Chesting High: A School for the Damned

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  1. Chesting High:
    A School for the


  2. It was Krystal's first day and first year at Chesting High.
    The school was meant for supernatural creatures who have been misunderstood and rejected.
    Krystal was a darklighter who hunted and killed whitelighters. It would make sense she was seen at the school.
    Being new to the school made Krystal nervous, even she could tell as she walked through the front door of the building. Supernatural creatures roamed the halls.
    Krystal was to head off to homeroom, which was what she was looking for as she looked down at the school's map. She would easily orb to the location but she still needed to figure out where the room was so she had no choice but to use the map and go by foot.


    Damien Cooper was a junior at Chesting high. It was his third year attending, which meant his third year of trouble.
    Damien was a crocotta, he can mimic anybody's voice to lure people to feed on their souls. Of course he wouldn't just feed on someone's soul out of the blue, he could possibly get himself kicked out the school. Instead he uses his powers to get people to do what he wants or to just pull some joke on another.
    Damien knew exactly where his homeroom was after one quick look on the school map. One of his many powers were super speed, so he quickly ran to his homeroom where he can quickly take his designated seat in the back.
  3. Chesting High had helped him during his hardest times. Not being accepted was something hard for every teenager, no matter which abilities he had or how strong he might be, and that school was certainly a salvation for many of them. And that was why he had no problems getting up early that morning to start with his classes once again. Besides, homeroom wasn't a bad thing to start with. Actually, he was even a bit excited about it. Even if things weren't actually easy either in a school full of supernatural beings.

    Evan wondered a bit around the school's hallways, looking at new people with curiousity. The new faces and smells distract him from his way, but it wasn't actually a problem since it was still early. He could tell the specie of some of the people around him by their smell, but he still needed to practice that ability to make it accurate. He finally arrived to the homeroom and took his seat where he was supposed to, greeting with a soft 'hey' the people around him, and just waited on his seat.
  4. Sydney
    Cool breeze, soft drizzle, and even the smell of raked leaves confirmed the first day of school for Sydney Jones. She had never really liked school, but she had never had a real problem with it either. Today was the first day of her third year at Chesting High and she still hadn't had the entire place figured out. All the twists and turns in the hallways confused her. One day they were there and the next they were gone.

    As she walked into the huge familiar hallway that seemed to always be empty, she listened to the voices echoing at the other side of the school. Along with her super speed, smell, and sight, her hearing came with being a werewolf. She had grown use to it, or so she thought, but it was still difficult to deal with at some moments when it ceased to overpower her.

    Sydney took just a small glance at her schedule and turned her head to face her homeroom for the next year. She had never particularly liked the teacher, but she had to admit that Mr. Kelps was one of the better teachers she had her freshman year. He was the Algebra teacher, but in his homeroom he caught up on the latest gossip with other teachers and let the students do whatever they wanted.

    Josh was never an early riser, but because of his sisters stubborn attitude, he knew that he wasn't going to be left alone until he was up and ready for his first day at Chesting High. He had always despised school. He never saw the point in it. If he could shapeshift into whatever he wanted, why should he waste eight hours of his day learning algebra and biology?

    As the young fifteen year old made his way into the huge school, he tried to picture himself as a senior, about to walk away from the torture he had just walked into. Although his sister had told him many interesting stories about the school that did make him curious, he still thought that it was just a waste of time. Since he would be attending the school or the next four years of his life, he figured there would be no harm in looking around and maybe finding out if some of the stories his sister told him were true. It wasn't like he was actually going to go to his classes every single day.

    As Josh made his way down the hall where a teacher pointed him, he walked into a classroom and looked around. He did recognize a few people, including his sister, but other than that he had no idea who any one was.

    Madison Foster had never been a big fan of school. That is until she began school at Chesting High her freshman year. Now, her third year at Chesting, she looks forward to school. It keeps the girl out of her house and away from her mother, who she can't stand most of the time. Ever since her dad took the job where he was never home, she tends to stay out of the house and away from her mother as much as possible.

    As Madison walked into the familiar school she saw what room her homeroom was in, and sped to her room. Since she was a vampire, speed was never a problem for her. She walked into the small room and looked around, remembering Mr. Kelps classroom easily, another ability that came with being a vampire. She took a seat near the back where she could see everyone, and received a few hellos from people around her.

    As she waited for class to begin and the school day go by, she smiled and tapped her toe against the floor, hoping that today went by slowly. She had no where but home to go after school and that was the last place she wanted to go. As she took in a sharp breath she stiffened and turned her head to the side where she saw people walking through the door.
  5. This was Brad's third year at Chesting High
    Well it's time to start my third year at this school. Brad walked around looking at all the new faces. I wonder what kind of new super natural creatures I will met this year. Brad had his phone with his head phones in his left pocket, and had his red and black backpack on his back. Brad pulled out his cell phone and looked at the time. I still have time before class starts. Brad starts to walk to home room. it took a few minutes for brad to arrive to his home room, but he made it. When he walked in the room he saw a student sitting in the back ,Damien Cooper, Brad went to the seat in from of Damien. Is this seat taken? Brad said to Damien

    Carole arrived at the school. My first day of this new school. Carole looked at her schedule What? Where the heck is this? Carole said to herself. She pulled out the map that the sent to her in the mail. Okay so I go here, then I go here and then here. Okay I think I got it. Carole said as she headed towards his home room.
  6. Damien recognized one kid who entered the room, Brad right? He was asking if the seat in front of him was taken.
    "No, I don't believe it is," Damien answered as he had his feet up on his own desk.
    Damien then took out his schedule and began to study it, not sure what else he could do with his time while he waits.
    He made sure that he knew where every one of his classes were before heading out the room so he wouldn't look like one of those lost new kids.

  7. Brad sat down in the sat in front of Damien. When Brad sat down he turned around to look at him. Brad looked at from top to bottom. When he was done looking at Damien Brad stuck out his hand in front of Damien. Brad Michael and you are?
  8. Damien looked towards the male who introduced himself. He's pretty attractive, he thought to himself, but knew he should keep that to himself since there was a possibility of him being straight.
    Damien quickly put his feet on the floor and leaned forward. "The names Damien. Remember it well," he said with a smirk before sticking his hand out and shaking Brad's.

  9. Oh I will. I might not look it but I'm very good with names. So what creature are you. Or would you rather not say? If you don't I can respect that. Brad said while letting go of his hand.
  10. Sydney
    Sydney had noticed her brother walk through the same door that she had came through but let him take his own seat near the front of the room and begin listening to his music. She turned and was talking to Madison, a friend of hers over the past couple years and decided to make conversation with her. After a few minutes she turned back around and noticed someone sitting down in the seat beside her.

    Naturally, Sydney put on a soft, fake smile she had learned to perfect over the years. As she opened her mouth to speak to him, she looked over him. She could smell him but there was something covering him up at the same time. She figured that it was probably just because she hadn't been use to being around other people over the summer. "Hi. I'm Sydney Jones. You're Evan, right? I think that I may have had a few classes with you last year,"she says holding out her hand to shake his.


    As Josh sat down he noticed a dark haired girl all to herself. He turned his head to the side curiously and examined her from head to toe. As he made his was over to the desk beside her, he took a seat and turned to look at her."I'm Josh Jones,"he says looking at her. He waited for her to respond or to look at him.

    As he held his extended his hand out to her so that she could shake it, he smirked."You're a freshman too huh? You look nervous. My sister already showed me around the school, I can help you find your next class if you want,"he offers still smirking slightly. Josh had always been good with the girls but he was surprisingly curious about this girl. So many questions he didn't know how to answer. Starting with what she was.

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    "I'm a crocotta," Damien stated before sitting back in his seat and crossing his arms. "What are you?" he asked, curious about his race as well.
    He never really asked questions like that for the sole purpose of privacy, but if he was to be asked he better get an answer in return.


    Krystal turned her head to a young man who sat next to her and even introduced himself. "I'm Krystal Spark," She shook his hand to at least try to be polite.
    "Thanks," she said once she was offered help with finding her next class. She spoke almost with no emotion, and if there was any it almost sounded like annoyance or as though she didn't care. Her being a darklighter it was a bit hard for her to have any good emotions or feelings.

  12. "What class do you have next?"Josh asks curiously as he raised an eyebrow and dropped her hand softly. He leaned his back against the chair he was in and tossed his schedule on the desk as he looked at his next class."I have gym so I'll gladly waste time to show a pretty lady like you around the school."

    Josh tried to remain cool but he could tell by her sharp voice that he didn't spark and interest in her. He let out a small sigh but it came out as a growl."You don't talk much. Or seem very happy. Not excited about high school?"he guessed."Me either but my sister says it should be fun,"he snorted.

  13. "I have science," Krystal answered as she took out her schedule. She didn't look at the boy next to her as he commented about how it was she was acting.
    "You seem to talk a lot." she stated as she realized he said four different things without her even answering.
    She wondered what race he was, but that would seem like a rude question. "In order for me to activate my powers I have to access more 'evil- natured' emotions. I'm not capable of any good emotions."

  14. Oh me...........I'm a ghoul....Which means I only eat human meat.... Brad looks down at Damien's desk and see's his schedule Oh hey we have History together. We should sit next to each in that class..Well that's only if you want to.
    Carole walked into her home room class and saw others talking. She found an empty seat , and sat down in it. When she sat down she took out her schedule and went over it.
  15. Evan turned to look at the girl that talked to him. He smiled widely as he saw her. Even if he didn't have a great memory, and she wasn't someone he had spoken to many times the previous years, he did remember her face from somewhere, although he couldn't tell which classes exactly. "That's right. Evan Jackson." said, as he took her hand and shook it, keeping the same friendly expression as before. After it, he couldn't avoid to slightly sniff into the air. It was definitely not something well seen among human-like creatures, but he was just curious about her specie, just as everyone in that place. She didn't smell much different from some members of his own specie, so probably something related. Werewolf, maybe? Or a shapeshifter, perhaps. He wished he could be more accurate.

    "So how was your summer, Sydney?" asked to keep the conversation rolling.

  16. "I'm fine with that," Damien said, not really caring where he sat. "I feed on human souls," he stated a bit randomly.
    Damien changed his seating position and put his feet back up on the desk. He ran a hand through his hair, making sure that it was still looking teh way he wanted.
  17. Josh
    "Science is just down the hall from here. It is easy to find,"he said looking back at her slightly."Yeah I guess I am a pretty talkative person,"he said nodding, thinking about it. Sure he knew that he talked more than other people but he never realized just how much more he talked. He chuckled at himself and rolled his eyes.

    "Well that's kind of... What's the word? Unique. I've never heard of a creature that had to use hate to use their abilities. But them again I've only actually known of a few creatures. I don't study about them like my sister says I should. I'm a shapeshifter so it doesn't matter what my emotions are really. Well, unless I get angry. Then it's hard to control what I change into. Do you mind if I ask what you are to have to stay in a grumpy mood all the time?"he asks cautiously. He knew that it was rude to ask, but his curiosity got the best of him. He just really hoped that it didn't come off as rude.


  18. Sydney
    Sydney smiled slightly at the male as she dropped her hand and slid it into her jacket pocket. She had never liked hanging out with many males. There were only a few that she would actually talk to and hang out with as friends. Most other males found some way to scare her. As she heard the rest of Evans name she instantly recognized him. She had a few classes with him last year, she just didn't remember which exact ones.

    "My summer was surprisingly good. It went by so quickly though. I remember the last day of sophomore year like it was yesterday,"she chuckled."How was your summer? Anything exciting happen?"she asked curiously. The one thing that Sydney loved more than anything when she came back to school for the first day was seeing all the new people and creatures, and especially hearing about their summer.

    The first year Sydney came back from summer break she was surprised to hear all the amazing stories that the different creatures had to tell. While she had been going to the local fair or learning to ride horses and change into her werewolf form, others had gone to Italy or Japan and visited many ancient places where they learned their training. She had always been interested in the other creatures training and how it felt to be something else besides a werewolf.


    As Madison looked over her schedule she noticed a girl doing the same thing as her. The only difference was that the girl looked much younger than her. She smiled and figured that she was probably a freshman and it was her first year around the school. When she got a glance of the girls face she didn't recognize her at all and figured that although she wasn't someone that usually went and talked to people, she might as well offer the girl help finding a class if she needed it.

    Madison stood and walked over to the girl and sat down in front of her and them turned around to look at her."Hi. I'm Madison Foster, I'm at junior this year. Do you need help finding any of your classes?"she asks trying to force a smile. She hated getting out of her comfort zone and talking to strangers, but more than that, she hated when people were lost and didn't know where to go. That's mainly why she began going to Chesting High in the first place.

    Madison had never felt like she belonged somewhere until she began her freshman year at Chesting. She still doesn't feel 'at home' or however it is they say you should feel, but something about being here at this place makes her feel safe. She just wants to make sure that other people feel that way too, and since she had nothing better to do except stare at the desk, she figured she should try to talk to the new freshman.

  19. Krystal looked towards Josh after he asked what she was. He did say what he was, so it was only fair.
    "I'm a darklighter," she stated, not sure if he even knew what they were.
    They were considered lower than demons, even if they had good powers and could be seen as just as powerful.

  20. "Oh I've read about those,"Josh says nodding. He remembered a little about them bit not much. He did remember that they were very low, even lower than demons which interested him."I didn't picture them to be like you,"he says cocking his head to the side to look at her more closely.

    "I mean sure, your attitude reminds me of one but you personally don't look like one. I always pictured them dark and mysterious. You just look like you had a bad night,"he replied smirking. Josh loved to play games with people and push their buttons. To make them mad or to irritate him always made him laugh.

    "Well if you need help finding any other classes let me know and I'll show you around. It's actually not that hard to go from class to class if you pay attention,"Josh says smirking before stretching his legs out and putting his hands behind his head.

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