Childhood Demons ~ RP

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Fantasy, Magical, Romance, Slice of Life, Horror and certain fandoms.

Everything was black. The last thing you remember was dying. Is this what it was like to be dead..? You hear chanting, or is that singing..? Cracking open an eye you see a woman with long, silver hair leaning over you. She is smiling. You ask her how you are alive. "It was not yet your time, young one... " She responds, her smile growing. "Do not fret, you are my child now.." She tells you. You sit up and see a young girl standing behind the woman. Was she like you to..? "I see you have noticed Tacey. She is my child as well.. She will explain what has happened to you, right darling..?" She glances behind her to the young girl.

"Yes mother.." She says stepping closer to you. She is smiling as well. "Greetings. I wish to welcome you to your new life." You notice that her voice sounds melodic. It almost has this calming effect that makes you feel less apprehensive about the situation. "You are a child now." She says softly. You open your mouth to say something, but she continues speaking. "Being someone who has died before your time has allowed my mother to resurrect you as a child. A child is someone who has come back from the grave to get their revenge on the one that had killed them. You may notice minor differences in your appearance and that you may have gained some new abilities. I simply can not wait to see what your abilities are.." You are about to ask her what kind of abilities when she smiles at you again before humming a soft tune. It's so beautiful... you just want to close your eyes and relax... You feel everything going black again before you feel a soft hand on your shoulder. "Like that." Tacey says. "That is my ability used in a lesser manner.. Did you feel it..?" She asks you, her head tilted slightly. You nod at her and her smile grows.

She then steps back as the woman steps forward again. "Welcome to your new life, young one." She says warmly. "I am Almira. May I ask you your name and how you perished...?"


"How terrible..." She says, shaking her head. "Don't worry, you will get your revenge one day, little one.." She tells you before backing away and motioning to the girl. "Tacey will take you to camp and help you get situated... If you have any questions, ask her.." The woman slowly faded into the shadows. You blink in disbelief before climbing to your feet. Tacey motions for you to follow her. As you follow the girl through the forest, you can't help but think to yourself about how you'd now solved the mystery of what killed people in the woods. You chuckle at the thought.

Tacey leads you into a small clearing. Along the edges of the clearing are little hut-like structures. You notice more children and teenagers milling about. "Welcome." She says, turning to smile at you before pointing to a little hut. "You will stay there. Please make yourself at home." She tells you before wandering over to speak with another child. You guessed it was time to start your new life...
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Harmony really didn't want to talk, but she felt like she had to. So she explained to the woman what had happened to her, using as little words possible. When Harmony was brought to the camp she wanted to stay close to the person she knew most, Which was Tracey, so she walked up to the girl and pulled her sleeve. Looking up toward the girl, Harmony rubbed her head on her arm.

The black haired girl smiled down at Harmony, lightly patting her head and running her hand through her hair with her free hand. "It's alright, little one. You'll be safe here. I promise." She said softly, infusing the emotion of calm within her words. "Would you like me to show you to your little hut where you'll be staying?" She asked, smiling at her.
Harmony smiled back while she still had a hold on Tracey's arm, it was only slightly. The one thought that had been going through the child's mind was where was her mommy. So she tillted her head and asked.

"Mommy, short hair, where?"

Tacey bit her lip, small fangs sinking into the pale skin. "Sweetie, you're with us now..." She said softly, kneeling to be on the little girl's level. "I'm sorry, but we'll make up for her as much as we can, alright?"
Harmony stepped back as Tracey bit her lip. Was this girl angry with her now? Would she get beat up again for asking where her mommy was? Harmony couldn't say that being with her mother made her feel safe or brought her much joy, but she was used to the woman's kind words. Looking down and hugging her arms, Harmony whispered quietly.

"Sorry, no hurt please."

Her red eyes widened a fraction of an inch at the little girls words. "Sweetie, I would never hurt you. It's my job to protect you and to make sure your life now is better than it was." Tacey said softly, gently running a pale hand through the little girl's hair. "Here you'll never have to worry about anyone hurting you ever again, alright?"


The little boy poked his head out of his small hut, black eyes looking around warily. Once he was sure that everyone was occupied, he made a run for it, disappearing into the woods surrounding the children's camp. It was rare that the elder children took their eyes off of him long enough for him to get away. However, this time he had eluded them and for this he was proud. He ran for a little longer, until he was sure he wasn't followed. After that he slowed to a walk and took a minute to look at his surroundings. he had made it to the river. He could hear the night birds chirping in the trees and resisted the urge to converse with them, He had bigger things to be attending to at the moment. Now, where was the waterfall? He continued walking until he heard the tiniest of noises. A noise that could not exactly be described by nature followed by a quiet voice.

"What are you doing?"
Harmony looked deep into Tracey's eyes, seeing if she was lying or not. Seeing only truth in her eyes, Harmony nodded. She then went back to holding Tracey's arm. She started to look around the camp and the other children roaming around, casting easy looks toward her. Harmony then make gentle tug on the arm. She then pointed toward a kid with some candy and then rubbed her tummy.

She does not know what happened. She does not remember anything. Looking down at her pale hands, she slowly brought them to her cheeks. They're cold. She took notice as she pulls them off of her cheeks and stared at them again. Curling and uncurling her hands she also took notice of how numb and slightly stiff they become. And what's troubling her more is how she appears to be drenched wet. How her new dress stick to her small frame. Did she fall in the river? And if she did then where is this place? She asked herself as she scan the place around.
A very small creature peered at the newcomer. This creature was an odd one -- it had thin white hair and big reddish eyes, and it was cloaked in a pale blue silken robe decorated with the occasional black ruffles. It approached Lilliah with apprehension. As it had walked up behind the distracted girl without making much noise, it didn't know if the girl had noticed it, and so it opened its small mouth to speak. "He'o," it said, probably attempting a 'hello' but struggling with the Ls. "I tink you awe dead."

@NightShade Dweller

She can't help but to giggle at the small gesture. "Follow me, we'll find you some candy." She said softly, heading towards one of the small huts.

~Brandon & Rosalie~

"Oh.. uh. Nothing." He said quickly. "Nothing at all."

The pinkette just gave him a look. "Liar. You were gonna try and off yourself again, weren't you?" She said, crossing her arms over her chest as her red eyes glared at him. "I'm gonna tell Tacey."

At this he looked panicked. "Please don't!"

Rosalie paused to think about this. "I won't but only if you come with me now and don't do what you were thinking."

He sighed. "Fine."
Harmony gave a small smile and held Tracey's hand as they walked over to the hut. The little girl wasn't sure if her brother would find her and ruin this, but Harmony was going to enjoy this place for as long as she could. While walking Harmony started to hum a song she heard from school.
"You're just a worthless child. You thought you could kill me? Ha! Just join you family in he--"

A petite girl snapped awake, cold sweat dripping down her forehead and off her chin. Her eyes were swollen, and she looked like she had awoken from a bad dream. Is she was able to recall, a large man had stabbed her in the stomach, finishing off by knocking her out in the head... And here she was. Was she... Dead? "Grandma..? Grandpa...? Daddy..? Kevin...?" The small girl slowly got up, tears in her eyes as she slowly called out for each of her family members, who she had already known had died. "I'm scared... I wanna go home.." She mumbled, and she looked like she was on the verge of crying again. She prayed that this was all a bad dream; and when she woke up, she could find her grandma and grandpa cradling her, comforting her after having a bad dream. The smell of sweet, creamy, and very, very little caffeinated coffee to wake her up, the warmth of being against her Grandparents, and the chime of her brother's voice, which she sometimes found annoying, but nonetheless loved dearly.

She was about to burst into tears again, until she heard a woman, singing a gentle song. She then finally looked up at the woman who was looking over her, and she was scared, however the woman was very pretty. "A-Am I dead..? Can I see my grandparents yet? Can I hug Mommy.. and Daddy.. And.. And..." The girl began to cry again, wiping her tears away as she was sobbing, her speech was unclear due to the tears and the stuffed nose. At this point, her head was pounding from crying so much.

It was not yet your time.

The voice had said, and she was confused. Resurrected as a child? So.. In a nutshell.. She had magic powers more or less. "My name.. Is Charlotte... A man ripped apart my family.. My family killed themselves off... He did it... He drove them all insane.." She explained, at least when asked to. Tears began to well up in her eyes again, until she realized she had to get herself settled in. She was somewhat dizzy, due to crying so much, thus she stumbled while getting up, only to regain her balance shortly after. She followed Tacey, who was leading her through a forest, and eventually had found the huts. It looked like a small village, like how the aboriginals used to live. Then again, how would she know?

Charlotte walked over to her hut, slowly crawling inside. Well, the inside was certainly larger than the outside, and she sat down on the ground, trying to process all that had happened to herself. The only thing in her mind was revenge. She wanted to drive the man to insanity. Killing him wasn't enough, she wanted him to be driven to the insanity, ten fold of what he had driven others to. She wouldn't do it physically of course, nor would she emotionally do it.

She will inflict a scar. A scar so deep mentally, that it will haunt him, in death, in his reincarnations, in all his next lives. It will be so deep that overtime he were reincarnated, that scar will be there.

For eternity.
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(( @AmerillaRose Just wanted to point out that her name is Tacey. No 'r' ))


Once inside the hut, she let go of the little girl's hand and began searching around. "Here we are." She finally said, pulling out a lollipop and handing it to her. "I know it's not much, but it's the best I can offer until Jett and I next raid the village."


The scrawny teen sat underneath a tree, concentrated on something he seemed to be making with his hands. Occasionally he would look up and see what was going on around camp, but those occasions were few and far between since he was focused on his work. Finally he sighed, holding out his hand. Resting in his palm was a perfect replica of a butterfly down the the intricate markings on the wings. His blue eyes glowed for a moment and slowly but surely the wings began to flutter. He grinned in response.

~Brandon & Rosalie~

Slowly but surely they made their way back to the camp. Rosalie had wanted to use a vortex, but Brandon insisted on walking back the old fashioned way. Eventually she caved once she realized all their time spent arguing they could have been walking.
Jeremiah's dead eyes were as open as they could be, looking out to the moving train that gave no notice to his existence. The girl, who had promised the boy a wondrous new life, gave only a passing glance as he was eviscerated. Yet as this was going on, Jeremiah still felt alive. He knew all-too-well what had happened, but somehow his soul remained chained to the Earth. This bizarre consciousness faded into nothingness. Jeremiah was more fearful of oblivion than anything else. An eerie chanting pierced the silence, and the boy was spellbound by the singing. Much to his terror, this was certainly not the song of an angel, nor was he placed before the gate of St. Peter. Jeremiah listened closely to what this strange voice said to him, and for what he recalled, he was now the child of another. The whole moment was dream-like. He never had actual parents before, or siblings, for that matter.

Jeremiah could tell that this Tracey was older than him. Her face was... serene, or so he thought. After absorbing all that information, his guide, Tracey, pointed over to a small hut village with other children. A million different questions soared through the boy's mind. A mix of emotions ran in his system, too. He was angry, depressed, delighted, excited, and calm all at the same time. Rage was the foremost feeling Jeremiah noticed. "What blasphemous things have they done to me?" he wondered aloud. The boy stepped into his own, dimly-lit hut, already filled with the paraphernalia he was accustomed to. Sitting alone, Jeremiah spoke with himself, holding his crucifix close to his heart. "I'm not supposed to be here! I'm not a vengeful person..." tears began to build up in his eyes. For all the other children a short distance away, the boy felt lonelier than ever. He could only grimace and bear it, and search for answers later.
The white-haired creature from before noticed Jeremiah a few feet away. Oh, another newcomer. The thing approached him, staring with red eyes. It vaguely remembered being lost mentally, in a similar way to this person. "You too," it said with a thick lisp. "You awe pwobably dead. You should come wif me." The small-bodied being sunk to all fours and crawled right in front of Jeremiah's face, making sure that the boy could see it. It gestured to the huts where the other children rested, and began moving to lead him there.
Harmony gave a smile in thanks as she ate her treat. Normally she only got candy at school and if she brought it home, her brother would take it. Harmony then hugged Tacey's arm again, batting her eyes playfully.

"Play music?" Harmony started to dance in place.
The shock from today's events left Jeremiah in a state of disillusion. He paid no mind to the miniature thing that approached him, in a manner that offered no solace. It spoke like a child much younger than him, and Jeremiah could only guess at the horrible things done to everyone here. The creature resorted to operating on four limbs, in a disturbing, dog-like behavioral reaction. Saying nothing, Jeremiah was escorted to his hut. He made a vow, that moment, that he would find answers to this purgatorial sentence. No child deserved to be here, that much Jeremiah was sure of.
The little thing wobbled off, showing off the huts. When they were at their destination, it turned around, its big nearly-red eyes watching the stranger with all the expression of a doll. It used one pale, birthmarked hand to wipe a few of the many strands of its tangled hair from its face.

"Hey, you didun't say what youw name was," it noted. "I's Hatsu, and I's foy! What's youw name?" Its "your"s and "four" were barely comprehensible, but it clearly seemed to be asking for an introduction. It waited patiently...
Lost in her own mind, a movement caught her attention in the corner of her eye. Turning to look to the side where the movement came from. Shifting her body she stared at the creature that was now speaking with another child like her lost and confused. Forcing her body to stand despite the slight numbness she wobbled on her feet as she slowly treads towards the strangers following them to where ever they were heading off.
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