Children of Myth

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  1. Children of Myth

    Since the dawn of humanity, great forces have been at the works behind civilizations all over the world. Gods, goddesses, spirits, deities and all sorts of entities have been worshiped, praised, and even feared by mortals of the planet Earth. As time goes on, new pantheons ('families' of sorts among the gods) rose, and older ones fell. However, you cannot truly kill a deity. Left only half as powerful than before, these gods had to live and survive in the new, modern world as their praise dwindled, leaving them destitute of the worship that fed them, left as only Myths.. One day however, in the year 1731, a council was created between almost all the deities that roamed the world. From the islands of Greece came the Roman/Greek god Jupiter/Zeus, from the sands of Egypt came the sun god Ra, and so many more from all sides of the world arrived in one spot for a very important mission. With all their magical powers combined, they created Mythrealm, a safe haven for all Mythkind. This very diverse, hidden island however was not for the gods, but rather for their children, their descendants. Some gods never left their habits of conceiving children among mortals, creating demi-gods, half mortal, half god. Other descendants are more like reincarnations of deities, simply being born with powers of a deity by coincidence, or other circumstances. The reason for this safe haven was for the protection of this next generation, as when the deities fell from their status as gods, as did monsters, titans and even more malicious deities followed, hunting them down and causing havoc in the mortal realm. Now is the time, as one of these descendants, the next generation, the Children of Myth.

    So basically, the idea behind this is Percy Jackson on steroids, including a much bigger list of gods to be a descendant of, as well as more possibilities for origins since not exactly ALL these deities went around popping out kids like a gumball machine. This little synopsis I wrote was more off the top of my head, it'll be more detailed if I see that people get interested in the idea. Speaking of which, the idea is of supposedly normal children suddenly realizing their deity heritage by several means, either it be being visited by a Myth trying to kill you, your ascendant telling you about it, or accidentally blowing up the sun and putting it back together. Mythrealm is a very diverse island, with each area growing akin to the environment of each Pantheon (or "House of Ascendants," a list of them all is below). The original gods are more like very magical and immortal (non-aging & easily healed) humans rather than actual gods. They can all change their shape in some way, as Zeus is usually a normal human being but other more obscure looking ones like Anubis switch between the form of a jackal-man to a human being shape. Another note is that when they created Mythrealm, they also created each of their ruling realms. Olympus was rebuilt, the Underworld, Asgard and many more, but they are more like bases/homes to the gods rather than actual realms that hold huge impact on the mortal world. Other than that, here's a list of all the 'Houses' I'm including:
    The Houses of Ascendants

    Lagiban (Aboriginal Australian Gods)
    Ahau (Mayans Gods)
    Akua (Polynesian & Oceanic Gods)
    Amatsu-Kami (Japanese Gods)
    Annunaki (Mesopotamian Gods)
    Apu (Incan Gods)
    Aesir (Norse Gods)
    Deva (Indian Gods)
    Dieva (Slavic Gods)
    Diwata (Philippine Gods)
    Ennead (Egyptian Gods)
    Inua (Inuit Gods)
    Jumala (Finnish Gods)
    Manidoog (Native American Gods)
    Theous (Greek & Roman Gods)
    Tenger (Mongolian & Turkic Gods)
    Theoi (Aztec Gods)
    Tuatha Dé Danann (Celtic Gods)
    Vodu (African Gods)
    Xian (Chinese Gods)
    Yazata (Zoroastrian Gods)

    *Note: I know that this is a very undetailed list and I was thinking of including more detail on each House in the actual roleplay. I slightly edited each of them to be more modernized and simpler as well. For instance, I compacted Arabian, Cannanite and Mesopotamian mythology in House Annunaki, as well as putting Roman and Greek together in House Theous. These are obviously not ALL the pantheons in the world, but a good amount of them that we can RP with. I plan on using other mythologies as other parts in the RP, such as using Guarani mythological monsters as villains of sorts. Each house is seperated throughout Mythrealm in the North, South, East and West based on their environment. For instance, House Xian, Deva & Diwata may be located in the East of Mythrealm with a few others, House Manidoog in the North, House Theous in the South etc. Other than that, is anyone interested or have any other ideas or questions?
  2. I'm not sure who I should be, a Celtic or other kind deity.
  3. I got one idea down.
  4. Neanderthal deity. . . Mammoth.
  5. Hmm...might take someone from one of the lesser-known pantheons.
  6. This could prove interesting.
  7. It's so good but it's gonna take so much to keep up with everyone else in terms of post lengths! D: Why is it that every roleplay I find interesting is always too big for me?!
  8. No worries! Though it MAY be pretty big, you obviously don't need top of the notch knowledge of every single pantheon (I barely even scratched the surface of them, I'm still rolling through them all through multiple sources to figure out cool NPCs and possible arcs). And post-length wise, I usually just expect at least a paragraph (3-5 sentences minimum).
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  9. Sounds neat, promising, and full of potential development. Character sheet coming anytime soon, or do you wanna wait for more people to show some interest?
  10. It isn't the knowledge I'm worried about. Quite honestly, I like reading about ancient myths and gods. The posting length is what bothers me. But I can handle three to five sentences. I was worried it would be somewhere along the lines of eight. :D
  11. I'll have the character sheet up later today, seems like enough interest to start developing the real RP now!
  12. I'll be working on the OP today for the RP, but here's the Character skelly to give you a taste and plan out what to do.

    Name: Pretty obvious, you can include nick names as well.
    Gender: Transgender or any of that sort are allowed.
    Age: I prefer something around the teen years (16-18) or higher. Anyone younger is allowed if you talk to me about it. For instance, making something like a bratty violent child of Ares or an innocent child of Amaterasu is allowed if you tell me that it's part of their character, not just for the sake of a child.
    Appearance: Either a description or (real life, not anime) picture of them. Include everything from little features such as tattoos or birth marks to the obvious things like skin and hair color.
    Personality: Include everything ranging from their behavior, fears, likes/dislikes, sexuality etc.
    House of Ascendants: The pantheon their part of, more specifically, the house their heritage belongs to. Also include who their Divine parent is.
    Biography: The story of your character. How did they live with being a descendant of a Myth? Where do they come from? Is your character already in Mythrealm or are they still oblivious of their heritage? Note: If you choose to make them already a member of Mythrealm or just about to be brought to it is your choice, I'll always find ways to twist up your stories and make things interesting one way or another :).

    This isn't an exact CONCRETE way to set up your sheet. I honestly prefer you at least make it pretty and/or organized as well as including any extra details. And as always, be creative! Try one of the lesser known pantheons as well as ways to make your character fit the theme of these mythologies.

    OP may be up either tomorrow or later tonight.
  13. I'm sticking with Mars due to the fact that looking up all of the lesser known gods and creating a character to serve as their children is a lot of work. :I
  14. How about aliases, knowing that one god has multiple names and is a member of many Pantheons.
  15. Was that towards me or towards Kthulu?
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  16. I tried to generalize some of them. For instance, Roman and Greek gods are kinda mixed and refereed to (for example) either Mars or Ares (there's also Etruscan mythology for instance, which is just Roman mythology in different names...which is just Greek mythology). Which are you referring to exactly?
  17. Might I add my two-cents towards the CS? It's okay as it is, but I feel like it's missing some stuff that would really explore our character's unique selves.

    Name: This should come easy.

    Nickname/Aliases: If used.

    Age & DOB: A quick peek at our characters' IDs should tell them.

    Gender Identity: I find this far more important than sex for the characters outside of the cis-gendered populace.

    Sexuality: Also important.

    Race: What's in your veins?

    Place of Birth: Can you point it out on a map?

    House of Origin: Embrace that godly heritage!

    Divine Parent: Who put you on the planet?

    General Appearance: If a stranger saw your character, what would they see?

    Physical Description: Here's the juicy bits.

    Clothing Style: Are they a punk? A dressed-to-death diva? Details, details!

    Defining Features: Something special about their appearance that catches the eye.

    Usual Disposition: Without much engaging, what are they like?

    Personality: Once engaged, what're they like under their daily masks?

    Quirks/Traits: Be it a nervous habit, or just a way they like to fold their towels, put it here!

    Hobbies: In their spare time, what're they up to?

    Abilities: We should really go over what's typical for a demigod ability-wise, but until then! This.

    Skills: A learned talent, or an inherited ability from your godly parent.

    Unique Powers: So you got fancy powers. Big whoop. Wan'ta fight about it?

    Weapon Type(of Choice!): What're ya' wieldin'?

    Biography: Ugh, here we go.

    Current Life: What'cha thinkin' 'bout~?

    Relationships: How's that social life looking?

    Theme Song: Bring Me to Life - Kids Bop Version.

    Miscellaneous Trivia: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  18. Ah dang, thanks for helping me out there! I completely forgot about the powers and such! I'll include some of these into a new CS in the OP. I usually don't list out every specific thing that they need and instead let the RPer choose what to include Personality, Biography and Appearance wise, which should include the more specific things such as relationships, birthplace and such. Thanks!
  19. You're welcome!
  20. Speakign of which, I'll have the OP up by tomorrow probably. I'm kinda laying out the foundation tonight and get to the real detail by tomorrow.
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