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    Hi, I'm for an RP partner that is very open-minded when it comes to kinks. I'm trying to start an ultimate RP. Something with a little bit of all I love, but I want to make sure the person I am doing it with digs everything about it as well. However, before I give my pitch, let me disclose all the kinks I want involved.

    Firstly, I definitely want incest, futa, non-con, demons, monsters, tentacles, hardcore sex. Feel free to add to these. Also, there will be no definite dom or sub. The twins are fighting for domination so they are always trying to find ways to humiliate each other and show who is boss. Kinks I wish to avoid at all cost. Gore, Vore, Death and Toilet Stuff.

    So, without further ado, here is my hook.

    The great warlock Mortagor and the succubus queen Naxa had twin half-demon children. When they came of age (16) their father called them to him. The patriarch indicated that the two were destined to do great things, but only one of them could be his true apprentice. Whilst the other is destined to come to serve them both in the background. Mortagor begins sending them on various quests to test their powers, bring him great magical artifacts, defeat his enemies and put fear into the population. He also encourages them to show dominance over each other in any means. Except, if either of them kills the other or allows them to die on a quest, he will kill the one remaining and bear a new heir with his more than willing demonic queen.

    Before this, the twins did nothing but study magic and learn the demonic arts. Which was vastly difficult, they had little free time. However, up until this point the two never had any real resentment other than typical sibling rivalry that was also a bit fueled with their demonic blood. So they were a little more mean to each other, but the were also both strong willed and their bickering and fighting never caused them any mental anguish. But they never really hated each other and at times were pleasant to each other. Though, now that their father has made this decree they slowly find worse and worse ways to dominate and humiliate the other, starting with small pranks, which become more humiliating over time, until one of them decides to rape the other, to show dominance. This starts a private war between the two, they begin finding awful ways to degrade the other.

    So the twin will be doing things to humiliate each other, including raping the other or finding ways of getting them raped by others. They might try and humiliate the other in public by doing awful things to them, forcing them to wear provocative or humiliating outfits. The two are absolutely matched physically and magically. But they must be careful when fighting, cause if one of them is mortally wounded or seriously injured their father will show his wrath.

    Also, since the two are half-succubus they have physical features inherited from their mother. The sister (your character) is a futa. She has large breasts, a tight virgin vagina and a large penis, between 8 and 10 inches long. It's up to you whether or not she has visible testicles. I prefer not. Any other demonic traits are up to you. The brother has an overly large penis, over a foot long and very thick. He also has long retractable tentacles that shoot out under his arms. They can act like a second set of powerful limbs. He has small protruding horns that can be hidden by his hair or his cloak and a long thin prehensile tail. His skin has a slight reddish tint.

    The twins are pure evil, being born from a mad warlock and a demon. They have no remorse for others, but secretly have a hint of loyalty to each other. They have no problem being awful to each other, but actually don't want to see the other seriously injured or dead. They do understand that their struggle is purely for power and has nothing to do with how they really feel about each other.

    This idea is obviously very rough around the edges, but I think it has a ton of long term potential.

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  2. I wont lie I'm somewhat interested in this rp. I was about to post my willingness to rp until I got to the point of playing a predominately female character. (I wouldnt have minded if they were both like that however I tend to heavily dislike domination by male characters as I dont play females too often.) I'm a devoted rper who sticks with things, I'll tell you my limits if you cross them (very very rare to do) and I'm quite active (as of late I've been suffering from a writers block but I've been resolving that and can still post its just not the 10 or so posts I use to do.)

    Although I'm not saying I'm willing to rp this, what I am saying is I will rp this with some minor changes. I really like the ideas you have here and I know how hard it is to make one of those rps that fulfill all your wants without the other party getting offending or disliking it. Now that it comes to mind...I have another idea if you wish to rp. I in fact have another one of these kinda hardcore kink filled rp plots I've been itching to do. If ya want to hear it pm me and if we do that one I'll do this one as it is. Otherwise if you change it a little bit (having both be futa while one is more femaleish and the other more maleish) Then I think I could rp it. (I also wouldnt mind them both being middle ground futa and got no problem playing one that identifies as more of a female rather then a male.)
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  3. Sorry, I didnt want to offend. I know some people are touchy on those topics. If you dont mind could you shoot me a pm. I'm running out of titles to call my pms XD.
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