Childish War One on One

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  1. Based on the song, "Childish War" by Rin and Len Kagamine.

    - What is the plot?

    The basis of this song is pretty straightforward, and unless you dislike Japanese songs or Vocaloid particularly, I recommend you listen to it. It's not required, but it's a cute song. Anyway, back to the plot. There are two siblings, a prince and a princess (twins, but the brother is slightly older than the sister) whose parents have left the kingdom for some unmentioned reason. It seems to be too upbeat and funny to be death, so I assume they're just out of the kingdom. They're both put in charge of the kingdom in their parents' absence, but while both of them are close, they have individual ideas about ruling the land. The older brother is more conservative and mature, and is more focused on improving the kingdom itself. The little sister is childish and competitive, and since "war strength" is important to their family line, she feels like she's doing right when she's increasing the military power of the kingdom. Both are good ideas, and a pretty stable way to run a kingdom if they'd just meet halfway, but they insist on competing and sabotaging one another's stuff, so it's kind of counterproductive.

    - What should I expect and not expect from this roleplay?

    What to expect: Comedy, slightly pre-planned characters (their personalities sort of, but we can talk about looks and names), Intermediate level roleplaying at bare minimum, anime physics (there can be unnatural hair colors and whatnot)

    What not to expect: This is not going to be a romance rp. Mild language is allowed, but no busting out the f-bombs. Character death.

    This is just a sort of mild rp so I can ease myself into these forums. You can be the guy or the girl, I don't mind being whichever one you don't want to be. I lean towards rping girls, but whatever works for you, I can play as either.
  2. I looove this song and Vocaloid in general actually! So I would like to try roleplaying this with you. I can play the older brother.
  3. I'm sorry for the late reply, but that'd be great! Any specifics you think would be good for the last name or the looks?
Thread Status:
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