Chika nuevo!

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HIYA! no i'm not fluent in spanish, but i love the culture... and swords! I'm a rather laid back Rp'er but i'm almost always checking things out, so i tend to take control in RP's from sheer post frequency. oh well.. ^_^ Glad to be here!
Hello and welocme to the Iwaku, I am Shadow Ike, please call me Ike. I am the leader of Silverwing wolf pack so if you have any questions just ask and I may be able to help you.

As said, welcome to Iwaku. Iffin' chu have questions, or need help go ahead and ask fellow members (like Ike) or the staff. Most all should be willing and glad to help.

Other than that, take a look around 'n enjoy your stay!

*hands Espada a present*
Hi there and welcome! XD I've always loved spanish too, but I have no self discipline whatsoever to be able to learn an d speak it! .__.; Alas, I roleplay too much!
Eh... I speak French. But hello!
I'm Kitti, welcome and nice to meet you.
If you'd fill out our roleplay resume, we'll start trying to get to know you better and maybe kidnap you for a game sometime!
If you have any questions, please do ask.
Happy playing!
I speak all languages, in true British style. We just speak in English, but LOUDER. AND. SLOWER.

Sadly, it tends not to work.

Welcome to Iwaku.
Espada means 'sword'.. I like swords.. so I'll probably like you too. Welcome to the insane brother iwaku!!!! * evil laughter.. coughs.... falls over* ^_^
The Dragon belatedly welcomes you.