Children of secrecy

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  1. (This RP takes place in the very distant past)
    (Plot start) The gods were displeased with there most prized creation, the humans. Sten, the god of fire has created an entirely new species of sentient creatures to add into the mix of war. The newly created race was a subspecies of dragon that is very intelligent but violent. Draconians, that was the name of the dragon race that began to build an empire out of human ruins. The human race was turned into a army of servants in a matter of years by the Draconians. The "Slaves" are assigned the tasks that are marked as either too small or dangerous for the Draconians. Recently some Humans have formed a group dedicated to freeing the entire Human race by force and killing all Draconians. The group formed by the Humans is named "The cult of secrecy" due to the fact that if it was not a secret the humans that formed it would be burned alive. (Plot end)

    Please refer to the OOC area for info!
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  2. Miyong, purple

    Miyong sat in his usual room, holding his hands folded in his lap, as he stared out the window. His leg was chained to the floor as he was barely able to stand up without getting pulled up, and he was never allowed to leave the room. He had been told so many times that the outside world was nothing for a slave, there was no reason for him to be there, and despite his stubborn objections he had never been able to stand up for them. Carbon had told him off, and he didn't dare to ask again, he knew what the Draconinan was able to do, the only thing Miyong needed to do was to push the button, and if he was unfortunate enough he would die.

    He curled up and grabbed his knees, still staring out at the small window that barely let in some sunlight. A sigh escaped his cherry lips as his golden bangs covered one of his lilac eyes. Stupid Draconinan, stupid powers... if he didn't possess the healing powers then he probably would have been dead by now, but in a way he was hoping for it too. It was almost worse being constantly locked up, staring out at the sun he once basked in, though he had no memories of it. Everything was just a blur for him.
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  3. RafaDark passing through the trees of the City's Forest he started to shape shift to his Draconian form and reaching the Broken Blue Tavern to get some rest of his last mission. Entering the tavern, sitting on his favorite table, he called the waiter and ordered the Draconian Cup that was one of the best beers of the Draconians. The waiter talked him that the drink was on the house today because the Draconian Army was having an important mission to him. He was aware that that place was on the army but he never thought that a mere waiter would know something so important to him. "Anyway, what is the mission?" he spoke, the waiter responded that he didn't know what was the mission but he was having the documents that only RafaDark was supposed to see them. Agreeing with waiting for the documents and the drink, he stared at two drunks fighting outside of the tavern, seeing that scene, make him laugh for the first time in years. When the drink came, he thanked and give a few coins to the waiter that appreciated that act of humanity on an Draconian. The others around him watched that act with pure disgust and hate. He didn't give a shit to them and continued on, while he was reading his documents, he saw the waiter trying to sneak a peak them. "With a curiosity like that, someone like you may get killed you know?" spoked RafaDark with a huge fearsome grin in his face, the waiter ,worried, left that place in a heartbeat. Continuing further on his documents, he saw that was from Lieutenant General Wolfer, that was a special someone to him. That Lieutenant General helped him from far but helped so much that RafaDark just needed to give his life on exchange of his help "That man must have a huge heart to help me all this time..." thought him. On the documents, he was in charge of a undercover mission to find the rumors of the "Rebel Force" that was going around the Humans to free themselves from the Draconians, on the documents of RafaDark's mission was saying too that that was his last mission and thereafter he was free from being an soldier for the Army. He thought that he would never see that type of document in his hand so far, but if that was his last mission he needed to make it worth...for real. going out of the tavern, he give a big sigh of joy and getting undercover to find his first victim in the main market of the City that was full of Draconians and their Slaves.

    (WOW...Thats HUGE...Sorry for that much...I was so excited about this that i left my imagination flow on my keyboard...Oh...And if something is wrong on the words in here, just pm me because i have some grammatical errors sometimes...)
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  4. Carbon traveled down a long dirt path to retrieve a slave he had purchased earlier that year. Miyong was the name of the slave he owned, apparently the human was easier to control then most but that would have to be seen instead of said. Carbon arrived at the house and knocked on the door, he pulled out the amount of coin he owed then waited for the door to open. Eventually a draconian came to the door and requested payment, Carbon handed the coins over then entered the house. He sat down and talked with Miyong's owner for a while. They focused on the usefulness of owning a slave and what you could gain, after a while Carbon was invited to meet with Miyong so he accepted then walked into the room. Miyong looked like a child to Carbon, "You except this child to work under certain conditions?" He argued with the slave owner for a bit then finally came to an agreement about adjusting the payment. "Don't worry, you will be working in the sun from now on instead of being locked up." Carbon laughed and unchained Miyong from the floor. "Any questions abut working for me? This is the only chance you'll get to talk to me."
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  5. Etherlinda heaved a large boulder onto a cart and wiped her forehead, which was caked with sweat and dust. As expected, today she was working on a construction area with a team of other slaves. Their Draconian owners sat in the comfy little shelter in the corner of the area drinking and conversing with each other. They were on rotation, every half an hour one of the owners would replace the supervisor, giving the latter some time to rest. She sighed as she looked at the group of Draconians, Etherlinda was used to having things given to her, before the downfall of humanity she was the daughter of one of the aristocratic families, she feared nothing - until the Draconians came upon them. What they did to her parents when they tried to escape was unforgettable. Suddenly, when she wasn't paying attention, the sunlight was blocked out. A figure had appeared in front of her and when she realised she snapped herself out of her thoughts. It was the supervisor, a large Draconian who towered over her. He unfastened his whip and growled menacingly. Etherlinda shrunk and gulped nervously, "Sorry, sir. I'll get right back to work, sir." Wrapping her arms around another large boulder, she hoisted it up and dropped it into the cart with a thud. "How was your day, sir?" she asked in a friendly tone, trying to swallow down her nervousness and fear. The Draconian grunted and ignored her before walking off, trying to catch other people slacking off.

    She relaxed a bit when the supervisor left, she always thought about her life in slavery, she hated it - despised it. As well as the Draconians who operated this slave system. But she was never brave enough to say anything, she did not say a word when her ankles were chained, she did not say a word when she was pushed around, and she did not say a word when her Master treated her as if she was a dog. Her Master owned multiple slaves, he was big and tall and terrifying, and saw his slaves as tools and entertainment. At his home the slaves were given measly meals that had to be fought over for. The slaves who did not win the fight for food went to bed hungry. But she was slightly grateful to her Master, she had more freedom than most slaves. She did all the work he asked her to do without question, obeying soundlessly and didn't complain when she lost food fights. At least her Master was decent enough to give her one to two hours of spare time to keep her body in shape, as long as she stayed within the perimeters.

    Etherlinda's attention went to the loud 'thud' from the center of the construction area. A dirty, skinny man had dropped a rock. The supervisor approached him, his eyes glowing. Tearing off the rag he wore as a shirt, he raised his whip and brought it down onto the man's back, who screamed in agony. "Worthless creature!" the supervisor hissed, flogging the man multiple times. "Can't even do a simple job! You're useless to us!" The man sobbed uncontrollably as the skin on his back broke, his blood flowing freely. The women and younger children around him started crying. "Silence! Anyone who makes a sound will be punished!" the supervisor yelled. The women covered the mouths of the children, attempting to muffle their crys. Not satisfied, the supervisor dragged the screaming man off towards his friends, who unfastened their own whips. The supervisor turned around and glared at the slaves, "Get back to work!"

    The slaves continued to work, hauling boulders and dragging carts. Etherlinda resumed her work, trying to block out the screams of the tortured man and the laughs of the Draconians as they whipped him over and over, showing him no mercy.
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  6. From nowhere, screams of pain could be heard from somewhere, RafaDark seeing a bunch of Draconians crowding around the construction site and almost cheering to the pain of someone in that horrible place..."What...What am i thinking? I'm a Draconian too, i should be happy to that...right?..." He wondered quietly while he was stopped in the middle of the street. Getting even closer to the Draconians, he noticed the slaves of those monsters with scales, seeing that almost all those slaves were dying of thirst and hunger, he wondered. "Even a dominating race could show a little gratitude for those who do everything for them...". Thinking about what he thought, RafaDark tried to think of a way more "Draconic" and not caring about it, he began to walk around aimlessly, looking for something that would make him forget those screams of pain and the laughs of his own race.
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    Karkand stared upon the sun-setting sky upon his observatory. He's now a very rich general of the Army. But his glory has faded, and he is needed less and less, and such is the army's care for him. So instead, he runs his own private operation as a war profiteer, A virtual town of his own, with him as it's mayor and dictator. A town specialized in mass-distribution of materials, from food to weapons, and mass-distributes these things to the a price of course. And what war is going on? To Karkand, there's always been a war going on...and he knows this by the rapid amount of profits he makes, and the demand. This is because the Army was preparing for something...big.
    It's the Humans. It's like the war never ended.
    The 'town' he owns is pretty well-known, it's called Ezbog, the only place where, as a slave, life would actually be long as you don't mind factory work and smell. Karkand's slave population runs into the thousands, and the best part is...most of them have never even seen him, he's like a ghost to them, some even believe he is nonexistent, and just some sort of draconian symbol. But then who else would own Solas Keep? That huge mansion over there with the wall surrounding it like a fortress inside of this filthy, dirty town? No matter, If you live in Ezbog, you're pretty much free to do whatever you want within city boundaries, You're actually paid to do your work, and you get your own free shack house! What's better than that for a human? As a result, hundreds of Human fugitives, escaped slaves, and even very poor draconians, all come here to seek a new, better life, will they get it? Most likely not, but it doesn't hurt to try, for it can be done!
    Karkand enjoyed the view, despite it not being the prettiest, the sun setting over and the feel of people ever so hard at work made Karkand feel warm inside, he loved his little Industrial Empire, it made him powerful, and a big play on the humans, and he likes being the big player. He got up and out of his break at the observatory, while life in Ezbog was a gigantic melting pot, and fair competition for Dracs' and Humans, he still knows the bitter truth that every single man, woman, and child that lives here, is his slave, and he is ultimately, the slave master. and if a revolt were to even happen here...and it will. It hurts to think of such torture.
    He appeared back in front of his mansion, and spoke with another, female Draconian, her name was Saelia, and she coordinated any operations in terms of the army. She had a hazy look in her eyes, and she looked like she never had a good drink in ages. Yet she perked up and spoke thoroughly about the current situation.
    "I see you're doing...swell over here in Ezbog huh?"
    "That can be assumed. So, what is the real reason you're here?"
    "We have an issue with one of your...umm, comrades? anyways, it's about Lieutenant General Wolfer, apparently, he's been doing a few 'side' contracts with another member of our army, an assassin? His name is Rafadark, the copycat. He's been sending him the usual contracts we've been giving him...but he's also done other ones as well, some were intended at our own kind."
    "Oh really? So Wolfer's a traitor? And I assume Rafadark's one as well"
    "Well, we don't know as of yet, We have Wolfer in questioning, and he's providing us with no results, and we assume that emotions got the better of him."
    "It happens to us all eventually, Saelia."
    "Mhm...We will also contact Rafadark instead of Wolfer as soon as he is done with this last mission. He's currently in the other big city not far away."
    "Okay, but I don't see why this necessarily concerns me."
    "It concerns you because you also gave Rafadark a few contracts, and you're close with Wolfer, so until we can get these things settled out about whether or not he's been traitorous so we can process Rafadark a retirement of his own, you have to tell Rafadark that his Military days are not yet over, and that he will be receiving orders and missions from you until then, think of it as your own personal assassin."
    "Wait...I thought you guys didn't car about me anymore!" Saelia turned back around as she started to leave; "You're a General of the Army, we always will need you. We just are in a state of peace. That's all."
    Karkand just stood there and crossed his arms. A thought passed through his mind I can't believe this! It's been a month since I last talked to these guys and what do they blarggin' give me? some half-arsed advice, a going-to-be-very-annoyed assassin, a traitor for a friend, a vacation cut short, and all done with a wink and a wave! Karkand could only wonder what contracts he could 'make up' for this 'Rafadark' guy.
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  8. Ace.png

    "Eh? You broke? Already? How disappointing..."
    "You think I'm done with you already? Haha!"
    "Regenerate! You hear me?! Regenerate now! It's an order! You little piece of shit, use the magic I taught you at once!"

    A white haired youth was stumbling through the corridors of the underground tunnel, hurriedly. He wasn't even sure about in which direction he was running or where it would lead- for all he knew he could be running right towards his doom. His clothes were heavily stained with blood- some of it had even managed to get caught in his hair, sticking it together unpleasantly. His breath was labored, but he wouldn't allow himself to stop. He needed to keep running. He knew he did. Whatever was chasing him was huge, dangerous and frightening. So he continued running, even though his legs no longer wished to carry him. He continued running, even though every single part of his body screamed in pain, protesting. He continued, even though he knew that sooner or later... he'd collapse. Fear, panic and the feeble will to live were the only things occupying his mind.

    The figure looming over him boomed, sending a ripple of shivers through the already quivering boys body. His skin had been torn open in several places, his fingers and toes were missing. His left eye had been gouged out, though that was hardly visible through his thick, white bangs. Blood was streaming down his face, seeping out of the wounds, drenching his clothes. Deep cuts on his neck and shoulders had already begun clogging up. The boy looked, without exaggeration, to be on the edge of death.
    The voice boomed again. Reluctantly the sobbing boy's lips moved, more blood trickling out from between his lips. He lifted his one eyed gaze, looking at his tormentor in fear and agony. Every time he looked up he expected to see a large, humanoid lizard. And yet every time he was disappointed. The cold, soulless eyes staring back at him with glee were human.

    There was light at the end of the tunnel. His lips quirked into a smirk as he increased his speed. It hurt, it was terribly painful, yet he wouldn't let himself acknowledge it. His sole goal for now was to reach that light, to escape these seemingly endless tunnels which stretched in every direction beneath the city. Out, all he wanted was to get out, into the broad daylight. No, that wasn't quite right. He hated the daylight- but he knew that this exit was the only way to escape the terrible threat chasing him. Was there even something chasing him? As this thought entered his mind, he stopped. He actually turned around to look, despite the fear of losing to the predator.

    There was nothing. No shadows, no sounds of movements, no voices.

    So what was he running from?

    "There isn't actually anything that can chase me, is there?"

    Five minutes. That was all he was given to regenerate, and then he would be back. Everything would start over... again and again and again and again and again and again... The boy had long since lost count of how many times they'd repeated his terrible, painful procedure. He'd long since lost his sense of time, and even the ability to remember his own name. At this point, he was little more than an empty shell waiting for this eternal agony to end. Waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting... but no matter for how long he waited, it would not end. No matter how much he begged to die, his captor would not let him. It was terrible, it hurt, it was driving him insane.
    He'd had enough.
    "Done regenerating now, are we? Ready to play more?" the voice cooed down at him, causing the boy to cringe and sob quietly.
    No, the boy wasn't sobbing. He was laughing. It was a quiet, insane, terrible, blood coiling laugh which would set even the bravest of men on the edge. It was the vocal manifestation of pure insanity. He threw his head back, continuing to laugh uncontrollably as his tormentor frowned, momentarily taken aback. Then the boy stopped abruptly, setting his gleaming green orbs on the middle aged man.
    "Yes," he murmured, "let us play more."

    A blood stained boy emerged from the grotto, the bright day light blinding him due to his long confinement in the catacombs. He brushed aside his hair a little, squinting his eyes as he tried to get used to the burning daylight. He was standing on a cliff, meaning that he must have been walking upwards for a while- without noticing. That did explain the extra strain on his limbs, however. What spread out beneath him appeared to be a slave camp- or at least this was what the boy suspected it had to be. Screams of agony reached his ears, sending him into a fit of giggles. It was quite a pleasant sound, to his surprise. No, it wasn't pleasant at all. It was terrible. It had to be... no? It wouldn't be alright for him to think the screams of his own kind were pleasant, would it? No, he wanted to enjoy the screams of the others.

    "That's right..." he mused to himself, sitting down on the cliff edge. It didn't matter if they spotted him. It was almost as though he wished to be spotted. Of course, this could only ever have been the behavior of an idiot or madman... the boy suspected he had to be a bit of both. A sense of tranquility settled over him as he carefully started to lick the blood from his hands, enjoying the metallic taste far more than a should. Yes, for just that second... he actually felt powerful. He had managed to do the impossible.

    He had escaped from his ever so cruel master.
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  9. Miyong, purple

    The sound of an unknown voice rang through his little room, which made Miyong look up, out of curiosity, and towards the locked door. Who was this man? Was it a human? Was he finally free? Would someone finally break him out? No, this was all just childish thinking wishing for his freedom, something he never had from the beginning. Ever since the Draconinans found out about his powers, he hadn't set a foot outside. It was mainly because of his healing powers, but who didn't want to become three times stronger? Even if it was just for five minutes a day. The chain rattled a bit, which made Miyong frown, as he pulled it once more. He wanted to see who it was, but it seemed like he didn't need to see who, he came into his room after all.

    It was a Draconian, a tall and light blue Draconian that approached him. His owner had previously told him about this peculiar Draconian. He was rumored to kill humans, even his own slaves. Miyong was slightly scared, as his hands were slightly shaking, though when he took off his chain he was a bit surprised, could he run? No, of course he couldn't run. He didn't want to die. The laugh didn't help him, it was a cold and terrifying laugh. He would get to be outside? What was he going to do? The Draconinan allowed him to ask a question, something which he had never heard before, but he was only allowed to talk this one time.

    "Wha.. What am I going to do...?" Miyong asked very carefully, he even stuttered once. His lilac eyes were placed on his hands, which were folded in front of him, and his thumbs was fiddling with each other. His foot hurt a bit, he had been chained for a while, and now he was another ones slave. What was their intentions?
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  10. Carbon shook his head and stepped back. "You will be working in a quarry with other humans moving stone." He smirked then turned back to Miyong's owner. "How often is he kept in this room?" The two draconians fought for quite a while before Carbon knocked out the owner. He grabbed the coins he handed to the owner and smiled. "Lets get going human." Carbon grabbed Miyong by the arm and dragged him out of the house. "You are to listen to everything i say." He smirked and continued to drag the human through the dirt. "Don't worry, you'll enjoy being out in the sun." Carbon carried him for a while before stopping after hearing screaming. "We are here slave, you will be examined then forced to work whether you like it or not." He brought the boy into a small room and set him down on a chair before leaving and locking the door. ((Yes i know the reply is short...))
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  11. Miyong, purple

    Moving stone? Him moving stones? Was there something the draconian didn't see that was quite obvious? Miyong was in no physical condition to move a single stone, not even if he had ten of himself. Maybe the draconian didn't know about his powers? That would be a blessing in disguise if he didn't know, how many times had Miyong been forced to give a draconian enhance strength to beat down humans during wars or other times that resulted in too many deaths? It was too many to count, and too painful to think about. It didn't take long before the two draconians fought against each other, and Miyong stood there, completely frozen, just watching as he closed his eyes when he spotted blood.

    The winning draconian grabbed him by the arm, something which actually was a bit painful. Miyong had wanted to check up on the knocked out draconian, and possibly heal any injuries, but he was dragged away before he had the chance to do so. "H- He might be hurt..." Miyong stuttered, but his words fell on deaf ears as he was mostly carried before he received more cold words, and then told to listen to everything the draconian told him too, which he probably would not be able to do.

    A scream was heard throughout the building he had been brought to as Miyong's body froze up yet again, and he began to slightly kick to try and break free from his grasp. He was brought into a small room and thrown into a chair, as the draconian told him someone would come and examine him. Miyong ran up from the chair and over to the door, but it was slammed shut and locked in front of his face. He banged a few times on the door before he found his efforts futile and squatted down on the floor, curling up once more. "Please... someone..." He whispered into his own knees, as he knew no one would hear his words anyway. " me..." It was a small cry for help, as he kept his face buried in his knees, holding back some terrified tears as he sniffled once. This wasn't the time for crying, maybe, if he was lucky, he would be able to throw the chair in the draconian's face once he entered, and then escape.
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  12. RafaDark trying to find some odd behavior on the human slaves around the City, encountered something new on the market street, a brand new slave shop. Looking with disgust, he saw a Draconian buy a new slave for his collection of nine slaves in "perfect condition". Wanting to do something to fulfill his "sacred" last mission he thought on that scene and imagined that he needed to shapeshift to human and be brought by an rich, full of slaves Draconian...or maybe RafaDark just needed to combine with an friendly Draconian that would let he be an slave to find just one member of that Rebel Force and take to HQ, just to make it fall on the hands of the Draconian Army. Thinking on the best way to do his mission, he started to try to find a good Draconian or a bad one, he didn't cared what Draconian he would find but if is to end his mission, anyone that accepted his proposal was good to him.
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  13. Carbon walked up to one of the slave masters and laughed. "There is a new slave waiting to work, so go and talk to them please." He continued to walk down some corridors and out of view. (The following is from the view of the slaver!) The slave master walked into the room and greeted Miyong. "Hello child, i would like to ask you a few questions before your thrown into the yard." He leaned up against the door and pointed to the chair. "Sit please, otherwise this will take allot longer and i doubt your owner would want you to be missing limbs." The slave master stretched and the door could be heard locking behind him. Without giving Miyong a chance to respond he became enraged. "I said sit in the chair human!" He shook his head and waited for Miyong to move. (The following is from the view of Carbon!) Carbon walked into the area where the slaves were moving rocks and laughed. It was funny seeing them working so hard for nothing. He sat down into a chair and smiled. "I wonder how the new slave will fare in such conditions." Carbon stood up and walked back to the room where Miyong was being held then knocked on the door. "Hurry up!"
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  14. [​IMG]

    Starkson dropped down into a defensive huddle, wearing only a light green tunic made of wool and his black bear cloak that made him almost invisible. His entire body masked by old sturdy oak trees, berry bushes and the untamed grass of the north/west wilderness beside the town of Ezbog; a place controlled by a mysterious ruler named Karkand. Never the less Starkson did not care for rulers, let alone a draconian one. Starkson pursed his rough lips and spat at the dirt.

    "Let the crows take you"

    he rumbled, quietly hissing a curse at the thought of the creatures. His main focus was living. Starksons position was roughly 5 miles away from the north gate, a frequent entrance route for most of the towns merchant trade. Ten's of wagons, mules and horses entered and departed through that gate every day and Starkson was looking for his next prey.

    as the long agonizing hours passed and the weather grew colder as it progressed into nightfall. Starkson began to become somewhat restless as usual when he had to stealthily hunt and watch the main road. Flies buzzed around his head, constantly bouncing off his face. He learned that it's best to keep his mouth shut while stalking prey as flies don't taste too great. He hated watching the humans that served the draconian merchants. Everyone of them skinny, bones clearly visible, it was only their skin that stopped them from looking like walking skeletons. At best some would be allowed to ride in the back of the wagons

    only for the slave to make noise while being gutted by thieves so the draconian master had time to react and save his loot

    He thought as small grunts and growls escaped his throat as it ran through his head. As the traffic leading in and out of the gate began to slow down Starksons eyes snapped in the direction of a dried skin, scaly lizard rat. The draconian had only a mule but no guards with it, no humans and only a dagger on the left side of its waist. The draconian walked uneven, its legs wobbled with each step, it mumbled and muttered but no one responded to it. its claws clutched to a bottle. A fierce wolf like grin grew on Starkson's face as he pursued the draconian within the cover of the nature around him.

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  15. The supervisor went back to his Draconian friends, patting the back of Etherlinda's Master. "Your turn," the Draconian grinned. Her Master snorted, smoke drifting out of his nose. "I bet I can control these slaves better than you." Her Master walked out and whipped the ground, "Anyone caught slacking off will not live to see the daylight tomorrow!" he roared. The slaves said nothing and nodded, trembling as the work continued. For a while, nothing happened, rocks were being loaded onto the carts at a steady pace and the slaves were doing well - keeping to themselves.

    Her Master approached her and tapped her back with a talon. "Etherlinda, you've done okay today. Take your one hour break. I expect you to be back in here before your time expires," he growled.

    Etherlinda dropped the last rock into the wagon before bowing low, "Thank you, Master." She watched as her Master approached the slaves he owned, giving them their hour break. That was the only kind thing he would ever do for his slaves, other than that he was a cruel and frightening Master. Etherlinda walked out of the construction site and walked around the city, she liked taking walks. It exercised her legs and helped her map the city, in case she was going to escape - although that seemed very likely. If there was a stray slave doing errands for their owners she usually stopped them to have a short conversation, she adored communication. She knew without it Ether would eventually be overcome with madness, her ultimate fear was total loneliness. She shuddered at the thought of not being able to talk to people, everywhere she went, even her Master's house, she was able to talk to fellow servants (if she was allowed to). This was another reason why she was scared of the Draconians, her Master knew her weakness, he could put her in solitary confinement if he wished to. He could break her physically and mentally.

    She walked into the garden near the construction site. It was small, but it was the only place with green in this part of the city. She lay on the bench, savouring the feeling of wood under her cheek. Most places she slept were made from rock, hard solid rock with rags for comfort. She savoured the sound of wind rustling the trees, and the smell of flowers. They reminded her of the past, when humans were the only species walking on this earth, before the Draconians took over, before her parents died.

    It wasn't long before her hour was almost up, she got up slowly, she was reluctant to leave the little garden but if she didn't go back she'll get an hour of flogging and a night without sleep. Rubbing her sore ankles, she walked back to the building site, her back hunched as she started jogging.
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  16. While going further more on the market street, RafaDark stopped and turned back to the construction site as fast as he could, remembering that the place was full of Draconian Slavers laughing of that poor guy's pain. "Damn! Those screams will haunt me while i sleep tonight..." he thought, anyway he would find at least one Slaver that would help him. Running to that place, thinking he would see all those Draconians in there, he just saw the Slavers that was in there all the time but he didn't give up. Walking to the Slavers and showing some documents that explained his mission, one of the Draconians spoked that he would do anything for the beloved army and handed him a piece of paper with the name Rouq on it, he also talked that, that name was from the slave that had escaped and he could take his place. RafaDark, sneaking through some rocks, he shape-shifted to a young human form and he returned to his work on the construction site.
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  17. Miyong, purple

    Miyong had been sitting in his corner, curled up, as he heard someone approach the door needless to say that this was a draconian. It didn't sound good, what questions could they have? Did a slave really need to know something to be forced to carry rocks the whole day? That's what he was going to do right? The other draconian had told him so earlier, but these questions could hardly be difficult and if they brought up magic he would lie. They wouldn't know if he lied, or rather, they hopefully wouldn't see that he lied to them straight in the face. Once more he had frozen in his spot, his entire body refused to move, but once the draconian pointed to the chair and the sound of the door locked behind him, he gave the draconian one nod, and very painfully slow stood up. He wanted to drag this out as long as possible, almost as if that would help him in some ways, but he knew it didn't. There was no one there to help him, there was no way out, he would be trapped like he was before. The only difference was this time he would be forced to work among other human slaves and not healing the injuries of draconians soldiers.

    It didn't take long before the seemingly calm draconian to shout at him, something which made Miyong jump up in the air and hurry a bit up, especially hearing the 'missing limbs' parts. If he was going to work in the quarry he needed all of his limbs, they wouldn't take some away... right? The draconians were an unpredictable race, only God knew what they could do. Miyong stood in front of the chair and swallowed hard, before he sat down and faced the draconian in front of him, but only looked at him for a mere second before his lilac eyes darted away and to the floor. His small fair feminine hands had been brought to his lap as he had folded them. The entire purpose behind folding his hands was to make them stop shaking, but instead most of his body joined and soon the boy sat on the chair shaking out of nervousness and fear. It may not have looked like he was ready for the questions, but he was paying attention, despite his terrified self, and determined to lie if he had to, as a small prayer was given to higher powers above to ensure they wouldn't find out if he had to lie.
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  18. The slaver laughed and smiled as smoke vented from his nostrils. He pulled a chair from the corner of the room and set it across from Miyong. The slaver sat down and crossed his arms while looking at Miyong. "Why are you so nervous? Is there something that you are not telling us, because if so it better be brought to our attention quick." He leaned towards Miyong and grinned. "We are not told anything about the slaves we purchase and can often get ones who hold back. I hope you are not going to be lying, because if you are i will personally feed you to the..." (Back to Carbon's view...) Carbon burst into the room and shook his head. "I said be quick! There is allot of work that needs to be done and you questioning the slave like this will go nowhere!" He pointed to the door and the slaver walked out. Carbon slammed his fist on the table then sat down across from Miyong and had a grin creep onto his face. "The only thing i know about my latest purchase is that you are a young adult and your name is Miyong. Anything else i should know about you?" He looked at the medallion around Miyong's neck and frowned. "Give me that now slave." Carbon held out his hand and gestured towards Miyong.
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  19. Miyong, purple

    Miyong was still sitting on the chair as the other draconian quickly picked up on his nervousness, though that was to be expected right? He was sort of pinned against a wall and now he was going to answer questions, he was even being threatened if he held anything hidden from them. He couldn't tell them, what were they going to do if they found out? The last thing he wanted to do was to heal someone to have them come back only hours later with even worse injuries, it was like torturing them as he would be keeping them alive to let them get even more punishment. It was terrible, it hurt just thinking about it. "I- I..." Thank god for Carbon who had stormed into the room and literally threw the other one out. That was a big relief, thinking of how nervous he already was, he really didn't want to answer any questions, he could go now right? To work in the quarry.

    The slam in the table made Miyong jump up and quickly fell back down on the chair as he grabbed his black pair of pants, out of fear, as it seemed as this made it only worse. This was scarier, than the other one. He was even more worried now, how was he going to keep a straight face like this when he was more intimidating than a sword to his neck? "T- T- There... There's nothing... s- s-ir..." Miyong stuttered out to him as he rubbed his hand nervously together and his eyes darted to mostly everywhere, but Carbon. It was too scary and terrifying to face him, especially thinking of how he had just slammed his fist into the table. Once the draconian pointed out his medallion he brought his hand up to it and clenched it in his hand. "N- No... I- I can't... I... It's precious to me... I- I can give you a- anything else... j- just not this," Miyong practically begged him as he couldn't lose his medallion, it was the only thing he had on him before he lost his memories, it was the only thing that verified he had been a person before he was a slave.
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