Childhood Pretend Games!

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Go back, back, BACK in to the past when you were a wee kiddie playing pretend!

DID you play pretend or were you one of those mindless television and video game kids? XD

What sort of pretend games did you play? Any that stick with you now as an adult? Did you ever like to dress up and *gasp* roleplay?

My brother and I had nothing to do BUT play pretend games, and we were wildly imaginative... sometimes totally ridiculous. c__c We'd collect all the toys we had and do like underwater sea diving adventures. Or turn all of his legos in to cats. Play Noah's Arc. We ended up creating entire worlds to keep ourselves entertained.
I've always been role playing. 8D

I used a lot of action figures back in the day...Sure, it was all fanfic, like Wolverine meeting the Power Rangers and for some reason beating the crap out of the Raptors from Jurassic Park...
^^^ I used to do that too^^^

Also, we used to get sticks and beat the hell out of bushes, pretending we were slaying dragons.
Dude. Lava steps.

Every time you're in a hallway with white-and-black checkered floors, pretend the black checkers are stones (safe steps) and the white ones are lava (bad steps).
I orchestrated schoolyard games of Jurassic Park (me and one other kid even convinced a ton of other kids there were dinosaur bones and dug this huge pit looking for them until the teachers noticed us coming in with mud on our clothes and shut down our dig site) and in seventh grade, me and my two best friends would play together and roleplay, we'd take kitchen supplies and broom handles and all roleplay together, in fact I'm writing down the story we crafted into book form~
we had this game called "the game" you'd do tricks and shit on the playground to earn points from your fellows to buy imaginary weapons with which we fought each other.

also, lots and lots of war games with my action man figures, followed by "army mens" (the little green plastic blokes).

also, there was "Raids on Matt's house" matt being the next door neighbor, an adult.
as kids we'd grab our plastic toy guns, and pretend to be a swat team, engaging "tangos" as we moved around his backyard and stuff.
Dude. Lava steps.

Every time you're in a hallway with white-and-black checkered floors, pretend the black checkers are stones (safe steps) and the white ones are lava (bad steps).

These! I still do something like this sometimes without explaining myself.

Let's see. What didn't I do? Ghostbusters, Transformers, TMNT, Predator, "Cops & Robbers" re-enacting kung fu/action movies, playing "house" and news interviews with female friends, playing something I'll just call "freeze tag with melodramatic acting," superheroes(I even made my own costume), gathering two-to-four chairs and pretending to be on a long trip describing the sights, pretending a sofa is a speed boat. Three Kingdoms-style campaigns involving "armies" of dolls and action figures. "Yard gymnastics." Extemporaneous storytelling. Extemporaneous storytelling in the form of a song. Crafting homemade toys out of random objects that happened to be lying a round (lots of tape and rubber bands).

Man, this thread brought back some really good memories. :)
Also, Batman always pwned everything. Just because he's Batman. I also seemed to like having Godzilla fight the Ninja Power Rangers...Giant Monster Rampage...Yeah that didn't screw me up for life. LOL
I actually spent all the way up until high school pretending I was FBI. c___c I had myself a badge and I.D., handcuffs, and even made warren's for people's arrest. I even interviewed people at school about a classmate's murder even though he was sitting right there.

The funny thing, was that people played along. XD
The only long term RP sort of thing I did was with my cousins was some weird ass fantasy plotline about a dude named Joshua that fought against some BIG BAD. Sadly, I still play this plotline, it's called the Sword of Embera and still continues to change. Because I feel like it.
Collected all the toys into "armies" based on type, there was the block army, the car army, the dinosaur army... each could move the length of a jenga block. The terrain was also make from jenga. Moving into an opponent killed them, had lego catapults powered by elastic bands firing marbles too tater evolved to weight powered trebuchettes. I didn't have any friends.