Childhood Dreams

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Stemming from a conversation Fluffy and I had:

When we were children, we all had little fantasies or dreams or desires or wishes we hoped to fulfill or have granted to us. Girls wanted ponies, and giant houses, and super dream weddings. Boys wanted to grow up to be cowboys, or have a talking dog, wanted a giant robot friend.

What was your hilariously cute childhood fantasy/dream/wish? Did you want a pony, or a giant robot friend?
I honestly can't think of wanting a pony or a big wedding when I was a little girl. When I was little I think I lived too much in the here and now. I had people I played with, and when no one was around to play with being a typical only child, I found ways of amusing myself around the adults. I'll admit I wanted to grow up to be a mommy someday when I was little, but I never even did the thing where I would dream up what I wanted my children's names to be. Only now that I'm older have I even given that some serious thought, and I still have the 'depending on what the father might want' stipulation in there.

I did wish my house had secret passages and stuff. I thought that would be wicked cool!