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  1. Premise

    In a surprise attack that no government, or even that people of said governments could foresee, the world erupted into chaos. There was no enemy, no war between countries or nuclear holocaust. Instead, the enemy was within each countries borders. Terrorists, Cartels, Yakuza, Mafia, any and all forms of mass criminal organizations joined together in a single pact.

    In a matter of months nearly every world leader was assassinated, those that survived lay in hiding. Unable to address their people. In a matter of months it was not only the world leaders that were killed, but the people under them. Generals, politicians, representatives. Slowly but surely, these criminal organizations destroyed the world's governments from within, and started to corrupt them one by one.

    Not even the largest countries, such as the United States Of America and Russia were able to protect themselves from the enemies within.

    All seemed lost, until a single organization rose from the ashes of the world. The Children Of Eden, a police force that found its roots in Japan and quickly spread to the rest of the world. Super soldiers, yet lacking any actual super powers. Young men and women were recruited into the program, raised to be the best fighters they could possibly be. They fought a long and bloody war, eventually starting to bring the world back from it's demise.

    However, the countries of the world were weak, relaying on the soldiers from Children Of Eden to protect them from the enemy within. Be them spies, front line fighters, or technicians. The Children, as they were called by the world at large, understood their responsibility, and set out to protect the world from sinister villains that plotted its downfall...

    Children Of Eden

    The Zodiac: A largely Asian-based faction. Their domain consists mainly of Japan, China, and South Korea. They were the first faction to be formed when the Children Of Eden was first founded within the dark years, and are the most well respected and elite of the Children of Eden.

    Knights Of Round: The English branch of the Children Of Eden. They have many members, but are less skilled than the more specialized Zodiac faction. All members start out with a name from one of the former Knights of the Round Table, such as King Arthur. If one of the members complete a certain amount of years in service, along with extraordinary achievements, they will be promoted to the "Inner Circle", where the Knights of Round's most elite group who use their own surnames as a title, rather than the one's of past knights.

    The Founding Fathers: The United States branch of the Children Of Eden. They are one of the largest factions within the Children Of Eden. However, they are also one of the weakest in terms of unity. Unlike both the Zodiac and Knights Of Round, the Founding Fathers each work as a single member.

    There's our basic information, guys! The main headquarters are in Roppongi, Tokyo, in a secret underground facility linked to the government and the Zodiac organization as a whole. Do we have any ideas for a plot?
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  2. I think that the plot should base around an unexpected event forming in lets say Africa where bombs full of this toxic gas are being let loose thus infecting the citizens of these small towns with an unknown Influenza, resulting in the death of every person within the bomb site.

    Now these African settlements are small and not really well known or concerned about and it is kept out of the media so the Children of Eden of that jurisdiction will handle it and the problem will be solved, but this particular area of Africa is a neutral zone, meaning the population is so minuscule with absolutely nothing happening in the last 10 years, that all three branches signed to watch that one area to keep the territories even since the Knights of the Round and the Founding Fathers were having some disputes about one having more than the other.

    So in accordance to the law placed when the branches signed over responsibility of this area, one team from each branch is sent over to that area, told to work together with the other two teams in solving this seemingly simple problem. Now these teams are elite but, their members are younger and less experienced than their other comrades. Maybe some of these members were just now put together by the branches this being their first official mission or their last chance at redemption after a long stay on probation for possible substance abuse or simply f******* up. Maybe one of the teams has a personal vendetta or working against the Children of Eden in some way.

    Lets say there are four members of each team or five however four would be easier to rp with. Someone who specializes in some sort of medical field a technological analysis and military/weapons/overall muscle person and then a team leader with a political background and the older person of the team.

    I think I gave the basis of my peace and you can discard it or spin it in however shape or form you want.
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