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  1. Grimoire

    Knowing Potions, spells and magic can be quite an advantage in this world as they can invoke natural forces in a battlefield. This Grimoire will serve as reference for your characters to this type of magic, or sorcery. They can be very powerful and lethal, or weak and playful. Your character is allowed to refer to this Grimoire at all time for educational purpose.

    Submission Form

    Name: (be inventive~ Latin and meaning is appreciated)
    Type: (What type of Magic? Dark, light. Spell?Potion?Other?)

    Use: (Why use this potion? For what purpose?What does it do? )

    Secondary Effects:
    Appearance: (Description or a small image is appreciated)
    Extra: (Sacrifice? etc,)
    All of the submissions will be categories by me :)
  2. Name: Locator Spell
    Type: Telepathic Spell
    -1x Map
    Use: To locate an object or person
    Secondary Effects: Occasionally causes confusion, but In general, it's a pretty easy spell

    Extra: It greatly narrows a research but is not extremely precise. Also, it demands great meditation and focus. Their is multiple ways to counter this spell such as a protector spell that makes you undetectable. Therefore, it is a useful spell but very easy to counter.​
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  3. Name:
    Amor Vincit Omia (must be recited once all ingredients are mixing)
    Type: Love Potion
    1x Ashwinder Eggs
    -1x Brew Rose Thorns
    -1x Peppermint (to give some taste)
    -1x Powdered Moonstone
    -A pinch of salt

    Love Potions ostensibly cause the drinker to fall in love with the person who gave him or her the potion. However, true love cannot be produced through artificial means, and thus the feelings that Love Potions create are more like obsession than affection.

    Secondary Effects:
    The effect that a Love Potion has will wear off over time. In order to maintain the potion's effect, the giver must continually administer doses, or else the recipient may "fall out of love" with him or her. A single dose typically lasts up to 24 hours, but the precise duration is dependent on the weight of the drinker, as well as the attractiveness of the giver.

    Love Potions will work regardless of whether the giver is present when the recipient consumes them. The longer the recipient keeps the potions (or potion-spiked items), the more potent their effect will become, as Love Potions mature over time.
    There is an antidote to counteract the effect of Love Potions, but, even after it has been given, one will still retain all the embarrassing memories of how one acted under the influence of the administered Potion. Love Potions can cancel out the effects of a Hate Potion, and vice versa, as they are the opposite of each other.

    The potion is a very faint pink and is very liquid. There is no bubbles or foam.
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  4. Name: Αἴθω (Pronouned: Ehtho)

    Type: Light Spell

    Ingredients: Elemental control or spellcasting abilities

    Use: To create a small source of light.

    Secondary Effects:
    The spell does not last long and depending on the abilities of it's controller it could hurt others. After a long amount of use it requires focus to keep lit but too much focus could cause over spill or over use.
    Fire wielders could cause burns
    Electricity wielders could cause shock damage
    Water wielders could make water splash everywhere, causing noise or putting out fire
    Earth wielders could cause a scent that attracts creature's or anyone with a sensitive nose
    Pure, energy based magic users require a straining amount of focus after prolonged use of the spell

    A small orb of light is created.

    If it is cast by a spell caster it is simply a small glowing white orb, if it is cast by someone who controls elements it would be an orb or ball of said element.
    A small ball of fire
    A small glowing ball of water
    A small staticky ball of electricity
    A small glowing flower

    Extra: N/A
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  5. Name:
    Cupiditas concupisco (Desired craving)

    Lust/desire potion

    23 gram powdered lepidium meyenii root (also called Maca)
    1.5 banana peels (keep the bananas, it'll be used later)
    2 pomegranate seeds crushed
    10 gram of the white of a watermelon.
    2 liter red wine (type Merlot)

    Spit of the one who is the target of desire (needs to be of godly descent or blessed by the gods)
    frozen banana pieces
    A pinch of crushed spanish fly wings
    * 100 gram Dark chocolate/Red chili (Dark chocolate if consumer is female. Chili if male)

    1. Freeze down the sliced banana pieces.
    2. Put everything but the liquids in a deep pan and stir together.
    3. add the wine and heat up to a simmer slowly
    4. When the wine is simmering, add the spit and the chocolate/chili
    5. Leave to brew for 45 minutes. It will during this process first turn purple, then back to red.
    6. Add the frozen bananas now, and quickly put the heat up. It will now start to smoke, and it is important to step away and wait until it settles down and lays as a thick layer over the potion.
    7. Let it now only be brewing over coal or the lowest heat possible. No flames.
    8. Pour the liquid over into vials at desired time. Watch out so no remaining ingredients other than liquid comes into the vials with it, as that will lower the quality over time.

    Important: After smoke has been disturbed it cannot be put back to brew, as that will immediately awake the anger and hate reaction.

    As the name may tell, this potion's target is lust. It is mostly used to 'awaken' a desire the consumer may not ever have had. And so the possibilities awaken for the creator of the potion. For the potion works in two ways. It can work with lustful desire, or it can work with pleasing desire. If lustful desire is the goal, one has to add extra ingredients, mentioned with a * in the list. This version of the potion will make the consumer feel a burning desire towards the creator, and make them act irrational, needy, affectionate, and all overall like they need the target because otherwise death would be the kinder option.
    The second version, of which is a more pleasing desire, it goes such as you do not add the chocolate or chili. This will give the consumer an undeniable need to do everything the creator says, HOWEVER, unless the consumer already has a deep desire for the person, this version will not awaken those feelings.

    Secondary Effects:
    The time which the potion will use will vary from potion to potion. But an approximate amount goes such: For every three hours the potion have brewed the potion will last for an hour. However, if the potion has brewed for longer than 24 hours it may have very unfortunate effects. For as if the potion is brewed correctly, it will awaken a desire, brewing it for too long will awaken hate and fury that may last from 8 minutes, and to 2 hours, depending on how much of the potion the consumer consumes, and their weight.

    Possible negative effects for the consumer:
    Any possible actions done during the potion
    Exhaustion mentally

    When the potion is finished, it is a thick but smooth, red liquid. It feels almost like melted chocolate on the tongue, with a slight tickling burn on the tongue, before it follows down the throat and to the stomach, before the feeling goes through the rest of the body. When sold by potion makers it is typically sold in a small vial.

    To get rid of the effects of the potion earlier than natural, the consumer will have to drink 5 deciliters of milk, which has been boiled and added one pinch of sugar, one pinch of salt, and with the saliva of the one the consumer truly desire.
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  6. Name: Εν του Λύκου η Κατάρα (Pronounced: En tou lykou ee katara)
    Translation: The Wolf's Curse
    Type: Curse

    • The ability to cast spells and incantations.
    (Having control over the elements does not mean one is capable of casting spells or curses and reciting incantations. There needs to be an affinity towards spiritual and mystical energy based magic.)
    • To spill or consume innocent blood within the month that the curse is cast.
    (Innocent blood is considered anything that is pure and untainted. Children, virgins, animals that do not shed blood to feed e.t.c. A month is based of the phases of the moon.)
    • To recite the curse:
    Εν του λύκου η κατάρα, ζωή εν ζείται μισή μισή. Δίας Λυκαίος.
    The wolf's curse, a life to be lived half and half. Zeus Lycaon.
    Το αίμα εν χύτε της αθώης ζωής, δούλος του φεγγαριού εν γίτε.
    The blood of an innocent life to be spilled, a slave to the moon you become.
    Καλώ μπρός τον βασιλέα του δάσους, τον κυνηγό των κυνηγών.
    I call forth the king of the forest, the hunter of hunters.
    Εν Δία Λυκαίον σε καλώ, μπρός μου να πέσεις και την κατάρα του κυνηγού να μου προσφέρεις.
    Zeus Lycaon I summon thee, to appear to me and offer the curse of the hunter.
    Εν Δία Λυκαίον σε καλώ, μπρός μού να πέσεις και την κατάρα του λύκου να μου προσφέρεις.
    Zeus Lycaon I summon thee, to appear to me and offer the curse of the wolf.
    Κοίτα ενάντια μου το θύμα που σου προσφέρω, το ανθρώπινο κτήνος που ζωή εύκολη να έχει δεν αξίζει
    Across from me, I look upon the victim I offer thee, the human beast who does not deserve a life better than this.
    Μπρός σε καλώ βασιλέα των θεών να με βοηθείσεις, το κτήνος αφτό να του δείξεις, πως είναι η ζωή με πόνο και φόβο.
    I summon you forth, the king of gods, to seek your help and show this beast how life is to be with fear and pain.
    Ό κυνηγός να γινει κυνηγούμενος και οικογένεια να μην ξάνα δεί.
    Let the hunter become the hunted, his family to never see again.
    Εν Δία Λυκαίον σε καλώ, βασιλέα των θεών σε καλώ, άνοιξε τούς ουρανούς και χτύπα αυτόν.
    Zeus Lycaon I summon thee, the king of gods, I summon thee, tear open the skies and smite the one I look upon.
    (If you are interested in reading the pronunciation to the Curse look at the fourth post on the first page of the IC thread for this roleplay.)

    Use: To curse someone with a half lived life. Torn between human instincts, feelings and emotion and the primal, feral urges of a beast.

    Secondary Effects: The uncontrollable need to shed blood and consume human flesh, a slave to the phases of the moon. A mind torn by the rational and feral. Never truly human. With no control over thyself as a beast, succumbing to a never ending hunger.

    Appearance: N/A

    Extra: WIP
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  7. Name:
    Malum Discordia

    Malum- evil, disaster, apple, harm, mischief, hurt.
    Discordia- discord, strife, variance, dissension, odds, disagreement.

    Chaos/ Discord Potion.

    4 pints of Boiling Water.
    The Juice of an Apple of Discord.
    4 tbsp of Honey.
    1 pinch of Sea Salt.
    300g of Willow Bark.
    1 tsp of crushed Vervain.
    1 tsp of Felon Herb.

    Three-dozen Hawthorn Berries.
    One-dozen Blackberries
    Four drops of Rooster Blood.

    Ingested: If ingested, the potion causes the victim to make bad choices that he/she wouldn't usually make. He/she will break off relationships, start fights, etc. and it will all seem completely normal to him/her until the potion wears off.
    Worn: If worn by the victim, the potion will attract chaos to him/her. He/she will be rejected by friends and family, have people try and start fights with him/her, and he/she will not know why. Additionally, the scent will cling to their pours for a few days before it is finally washed off.
    Inhaled: If inhaled, it will have much the same effects of being ingested but with far reduced longevity. If inhaled from someone wearing it, all their destructive influence will be focussed on that one person.

    Side Effects:
    The most common side effect is intoxication, with one in every hundred known to be attacked by birds (especially doves), and in certain rare cases use of the potion can result in extreme paranoia or fear in the victim.

    A thick, dark green liquid that disappears when added to other liquid.

    This potion is extremely hard to make, because Apples of Discord are so rare. However, once used it's effects can be brutal.
    This potion will wear off over time, but it depends on the dose, approximately one drop for every thirty minutes.
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