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  1. After figuring out who their true parents are, these teens must help their parents by making sure Earth stays safe.
    ~~My Character Info!~~
    Name: Eva Faith Cole
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Looks: Amazingly beautiful! Long curly black hair, high cheek bones, full lips and bright blue eyes.
    Biological Parents: Aries (God of War) Aphrodite (Goddess of Love)
    Adoptive Parents: Heather and Rick Cole
    *Author's Note*
    (( Please do not choose Zeus to be your father... way to obvious and that will be boring -.-.))
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  2. Is this limited to Greek gods?
  3. Yesh lol. There is alot of greek gods to choose from.
  4. Question..can the same gods be used twice? Maybe not the same exact pairing..but one of the same?
  5. Who did you have in mind?
  6. Aries + Nyx
    God of war + Goddess of Night

    I have to go for tonight, but if this is okay, I'll post a CS in the morning.
  7. Yeah thats ok! That means our characters will be half sisters! :3
  8. I'm signing up! This looks similar to the Percy Jackson series, which was amazing, so this should be great! And there could be some good drama with Nyx cheating on Erberus and all :3.
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  9. Name: Ruya Spyro Cole. Jane chose the name Ruya, as it sounded like Ruby, her ideal daughter's name. Thomas chose the name Xerome, after a game called XeroMem, which he loved. They didn't realize quite how well the names suited him.
    Age: 19
    Sex: Male
    Looks: He has pale skin and hair like his mother, but has a menacing demeanor like his father.
    Biological Parents: Morpheus ( who raped Melinoe ( Hades was disgraced by this, so he cut of one of Morpheus' wings and sent their child into the human world, as punishment.
    Adoptive Parents: Thomas Cole and Jane Cole
  10. Name: Seraphinn Brimm ( Sera )
    Age: 18
    Sex: Female
    Looks: ( Refer to attached picture please :3 )
    Biological Parents: Mother; Selene, Goddess of The Moon. Father; Hypnos, God of Sleep.
    Adoptive Parents: Sabrina, and Marcus Brimm.

    Character Notes:
    Seraphinn has the gift of sleep. Inherited by her father, her gift allows her to slowly lull one into a deep slumber with song. Her soothing voice, often only spoken in a soft whisper, allows the subject to comfortably fall sleep for as long as is needed. This is not her only gift; however. Just like many of the other gods, and goddesses, Seraphinn is not only subjected to having gifts pertaining to night time, the moon, or sleep, or the things her parents rule over. She is what the Olympians would call The Goddess of Slumber, and Dreams. This indicates that she is able to somehow manipulate the dreams of others as well as her own. Seraphinn can physically imprint herself into one's dream, from there she can manipulate their perception on life, beauty, love, hate, war, and every other thing imaginable.

    Being the daughter of The God of Sleep, and Goddess of the Moon, Seraphinn is often seen in a half awake half asleep state. Its rather bothersome when her adoptive parents want her to do something, or she is needed for something of great importance. Nonetheless, she can be very useful in this state, especially when the moon is out.

    ( I hope this is alright ._. )

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  11. Accepted Yumi and E-Claire! :3
  12. Any idea what the plot for this would be / does it have to do with we're limited to greek gods? I'm guessing the setting is modern?
  13. Yes it is limitied to greek gods. And yes it is modern.
  14. Name: Aaron Brumbaigh Palmer
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Looks: Aaron is relatively short for his age and gender, standing evenly at 5'7, 5'9 on his toes, and is quite thin. He has thick, curly dark brow hair, and heavy brows that knit at the start of his brow when he is troubled. Which is relatively often. He has a smattering of acne across his cheeks and jawline as well as a few dark freckles that are splattered across his high cheekbones. His jawline is carelessly strewn with stubble; it rarely occurs to him that he should shave. He wears tortise-shell, horn rimmed glasses that are too large for his face. His eyes are a nearly colourless shade of pale blue-grey. His skin is very pale, with an olive undertone. He has dark circles beneath his rather troubling eyes. His hands are large, and his fingers are rather long and bony. At the knuckles and cuticles, his fingers have peeling scabs. On his back are similar peel marks.
    Aaron primarily wears large, oversized t-shirts that are thin and flowy over skinny grey or black jeans. He sometimes adds to this outfit with an illfiting sweater that is several sizes too large. He wears dark blue chucks. Aaron also wears bandaids to cover his mutilated hands. They usually bear children's cartoon characters; likely from his younger sister's stash. He smokes cigarettes with growing frequency, and prefers Camel-brand. He always carries a pocketknife with his name, Aaron, carved into it. He also carries around an ancient flip-phone from the early 2000s.

    Biological Parents: Deimos, God of Terror ( )Achyls, Goddess of the Death-Mist ( )
    Adoptive Parents: Amanda Palmer, a magazine editor, and Micheal Palmer, a dentist. He also has a younger adoptive sister, Chrissie, who his parents conceived thirteen years after him.

    Character Notes:
    Aaron is relatively detached from his parents, since going to college. He is a senior at the state university, and is majoring in Mortuary Science. He previously had many friends within the program of fifty, when he was first starting out, but they have all since dropped out, leaving him and two other students as the sole seniors. The other students (Avril Barnes and Jason Bulhman) have attempted to reach out to him, but Aaron has removed himself from socializing; he studies incessantly and clocks many hours at the labs. One of his closest friends in the program, Grace Maclachlan, did not drop out, but instead had a major staph infection (MRSA) which paralyzed her and removed her from the program.

    This has coloured his disposition as of late and his habit of peeling and picking at his fingers has only gotten worse. With the development of hand-picking, he realized that he bled frequently, and far too often for such shallow wounds. His courses in anatomy and a helping of common sense told him that this was not possible. He realized that his blood felt solid, like meat or strings - not like a liquid really at all. Not matter how much blood he lost, he felt numb to the pain. Many of his hours at the lab he spent peeling bits off his skin and seeing what lay beneath the surface of his epidermis. His wounds healed slowly, but they never hurt, and his blood formed masses and shapes - meat that could be sculpted and formed. Aaron was troubled, but also intrigued by this development and has continued to play with his blood since.
  15. Hopefully that'll suffice! :D
  16. Accepted Sir Basil! :3
  17. Ok so now we have 2 girl characters and 2 boy characters! :3
    I think we have enough people now!
  18. Idk what my character should be..
    Should I be a boy or girl?
  19. Awesome! Can't wait to start. :P
  20. I assumed you were creating a girl XD. I think it would be awesome if my character had a half sister :3
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