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  1. Welcome to Ashton Academy! At this school you will be taught how to control your elements and also the normal school subjects. Your parents have sent you here because of how you are part of royalty and thus must know how to control the power that has gone through your family line for generations as to help protect your people when the time comes. This school was also created to help with alliances between the different kingdoms, so don’t be the one to start a war.

    The school year is just beginning and people are starting to arrive. People are getting their stuff ready into their new rooms and saying goodbye to their parents. Classes don't officially start until the following day but today is the last day for students to arrive. The grounds are full of teenagers wandering around and meeting new people.

    Room 303-Logan Neemi & Jason Yamato
    Room 305-Hermie Mercurio Aerinus & Raythar Mullain
    Room 201-Lindsey ‘Lin’ Neemi & Charlotte Elizabeth Van
    Room 203- Jaklyn Yamato & Cheyenne Van Woodsen
    Room 205-Tybariya Lorenzio

    Servant Quaters:
    Room 101-Avani Page & Rosalyn Matsumoto
    Room 107- Syrenei
    Room 202-Dalton Duvalion & Jared Darius
    Room 208-Maxwell Tobius & Vincent Daniel Bartell
    Room 216-Mason Rewe & Ryan Ventus
    Room 205- Akim Petrovic
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  2. Charlotte Van Woodsen::16::junior:: twin:: water

    Charlotte sighed, looking over her schedule one last time she looked down. "I can't believe father is making us attend some boarding school.. We're not even in the same dorm" she complained to the only person who would listen, her twin. She knew this was a good opuntinity to create stronger alliances between kingdoms, as all the 5 heirs would be attending the prep school, all with the same goals . Her brown hair falling in loose curls around her face as she got out of the car. Watching as other teenagers ran about, hugging their parents goodbye , unpacking, or we'll watching their servants unpack fit them. "Guess I outta find my dorm.." She said to Cheyenne. "I'll come find your dorm after I unpack" she said with a hopeful smile to her shy sister, determined to make sure she was okay. In all honesty it made her nervous seeing Cheyenne share a dorm with a stranger. But there wasn't much she could do so she headed off towards her dorm 201, hoping that her dorm mate would be chill or nice or smart, and not from the fire kingdom.
  3. Karina Iddesleigh | 15 | Sophomore | Air

    Karina, who asked to be dropped off much earlier than her brother, was already roaming around the school grounds with her bag on her side.

    "I wonder how many friends I'll make." She said to herself happily as she continued to stroll around. Most of her belongings were delicately placed into her room when she arranged them to fit on her side of the dorm. Karina didn't want to take up too much space since she knew that she would be having a roommate. That would be far too inconsiderate.

    "I guess I'll go back to my room and wait for anyone else to show up. Everyone here looks a bit too boring at the moment.." Karina sighed and made her way back to the dorms to go lay on her bed.
  4. Jaklyn Yamato | Fire | 15 | Sophomore

    Jaklyn stood among the servants that took her to the school far before her brother arrived once more. She looked around at all the others arriving and then back and the bags she brought with her. She didn't like being surrounded by so many other people. She enjoyed the company of nature over the company of people. She nodded to the servants and the group began to walk into the Dormitory area of the school. The Servants filed in behind her with her things and they all began to file into the hallway of the Girls Dormitory. She reached a door with her number on it and opened it. She saw that the room was large and seperated into the bedroom like areas. She quickly chose the room with a window and walked over to it.

    The servants within the room quickly began setting her things in and then all stood waiting for her next directive. Jaklyn turned towards them "Alright, You are all free to return to the castle. I am fine here on my own now.. Thank you." She said and waited for them all to leave before sighing loudly in relief. "FREE! Of all of them... But.. I miss home.. already." She said out loud in what was for now her room. She began to unpack her things slowly and pushing all her stuff into her drawers.
  5. Logan Neemi | Lightning| 17 | Junior

    Logan got out of the car and glanced at all the buildings, the place was a lot bigger then any of the sources had said. He grinned and took it all in. The campus was beautiful, the grass freshly cut, windows washed and the place was spotless of any type of trash. He took a deep breath in and stretched, this was going to be his new home for awhile. He turned back to Lin " This place looks so cool doesn't it?" He said giddy. He had never really been to a 'real' school and so this was all new to him. He glanced down at his schedule and nodded towards the servants that were lifting things from the car. "I'm going to go find my dorm and unpack but we can meet up later ok?" He said and walked off, not waiting for a response.

    Logan held the door open for his servants as they brought his bags in and set them next to his bed. He nodded at them to leave, saying that he could unpack just fine. Although some of the servants looked torn, they all left. Logan sat down and opened his bags and started putting things away carefully, there was no point in rushing. He set a family photograph on his desk and another of just him and Lin by his bed. He smiled at both before going back to unpacking.
  6. Raythar Mullain




    Raythar hugged his little sister as he was dropped off. She would be attending Ashton next year, but as it stood, he would be the only Mullain here for now. He didn't have much in the way of personal belongings, just a single large suitcase with the Earth Kingdom's brown golem stitched in. Unlike most royals, he didn't need much to get by.

    He went to his room and started to unpack, noting that his yet-to-arrive roommate would be from the Air Kingdom. Never too early to start making alliances, after all.
  7. Avani Page, Earth, 15, Freshman

    Avani had been instructed to come half an hour later than Raythar, so she dutifully went to Ashton Academy alone. She hoped her master was settling well without her; she would feel personally responsible if he wasn't.

    For a while, she merely stood at the entrance, admiring the architecture and scenery. But then she remembered that she had to get to her dorm room and put everything in its place. Avani had been so busy packing everything necessary beforehand that she had forgotten to look at the dorm assignments, but she knew the list was in the outside pocket of her suitcase. She took it out and read it.

    Hm? I...don't seem to be on here, Avani thought, mildly perplexed. Neither the female or male dorms have my name on their list. Perhaps there's another dorm for servants? Then again, my admittance into this school was somewhat last-minute, so this may have been printed before I was enrolled. I should find the main office and see if someone there can help me figure this out.

    Her mind made up, Avani walked through the campus.
  8. Lindsey Neemi | Lightning | 17 | Junior

    Lin clambered out of the car and stretched. "Owww," she mumbled. "My butt cramped up." Then, realizing Logan had said something to her, she replied with the all purpose, "Mmmhmm. See you later!" She watched him walk away, then turned her gaze to the white school buildings in front of her. Unfolding the map from her pocket, she began to wander through the large building, finally ending up in front of room 201.

    "Hello?" she called, knocking once. When no one answered, she pushed the door open, helping her servants maneuver her multiple bags into the room. "Thanks," Lin told them, smiling, before dismissing them to unpack her clothes by herself. It would help her adjust a little.

    She carefully put her folded clothes in her dresser, then hung up several garment bags in her closet, checking to make sure the costumes weren't damaged or rumpled. Her sewing supplies went on her closet floor, her books went on the shelf near her bed, and a hilarious picture of Logan and her on their fifth birthday went on the night stand.

    Lin glanced at the clock on her phone. Her roommate should be arriving soon. Or maybe she didn't have one? That would be amazing. She stared around the room, trying to imagine what it would look like with only one bed and a few work tables spread around it.
  9. Charlotte was leading a parade of servants through the hall, apologizing to everyone she or one of her servants bumped into. When she reached her dorm room she saw servants inside unpacking and setting up for her room mate. She directed her servants to put her multiple luggage on the ground and unpack. Hanging her things in her side of the closet. She had already arranged for a rather large chest, vanity, and a soft plushy bed on her side of the room.

    Servants began making up her bed and putting away her make-up, clothing, dresses, tiaras. She sat on her freshly made bed and looked over her room mate. She was pretty, tallish, beautiful hair, a small nose, fair skin. All the qualities of a princess, now from what kingdom. That was what Charlie wondered. "Oh no not that!" She said as she pulled a picture frame of her twin sister and her and set it on the bed side table. "That ones special.." She said quietly as she placed more frames on the table of her family and sister.

    Once her side of the room was set up she allowed her servants to leave, each one bowing their heads to her and addressing her as "Princess Charlotte". Lottie's face flushed red with embarrassment and as the final servant exited her room she slowly looked up. "Well.. Um.. Hi." She said, pulling herself together as she got up and made her way over to her room mate. She struck her hand out to the girl and said. "I'm Charlotte Van Woodsen. But please call me Charlie or Lottie." She said with a smile. She hoped her room mate wasn't rude or stuck up.
  10. Avani Page, Earth, 15, Freshman

    Avani walked with purpose, the list for dorm schedules still in her hand. She had expected to see at least one other person on her way, but it seemed that wasn't the case. At least she didn't have to worry about anyone seeing her and asking what was wrong. She had the feeling that it could take her a while to explain.

    The sky had been slightly overcast all morning, and it was at this moment that the sun finally peeked out from behind the clouds. It was a bit too bright for Avani's eyes, so she moved her gaze downward. Suddenly, she noticed the way the sun shone on the paper; it almost looked like there was something written on the back.

    Out of curiosity, she turned the paper over. That's when she finally saw it: Room 101–Avani Page.

    If Avani were the type, she would have facepalmed, but she settled for a heavy sigh. At least I know where to go now, she thought. With relief and chagrin fighting for dominance in her heart, she went to her room to put everything together.

    The room was pretty much symmetrical: two identical beds, two closets, and one paned window between the closets. Avani hung the clothes in the closet on the right and left everything else in the suitcase, which went in the same closet. She decided pretty quickly to leave Rosalind, the teddy bear that had once been Dorean's, inside her suitcase. Feeling glad to have gotten these responsibilities out of the way, she went to check on Master Raythar, knocking on the door of room 305.
  11. Lindsey Neemi | Lightning | 17 | Junior

    "Oh my gosh, Charlie, it's so good to meet you!" Lin said, hugging the other girl. "I'm Lindsey Neemi, but all my friends call me Lin, which includes you now!" She sat down on the edge of her bed. "I was so worried my roommate was gonna suck or something, but you seem really nice!" Indeed, Charlie did seem nice, although maybe a tad too proper. Oh well, that was fixable.

    Lin glanced around the room, looking at everything her roommate had brought in. Geez, that was a lot of stuff. There goes all my space she thought, then shoved it away. Having a roommate was so much more fun.
  12. Jaklyn finished with her things and looked around her room a few times before standing up. She shook her head twice and immediately begin to rearrange the furniture with strength surprising for such a girl. She finished and looked around the room again. She smiled once before turning around and grabbing some clothes out of her Drawers. She changed into a Aqua blue wind breaker and a outfit of a red silt shirt and white sweat pants. She closed her drawers and quickly opened her door. She walked out into the hall way to see others walking about and decided to go see who all was around. She walked down the Girls Dorm Hall way and tried to find someone to talk to.
  13. Charlie, after being pulled into a hug let her guard down almost instantly. She giggled at her new room mate and plopped onto the bed. "As do you! I think we're going to be great friends" She said with a huge smile. The girl was charming and sweet and her laugh was adorable. She seemed nice and so Charlie already thought of them as friends.

    "Lin, That's a cute nickname!" Charolotte complimented as the girls sat in there new shared room. "You know I've never had a roommate before!" She giggled. Glancing around at her stuff she gave a sheepish smile. "And sorry about all my stuff, my parents said this stuff was all nescarry for the next Queen and blah blah blah.. Parents can be such a bore" She said as she leaned against the wall.
  14. Dalton Duvalion l Sophomore l 16 l Lightning

    Dalton stepped out of the car a bag on his neck with a duffle bag in one hand and a luggage in the other before he walked away his brother halted him mostly likely for his goodbye

    His brother had handed him a locket it was silver and engraved with an emerald he was questioned on what it was and looked up at his brother

    The car drove away and Dalton stared at the colossal school his hair slowly turned green he was nervous wondering what this day would have in store for him he walked through the two doors seeing people he had never seen before he reached into his bad and pulled out his papers "room 202...." he looked around and frowned "this will be an adventure..." he set out to find his room not paying attention he walked past Logan's open room he wasn't sure who it was but it was someone all he wanted to do was find his room then Logan
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  15. Water, blue

    Cheyenne listened to her sister, Charlotte complain about not being the same dorm. She wanted to comment but Charlotte just kept rambling and rambling, which made her sigh and lower her head. Cheyenne heard her sister's words then did nothing but nodded her head and watched as she walked away. She clutched her hands even tighter around her luggage bag then made the same trek upstairs as her sister did. She looked down again at the piece of paper that read her room number and her schedule then looked left and right until she found her room.

    'Well, here goes nothing.' She thought to herself while turning the door knob and taking a step inside the room, seeing a girl laying down on one of the beds. She smiled nervously then walked over and introduced herself. "Hello there, I am Cheyenne Van Woodsen, Princess of the Water Kingdom." She walked over to the female and extended her hand for her to shake then eyed the girl and raised one of her delicate brows. "And you are?"
  16. Logan finished unpacking and stretched. His side of the room was completely done and everything was put away. He glanced at his would be roommates side and shrugged, whoever the guy was, he was probably doing something more important then arriving at a school. He grabbed one of the sweatshirts that he had put away and threw it on before grabbing his keys and leaving the room. Maybe he would go see how Lin was doing, she might already have her roommate which would be someone for him to meet. Or maybe he would meet someone on the way to Lin's room. He smiled softly and left, heading in the way to Lin's room, which was over on the girl dormitories side.
  17. Lin gave her new roommate an answering grin. "Thanks! And my parents are a lot like that too, but not as much towards me as my older brother." She gestured towards the picture on her nightstand. "You'll probably meet him later." She looked around at the slightly crowded room. A nice rug, maybe new curtains, and a few lamps would make it seem cozy instead of cramped... she would have to look into that later. Maybe she could convince her parents to send some stuff.
    "So what grade are you in? And how old are you?" Lin asked, her smile widening even further. "This is so exciting!"
  18. Jaklyn stayed out in the girl Dormitory hall way and sat down waiting for anything interesting to happen. She sighed and rested her head against the back wall and stared straight ahead to the other wall three feet from her. She then looked at her hands and began to flick her knees for no apparent reason other than to keep herself busy. She groaned "Im so bored.. This suck.." She said loudly then banged her head against the wall and yelped "Ouch... Well that was really stupid... Darn.." She mumbled again before going quiet.
  19. Lottie made a face. "So you're brother is the heir Hmm? Man being the heir sucks sometimes. I wish my twin was the heir instead of me.." She said before realizing she shouldn't be complaining to her new roommate and instead focused on the question "I'm a junior" she answers and then asked politely "and you?"
  20. Dalton Duvalion l Sophomore l 16 l Lightning

    Dalton made his way to the servants quarters and knocked on room 202 "no answer..." He opened the door and saw no one "hey nice!" he saw a couple of boxes on the ground he smiled it was his stuff for his dorm. He set up his bed sheet an put a blue blanket on it with a blue billow as well he hanged up some posters and set his laptop pictures of his brothers and sister and another picture of his whole family. He smiled at the picture and finished setting up he put his own clothes in a dresser next to his bed the rest of his clothes in the closet. He zipped up his duffle bag and put it in his luggage and put the luggage under his bed there were two small shelves next to the two beds and put his stuff on the shelf. Some memorabilia and merchandise to some of the things he liked a trophy some of his favorite books and albums of his favorite artists. He smiled and his hair slowly turned yellow he laid on his bed and sighed he looked up at the ceiling which he hung a 3 posters above his bed and stared at the posters and sighed. "so this is it no going back now..." He got up and stretched "Well better fine Logan" he walked out and looked at a sheet of paper it had the number of Logan's room he looked for room 303 he saw the number on the door and knocked on it waiting for it to open.
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