deadly. This one used types of liquor that weren't quite legal, but she didn't give a shit. She had made one for a human man once who had been known for drinking everybody under the table. He drank half of it before he was on the floor. Of course, it would not be quite as strong for a demigod, but Jo still liked the burn on the way down. When she was done, she walked over to Jesse with it, hips swaying to the beat of the music on the floor. She set it right in front of him and gave him a grin.

    "Enjoy," she said, winking at him. She glanced at the clock and smiled. Break time. Since she didn't smoke, she got ten minutes to do whatever. That meant grabbing a bottle of beer and heading out onto the dance floor. She was already fairly drunk, and the sway of bodies made her warm and happy. Her mind relaxed and she started dancing, not really caring which guys thought it was a good idea to get close to her. They'd figure out they weren't her type when she got off break anyway. Silly humans.
  10. Sydney glanced around the club as she walked in. Nearly everyone was on the dance floor, already sweating. Guess she was a bit late. Oh well. Deciding she was a bit too sober to jump straight into dancing, she found herself a seat at the bar. As she waited for the bartender, her eyes wandered through the crowd, looking for anybody of interest. It'd been a long day at work, and she just wanted a little fun; some stress relief. There were a few people of possibly interest, and she smiled flirtatiously, just waiting to see who would take the bait and come knocking.
  11. ___________________________________________________________
    ≡Richie Jami Michaelson≡
    Richie was busy, still trying to make sure the girl was okay, when another guy came out of the cafe. Richie turned towards him. "Look...whoever you are, that man on the ground there. He was pulling this little girl into that door, that you just came out of." The man had given up on running, he was just laying on the ground now.

    "I just came over here, to find out what was going on." Richie saw that the man had a...seeing eye dog? "Oh, your blind?" Richie wasn't the most delicate with his words. He just stood there, waving his hand in the man's face.

    ΔAzmarie Zuri NimbiΔ
    Azmarie had a sarcastic judgy look on her face, Dream always had a gun on somebody. "Well, I'm glad you didn't shoot the guy. Last time I was with you, you almost killed a man. I'm glad I moved him out the way. Ha! Remember that?" Az took a sip of her drink. "Dance has been amazing, I have a audition for this new play. I am going to be dancer number 1. Number 1!" When Az got excited, she tended to levitate, she was slightly floating out of her seat.

    She calmed down, when Dream asked Kelsie who some man was, Az looked at him. He looked sketchy to Az. "Yeah, he looks like the type, that EVERYONE should stay away from." Az turned back to her drink, still watching him from afar.
  12. Vera Von Horne

    3:30PM - Earlier that day

    Vera pulled her black Corvette in front of the Olympus Penthouse Apartments and parked the car, getting out and inhaling that familiar Jessington air that seemed only like a distant dream since she hadn't been in the town since the incident with her deceased father. Just behind her, the real estate agent parked her car just behind Vera's and went to join her in front of the apartments.

    "These are the best apartments in town. I'm sure you're going to love them. Follow me!" Vera stayed quiet behind her black sunglasses that seemed to hide her permanent bitch face as she followed her Realtor into the apartments. She wore a hot pink cocktail dress and some black Christian Louboutin heels. After passing her bar exam, she was immediately hired as a lawyer and worked her way up to be head DA back in the city. With her special advantages, it didn't take long to reach the top as being the best lawyer in the city and instantly rich. Everyone feared her. After so many floors, they exited the elevator and walked to room 201. The agent unlocked the door with her keys and entered the lavish penthouse apartment. It was already well furnished and had an amazing view.

    "Isn't it lovely in here!?" The agent was almost too enthusiastic and chipper for Vera's own good. "As you can see the apartment is furnished with the finest brands. Marble counters in the kitchen, fire place, leather couches and OH look at this view!" The realtor made her way over to the windows that led to the balcony. It truly was a nice view of the town. Just what Vera wanted. A palace suitable for a Queen. "I think this one is a keeper, don't you think?"

    "You said that about every house we've seen today," Vera said mumbling to herself as she stared out the window.

    "What was that, dear?" The agent looked up from her clipboard at the sound of Vera's voice.

    "Oh nothing," Vera said smiling innocently. "So how much?"

    "Well with everything furnished, we're looking at around 950k," the broker said.

    "I'll take it. And I'm paying in cash," Vera said without hesitation. The realtor couldn't find words to say as she was stunned and absolutely speechless.

    "Well, I uh...Great! Let me make the call then!" She was grinning ear to ear as she pulled out her phone and began dialing the seller.

    "Yeah you do that," Vera retorted as she walked back over to the balcony. She was looking to start a fresh life back in her hometown, having the DA Office transfer her to Jessington to resume her career as DA. She made sure to pull some strings so she could be lead DA here as she was back in the city. She needed some answers about her change and this was the only place to get them. "I hope you're ready for me," she said referring to the town as she continued to look out.

    Present Time

    It was evening as Vera pulled her car up to the side of the road of the main part of town. Oh how she missed it here, shopping with her friends and getting into all kinds of shenanigans. She stepped out into the cool breeze that was brought what looked to be by an upcoming storm as the clouds began to roll in. She had changed into a black revealing cocktail dress that was hidden by a long black cashmere trench coat. She strutted down the street in her 6 inch pumps making her well over 6 feet tall. Both men and women turned their heads at her, her silky blonde hair bouncing to the beat of her steps. She was curvy and vivacious for a white girl and she loved the attention she received from it. The hormones really did their job. She approached a club but was immediately blocked by a bouncer.


    "Vera Von Horne. I called earlier to reserve a VIP section for me. Is it ready?" She crossed her arms, getting impatient. The bouncer looked at his clipboard and saw her name.

    "Oh here you are, sorry about that Ms. Horne," he said apologetically.

    "Of course you are, sweety." She walked passed him and entered the sultry club. It was rather nice and not some trashy place where underage children snuck into to get wasted. An employee who worked there escorted her to her area where she sat cross legged and took in the scene. "Long Island Ice tea," she said to the employee. The employee nodded and went to fetch her drink. He came back and handed it to her as she was looking into her phone. Another money transfer from another sucker she extorted. She didn't feel bad in the slightest for using men, always referencing her father as an excuse. She sipped on her drink as a random man made his way into her VIP area and sat down beside her.

    "Hey babe. Haven't seen you around these parts. Looking to hook up?" Vera looked disgusted and felt the urge to throw her drink at him. She looked down and noticed there was a ring on his ring finger.

    "So what would your wife have to say about that?" She looked up at him and back down to his finger, signaling to him that she noticed his ring.

    "Oh this thing? Oh its nothing," he said slipping the ring off and pocketing it. "I'm a single man!" Almost immediately, a shiver up her back manifested followed by a ringing her ear. The man was lying. She just simply smiled and sipped her drink.

    "You're not being truthful with me, are you?" She winked at him, her truth compulsion taking it's toll on the drunk man almost immediately.

    "Of course I'm not being truthful. I have a wife and kids. My wife just won't fuck me so I'm looking for some broad who will." The man blinked for a second, trying to process that fact he really just told her that. It was almost scary how oblivious people were when they spoke the truth. It's not like the could help it. They had no choice. Vera smirked and set her drink down.

    "Security? Can you escort this low life out of my sight please?" One of the bouncers scolded the man for being in a VIP section and took him away. Vera giggled to herself as she crossed her legs in the other direction and finished off her drink.
  13. *Dreama* & $Jesse$
    Dream laughed a little, she was always so bubbly. "You know I just happen to be in love with my guns." Dream still had this weird feeling about the guy down the bar, who was he, he seemed so alone and scared. "HEY!" She yelled down at him, he looked up with a smirk on his face and pointed to himself. "YES YOU, COME HERE!" She eyed him carefully as he rose from his stool and walked over. He had a very dark aura as he neared, Dream wondered what it was from. " So I am Dreama, but you can just call me Dream. You are?" Dream smiled up at him, he was fairly tall. "Oh and why are you so sad?"

    Jesse sipped the drink, when he heard someone yell out. Looking up with a grin, he felt his sense go haywire, it was a demigod. Spotting a girl and the other end of the bar looking in his direction, he pointed to himself. Hearing her tell him to come over, Jesse smiled a bit, they always fell for his appearance. Walking over he was thinking of a way to lure her away from her friends, but as he got there she introduced herself, and than asked why he was so depressed. Jesse forced a smile, he had no clue what her godly parent was, but it gave her a insight on him, he could felt the hatred for the girl start to build. "The names Jesse." For some reason he couldn't force the annoyance out of his voice, and he could tell the girl heard it by the way her smile turned to a frown. "Sorry, but most people do normally ask about a sad story." He looked into her eyes, and she into his. He knew she wasn't going to let the topic go, "It is just a friend died today, that is all. Kinda came here to get my mind off things and on to more exciting matters." Jesse told the truth, but he left out the important part, the friend was the boy he shot. He pretended to put on a depressing face, and for what it seemed she was falling for it.
  14. Moreno clenched his jaw and forced himself to take a deep breath before he could respond. It was really starting to get on his nerves how oblivious people were. Not only did he have a seeing-eye dog, but that dog also had Moreno's walking stick, folded up, and attached to the harness that Max always wore. On top of that, Moreno was wearing sunglasses. At night. But Moreno had absolutely no doubt that this idiot was waving his hand in front of Moreno's face, needing that fourth and final clue to confirm that yes, Moreno was in fact, blind.

    "I suggest you call the cops before the guy gets up and runs away, if he hasn't already," Moreno said. He hadn't heard running, but sometimes things did escape him.

    He wasn't sure where the girl was, so he turned slightly away from the moron as he asked, "Are you okay?" to make it more obvious he was talking to her, wherever she was, and not the idiot.
  15. Olivia sat on the roof, overlooking the town, her knees drawn to her chest.

    Her face was passive as she watched the birds flit from place to place. Olivia envied them. What would it be, to take off into the sky, not having to worry about the shit of everyday life? She desprately wanted to be free like that, but unfortunately, she was stuck here. Being miserable.

    Everywhere she went, people seemed to hate eachother. It was a horrible feeling, knowing that people fought because of you. She didnt even have an idea why. Was she hated? She wanted to know.

    It seemed there were a billion unanswered questions and so little answers. She lay back on the roof, propping herself up on her elbows. How lonely it was, being the only person you could talk to. The tempest inside her head was growing, steady, threatening to wash her away, and she had not the slightest clue on how to stop it.

    Olivia watched the sky. The birds started to divebomb. The birds, too? She heard stories that people liked to rant to their animals. I guess Olivia didnt even have that luxury.

    She was completely alone in this large world, and nobody could make her feel wanted.
  16. Kamilah
    Kamilah awoke to darkness, the faint glow of an emergency exit sign the only source of light in the library that had closed long ago. She sat up from her curled position on top of a bookshelf and arched her chest forward, a few quiet pops following the action. She picked up her dusting rag and the can of pledge before climbing down the ladder, wiping off a few spines of the books for good measure. The day had been draining for the assistant librarian; putting up with people she didn't care about nor wanted to be around. She gathered her stuff and walked outside, locking up while listening to the faint, rhythmic bumps of a club just a few streets away. The bridge of her nose wrinkled with disdain, but that was what she got for working in a city library. Despite disliking the noise, she found herself oddly drawn to the location.

    The femme sighed and combed her fingertips through her short black hair before beginning the trip home. The empty streets were a relief to walk instead of having to trudge through the late afternoon traffic, and the orange filter of street lights made her vision intriguingly hazy- though that could have been from the static building from a brewing storm. With pursed lips she decided to take a long way home then began strolling towards the source of blaring music as if she were consciously being pulled there. She saw the long line to get in before she ever saw the building and it made her curious about just how popular the place was.

    After circling the corner of the block, she ducked her head down and walked past the security at the front doors. It was easy to not notice her, after all, a pair of jeans and a gray long-sleeved shirt weren't exactly the proper attire for a club. Kamilah snuck into the alley and saw her ticket in; a small window just above her head. She moved a few empty crates up against the wall then propped open the glass and took the tan messenger bag off of her shoulder, slipping it through the metal pane before following in feet first. She landed with a light thud then picked her bag up, glancing around at the unusually tidy area. Hesitantly she opened the door and peered out.

    "Fuck," she hissed. Kamilah was in the restroom by the VIP section, and she doubted she could move further from there.
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