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She heard an all too familiar snicker from behind. Shayne knew it was futile to follow the direction of the sound to it's source, so she searched the ground nearby instead. She spotted a fat orange cat perched jovially on a nearby tombstone.

"What have you done now?" She asked it as though she expected an honest response from the beast. She fought the inevitable wash of irk that came with his presence, knowing that the mischievous little demon would no doubt be up to something. However innocent his antics, he was a demon. Tricks were his forte.

She looked now to the place she reckoned the snicker had come from. There on a branch she saw a piece of paper fluttering delicately in the wind. She cut him an icy glare. Her next words were spoken in a flatness devoid of all humor.

"Oh look. A map."

She looked at Sydney, wondering if she should chance another remark to the feline. If this woman thought she was crazy, at least it would free up the rest of Shayne's morning. She again addressed the cat,

"You did this."
Sydney scratched her head. Being a little too comfortable with a girl talking to a cat than any normal person should be. It was just that... Sydney spent a lot of time with people that talked to random things. Way too much time.

"Sydney." she replied, already moving towards the tree and past the cat with no more acknowledgment than a quick curious glance. She hadn't thought cats could smile, but the furry beast reminded her a lot of that cat in the Alice in Wonderland story. Look up at the tree branch where that map was currently stuck, Sydney was trying to think of a way to get it down. Climbing the tree would take a lot of effort. There wasn't any easy way to do it.

"Hey cat. Will you go up there and get it?" Asking the cat was worth a shot. Why not? The other girl was talking to it.
Alice smiled. Not only would she be in time for supper, but her grandmother would be happy to meet two new people! Oohh! She better ask them first! "Would you two like to meet my grandmother and come over for something to eat? She's always baking cookies and stuff and she loves meeting new people! It would really make her day if you came to talk to her--even if only for a little while!"

And before either of them could stop her, she was turning around and walking back in the direction of the bed and breakfast. "Grandmother is always worried something will happen to me but I tell her not to worry. She says that's what grandparents do for their grandchildren so I should learn to accept it."
"Sure," Emily weakly responded to Alice, watching her go off in some direction before she had any time to reject the offer. Hm, I never really considered the role of my grandparents other than those ghosts I talked to at the beach house, Emily remarked as she listened to Alice go off about what her grandmother said.

Emily had noted the other person before her. He felt different than the girl, strange. He gives me the same feeling as the dude who owns the book shop; also, he waves weird, Emily noted as she narrowed her eyes in thought whilst following Alice. I don't really get why he'd wave like that, that's just weird, Emily couldn't help but nitpick at that one little thing. It agitated her the rest of the way to the Bed and Breakfast that Alice's grandmother owned.
He followed without a word. Water drilling from some of the the hair peeking out of the bottom of his beanie despite the rest of him being dry. "Er Al-is can you... tell me the namd of your grand... mother?
Alice was humming to herself as she led the way. She couldn't wait to introduce them to her grandmother. They'd be able to try her delicious treats and tell lots of stories. Stories were the best part of meeting new people. There were so many of them, each different from the last. Even the same story became different when told from different perspectives.

"Mm ... Grandmother's name is Rose! She's lived in Cheshire for as long as anyone can remember! People say she's probably the oldest person here! But I think the dog who lives outside of town is older. Because people have been seeing him for years!"

They came to the tall stone wall that encircled the bed and breakfast and then she led them through the front door, down the hall, take a left and into the kitchen! It was a rather large kitchen. There was a stove and an oven, lots of counter space along the walls. A large counter top in the center. It looked newly refurbished with pale brown and white tiles. There was something in the oven as the kitchen was filled with the smell of cinnamon.

"I wonder where Grandmother went ..." She looked around. "Grandmother! Grandmother, are you here!"
Vinny Arrives as the entrance to cheshire and looks around "man look at all the pretty booths and decorations the humans are puting up". He walks into town and stumbles into a bed and breakfest house "any there?".
Renee had finally set up her tent, but it seemed chivalry was dead, not a single offer to help her but then again she was already getting strange looks. My outfit isn't weird...they all must just know of my talents. Why must everyone react the same way towards me as that girl in the bookshop did? Alas, it cannot be helped, I just pray to the Goddess that the girl will come to me for training...

As she stepped inside her tent she set up her table and set down her tarot deck from her bag and placing on top of it. As she looked through her bag she noticed the books she had bought and could still feel the psychic energy that Evander held about him and it made Renee shudder. She was entirely creeped out by him.

Shaking the thought she quickly pulled out her inscence and candles, placing them around random tables set up in the tent. As she stood back she surveyed her work. Everything was very stereotypical fortune teller styled. Renee hated that she made it look that way but any other style made her seem less credible. With a sigh she stepped outside her tent and pulled out a cigarette, placing it in her lips and lighting it. Better enjoy this before I start taking clients, seems like Cheshire has a lot of psychic energy...negative psychic energy
Father Hammond continued his current prayer, when he finished he stopped momentarily.

Without turning to Evander he replied, "I do not pray over your sepulcher, because you are not dead. I do, however, pray for you. It seems to me few in this town need it as much as you."

Father Hammond then walked to the next grave, "and yes, these are all people I held funerals for, I pray for all the deceased, but I remember all of these people, and they also deserve prayers."

Father Hammond resumed his prayers after he finished talking.
Evander laughed, it was lacking in malice but also in humor and was thus more hollow than anything. He watched Father Hammond a moment longer, his eyes narrowed and following his every movement. "If you pray for me, Father, then please transfer your energy to praying for yourself. I'm sure... you need it more than I do".

In a fluid motion, Evander picked a flower stem from a long dead carnation and twirled the stem between the fingers of his left hand. The movement was so smooth, the dried petals on the head of the flower barely rustled as they slid through the air, slicing like a butchering knife through cream. "I wish you no ill will, and because of this I can only petition you to save the energy you expend on a case utterly hopeless. Your prayers, even if they can achieve something, will work no wonder over me. You should know it well. I witnessed your birth, your childhood, and your withering into an old man before my eyes". Evander turned his back to Hammond and continued toward his sepulcher, hardly shaken and more bemused than anything.

Normally, Evander knew it would be dangerous to divulge such information, but who would a decrepit old man inform? Who would listen? And Evander did genuinely like Hammond.
"Grandmother was here when I left her. I wonder where she went ..." Alice was speaking more to herself than to either of the two with her. She wasn't panicking, just curious. The kitchen was where she always found her grandmother, when she wasn't standing in the backyard, lost in her own world. There were strange things in the backyard, the people who worked her said. They saw things and heard things and at night, she could hear her grandmother's voice speaking to them. She was always very curious but very obedient. Grandmother had said never to leave her bed at night--even if the monsters under her bed or her closet troubled her. Her bed was the safest place to be. "Tucked under the covers and away from danger, as safe and protected as the child in the manger," had been her exact words. And Alice loved rhymes.

"I think I have to go look for my grandmother," she said, finally turning to face them. "But maybe you can stay here and keep an eye out for her. You can even taste some of her cookies and some milk. She's the best baker ever!"
Vinny looked at the three new people that walked into the bed and breakfest and stared at them and listened as they talked "oh hello there my names Vinny do u guys wanna be my new friends?" smiles at them my blue eyes shine
"Okay," Emily responded to the girl, weirded out that there was no one home. Something seemed off about the place, as if there was an ominous aura emanating from the house, but she couldn't really say anything without sounding weird. Hmm, on another note, I wonder what time it is? Shouldn't I be over at the fair soon? Emily wondered to herself as she looked around the quaint kitchen.