Children of Secrets: The Hidden

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  1. The male that was all ready seated in the back of the truck walked around, ensuring each child had a blanket to sit on and to cover with. Then, before the truck began to head for its destination, he placed a large, empty cardboard box beside each child. Some of the boxes had multiple boxes taped to it. Despite the amount of children and faux boxes, there was still plenty of space in the twenty-six foot moving truck.

    "In case there is an unexpected stop, you will be instructed to hunker down and pull the empty boxes over yourself. If you are near a little one, try to keep them quiet. If you have even little-er ones who do not understand the concept of quiet, then we ask that you make a hard decision if they are not keeping quiet."

    At his last statement, Aryana cringed, pulling her twin sisters closer to her body. It was always something they had faced. If The Healer ever knocked on their wall, they had to keep quiet. Though if you have ever been around children under two, that is nearly impossible to do on command. Thankfully, they had never had to 'silence' a child. It was such a cold thought. It was the whole reason Ana and the others were in that room. The whole reason they had to be silent. Often, Ana wondered if she would rather they all be caught and killed by someone else, rather than one of the other children killing another.

    Again, she shivered, pulling her pale blue blanket up around her and the babies. They had slept most of the day away, and seemed to continue sleeping through tonight. That was one good thing about newborns. They tended to sleep a lot.

    "We will have frequent stops along the way," the man continued. "Normally, we would stop once or twice more for other kids. But you are a large lot, so we will continue straight there. We expect to take two or three days, depending on what we run into."
  2. Gale stared at the box in front of her as the man spoke. Her finders moved rhythmically as the wooden crochet hook silently twisted through her yarn. Even the minute clank of knitting needles could break the silence and put the children at risk, but Gale was fidgety and had to have something to occupy her hands as the truck rumbled along. She felt sorry for the little ones who had no activity but whispers until they reached their destination, and even whispers would be dangerous when the truck stopped.

    Gale's yarn was in her lap, beside the blonde head of a three-year-old girl. There were so many children in here... Gale's eyes met Ana's. The cook had her little ones with her. Gale wondered how well yarn would work as a gag if one of the infants began to holler. It would be uncomfortable, but surely better than the alternative.
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  3. The air smelled different than the air back in the small spaced they lived in. Even his younger siblings were mesmerized by the evening sky since it was the first time they had ever seen. Though right now wasn't a time to relax and Ruairi knew that. As the man had stated they would need to be quiet and if not... well that wasn't a thought anyone wanted to think about. It had made his younger brother hold onto him tighter but his sister wasn't sure what the man said. It's hard for any young child to stay quiet, especially when they're bored or didn't fully understand the reasoning.

    They were all loaded up with boxes placed close to them so they could hide in them if they came to a stop. "Now listen closely. You have to be very, very quiet. Or bad things with happen." He whispered softly to them. Ruari didn't want any real talking until they had finally gotten to their destination. He hoped for all of the little ones to make it but if they get too loud the blankets should help muffle their sounds if it was to cover their mouths. For now Ruairi wrapped his siblings in a blanket and had them stay close to him.
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  4. Lien's heart pounded behind her chest, she could barely make out what the man was saying. With the way he was turning as he walked, she missed parts of what he was saying, but she understood that she needed to be very, very quiet. The girl pulled her little brother close to her, pressing a finger to her lips to indicate being quiet. Lien knew she wouldn't be able to hear if her brother was making noise, and that thought terrified her that because she couldn't hear her brother, she could kill all of them.
    She shot a panicked look at one of the others in a silent plea for help. One of the others could hear if he was making noises when she wouldn't. The last thing Lien wanted was to have her brother away from her, but this wasn't something she could handle. Perhaps she should have left him back home, that way she would have only been responsible for herself. There was a lot of trust that Lien had for the others, and prayed that she would be alerted if something went very wrong.
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