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  1. Holding Ali close to his leg, Adrien let his arm lean over the little girl who was walking at his side, holding onto his hand tightly as she walked along in the puddles. She was humming to herself, feet clomping in the puddles as she walked along. "Daddy, I have to go potty." She said in a slight whine, leaning against his only dry leg. Adrien was currently being soaked on the left by the rain that was pouring down. He wouldn't dare let a drop of rain touch her head, hence why he was soaking wet right now.

    "Don't worry hun, we will be there soon, then you can go potty." He said, exhaustion seeping through his voice as he looked down at her for a moment before looking back up. Adrien was nothing but exhausted, considering he had just had this little small innocent child on his doorstep with his other ex. Man she was a beast. He still had a bit of a bruise on his chest from her wailing him before slamming the door. "We will be there soon, then you can go potty"." He said sweetly, patting her head and walking up to the door. Crossing his fingers he knocked lightly. He hoped that she would help him because he was her last hope.

  2. Lucinda sat in the living room of her apartment, playing the piano and writing a song on the couch. “Don’t let those tears stain that pretty face. Why don’t you save them for another day?” Luce sang as she played piano to her own lyrics. Writing a song was definitely harder than most music artists made it seem. Usually, songwriting was a breeze for Luci, but for some reason she just couldn’t find the right inspiration for this particular song. It was nerve-racking.

    Luci groaned and rested her head on the keyboard, not knowing what to do next with her song. “I guess it’s time for a break then huh Izzy?” She spoke to her kitten before standing up and going into the kitchen. Lucinda grabbed a bowl and spoon. She poured herself a bowl of Lucky Charms and retreated to the couch to watch tv. Luci’s kitten Izabelle jumped into her lap and after Lucinda finished her cereal, she set her bowl on the coffee table and watched Lucifer.

    About 20 minutes into the show, Lucinda fell asleep, her animal in her lap. Luce woke up to a knock on her door. It was almost midnight, so she was a bit surprised to hear someone at her door. Luce sprang up and walked to the door, yawning a little bit as she opened it. “May I help y-.“ Lucinda spoke before her voice faded out in shock. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Her ex Adrien stood at her front door soaked by the rain that was pouring down. She had half a mind to slam the door in his face; however, part of her wanted to let him in. “What are you doing here Adrien?” She crossed her arms over her chest, acid in her tone. The last thing she wanted was to be dealing with her ex right now. “You know what, I don’t even care. Don’t say anything just please leave.” She said as she started to close the door.
  3. Adrien could hear scuffling about inside the house, the familiar sound of Lucinda's pattering feet meeting his ears. Ali, as usual, ducked behind his legs, still under the shelter of the umbrella. Stretching his arms briefly, he counted the steps to her door before it swung open, revealing a very relaxed Lucinda who appeared to have just woken up. His mind wandered back to those days where he would wake up next to her, warm and comfy with her hair all messy, not that he cared. But the memories were quickly wiped away by her cold stare and acidic tone, bringing him back to the present.

    "Nice to see you too." Adrien said, sarcasm dripping from his wording as he rubbed the back of his neck, not really sure what to say. It had been so long since he had seen her he almost wanted to give her a hug, or a cheesy pick up line, but that would surely end with him out on the corner with Ali. Seeing as she was about to close the door, Adrien leaned forwards , his hand stopping the door from shutting. "Just give me a minute to explain." He pleaded, before looking back at the little girl who was still half hiding behind his leg. "Can I go potty now?" she asked nicely, looking up at Lucinda who was on the other side of the door. Looking back at her, Adrien did his best pleading face, looking up at her.

  4. Lucinda was just about to shut the door in Adrien's face when she heard the voice of a small child. She looked down at the little girl, smiling a little bit. Of course she very well couldn't send him on his way with a small child. Luci looked back up at Adrien and sighed. She looked back down at the little girl and knelt down to her height. "Hi sweetie. What's your name?" Lucinda beamed, smiling brightly at the girl. "I'm Alison, but everyone just calls me Ali." She smiled. "It's nice to meet you Ali. I'm Lucinda, but everyone calls me Luci, or Luce." She spoke, remembering the times when she was that small. "You can come in and go potty if you'd like to." Luce walked into the apartment and gestured for Adrien and Alison to come in. She took Ali's hand and showed her to the bathroom, getting a small stool for her to stand on if she needed it. "I got it from here. Thank you Luci." The little girl giggled as she shooed Luce away. "You're welcome sweetie." She smiled and shut the door behind her before making her way back into the living room where Adrien was.

    This definitely wasn't the surprise she was expecting, especially not at this hour and with this particular person. Luce would rather have her Aunt Clara staying with her and that woman was the biggest handful she knew. Luce stood in the middle of the room, her arms crossed over her chest, awaiting an explanation from her ex lover. "I'd like an explanation on why you decided to show up at my house at midnight with a small and adorable child." Lucinda said, her facial expression stone cold, although she couldn't help the giddiness in her tone when she mentioned Ali. Lucinda always loved children, and seeing the adorable little ball of energy sort of made her heart flutter a little bit.

  5. Adrien knew that a child was the very weakness of Luce, his once former girlfriend. Heck, he knew a lot of things about her that he hadn't mentioned to anyone, hopefully she hadn't done so either. Silently praising himself for pulling the child card on her. Walking in, Adrien looked around her house. It was much different than the last time he had been there, but it still smelled exactly the same. "Some things never change." He mumbled, watching in amusement as Luce walked Ali to the bathroom, a kind smile present on her face the whole time. Granted, Ali was adorable, but he didn't think it would work that well.

    Standing in the room, Adrien avoided touching anything, seeing as it would be grounds for her to slug him, or do something else to repay her. Looking up as Luce came back into the room, Adrien let out a sigh, tugging at the wet hairs on the back of his neck. "Look, this isn't exactly the most opportune time for the both of us, but I really need your help." He said, putting his hands in his damp pockets. "That small adorable child got dropped off at my doorstep a few days ago and I have tried a lot of things but I can not take care of a child on my own. I mean look at me," He said, gesturing to his tired eyes, "I haven't gotten much sleep at all in the past few days. So I came to the person I would trust most with a child. Not that I want to drop her off on you or anything, I just need help." he said, heaving a large sigh and rubbing his forehead.

  6. Lucinda listened to Adrien's story, nodding a few times here and there, her arms still crossed over her chest. After a second she sighed ran her fingers through her red hair. A child. He wanted help taking care of a small child. Luci had always wanted to be a mother, but handling a child right now would be a definite challenge. She couldn't just let them go stay at Adrien's house. It was clear to see that he was having a hard time being a daddy and he could really use the rest from what she was hearing. "You're right. This isn't exactly the greatest time to come, but Ali definitely needs stable, love and care." She spoke, her tone serious. This was a serious thing that the two of them were talking about doing, so they needed to act in a serious and civilized manner. "I'll help you. I'm only doing it for Ali. She deserves to be a happy little girl." She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and a few seconds later she heard the pitter patter of footsteps enter the room.

    Ali ran into the living room and jumped into Adrien's arms. "Daddy are we gonna stay here with Luci?" She smiled, looking at Lucinda then back at Adrien. This would be a good thing for all three of them. Luci and Adrien didn't particularly end things on the right foot, so maybe this was exactly what they needed to settle the bad blood between them and make things okay again.
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  7. Adrien watched Luce very carefully, not a hint of disgust crossing her face as she thought about his proposal. He really needed someone else to help him take care of the little girl, who always had energy and was quite frankly freaking him out. It was hard to try and feet your python when you had a little girl cowering in the corner. He was getting closer with his python Iridium, but she was still very afraid of him. Smiling as he heard her say yes to his proposal, Adrien heaved a large sign, a grin crossing his face. "Thank you, you have no idea how much I needed this." He said, giving her a bow, to show his gratitude. Normally he would have kissed her hand, but she probably would have hit him for that.

    Looking over at Ali, who had just walked into the room, Adrien leaned down to her height, a soft smile crossing his face as he picked her up into his arms and held her up at his height. "Yes we are! Now daddy has to get our stuff from the car, you can wait here with Luce." he said, smiling over at her before back at Ali. "Does that sound good?" He asked her, being greeted with an enthusiastic nod before he let her go running towards Luce.
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  8. Lucinda smiled as Adrien scooped Ali up in his arms. He was always so great with kids, so she was happy that he had a child of his own. Of course it must have been a total shock when his ex Danielle dropped her off at his house. Ugh Danielle. The thought of the woman that Adrien had left her for made her want to gag. Danielle was a horrible girl, and she treated Adrien like shit. Luce never understood why he'd leave her to be with someone who treated him like that. But it was all water under the bridge now. Well... kind of. Lucinda was definitely still upset about the whole ordeal that had gone on between the two. She was in love with Adrien and him leaving had broken her. For a while after their break up, Luce was depressed beyond belief. She'd lost the love of her life to someone she never would have thought he'd leave her for and it left her in pieces. Eventually she picked up those pieces and glued them back together; getting back into her music and regular activities of the day.

    Ali ran towards Luce and Luci picked her up, smiling the entire time. Children always made her so happy, and she'd always dreamed of having a child of her own one day. She thought that she'd have a kid with Adrien some day, but that clearly didn't go as planned. "Are you hungry sweetie?" Lucinda asked. Alison nodded as the two of them walked into the kitchen. "Well what do you wanna eat?" She smiled. Luce knew that most little kids enjoyed eating the usual kid stuff. Chicken nuggets, ramen noodles, that weird peanut butter and jelly mix thing. Hopefully she had whatever the little girl decided. "Chicken strips!" Ali practically screamed which made Luci giggle. "Alright chicken strips it is." Luce looked in the fridge and got out two chicken breasts. "How about we make our own chicken strips? Does that sound like fun?" Luce smiled, getting down to Ali's height again. "Yes!" Ali smiled and the two began cooking. Luce helped the little girl cut the chicken into strips and dip them in flour, egg and bread crumbs. "This is gonna be so yummy Luci." Ali giggled.
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  9. Adrien watched Luce walk into the kitchen with Ali in her arms, and he chuckled. She had willingly taken his child in her arms without a second thought. Turning back towards the door, Adrien headed out to the car, using the whole umbrella this time since he didn't have a little munchkin to look after. It didn't take long for him to grab both of their bags and start walking back to her house. He had left a few things at home, like his Python, because he didn't know how long he was goin to stay here, but he would have to get her at some point. She could escape if he wasn't careful.

    Walking back in, Adrien set down their bags by the door and closed it, rubbing his damp head before closing the umbrella. He could hear Ali yelling about chicken strips, and he chuckled. That was her favorite thing in the world. Taking off his shoes, Adrien walked back towards the kitchen, leanin against the doorway to watch them.

  10. Lucinda smiled as she and Ali made chicken strips, this was a moment that she couldn’t wait for when she had her own children, but cooking with Ali was just the same. “This is so much fun Luci! I love to cook.” Ali giggled, dipping the chicken in flour. “I do too.” Lucinda smiled. At first, she didn’t even notice that Adrien was watching them, but after a second she looked up at him. “Why don’t you come help?” She smiled as she walked to the stove and turned on the cooking oil. “You can cut potatoes for homemade French fries.” Lucinda smirked and handed Adrien the potato peeler and a knife.

    Cooking was one of Luci’s favorite things to do. She especially loved cooking with Adrien. Luce smiled, remembering the times where she and Adrien would cook together. She remembered their flour fights, fondue nights, and slow dances in the kitchen as they cooked. It was cute. Their entire relationship was cute, but she didn’t really wanna think about that now… but she kinda did.

    Lucinda put her long, red hair in a messy bun as she cooked, taking the chicken strips that they’d already breaded to the stove and putting them into the oil. As soon as the strips were dropped into the grease, Luce quickly jumped back as not to get popped by it. She was a bit of a scary cat. “What sauce do you wanna eat with your chicken strips, Ali?” Lucinda turned to look at Alison for a brief moment as she stirred the nuggets. “Fancy sauce!” Ali jumped up and down, beaming with enthusiasm. Luce chuckled, memories flooding her mind again. “Fancy sauce, huh?” She smiled, turning to look at Adrien. “That’s your daddy’s favorite sauce to eat chicken nuggets and fries with too.” Luce looked at Adrien, the expression on her face saying ‘like father like daughter’ and clued that she remembered the happy memory between the two of them. “I know! That’s why I like it so much.” Ali bounced happily.

    “Why don’t I let you make the fancy sauce then?”
    Luce smiled and Ali nodded excitedly. Alison ran to the fridge and got the mayonnaise out while Luce pulled out the ketchup. Luci got the girl a bowl and spoon to mix the two condiments. She watched as Alison put them in the bowl and started to stir them together. Lucinda looked up at Adrien and smiled as he cut potatoes.
  11. Adrien was happy just watching the girls cook together for a while, but it wasn't long before he was spotted. Rolling his eyes slightly, Adrien walked over to the fridge and pulled out the potatoes. "Geeze Luce, your fridge is as messy as always." He joked lightly, taking out a cutting board right by where he remembered it. Having a kid really wasn't something he was used too. He still had so many things he wanted to do in life, mostly skating and running, but other things as well. Like traveling, and most of those places were not kid friendly.

    Adrien kept his eyes on the potatoes, but a grin never left his face as he chopped. "Of course she loves special sauce? Who wouldn't? It's good." He said, grinning at the two of them before continuing to chop. His hands worked quickly and methodically, and soon there were several strips of fries on the cutting board, waiting to be fried.

  12. Lucinda smiled when Adrien commented about how messy her fridge was. “Hey, I’m gonna straighten it up. Eventually.” She chuckled a little bit, taking the chicken strips out of the oil and putting them on a baking sheet with paper towel on it to drain. She turned the oven on its lowest setting and put the baking sheet in so the chicken would stay warm. “The stove is all yours.” She smiled at Adrien, gesturing towards the stove so he could fry the French fries.

    Gosh this is nice. I guess I kinda missed Adrien. Luce thought to herself. She walked over to Ali and took a look at the fancy sauce she was stirring. “How’s that fancy sauce coming along?” She asked, looking over the girl’s shoulder. “Great! It’s gonna be yummy. I can’t wait to eat some with my chicken strips.” Alison looked up at Lucinda, smiling. Lucinda couldn’t help but smile back at the little girl. “Hurry up with those French fries Mcall. We’re starving over here.” Luce teased. “Yeah Daddy. Starving!” They both giggled a bit.

  13. Adrien smiled, rolling his eyes as he leaned against the counter. "I know what that means, and it's a no." He joked, shoving her shoulder lightly. As soon as she was done with the stove, he dropped a bunch of the fries in at once, not ever flinching as it bubbled and popped. He grabbed the spoon she had used and smiled while he pushed the fries around, flipping it over again to coat all the sides. It wasn't long before the first batch was done.

    Glaring over at the two of them, Adrien rolled his eyes and looked over at the sauce. Taking a little bit on his finger, he smushed it on Luce's cheek, grinning. "Well shush, I will get there eventually." He joked, before licking his own finger.

  14. Lucinda giggled and crinkled her nose a little bit when Adrien rubbed sauce on her face. “Ew! If I break out, I’m blaming you.” She laughed, wiping the sauce off of her cheek with a towel. She was very hungry, so she was very eager for these French fries to be done. Of course, she had to feed Alison first. Luce pulled out three paper plates and put them on paper plate holders before she started to make plates. She took the chicken strips out of the oven carefully and put three of them on each plate, then added the fries. Luce helped Ali put “fancy sauce” in small dishes for them to use, smiling as she gave Ali and Adrien their plates. “If you want any other sauce with your fries and chicken, there’s ranch in the fridge, ketchup in one of the cabinets, honey mustard in the fridge. The works.” Luce spoke, taking a fry off of Adrien’s plate as they made their way into the living room. “Thank you for the food Luci!” Ali smiled and took a seat next to Luce. “It’s no problem sweetie!” Luce smiled, changing the channel to something more kid friendly than Lucifer.

  15. Adrien smiled and clicked his tongue. "Honey it would be an improvement." He chuckled, preparing for the backlash as he pulled out the fries. Serving himself a heap of the warm potatoes, he added a few chicken strips and special sauce, along with a little extra ketchup. Sitting down next to his little girl, he rubbed her head gently before tearing into his chicken strips. It had been a long time since he had eaten, and it was certainly showing, seeing as he was devouring one after another.
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  16. Lucinda looked over at Adrien and chuckled when she saw the way he was eating. Alison looked up at her father, then she and Lucinda looked at each other, then back at Adrien. Ali giggled a little bit and began mimicking the way her father was eating. Luci laughed and playfully slapped Adrien's shoulder. "Look at what you did." She giggled pointing at Alison and Ali giggled. "You know, you could eat like a normal human and no one would judge you for it." Luce teased.

  17. Adrien was in the middle of chowing down when he felt someone slap his shoulder. "Nah, I have to teach her to love who she is." He said, speaking quite clearly with his mouth full before going back to his food. It wasn't long before his plate was clean and Adrien was sitting back in his chair, and letting out a burp. "Ahh, that feels good." He mumbled.
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  18. Lucinda giggled and shook her head. "Like father, like daughter." She grabbed all of their plates and took them into the kitchen. "It's almost 2am Adrien. Does the little one have a bedtime?" She picked up Izzy off of the floor, petting her for a second before looking back up at Adrien. It wasn't exactly the best idea for a small child to be staying up until 2 in the morning, so she figured that they should get to bed soon. Luce honestly hadn't even thought of a sleeping situation. It'd be weird for she and Adrien to sleep in the same bed.
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  19. Adrien rolled his eyes. "She does, I just haven't put it in place yet. Also trying to figure out how to feed the child was my first priority." He said, yawning lightly. "But she does have a point. Time for bed. I'll tuck you in." He said gently, going over to pat her head as he headed towards her staircase. He didn't care where he slept, he was too tired to give a crap.
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