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  1. Accepted Characters
    Almira ~ Unknown ~ Sorceress ~ Helena Sky
    Madeline Tacey Aria ~ 17 ~ Hypnotic and Enchanting Voice ~ Helena Sky
    Jett Koritsubasa ~ 18 ~ Control Over Ice ~ Helena Sky
    Lanny Kashioni ~ 17 ~ Control Over Fire ~ Helena Sky
    Rosalie Chimizu ~ 14 ~ Opens Rifts ~ Helena Sky
    Brandon Aika ~ 11 ~ Speaks to and Controls Animals ~ Helena Sky
    Melody Pearl Nottingham ~ 17 ~ Weather Manipulation ~ Princess Poisoned Rose
    Suko Tiuri ~ 14 ~ "Consuming Darkness" ~ Sarokhor
    Alexander Frolov ~ 15 ~ Third Eye ~ RecentlyInsaneRussian
    Harmony Jones ~ 7 ~ Empath ~ AmerillaRose
    Beauty Yosei ~ 16 ~ Controls Nature ~ beautie
    Jin Hanamura ~ 17 ~ Paper Charms with Effects ~ beautie
    Eric Lance ~ 18 ~ Mental Blasts ~ Petricus Euryale

    ~Their Word Is LAW~
    Helena Sky
    Petricus Euriale
    Princess Poisoned Rose​

    Rules Reminder!!
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    7. All characters must be approved by me before joining the role play. This is to prevent stupidity and, once more, to prevent shit flipping.
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    9. If you are gone for more than a week without giving me a valid reason before you disappear, you will be removed from the RP. We're not all waiting on one person, we want to keep moving. If you are going on vacation or somethingtell me before you leave.
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  2. ~Tacey, Almira, and Lanny~​

    The evening was quiet, as per usual. Nothing special ever really happened around the Children's small village anymore. Almira kept promising something interesting would happen. Either they'd get a new Child or one of them would finally get their revenge. Yet, none of it ever happened. So, just as the night before and the night before that, Tacey sat in the middle of their small clearing of huts by the fire. Red eyes glanced around the camp with an almost bored expression. Well, until she could sense her mother approaching.

    After a moment or so, the familiar cloaked figure of Almira appeared at the forest edge. Tacey immediately approached. "Greetings, mother. What brings you here?" She asked in that soft, melodic voice of hers.

    Almira lowered her hood, a smile was on her lips. "I bring a new Child. One you should be very familiar with." With those words she beckoned at the forest. A blonde boy, still covered in fresh blood stepped out. He had red eyes and a ring of fire around his head almost like a halo. He wore a grin that only grew when he seen Tacey.

    The first Child slowly breathed out a name. "Lanny....."

    Over by one of the bordering trees, the temperature dipped ever so slightly. Jett sat, back pressed against one of the trees and black hair covering his blue eyes. He was hard at work once more. His hands were in front of him moving rather quickly as if constructing or crafting something. Finally, he pulled one of his hands back. Sitting in his palm was a perfectly sculpted butterfly made of ice. It fluttered its wings and walked around his hand causing him to smile. The smile was quick to fall from his face though as the butterfly tried to take flight and its heavy wings of ice broke causing it to plummet to the ground and shatter. "I'm sorry, my friend, but you are doomed to a life without flight..." He said sadly.

    Suddenly he felt a new heat enter camp. To someone who radiated cold, he was sure to notice more than the usual fire. He glanced up, seeing Almira next to a blonde boy that gave off heat in waves. Possibly due to the halo of fire. A new Child? He rose to his feet. Perhaps he would go investigate....
    The pinkette sat inside her hut, knees tucked against her chest as she sat in one of the corners. For the longest time, she had only emerged when she needed to and tonight was no exception. Occassionally Tacey would try to draw her outside with the others, but she refused. She didn't trust the elder teen seeing as she was there when she awoke to this new life. Perhaps if one of the others were to approach her.... She shook her head at the thought. No, she would stay in here. No one else could hurt her in here. Although, she did hear some kind of commotion outside.

    Black eyes glared balefully at the girl by the fire. Why did they always have to know? Couldn't they just let him be dead like he was supposed to be? With a huff, he looked up at a bat flying over head. "Hello there..." The boy said, holding out his finger and watching as the bat flew down and hung from it. "Yes, I agree, the moonlight is nice tonight." He replied to something no one but him could hear. "Fire?" He questioned. After a moment of silence, Brandon looked up to see a new Child and scowled. Well, until he realized the excitement of a new Child arriving might be the distraction he needed. Rising to his feet and bidding the bat good night, he snuck off into the woods.​
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  3. ~Eric~

    He sat by the fire, far enough from everyone else to feel safe but close enough for them to not think he was avoiding them. Which he was. He watched as Brandon talked to the bat. Then followed Brandon's gaze to the new Child. Eric took a moment the study the new child from a distance. Clearly the fire was an obvious concern in an entirely flammable village. Other than that, just another child. Eric turned his attention back to Brandon. Recently he had taken to watching over Brandon. Someone had to. The child was dangerous to himself. And Eric had seen enough children give up on life to know exactly where it ended: Death. He got up and slowly made to follow Brandon away from the fire.
  4. Suko Tiuri.jpg Suko Tiuri

    The rather well dressed gothic girl watched the new arrival with idle curiosity. She wondered what kind of person he would wind up being, though... it wasn't like it mattered too much to her. The only reason she tolerated these lowly commoners was to appease 'mother'... She was not ungrateful for her resurrection and was almost gleeful to enact her revenge on the fools who had dared to cross her. The waiting was the hard part... While mother's promises kept her patient and confident that she would get her chance she figured she might as well give these lowlifes the grace of her words rather than just her presence. The young boy called Brandon disappearing did not catch her eye at first, it was Eric following that drew her gaze to the sight. Her lips curled into a slight smile as she rose from her seat and set about following them herself. If Brandon was as suicidal as she had gathered perhaps she would eat well tonight, like she had before her noble life was stolen from her. She longed for the taste of a fresh well cooked meal, as nothing quite satiated her pallet like eating what was otherwise at the top of the food-chain. Perhaps it was the immorality of it that felt so fulfilling, Suko had no idea and she didn't care. Suko had enjoyed the misery of the boy up until now, his resentment of his fate amusing her to her core. If the fool wanted to end it at least she could have a nice meal if she was going to lose her entertainment

    (The arrogance is indeed intentional as part of Suko's character. Don't take it as personal attacks from me on your characters please :dude:)
  5. Alexander Frolov
    A boy, dressed up in a kind of knitted shirt, colored maroon-honey, and in mid-short black pants, was standing by one of huts, hardly concentrating on a small (half of his height) boulder.

    "Why when I want to levitate objects, my eye is sleeping?" Alex said, annoying, and continued looking on a rock. Sometimes, through his mind went thought - "This is getting ridiculous". Maybe Jett and others were right? He can't even lift a rock above ground, not questioning some advanced actions, like opening a lock, or levitating multiple objects. And eye is extremely quiet... Ugh! This is just stupid!

    "Just lift up already!" He yelled hardly, as his eye opened on center of his forehead, shooting powerful light in all directions. Deep crack went exactly on center of boulder, and it fell on two parts. His eye cringed a little bit, beeping several times.

    "What's wrong? A new child?" The boy mentally asked his third eye, as eye replied in a cold, and strict manner.
    "No need to worry. Yes, it's another child. Let's just head back to our hut and- You don't even care, do you?" Eye asked annoyingly, as Alex shrugged, and they ran to the direction that eye guided him. It was quite interesting that he always had a person guiding him, but at the same time - it was extremely creepy, knowing that someone is always right there... on center of your forehead.

    Since Alex was extremely curious, when running, he sometimes lifted off the ground, and levitated some time. But, seriously, levitation get's really annoying when it starts happening without your orders. His eye, meanwhile, observed the surrounding nature, sometimes giving some advices to Alex.

    "Okay, I sense some people right there. You sense radiation of fire, don't you?" Eye commented, and asked at the end. Alex thought a little, and started to notice heat waves spreading from center of small "children" village.
    "Yes, what do you think? Maybe he.. Or she is Pyrokinetic?" He asked the eye, not bothering to speak with his own forehead mentally.
    "Exactly! It can be dangerous for you-" Eye tried to remind him of something, but Alex just shrugged mentally.
    "Psychokinesis - ability to manipulate matter, isn't it?" The boy asked sarcastically, as Eye sighed mentally. They continued to run, as one person.
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    He laid peacefully on his back, his eyes closed as he laid on a thick bed of grass he made himself so he could rest. He was under a beautiful tree, the sun beaming through the foliage made it too comfortable to resist. His book was sprawled out next to him, forgotten, a lady bug crawling onto it. As much as Jin would love for Beauty to curl up like a cat and sleep all day like he usually does, she wants him to come with her to go see the newbie. She walked over, hair swaying with a pride smile as she bent down. "C'mon Beauty, up you go. Let us go meet a new child!" She chirped. He was shaken awake by two hands, confused at the look Jin was giving him or that Jin was waking him up at all. "N-New Child?" He whispered as he sleepily. As she got him awake she walked forward, Beauty following close behind.

    "I wonder what they're like. It's been awhile since any event like this. Haha, I remember when you first came along." She smiled in nostalgia. "You were so scared and unsure, covered in vines and beautiful flowers. You looked like a fairy." Beauty spoke up, a sleeved hand timidly over his mouth, his lavender eyes lidded. "P...Please Jin... Ah... Your entrance was much more beautiful."

    Jin winced to herself. Her death certainly wasn't. "What do you think they're like? I hope it's a pretty girl." Beauty was quiet. "I just hope they don't pick on me..." Jin giggled. "You know I and a few others don't let that happen anymore Beauty. Be excited, maybe they'll make friends with you." Beauty silently doubted that very much, his flower crown growing much more densely packed with flora.

    ".... I'll try."
  7. Alexander Frolov
    Alex was already approaching the center of improvised village, when his eye gave him a strange sense. Ashamed and cold speech cut through Alex's thoughts:
    Three persons: two men, and one lady. Depressing feelings from one of the men, and murderous wanting from the lady.

    "E-eye, is that true?!" Alex asked mentally, horrifyingly trying to find dangerous trio. Eye nodded lightly, pointing out the direction on the Brandon, Eric and Suko.
    "Alex please! Let's return back to the new child, and pretend never of this happened. After all: one child more - one child less, it's n-" But eye wasn't able to finish it's words
    "You are disgusting!" Alex said, and walked calmly after them.

    For several moments, eye and Alex were walking quietly, when Alex tried to cool down the situation.

    "Commander Eye - report the situation" Alex said, looking around, scared. Eye sighed deeply, cursing the day it was put on that goddamn child.
    "Three persons are to your left - don't go too fast, or you might scare them off" Alex smiled to it, and then continued to walk after them.
    @Petricus Euryale, @Helena Sky, @Sarokhor.
  8. Harmony had arrived very early that morning, still covered in blood from her attack. She wanted to ask her new 'mother' so many questions, but felt far too tired to do so. So she was taken to a hut to rest. It was night by the time Harmony woke up, but she wasn't sure if she should leave this hut or bed. This place felt different, like a mixture of anger, sadness, confusion, and happiness. It all felt too much for her mind and just wanted to stay in this bed forever. That was her plan, until her stomach began to complain. Harmony didn't know where to start looking for food, but it was somewhere outside of the hut. So, Harmony slowly made her way out, looking for someone to help her or anywhere that looked like a mess hall.
  9. ~Tacey, Almira, and Lanny~
    Almira smiled. "I thought you'd be happy to see him." She said, looking between the two of them. Honestly, she thought they were cute as a pair and was glad to reunite them. "I'll leave you two alone and take a peek around camp before I head out." With that, the white haired woman strolled off, poking her head into Rosalie's hut and trying to coax the young pinkette out into the open with not much success. It was then that she spotted Harmony wandering around. "Is there something I can assist you with, my child?"
    He could hear more footsteps behind him and quickened his pace. They couldn't catch him. Not this time. Finally, he began running in hopes of leaving his followers behind. Soon, too soon, he reached his destination: the river. Leaning down, he greeted a fox that trotted out to meet him. "Hey there..." He said, petting its fur softly. "Think you can hold them off?" He smiled as the fox trotted off towards the footsteps. Turning back to the water, he began to fill his pockets with rocks."​
  10. Melody had been busy about the encampment mostly tidying up. Since Mother had rebirthed her she had taken on a role of mother while mother was away. Melody hummed softly as she made her way to the fire. She had clothes similar to what she had worn when she was alive and that made her feel more comfortable. She greeted her elder siblings with a smile. Melody adored all of her siblings even Suko, who shared noble blood as Melody did. Her interest was shifted to where mother had entered with the newest sibling who made Tracy happier than she had ever really seen the girl.
  11. Harmony gave a look to her new mother, glad to at least find a familiar face. The small girl went up to Almira and gave her own stomach a rub.

    "Dinner?" Harmony asked in a quiet tone, trying to sound polite in that one word. The young girl was have scared that Almira would lash out at her for asking for food, but Harmony had no one else to ask. Even if she did, the girl would hold the same fear. The only person she wasn't afraid of was her teacher at her school before she died. Harmony tried not to think about the woman too much, since she didn't want to make herself sad or make Almira think she was ungrateful for the gift she given Harmony. She was glad to have a second chance at life, though the 'getting revenge' part didn't seem so great to her.
  12. Melody heard Harmony ask for some food. She smiled and approached the little girl. "I have some berries and nuts for you to eat." Melody said gently as she offered her hand to the young girl. Melody unlike her aristocrat sister Suko, loved just about everyone. Melody smoothed out her black skirt. She knew why the little girl had such hesitation, in reality not many of Almira's children trusted very well. Melody hates most adults and wished them all to die a painful death, but children she loved and adored. She mostly got along with kids her own age but most times it was more often than not pretty difficult to do. Her purple eyes glanced around quickly before settling back on the little girl who was hungry. "Harmony, if you need anything just ask me and I will do what ever it is that you need."
  13. Harmony looked at Melody and her hand. She wasn't a big fan of physical contact with strangers, but she also enjoyed the reassurance it gives off. The way that Melody held her hand out, the kindness that just surrounded the gestured, reminded Harmony of her music teacher. This alone, though she still didn't trust the older teen fully, had Harmony took her hand.

    ". . . Okay. Berries taste good." Harmony said in a quiet voice, trying to give a small smile to show she was thankful for the help and kindness. Maybe if she got to know Melody, the teen could tell Harmony how to get back to her music teacher. The child didn't care much for her family, since her father would beat her mother and curse Harmony, her brother would beat her, or the fact her mother refused to protect her. So the only person she cared about was her teacher. Oh, and her stuffed animals of course.

    "Toys, rabbit and fox. Talk, play, and dance." Harmony said happily and almost absently.
  14. Alexander Frolov
    Alex totally forgot that his footsteps are pretty loud, and the eye forgot that he can do levitation. Eventually, eye started talking, slowly.

    "I think I sense some... primitive emotions. Maybe an animal-" Alex gasped pretty loud, closing his mouth quickly.
    "An animal?! What size - big, giant?!" Eye giggled lightly.
    "I think it's a fox" Eye proclaimed after several silent minutes, and Alex got extremely red.
    "Whyyy" Alex continued to spam his mind with that word, silently sliding across the ground to the river. So, he really does want to suicide. Alex tried to think clearly, alarming his eye.

    "Let's teleport" If eye had legs, then he would totally fall off them
    "What?! B-but... Remember how it ended last time!" Alex shrugged, and looked onward. He needs to go through barrier of range that his teleportation currently has. Giving a slight mental nod to eye, he concentrated, looking in direction he thought person stood by river. Brandon, or so... Strangely, Alex still didn't become friends with anybody, except... well, his own forehead - and even that friendship was unstable. Boy was looking, concentrating. Sleepy feeling flown through his body, as he sensed that his limbs started moving a little bit. Eye was flashing with bright red, but not too much for people to see from close range. Air around him vibrated, firstly lightly, but then violently, pushing him around a bit. Pushing became harder, as Alex tried to stand on one place. But finally, air started moving like in little storm, and Alex disappeared.

    Flying through small rift was nice, but after he crossed barrier of range, his body started uncontrollably moving inside rift, slowly falling out. Eventually, with a loud "BLAM" it fell out right near river, moved beyond river like a teleportation, shot back again, as he loudly crash-landed into bushes.

    "I told you..." Eye said sleepy, trying to open back.

    "God damnit, stupid teleportation..." Alex muttered under his breath, getting out of bushes, and trying to see where that boy is.
    @Helena Sky
  15. ~Eric~

    As he followed the route that Brandon had took, Eric came across a fox. For a moment he had intended to walk past the animal and outright ignore it. But as Eric neared, the fox growled. Had Brandon set the fox o watch for intruders and make sure that no one followed him or attempted to stop him. Eric didn't have time for this. He had to get to Brandon!

    He focused all of his attention on the fox. Brown fur quivered for a second as he sent a mental blast towards the small critter. The grass at Eric's feet fanned out as pressure built up around him. Then the fox let out a saddening whine and quickly scurried away. It was only a small mental blast. But it had been enough.

    Eric continued on his way, now running. He came to a stop as soon as he saw a small child ahead, picking up stones and stuffing his pockets with them.

  16. Suko Tiuri.jpg Suko Tiuri

    Suko followed Eric, watching as he dealt with the fox and moved towards the boy and shouts his name. With a smirk Suko revealed herself as well and spoke to the well-meaning boy "Leave him be. If his wish is true death then he deserves that does he not?" Her dark eyes look over to Brandon and her smile widens as she takes out the very same dagger she held when she was hanged "You know... I've heard drowning is slow and painful, not to mention oh so wasteful... If you want death then allow me to end it quickly and enjoy the spoils of your remains" Suko's dark smile was rather creepy, this only being reinforced as she talks of killing him and eating his corpse like a tasty treat. While she didn't intend to fight Eric over this, she could almost taste the delicacy she was so used to back in her old life and oh was it tempting
  17. ~Eric~

    "Back off," Eric said, his voice stern and deep. He turned towards Suko with an angry glare in his eyes. "Don't do anything that you will regret, Suko." It sickened him, the way she held her knife and talked of eating another person. "Brandon is depressed. He needs help, not some animal like you waiting around for an easy target and a quick meal."
  18. ~Brandon~
    He looked up, looking like a cornered animal. "I don't care anymore!" He wailed as he fell to his knees by the river's edge. "I'm an abomination! I shouldn't be alive! None of us should! The witch has created freaks of nature and none of us should even be here." Tears dripped from his closed eyes as his nails dug into the dirt. His father would be so disgusted if he knew what his young son had become.
  19. ~Eric~

    "But we are here! And we have a second chance, a do over, to get things right this time. So we may not belong. We may not be normal. And we are certainly freaks... Some more than others." He shot another glare at Suko. "But we're still people. We're flesh and blood and bone. So all of us, even the worst among us, deserve a second chance. You deserve a second chance. We're still people. We are still people! Because if you cut me, then I will bleed. And if I hurt you, then you will feel pain. And you can feel sad, or angry, or want revenge. But that is all part of being human, a part of being a person. Brandon... Don't do this. I know how much you want to, I've been there. And I can tell you that if you just wait. Just one day. One more day. You will find a reason to live. You will find YOUR reason to live. One day, Brandon. That's all I'm asking for. Come on, step away from the water and get rid of the rocks. If you still feel the same way tomorrow then we can find a less painful way to go, together. All I want from you is one more day. Can you give me just one day to prove that you shouldn't kill yourself?"
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  20. Lady Tiuri gives Eric a glare that communicates every ounce of her displeasure with his tone to the heroic lifesaver. She hears his little speech and laughs with true amusement at his pleading. She speaks with such spite towards Eric "You are a disrespectful low class worm. You do not respect the differences in people and ask them to change their way of thinking or you simply insult them for daring to thinking differently than you!" She then looks to the suffering suicidal boy and speaks much softer, like a siren luring in prey "I am not so judgemental Brandon... I understand about how you feel. One more day would be another day that you would exist as such a monster, an abomination and perversion of the natural order... So. If you want to end it then I will respect your wish and ensure that this disrespectful cretin does not interfere... Come take my dagger and end your suffering, your mockery of life" she smiles sweetly and her darkness flows from within her elegant dress, hovering overhead and gathering like a small personal cloud for Suko
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