Childhood Demons ~ Character Creation

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Fantasy, Magical, Romance, Slice of Life, Horror and certain fandoms.

Everything was black. The last thing you remember was dying. Is this what it was like to be dead..? You hear chanting, or is that singing..? Cracking open an eye you see a woman with long, silver hair leaning over you. She is smiling. You ask her how you are alive. "It was not yet your time, young one... " She responds, her smile growing. "Do not fret, you are my child now.." She tells you. You sit up and see a young girl standing behind the woman. Was she like you to..? "I see you have noticed Tacey. She is my child as well.. She will explain what has happened to you, right darling..?" She glances behind her to the young girl.

"Yes mother.." She says stepping closer to you. She is smiling as well. "Greetings. I wish to welcome you to your new life." You notice that her voice sounds melodic. It almost has this calming effect that makes you feel less apprehensive about the situation. "You are a child now." She says softly. You open your mouth to say something, but she continues speaking. "Being someone who has died before your time has allowed my mother to resurrect you as a child. A child is someone who has come back from the grave to get their revenge on the one that had killed them. You may notice minor differences in your appearance and that you may have gained some new abilities. I simply can not wait to see what your abilities are.." You are about to ask her what kind of abilities when she smiles at you again before humming a soft tune. It's so beautiful... you just want to close your eyes and relax... You feel everything going black again before you feel a soft hand on your shoulder. "Like that." Tacey says. "That is my ability used in a lesser manner.. Did you feel it..?" She asks you, her head tilted slightly. You nod at her and her smile grows.

She then steps back as the woman steps forward again. "Welcome to your new life, young one." She says warmly. "I am Almira. May I ask you your name and how you perished...?"


"How terrible..." She says, shaking her head. "Don't worry, you will get your revenge one day, little one.." She tells you before backing away and motioning to the girl. "Tacey will take you to camp and help you get situated... If you have any questions, ask her.." The woman slowly faded into the shadows. You blink in disbelief before climbing to your feet. Tacey motions for you to follow her. As you follow the girl through the forest, you can't help but think to yourself about how you'd now solved the mystery of what killed people in the woods. You chuckle at the thought.

Tacey leads you into a small clearing. Along the edges of the clearing are little hut-like structures. You notice more children and teenagers milling about. "Welcome." She says, turning to smile at you before pointing to a little hut. "You will stay there. Please make yourself at home." She tells you before wandering over to speak with another child. You guessed it was time to start your new life...

~Character Sheet~
Special Abilities-


~My Characters~


Name- Almira
Age- Unknown (Looks in her early twenties)
Personality- Secretive and Sneaky.
Bio- Unknown.
Special Abilities- Unknown
Other- Sorceress. Creator of the "children" Acts as a mother, of sorts, to Tacey


Name- Madeline Tacey Aria (Tacey)
Age- 14
Personality- She used to be very quiet, until she began to look up to Almira. She leads the children, guiding them along the path the her "mother" wants them to take. She is a fierce leader and protects the other children with everything she is able to give. When it comes to her enemies, she is sadistic and gets a thrill from the sight and smell of blood. If you didn't know her before she became a "child" you'd have absolutely no idea that she was a cold blooded killer, hell bent for the blood of her family.
Bio- She was raised in one of the wealthier families of the village, living a so called perfect life. Well, that is until she turned fourteen. Three days after her fourteenth birthday, she was abducted for a ransom. Her family, being role models of the village decided not to pay and to call their bluff. The only problem with that plan was the fact that they weren't lying. One month after she went missing, she was found slaughtered in the Dark forest. Her family, deciding to leave her rest where she had been killed, had unknowingly left her body open to be claimed by the sorceress, Almira, who reanimated her body, causing her to be the first "child". Many more followed after her, and she became their leader......
Special Abilities- Her hypnotic voice. She can control people with just the simplest of words.
Other- The first "child" and the "children" 's leader.


Name- Jett Koritsubasa
Age- 15
Personality- Jett is usually very laid back. He is one extremely hard person to piss off. Generally he doesn't much hang around with the group. He will, however, occasionally open his mouth to correct a mistake another 'child' had made. He is the main voice of reason when an argument breaks out, and he is usually the one who ends up putting an end to it.
Bio- Jett came from a prestigious clan of assassins of their village, but he was born with a rare heart disease that prevented him from over exerting himself in training. His clan quickly grew tired of catering to his every need and when he was 15 they threw him out into the wilderness to fend for himself, knowing that he lacked the physical ability to do so. He managed to survive on his own for about a month before the strain became to much for him and his heart gave out. When he awoke into his new life as a 'child' Tacey's face was the first to greet him, seeing as she had performed the resurrection chant herself since Almira was not present.
Special Abilities- Controls Ice, can animate the ice into small beings (his favorites are butterflies)
Other- Was the second 'child' created.
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I'm interested too ^u^ I'll work on a CS soon
~ Character Sheet ~

Name- Lilliah Sumerwinds

Age- 10

Personality- Lilliah is a kind, gentle, sweet and energetic. The typical child that everybody loves.

Bio- Lilliah is the lovable little daughter of the two. Her twin Illiah was the very exact opposite of her. And so competitiveness was created between the two; although it was only her twin who thought that way. As they struggle to gather everyone's attention but as usual, as lovable Lilliah is, the job was an easy feat for her. Since she does what the adults expects her to do or what they want her to do. So as time pass by, longer and darker, her twin Illiah stopped talking to her. Over all, her twin cut ties with her, treating her as someone who does not exist. Yet despite all this, Lilliah was not alone. Her parents and everyone was with her making her lose track of someone who she should look after for. Her twin.
One day, it was an hour pass noon; Lilliah went out to play in the labyrinth of rose garden headed for the large fountain at the center. It was supposed to be another joyful day for the child. But little did she know, it'll be her last...

Three days have passed since the last time the parents saw their little girl Lilliah. No one saw where she went until the caretaker of the labyrinth of the rose garden found the rotting body of Lilliah floating lifeless in the fountain, it's water mysteriously hued in crimson. Some thought probably because of blood...

Special Abilities- At her own will, Lilliah can go through any matter leaving only nothing but ripples like water.

Other- The third child created.

~ Appearance ~
Accepted ^.^
Name- Harmony Jones
Age- 7

Personality- Harmony is a quite girl who prefers not to talk. She loves to cuddle people she likes and when she is around lots of people Harmony well make fun gestures and little dances. However, when she feels uncomfortable around the people she's with, Harmony well try to make herself as small as possible.
Bio- Harmony grew up in an abusive home, where her father would beat her mother up. Her father left Harmony alone most of the time and would shower her older brother with presents and love. As Harmony got older, her brother started to beat her up so he could be like his father. When Harmony came to school with a big bruise on her face, CPS came and check her home. being able to make CPS think nothing was wrong, Harmony's brother beat her more severely and told her if she ever said anything to anyone he would kill her. A year later one of Harmony's teachers came to her home to check on her because she missed school for a week, only to be turned away by her father. Harmony's brother thought she told her teacher what was going on and made good on his promise. Harmony's last moments were spent on the floor of her surrounded by her bloody stuffed animals.
Special Abilities- Harmony can make others feel as she sees fit.
Other- Harmony knows sign langue.
Accepted ^.^
Thank you ^u^ When should I post IC?
Whenever you wish. I left it open so you could already be at the camp or just be a new comer.
Hatsu <Last name unknown>


Is s/he a boy? A girl? It's not really easy to tell, but you sure as heck won't be able to check. Hatsu has thin, unmaintained platinum hair that dangles just past zir neck in soft little strings. S/he has porcelain skin. Due to albinism, the blood vessels behind zir eyes make them appear a rosy pink, and there are a few unattractive bumps and patches on zir nose and cheeks that could pass for freckles from a distance. There is a gruesome-looking hole on either side of zir head, displaying a nasty lack of ears. Zir stature is petite, yet robust -- a shocking trait for an albino. Hatsu can be noted for having very soft feet and very calloused tiny hands. Scar tissue seems more common than regular skin on zir stomach and left calf. Despite all this, zir appearance has a harmless enough aura to it, if not a little pitiful. Hatsu enjoys dressing in a lolita/shota style, though sometimes can't tell whether something is gothic or not when choosing to wear it.

Hatsu is the typical child... when around familiar people, bounces off the walls and has fun. When around strangers, hides behind Mommy. Hatsu is fond of cake, small bells, broken glass, and dead bugs (especially bees and wasps). On the other hand, Hatsu very much dislikes waterfalls, brown-haired men, and pianos. S/he should be kept away from cranberries, tape, and butter knives, lest s/he throws an epic tantrum. When cornered, s/he will fight, pearly tooth and ragged claw.

Somebody wasn't careful one lazy winter evening and a famous psychopathic juvenile got free. Hatsu's house just happened to be nearby. Zir family just happened to be enjoying Christmas dinner. Said genius psychopath just happened to swipe a knife and finish off Mother, Father, and child. The happy suburb-dwelling American family was quickly erased... Even then, the deranged juvenile got away.

Hatsu can glow (though cannot seem to control when) as well as hover for up to 2 minutes at a time.

Since Hatsu's ears were... ahem... removed, s/he is mostly deaf. S/he is fluent enough to communicate. Zir English has a heavy lisp, but when s/he uses the fragments of French and Japanese s/he knows, zir pronunciation is pretty good for zir age. However, s/he could eventually forget how words work and lose zir ability to speak.

[spoili] QUOTES
"Je pas veux ! Non, non, non ! Mou, iya!" *Fr. I not want! No, no, no! *J. No more!
"Muchness of awigatou." *J. Thank you
"Bedtime doesun't know ANYFING."
"I wanna wide a wocket to candy yand."
"J'exige une tomate. Une tomate... J'ai dit, une TOMATE !" *Fr. I demand a tomato. A tomato... I said, a TOMATO![/spoili]

[spoili] Edited for consistency.[/spoili]
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Name- Rosalie Chimizu
Age- 11
Personality- Rosalie is very quiet most of the time. She is very distrustworthy of people due to the way she was raised. If given the choice between being around others or roaming the woods by herself, she would prefer to be by herself. She's always been this way and it was just made worse by the way she was killed.
Bio- Being raised in the higher part of society had it perks, unless you were born a demon. Rosalie was declared a demon at the moment of her birth by the local priest due to her shocking pink eyes. Everyone tried to act normal around her, but most of them failed. They were either skitterish in her presence or they tried to ignore her entirely. Through out her life she only had one friend. His name was Johnny and they met in the woods after her tutoring session each day. After awaking from a nightmare one morning, Rosalie couldn't help but feel like something was off that particular day. Her nurse maid dressed her in a black lace dress and the priest did her daily tutuoring session instead of her teacher. When she went to roam the town, she found it close to completely empty. Deciding to go into the woods, she found the villagers in a clearing erecting a stake. They were planning on killing her. She fled to her favorite hiding spot. When Johnny stumbled upon her, she believed herself safe. Well, until he buried a knife in her back. She awoke hours later to Almira's chanting.
Special Abilities- Opening rifts.


Name- Brandon Aika
Age- 11
Personality- Very quiet. He doesn't like most of the 'children'. He thinks that he should be dead, and so tries to right the worlds mistake repeatedly. The twins have taken to looking after him seeing as he can't be trusted on his own. He doesn't speak much, although he will not hold back his snide remarks full of resentment for being alive. Brandon is a naturally gentle person, so what he has become would naturally revolt him. He doesn't like harming others, in fact, he hates the idea of violence and seeing others perform it makes him sick.
Bio- Brandon lived a relatively good life. He had a loving family, a mother who cared for him, and a father who taught him the ways of life and love. He used to say that all the riches in the world meant nothing as long as you had no one to share it with.. He also said that it was not for a mere human to decide who could live and who would die. Everything started going downhill for Brandon when his father died and his mother remarried. She married a horrible man who was a bounty hunter. He constantly took Brandon with him on his raids, and everytime a fight would break out or blood was shed, Brandon would become sick to his stomach. Eventually, his step-father grew tired of him and simply beat him to death on the way home from one of his assignments. His mother was told that he was assasinated by one of the Kori Clan.
Special Abilities- Powers over animals and other wild beings. He can comunicate with them and convince them to aid him in whatever purpose he needs fufulled at that time.
Other- To put it in modern terms, I guess you could say that he's suicidal...
I really, really, really wanted to join, but I'm afraid that I'm unable to do so ;~; I do hope that you all have a lot of fun! ^^
You were nice enough to tell me good night, so I'll do the same to you...
Oh, and sweet dreams. Have very, very sweet dreams that you can taste,

Even in Death.





Charlotte is very out going and cheery most of the time, enjoying sweets and never seeming to get enough of it. She is very cute too, speaking in a childish voice (Obviously because she was a child) and smiling all the time as well. After being reincarnated, she had abandoned being emotionless, and chose to relive her life with her new abilities. As for people who were living bad lives, she gave them sweet dreams to cheer them up. As for the bad people, she drove many to insanity. Despite all this, she is also a very dark person, at times sadistic, saying very dark things that are covered with sweet and innocent words.


Charlotte was raised with an abusive father, a mother who always sided with him out of fear, a brother who always laughed at her, and a very loving grandmother and grandfather. Her grandmother and grandfather eventually passed away, causing herself to completely go numb, like a doll. However, she would always see them in a dream, reassuring herself that she can still see them. She lived the rest of her days abused and such, and she then ran away. She ran away only to be pulled back into the house, punished for that, and they did not allow her to die. Her brother eventually softened up, defending her at times, and she eventually began caring for her younger brother. That was, until her father had gone insane, and slaughtered her brother, much to her mother dismay. Her mother then killed her father, causing the mother to then target the girl.

Rewinding, her family was actually very caring and loving, so what went wrong exactly? Well, a man was standing at a stand on the side walk, and her father walked up to the man, carrying Charlotte in his arms. The nam gave her father a suspicious drink, claiming it was the finest 'wine there has ever been'. Her father, still having the habit of drinking, chugged down the bottle, and placed the girl down after his expression changed. Since then, her father had been greedy, along with her mother. Up to this day, she still believes that it was the drink, running away again in an attempt to search for the man.

When she had finally found him, she confronted him saying that he was the one that ruined his family. He had actually ruined many in the past, being a notorious killer that let others kill themselves. Enraged, she attempted to stab him with a knife she found on the desk, only to be killed instead by having her head explode. He still walks the earth to this day, and she seeks revenge.

Special Abilities

She is able to enter, and at times, alter, ones dreams by entering them or simply coming into contact with them. Although she cannot harm them in the real world, she is able to drive them into insanity in the dream world. Eventually, when one's insanity is at a certain point, she will have the ability to create hallucinations around them, and soon dragging them to her 'own world'. Her ability seems to resemble that of the one she wants revenge over, as he drives families to insanity and allows them to kill themselves off, much like how she drives them to insanity through dreams and allows them to kill themselves off.
Process goes like this:
Contact with person --> They sleep, and she is able to enter from wherever she is in order to manipulate it --> Depending on the dream, the dreamer can go insane --> She is able to create hallucinations when around the said dreamer --> Once insanity reaches the prime, she will send them into her 'dream' world while they dream, allowing her to have the ability to kill the dreamer both in the real and dream world by making them unconsciously commit suicide, like sleep walking.

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