Childhood memories

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  1. Everyone has that one memory in their childhood that they look back at and say (or think),"Hey, maybe I shouldn't have done it but it was hilarious' or 'Holy crap was my mother mad.' Well, I thought that it would be fun to have a conversation about them.

    What is the funniest childhood memory you have?

    One of mine is the time my sister and I, when we were about ten and nine, were up later than we should have been. We shared a room so we were able to get into a lot of mischief. One night, I told my sister that she was acting like a baby because she wasn't lead mare (we had Breyer horses she and I used to play with, and one of our favourtie games was 'Wild Stallions', along with Rocketship which i will tell you about in a minute), and she started to pretend to cry like one. it was hilarious. Since both of us were supposed to be in bed three hours ago, our mother must have heard her crying because all we heard next was 'SHUT UP AND GO TO SLEEP!'. From that day, both my sister and I always laugh whenever we hear something like it (

    Another memory is actually when I broke my arm. Correction; she broke my arm. that game Rocketship I told you about? Yeah, this is what we did for fun. and again, this was when we were supposed to be asleep. Rocketship is where one kid is laying under the mattress and kicking up while the other is on top of the mattress trying for dear life to stay on. All the while the person under is moving their legs around and kicking the mattress trying their hardest to fling the other off. Well, she put a little bit too much 'omf' into the kick and I went flying. I land on the floor after crashing into my dresser and my forearm was broken in two places while my upper arm was fractured. Our mother came running up those stairs faster than a whip and man that look she had. Both livid and annoyed as well as shocked.

    We were both grounded for a month, as if my broken arm wasn't bad enough.
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  2. Oh man, this brings up a lot since I grew up with my sisters, one younger and one older. Hm, well one of our favorite games was one we invented, called Oogala Boogala. (Creative, no?) For this game my sisters would climb the huge pine tree in our backyard and I would play the monster down below, calling oogala boogala and they would throw pinecones down at me and I would throw sticks up at them. (Totally safe you know.) There wasn't really a winning or losing to the game, it was just fun to throw stuff at each other and hang out.Those are some pretty good memories. But then we had to grow up.....
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  3. My family was moving to the city I still love in, away from All of my aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents.

    They threw us a going-away party where everyone took a letter from my immediate family's surname and made a craft, sang a song, performed a skit, or did something based around that letter

    Except my uncle Richard. He forgot, and thought we would let it slide.

    We didn't

    He had gotten the letter R. So he thought for a minute, then stood up and said, straight faced;

    R is for Richard
    I am the best
    You will miss me
    More than the rest.

    I still think it's hilarious
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  4. I don't want to say that this brings up memories because honestly, I am still making new ones everyday. (Still lives with parents and siblings...xD) But I sure remember one time, when me and one of my little sisters; there are 5 of us...I'm the oldest and then there's 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We were walking to my Grandma's house and there was this huge rottweiler on the top porch of some guys house. That dog was pretty damn scary but to not seem like a scaredy cat in front of my sister, I decided to keep walking on that same sidewalk but like always, something had to go wrong. The dog started barking mad loud at us and for some reason decided to jump after us. I'm telling you that fall must have hurt like hell!! When I saw that dog falling, I ran as fast as I could across the street and climbed a big wall like fence on the house in front and refused to climbed down until the dog was gone even though, the dog was already unconscious due to the fall. My sister started laughing mad loud and 'till this day, she still tells the story every time she sees a rottweiler. It was pretty embarrassing!! Still, I fell very sad for the dog on the moment, also.
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