Children of Royal Blood

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  1. The world is made up of different magical kingdoms. Each kingdom has a certain element that their royalty can control and use to protect their people. The kings have all decided that to further their children's learning, and to strengthen their connections between different kingdoms, they would send their offspring to one central school where they would learn to control their powers.

    You could play as the heir to the throne, a cousin to the throne or just one of the servants that was brought along.
    Post if your interested!
  2. *raises hand* Hi
  3. Hey! Glad to see someone interested
  4. I'm involved in quite a few other rps, but if this gets going I'd love to join :D
  5. I am interested as well =)
  6. Woah, actual interest, i'll probably wait until i get one or two more people before i make the ooc
  7. Count me in, this sounds like it could definitely be fun.
  8. OMG! Like so interested!
  9. Heyhihellow~ I was wondering if you were still accepting because I would love to join :D (probably getting ahead of myself here but can I reserve an element as well since I have no idea when I'll be able to make my chara ^^; IF you're still accepting~)
  10. Yep, still accepting! and yes you can reserve a spot
  11. Ah alright thanks :D Can I reserve the element Air then?
  12. The heir of air?
  13. Yes please ^^
  14. Oh and is there a character limit? (like how many characters per person)
  15. As of right now, there isn't. As long as you can manage all your characters. and ok
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Thread Status:
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