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  1. I know I've seen this thread done before, but a half-assed search didn't turn up anything, so I'm going to go ahead and make this anyway.

    I just saw a thread on here asking about how many jobs people have had in their life so far. Personally, I've had somewhere between 10 and 30 [don't mock my lack of memory!] and I just keep sailing through them because I haven't really found out what I want to do.. other than write, which isn't exactly lucrative at the moment.


    I got started thinking about what my plans were as a kid compared to what actually happened. And I'm nosy.


    What did you want to be when you grew up when you were a kid? Did you do it? Would you still want to do it now?

    I had three big things I wanted to be:
    1. A Power Ranger - I didn't do it, but FUCK YES I still want to! Give me the spandex suit!
    2. A chef - I didn't do it, and I don't think I would want to. I love to cook, but not for cranky people.
    3. A writer - I am working on it still! 20 years in the making so far!

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  2. Oh, man. I had huge aspirations as a child. XD

    I wanted to...:
    1. Be a doctor, and have a huge family. I don't really desire to be a doctor any more, however, I am registering to volunteer at a hospital to just be around and try to cheer patients up. ^_^ No huge family right now. XD
    2. Be a veterinarian. I'm not really inclined to do this anymore.
    3. Run an animal shelter. I'd still love to do that. :D
    4. Be an endangered species rescuer. As much as I'd love to do this.. When you're not even healthy enough to work at a Wal-Mart, it's unlikely you can travel the world and trek through the wilds saving potentially dangerous animals. But, I won't ever say never. ..Aside from that.
    5. A writer. In technicality, this is something I've been since grade school. I've written all the time growing up, and I have no intentions to give it up. I've even got some completed books I'd like to publish, once I've got the time. I don't want this to be a main career, though, but it's something I'll more likely than not continue as a hobbyist.
    6. An artist. Also something I've done a lot my entire life.. But only have a desire to do as a hobbyist, now.
    7. Elementary Teacher. If my current plan doesn't go over well, this is probably what I'll end up resorting to, since I love working with children. ^_^
    8. Actress. Currently, I intend to minor in Theatrical Arts, and I've partaken in my fair share of musicals and plays. Maybe some day. :3
    9. Finally, what I still desire to do and fully intend to major in.. I would like, more than anything, to become a therapist. Helping people(and animals, as is probably obvious by the earlier options) is my passion, and I feel this is what I'm best suited for, career-wise.. As well as what I want to do above all else. Right now, the most likely branch of therapy I'll go into is Biofeedback, A&CT, or counselling. :3

    Yeah... Lot'sssss of goals. Heh.
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  3. Primarily, ever since I was a lil'turd and saw those badass Abrams tanks roaring across the desert during Operation Desert Storm on the news, I wanted to drive tanks. I very rarely had a time in my life where driving a heavily armoured behemoth with a 120mm smooth bore wasn't the end goal.

    Other jobs I toyed with were a police office, which I never pursued because I feel I have the wrong kind of personality for law enforcement. I also wanted to be an archelogist for a while entirely because of Indiana Jones. The only other ideas I had were opening up a paintball field and I very seriously looked into gunsmithing. If I were in the US, I would have went for it because it's a registered trade there, and it's not nearly as common or easy to get into here in Canada.
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  4. Now I'm just imagining you driving across a paintball field in a tank.

    Heh heh heh...
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  5. You laugh, but my friends and I were one shitty pick up truck purchase away from building a paintball tank for a big scenario game back in high school. ;D
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  7. I'm not saying you should do it, I'm just saying if you did do it and didn't post it here I would be sad.
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  8. A wizard.
    A hobbit.
    A bard.
    An artist.
    A novelist.

    Not in specifically in that order, though. You can tell I had very practical career choices. And the last one is still very much one of my goals.
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  9. I wanted to be a door-to-door mailman.

    Unfortunately, Canada Post is dying out due to a severe lack of revenue, so I'm pursuing other, less interesting, careers.
  10. The only goal I've ever had as a child was to write my own novel. I'm still working towards it, but it doesn't have as high of a priority anymore; right now, I'm just focused on improving my general writing skills, as they're not as good as I'd like them to be.
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  11. Write every day!

    Also, now I'm picturing a Hobbit mailman.. I just.. I need this in my life.
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  12. Well, I..-


    h jeez. :o
    I took a minute to search paintball field and this came up in the results. Totally meant to be ;D

    ..Which is why I took a few minutes to make this. ;)
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  13. Paintball tabks are totally legit things that people make, trust me, I've been shot at by my fair share. :P
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  14. Eeh. Even thinking about that hurts.
  15. Game Design and Child Care Worker.

    Recently gave up on the latter, and am debating going back in college for the former.
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  16. I wanted to be not dead, I succeeded at that. I also wanted to be a writer, and I'm still working on that.

    1 outta 2 ain't bad.
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  17. I went through all the normal phases kids had, the ones that never last long. O__O Like acting, ballerina, magician, cop, etc.

    But the ones that STUCK:

    A Teacher: It was my very first childhood dream! I wanted to teach elementary school. :D As I got older I realized this wouldn't be a good job for me, because I care a little bit TOO much. I'd meddle in stuff that wasn't my business, and get too involved, and prolly be really unhappy. .___.

    An Artist: My second dream! I just wanted to draw and paint and sell art. Even now I still think about doing this. Maybe not as a career, but just a little side cash. I'm not very consistent or dedicated to my art though. .__.;

    A Novelist: My strongest dream that I still hold today. O___O Of course, I have only finished maybe one or two actual stories in my life. But I am a late bloomer. I believe one day I will finally sit down and write a book and become a published author. 8D I'll prolly write three books and then die before the end of my series.
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  18. When I was a child I dreamed of being:
    1. Vet - Found out I'm allergic to most anything with fur so that was out of the question.
    2. Travel agent - my mother was a travel agent and I wanted to be like her. With the rise of the internet, there is no need for such a position
    3. Writer - no real money in it or at least I haven't found that perfect book idea that will catapult me yet lol.
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  19. 1. Gamedev - I did go to school for this before Depression set in. I still hold it as a prime interest.
    2. Comicbook writer/artist - My art is waaaay to inconsistent. Writing wise. Story boarding is something I got commended for working with game dev. So maybe, maybe I still have a shot at the Comic biz.
    3. Author - Well. I plan on writing atleast one book proper before I die.
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  20. I watched a lot of the winter and summer Olympics therefore I wanted to be a figure skater. That and a astronaut, space excited me. The concept of it, even to this day, excites me. Since none of those worked out I settled with trying to make this writing thing into something.
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