Children of Secrets

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  1. Intermediate players and up only. Need to have decent grammar and spelling. You absolutely must post a paragraph at a time. It doesn't need to be as long as this intro, but you need at least FIVE full sentences. I need details. "Jimmy sat down." Is not detailed nor is it a full sentence to me. "Jimmy relaxed onto a wooden bench by the wall." is much better. Add even more detail if you can!

    If you cannot read the whole plot, don't join. Keep language in check. Some cursing is fine. Characters might die. Characters are welcome to tons of drama, but be sure you aren't taking away from the plot. The plot is primarily driven by you. I have ideas to keep this going, but to make it interesting, you need to provide the story. Any questions, just ask.

    Darkness. This is all we have ever known. There are about a few dozen of us here in The Hidden. Our world has always been four walls and a ceiling. We have never seen the sun. Never felt the rain. We are here because we are being punished. Not for anything we chose to do. Afterall, it's not as if you choose to be born.


    Some of us here despise our parents, while others just long for theirs. Our parents are allotted to have two children - one boy, and one girl. If they have one more than the other, the child is sent off to be killed. Though the wealthier families are able to select to terminate the pregnancy based on gender, the less fortunate families must endure the twelve weeks of waiting to determine if they will have to kill the child once it's born.

    Many women who find out they are having the wrong sex will convince everyone, often including their spouse, that they lost the baby soon after the ultrasound. They will hide their labor. Sometimes, this does cause early birth, resulting in death. Both for the mother and child.

    Most often, though, the women turn to the Healer. She's the one who sanctioned this safe haven for us secret children. She helps them hide their pregnancy and offers them a place to go when in labor. Then, she hides us in here with the older children. The older children care for the younger ones as the Healer tries not to open the door too often. She says each time she opens it, the more likely we are to be found. If we are found, we are dead. As are the Healer, our parents, and any siblings.

    But now, things have changed. We've been sold. No, our parents did not accept money for us to be taken away. Instead, they paid for us to be taken away. There has been word for several years about a group of people hidden away in the world that saves Children of Secrets. Us. However, someone has finally confirmed they are real. So our parents have all banded together to get us there.

    As I mentioned before, most of them are poor. Their payment is us. In order to get a real life, a real chance in the world, we are to be put to work. It's supposed to be a normal town where we can find jobs and make a living. The one condition being we have to agree to forfeit our chance at having children.

    So here we are. About to leave the only thing we have ever known. There are four newborns, 6 toddlers, and a handful of children from five to seventeen. There are a couple adults here too. Ones who have grown here their entire lives. Even they are not safe from the laws.


    The door opens, allowing artificial light to fill the darkened room. Books fill the all ready cramped space, along with a few buckets which serve as a latrine. Blankets line the floor. Children sit atop other children. The Healer sticks her head in.

    "It's time, my dears," the grey-haired old-lady says in a barely audible whisper. Her hand waves us from our spots inside our prison. A few men can be seen behind her. They must be part of the group escorting us to the safe place.


    For most of us, this will be the first time stepping through the doorway since we were born. A few of the older children have been out briefly while retrieving the new babies from the mothers.

    The light is bright to our eyes. The men smile warmly at us as we are lead through the front door of the Healer's home, stepping through a bare hallway from our place hidden behind her stairway. Outside, the air is cool and crisp. A feeling none of us know. Crickets chirp. A sound only heard through walls before. The darkness is brighter than how we had expected night to look.

    Climbing into a truck, there are two adult women and one adult male all ready there. Clean blankets line the truck with a maze of boxes in front. In case we are stopped, it will hopefully appear there is only cargo. We climb aboard and settle in. This time, we aren't so cramped. The only children on laps are the newborns and toddlers. For the first time in most of our lives, we can stretch our legs and breathe fresh air.

    Welcome to our new world.



    *Physique - You exercise. A lot.
    *Literature/Linguistics - You may be fluent in up to 2 additional languages. You may know how to read or speak a few sentences in a 3rd language.
    *You are welcome to a 3rd choice of study, but you will not be fluent/proficient in it yet.

    Siblings with You:
    Siblings(') Age:
    Your Appearance: (include height, body type, etc in description)
    Physical Ailment:
    Area of Study:
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  2. Name:
    Aryana "Ana" Lockbey


    Siblings with You:
    Twin girls

    Siblings(') Age:
    3 months

    Your Appearance:
    She stands at a mere 5'1. Long red hair going to her lower back. Brown/Green eyes. Average build.


    Physical Ailment:
    Asthma, Selective Mutism

    Area of Study:
    Very knowledgeable in Medical and Culinary
    Though she has a little bit of knowledge in Childcare

    Ana had a twin who was kept with her family. While her parents were trying to have a boy, they instead received twin girls. Her parents, who are of middle class, could not afford gender selection. After their twins were 'born premature and passed', thanks to a kind family friend who serves as a doctor, the couple decided to stop trying for a boy.

    Ana does not value her family other than the twins who are with her. Though she stopped talking when the twins arrived 3 months ago, she will still hum and nod to any questions. The Healer had previously brought her medical and culinary books as requested. Early on, she had brought in a hot plate and several canned foods. Ana took her role as chef for the children. Now, they are lucky to have a crockpot and hot plate. On rare instances, they are given fresh meats, fruits, and vegetables.
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  3. Sounds like a good plot. Just give me a minute to write a CS.
  4. Sure thing! If you have any questions, feel free to CM or ask here.
  5. Ambros, darkred Name: Ambrosia Krio Santra AKA Requiem
    Age: 18
    Your Appearance: 6'1", No Glowing Demon Arm, Thin Build, Grey Eyes.
    Physical Ailment: Light Sensitivity
    Area of Study: Psychology, Medical and Anatomy. Studies Linguistics in free time.
  6. [​IMG]
    Name: Ruairi (ROR-ee) Doslen

    Age: 15
    Siblings with You: 2
    Siblings(') Age: 2 and 5
    Your Appearance: Ruairi is 5ft 3in and is quite thin.
    Physical Ailment: Vitamin D deficiency and muscle pain
    Area of Study: Knowledgeable in crafts and weapons, learning survival skills.
  7. Name: Lien
    Age: 14
    Siblings with You: Little Brother
    Siblings(') Age: 4 years
    Your Appearance:
    Show Spoiler
    Five foot four, very skinny and is all angles and bones but is perfectly healthy, just an awkward teen
    Physical Ailment: Mostly deaf in both ears, can hear only loud and low pitched noises.
    Area of Study: She's skilled in art-particularly in painting and sketching. She's learning survival skills
    Other: She had hearing up until she was about ten years old, she got terribly sick for a while and started loosing her hearing. She's still a chatterbox, but relies on reading lips and others to communicate for her.
  8. Great! I'll get the IC up sometime today.

    Thank you all for joining. During the RP, feel free to add your own stories and plot twists. I have ideas for plot, but if you improvise and end up added another...MORE FUN!
  9. Name: Gale Larsen
    Age: 17
    Your Appearance: 5'6" with a narrow frame
    Physical Ailment: Back Pain
    Area of Study: Literature, Crafts, & some psychology
    Other: Before they knew about the Healer, Gale's parents pretended she was a boy. It was the midwife's idea, since she hated killing babies and they already had a daughter. But they knew they couldn't keep the facade up forever, so when they did learn of the Healer, they sent three-year-old Gale there.
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  10. [​IMG]

    Ekaterina Lupei



    Siblings with You:

    Siblings(') Age:
    7 years of age.


    Your Appearance:
    Ekaterina is quite tall with a slim build and insanely pale skin that seems unreal. Her hair is a black though often people will mistake it for blue which still confuses her but she just passes it off as a trick of the light. Her height is around 5''11 and her hair is just below the curves of her waist as it grows darker towards the tips. She has greenish eyes that seem to be yellow as they fade to the whites of her eyes.

    Physical Ailment:
    Ekaterina is extremely sensitive to heat, being unable to withstand being within a average heat wave without fainting or growing physically sick. This often causes her to avoid being out to long because she ends up exhausted far to easily.


    Area of Study:
    Due to her inability to withstand heat to much, Ekatrina often ends up in the shade or indoors. It is because of this that Ekatrina has a lot of time to study Psychology and so she spends the largest majority of her time continuing her study of this field. It is by far her favorite and the biggest consumer of her time. Due to her sisterly type personality, Ekatrina is quite skilled in the culinary field due to her desire of wanting everyone to be healthy and fit and a good meal is the first step to that in her mind. She contemplates learning minor medical skills just in case...

    Ekaterina's parents were of two different classes, her father of middle class and her mother much lower. She has an elder brother but during her mothers pregnancy of her they believed her to be another male and so her mother vanished to hide the labor. A nurse, in believing she was male, had instantly taking the newborn Ekatrina to hide her with the 'Healer'. Her parents having believed her to have died, Ekatrina could not been taken back and the couple began trying again. She found out later on that her parents had another boy called Michael. Knowing nothing of her family, Ekatrina does not know that she has a younger sister as well.
  11. Excellent. You're accepted. Sent you a CM, too.

    Also, I will be making another post in a couple days. I apologize for my absence. We lost a family pet last week.
  12. Is it ok if i join? As a upcoming mother. Or must i be a child? If I can be a mother this is me:
    Name: Galaxy Leaf
    Age: 21
    Apperance: Long ombre hair (tips fade to purple and red), short hair with bangs covering her eyebrows. She has a red hair clip on the side. Her eyes are the color dark green. She has a neck collar the color black with spikes. She has a hoodie of a light grey. Underneath is a neon pink short leaved shirt with gems randomly put on. She has a scarf with a light blue tone. Her nails say "Love None" written in a sharpie. Her leggings are stripped black and white. Her shoes are converse of a dark purple color. (Sorry couldnt find a photo that i would like to look like :P)
    Studying: Survival and Culinary. She has very little Culinary equipment but she uses what she has. Such as a few bowls. Spoons and forks and one knife sharpened regularly with her Survival equipment. Sometimes she uses some of her Survival equipment to help cook. Matches, Daggers, Anything that she needed to cook. In her Survival Study she is best at using her daggers. She can use other weapons but she in just a fan with daggers. She knows some in the weapon section because unless she would be horrible at Survival. Also in survival she is mainly studying how to survive in case an attacker comes.
    Physical Ailment- Other, she has Personality Disorder and can never decide on her mood.

    Other- Lost parents when young and also lost her boyfriend with the upcoming baby two months ago.
  13. Are you in hiding because of being pregnant? Otherwise, it's unlikely you would have become pregnant while in hiding.
  14. Has the official thread died?
  15. I'm hoping not it just started