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The Master or Lelouch?

  1. The Master

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  2. Lelouch

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  3. Both are as good as each other

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  4. Both are as bad as each other

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  5. Could not vote. Too much sexy.

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  1. He's a high school mastermind.
    He has the power to bend wills.
    He lost a running race to Little Bo Peep.
    In the blue corner, we have...

    He's delightfully insane.
    He's a Timelord.
    He was prime minister at one point, but then he wasn't.
    In the red corner, we have...

    Remember, this isn't about who would win in a fight - it's about who you think is the better character.

    Also, that is a delicious pun in the title. Don't you dare tell me otherwise.​
  2. Not quite sure what the plot of this is or what this is suposed to be??
  3. [MENTION=3048]SummerGirl[/MENTION]: There's no real "plot", per se... it's just an opinion poll between two fictional characters.

    I'd side with The Master simply because Timelords are bad ass (at least the definition I know)... but honestly, I don't know anything about either of the two characters. (I'm also a bit biased... not a huge fan of anime.)
  4. oh... ^-^' then in that case i go with the person in the blue corner.. -.-...