Children of Misfortune (Check and Plotting)

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For those who don't feel like putting an actual post, are you interested?

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  1. PlotIn the world of Predania, the people only knew war. War resolved everything. The land became scarred, the population dwindled, it became dreary over the fight for power and land. Countries fought for dominance. Even if there was no clear winner in these awful battles, there was always a loser; nature.

    Finally, many of the kings saw that these wars were killing their own home. They sought to end them. In order to do so, they signed a temporary treaty, forbidding these kings from declaring war on the others. In order to solidify relations, they also offered their oldest child for marriage. A council of the kings was called, where they decided on which children would be wed. The king who bore no children and had stayed relatively neutral would host the princes and princesses in his own castle. Only time would tell if relations could be mended or if everything would fall apart.

    This plot is a MAJOR work in progress. This is just the gist of it. So yeah, arranged marriage, fantasy-ish setting (no magic, just a different world, maybe some fantasy creatures if I feel like it), very probably limited spots. I'd be making the countries that people could be from, nothing major, just some basic info that can be built upon. I'd really like people to post once every 1-2 days at minimum, and probably a minimum of a 3-4 sentence post per character. If you feel like posting more and can post that much in that time frame more power to ya.

    This is an RP where disaster will probably strike, not sure how yet, but I have some ideas floating around in the noggin. This thread is an interest check and plotting (gasp multitasking), so if you're interested and have ideas, start spouting.

    This isn't going to be a stupidly serious RP, but it's also not "lol memes". I just want a nice RP where people can have fun and don't really have to worry about much of anything.

    As for the arranging marriages bit, I'll be using a random number generator to get matches. No bias will exist.

    So, let me know if you're interested at all! I'm open to all ideas.
  2. I would be really interested in this, I can almost never pass up an arranged marriage style rp.
  3. If you will have me I would love too , seems @Tarieles we keep running into one another for this genre. ^^
  4. All right, cool! And we have two mysterious voters who would be interested (unless one or both was you guys).

    @Shayla Yes indeed. Ever since that Disney one started, I've been dying for a fantasy arranged marriage.
  5. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for country ideas, I am all ears. Just fill out this tiny form.

    Name: (optional, you can let me name it if you want)
    Biome: (if dual or triple, say so; common would be arctic, tropical, desert, temperate, etc.)
    Things Country is Known for: (high quality weaponry, wine, cheese, horses, etc. Put at least 2, more if you want.)

    Super simple, I'll likely be putting down my ideas once I have a little more time. I'll likely be making a map of it eventually too, but that'll be in the future.
  6. (One is mine)

    Face Claim: Sasha Pivovarova

    Name: Matrona "Rona" Pavlov
    Biome: Humid continental climate with long cold winters from Mid-November to March
    Things Country is Known for: Vodka, Architecture
    Country: Russia, Moscow

    Country idea's:

    Costa Rica
    New Zealand
    South Africa
    United Kingdom
    Viet Nam
  7. Oh, these countries are gonna be fantasy. Not actually real. Can use existing countries as a basis though.
  8. Oh right...forgot about that V.V

    Hmmm; I have a country name generator. If you want I can give you a dozen from there and see which one you like, or, I can give you the URL?
  9. Sure, a link would be nice. I'm making some right now, but don't really have names.
  10. This is a nice generator, I like it.
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  11. Here are some country ideas I have come up with so far. Switzerland Bellmere is where the princes and princesses will be hosted.

    Name: Bellmere
    Biome: Temperate Plains/Deciduous Forest
    Country is Known For: Military, Farming, Aggressive Neutrality

    Name: Lysoria
    Biome: Desert
    Country is Known For: Alchemy, Pottery, Leatherworking, Diamonds

    Name: Orinthal
    Biome: Tundra/Arctic
    Country is Known For: Fishing, Fletching, Bowyery, Hardy Dogs

    Name: Melekur
    Biome: Jungle/Tropical Rainforest
    Country is Known For: Hides, Hunting, Tailoring, Herbalism
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  12. I would so like to get my hands on Bellmere mainly but if not Melekur for a princess either way..
  13. Bellmere has no heirs, but Melekur is a definite possibility. I myself will probably grab up Lysoria, I have a great idea for that.

    Making more soon, gotta study for a test real quick, then go take said test.

    Also, I'll probably be making the thread sometime soon, considering we already have some people, and we'll probably get more interest from the people who don't actually search this forum.
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  14. I shall wait to see what other counties you make
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