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Cameron P. Anderson

basics --
full name
zoya anastasia irene sokolovsky
nickname(s) zo, yaya

gender cis-female
pronouns feminine

age twenty
birthday 28 august
zodiac virgo
birthplace st. petersburg, russia

romantic orientation bisexual
love interest tbd

appearance --
face claim
alina kovalenko

appearance description --
hair zoya has beautiful, ginger hair. her hair falls to the middle of her back. her hair is a mixture of curly and wavy, but takes on more of the waviness. her hair has a soft and silky texture, and is thick. she is most likely to pull out a lot of hair whens he brushes it or to for a lot of it to fall out when she brushes it. however, what she loses doesn't affect her.
body zoya has a curvy form, an almost hourglass shape to her. she has a large bust, coming in at a 36 double d cup. she has a lithe form, with some muscle. she works out a tiny bit, only to keep the muscle. she stands at 5'10", weighing 130 pounds.
skin zoya has pale skin dotted with freckles. due to being a redhead, the freckles are everywhere and she has sensitive skin. she can tan, but very little. if she is out in the sun for longer than a slight tan to her skin, she burns.
clothing style historical 1800's rp zoya can be seen in beautiful, lavish gowns or simple gowns. if she has to make a public appearance, she will dress to impress. it's important for people to know her status and the importance of her family. in private settings, she likes to keep it simple, but she likes a little bit of flare. she likes to wear gowns exposing her shoulders and some of her assets, but isn't shy to a sleeve. in the winter months, she can be seen wearing more sleeves, but still throwing in her favorite style.
normal clothing style zoya likes to mix modest and revealing together. she likes to flaunt what was given to her, but she also likes to keep it classy. in the spring and summer months, she likes to wear blouses, simple tees, jeans or shorts (depending on the temperature), skirts, and dresses. in the fall and winter months, she loves herself a slightly large sweater or sweaters in general. she loves to bundle up, as it makes her feel secure. for formal events, she likes to wear a mixture of feminine suits or dresses.
freya clothing style when in asgard, she wears flowing gowns. she likes to have her back exposed most of the time, and wears shades of blue or lilacs. she isn't shy to show off her body, as she is a fertility and love goddess. however, she knows how to use her seduction subtly and can dress modestly in asgard.
physical disabilities n/a

personality && interests --
personality traits
seductive, perfectionist, diligent, worrier, intelligent, sensitive, modest, controlled, careful, anxious
zoya is modest. despite being a perfectionist and going above and beyond in her work, whenever she's complimented for going above and beyond, she brushes it off. she doesn't see herself as anything great. she will simply respond with something along the lines of "i was doing what was expected of me." she feels like bragging about her accomplishments aren't a good thing, as she doesn't want to seem arrogant.
zoya manages to control her emotions a lot, hence being controlled. you can see her express every sort of emotion, but she knows how to show reservation with them. she won't overload someone with a certain emotion. she doesn't let anger get the best of her, needing to ensure she's level-headed before doing something rash. she doesn't want to not have her emotions in check and make a mistake that will torment her.
zoya's anxious nature doesn't really appear unless she's under high stress. her anxiety stems from being a perfectionist, which also leads to her worrier trait. if doing a project, she's unsure if her work is good enough or if it would please people enough. she worries it won't make sense, etc. her anxiety can give her trouble from time to time, but she tries to keep it under control.

mbti type infj (the advocate)
temperament melancholic-phlegmatic
moral alignment lawful good
hogwarts house ravenpuff

mental disabilities zoya has a mild case of generalized anxiety disorder

head canons
― also used for marvel or norse god roleplays as freya
― knows she looks good, but is too modest to actually admit it
― doesn't mind a one night stand, but prefers one night stands with connections
― loves the snow. would probably run outside without a jacket on
― most likely to have plants around her home
― her love language is probably touch and gifts
― likes to make homemade gifts for friends for birthdays and holidays
― prefers coffee over tea and likes that shit black
― doesn't really swear, but will swear when angry or in the middle of sexy times
― keeps her nails painted often; she likes the way they look when they're done
― loves to cook
― loves asian food
― seems sweet and innocent, but isn't
― a switch, but more dominant when it comes to a lady
― likes to listen to indie music
― used to do ballet in her youth, does it as a hobby
― a weird mix between a night owl and morning person
― is an assertive person
may add more

other --
feel free to add more if you need to.
but something isn't sitting right, something wakes me up at night ― [BY IAMX] the background noise
i kissed you once on purpose, had my doubts, was it worth it ― [BY MOTAKI FT. JADE ALICE] work this out
when it's only me and you, we become each other ― [BY SKOTT] russian soul
slow motion to drown me, roaming streams from our eyes ― [BY PURITY RING] asido
i will stand, beneath the silver moon rising, waiting to resurrect our love ― [BY CITY AND COLOUR] woman

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