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  1. I've just finished mending some tears in this old Minnie Mouse doll :3 she was one of my favourite toys when I was little, I'm pretty sure she's from our first trip to Disneyland in 1991. She had a rip in her skirt, left leg and bow, two of the threads on her gloves were shot and I repainted the black on her eyes as it was half gone. I ironed her collar flat again, too; it was curled up. You can see how much her dress has faded in the second pic.


    Do you guys still own any beloved toys from your younger years? Please share; lets get nostalgic warm fuzzies going on :3
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  2. I actually still have almost all my Star Wars toys and the stuffed dog I've had since I was born. I might be able to put up a picture at some point.
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  3. I've got a seriously old teddy bear who's too delicate to wash and too dirty (read: dust mite central) to put on anything you sleep on. So he just sits up on my shelf. :)
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  4. I wish. :(

    The house I spent most of my childhood in burned down, along with my very favorite Pound Puppy. I cried for three months after that. I lost every single toy I ever owned in that fire, including lots of porcelain dolls and keepsake Barbies.
  5. I gave all my toys to my cousins overseas
  6. I didn't have toys. I had a blanket. I still have it with me~
  7. I had a Barbie collection. I gave those dolls away but I'm a little sad to see my Swan Lake version go. I liked those sparkly, glowing wings.

    Also my brother and I played a lot with RC helicopters, planes, cars and toy trucks (even a miniature crane) a lot. They're still around.

    My Gameboy Advanced, I guess? I only played Bratz, Harvest Moon and Barbie games there >_> And maybe my brother's Pokemon games but he had it on his own console. Oh right, there was also Nemo and Chicken Little... And Jimmy Neutron... But I liked Bratz back then. I started playing Pokemon and Harvest Moon on an emulator again a year ago though. o_o I accidentally deleted those and I'm too lazy to get the emulator and the games again.

    And last but not the least my creepy-ass dolls. You know those pretty ones with eyes that move or something, or stay looking in the same direction even no matter how you move or hold them?

    I also remember that tickle-me Elmo doll. Scared the crap out of me when I learned it laughed for the first time, I just watched a creepy movie and I thought it was possessed. ._.;

    Yeah, I did get a lot of toys, but those are good memories, I guess? I've started giving those away to my younger cousins and some family friends. I wonder why no one wants the creepy dolls, but I'm not parting with my teddy bear and plushie collection.
  8. I have my baby blanket and my first teddy though he's lost his fur and his eyes are so scratched up it looks like he has cataracts.
  9. I was poor growing up, but there was one particular toy out of them all that survived. A stuffed teddy bear named Sgraggles. Yes, Sgraggles. Tiny me was not very clever at naming things.

    Babby Brovo to Teenage Brovo

    Yes, that is two pictures of me. Babby Brovo with a stuffed toy the size of himself, and Teenage Metalhead Brovo with the same toy several years later. If anyone is wondering, yes, I still have that toy. He is safe in a box full of nostalgic things, right at the top.
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  10. My big stuffed duck cleverly named Hippo that is still living but is less fluffy now after years of hugging and being used as a pillow.
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  11. hee hee hee. I loved this toy.
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  12. I still have all of my stuffed animals from my childhood. Except for two which were very important to me and cried for a week over them. They were thrown out by my dad since I was too 'old' for them. At least I still have my charmander and my bulbasaur :)
  13. I used to have a stuffed silk doll that I called Puffy. I brought her with me everywhere, and when I had destroyed the first one, it took me weeks to get used to the second one. I had the first one since birth, and my parent's replaced her sad carcass when I was about 4. I still remember the confusion and looking at my mom like "this isn't mine"

    Other than that, I have a mint green bear that my aunt made for me that I plan on giving to my kids.
  14. Kept all my teddies and stuffed animals. I point-blank refused to let my mother throw them out. Even when she finally ground me down and forced me to get rid of my old LEGO kits, I stubbornly held onto those teddies.

    The one exception is only due to the potential existence of an inter-dimensional wormhole in my old room. I had a little stuffed hedgehog that I imaginatively called Hedgee-hog. I loved him. He was adorable and tiny enough to be carried around and soft and wonderful. In the midst of a fight, my brother once threw him at me. All we heard was the sound of him connecting with the wall and... He was gone. I never saw him again. I searched every corner of that room. Even when we took literally everything out when we moved a couple years later, he was nowhere to be seen. ;-; I was so upset. RIP Hedgee-hog.
  15. Only a single mention of LEGOs? For shame.

    Still have all of my sets from when I was a kid. Most of it's in storage, but plenty of my more creative models from Rock Raiders (best series ever) are here at home.
  16. I still have a mickey mouse my mom gave me when I was 6 months old. He's a vintage mickey from the 50s. Found out a few years ago. My mom said that if she had known she wouldn't have given him to an infant.
  17. I don't really have anything left of my childhood. My mom loves to throw things away. I'm the same way now. If you don't play with it and show no interest in it, then its gone. I'm anti-clutter like that. My husband on the other hand, loves keepsakes. He gets it from his mother. She has a whole box of his old toys and now our daughter plays with them. It's kinda cute actually but I don't see myself saving any of my daughter's current toys. Shh, don't tell my husband. He'll flip! lol.
  18. I loved to build things as a kid and had a ton of LEGOs. Had enough at one time few friends and I built an entire city. I still have them in a container collecting dust in my shed.

    There are a few other things left over from my childhood as keepsakes back home, that's about it. A lot of things were given over to poor kids and Goodwill of the like.
  19. I got one, Elephant.


    Yes, that was his name.
    I was perhaps the most un-creative with names out of any of you here.

    My Grandma got him for me since I was a little kid.
    Took him with me everywhere for a long time.
    And outside of one or two small tears, and one case where an ear was ripped off and had to be stiched back on (Some jerk at BMX wanted it and tried to tug-of-war it away >:C ).

    But at 21 years old I have this drawer right next to my Bed which Elephant continues to sit on to this day.
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