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  1. This is just a place where I can make your day by either making you laugh, sharing a story through voice acting, singing or whatever comes to mind that requires a voice. Requests can be sent via PM, thread post, a post on my profile, whatever.

    Conditions for singing: It has to be a song without dirty words or things involving sexy times >.> No heavy metal or anything. Leave that to a guy names Reason XD I only sing some japanese songs such as "Nyan Nyan" Yep. Those are the only conditions.

    Conditions for voice acting: If it's a character that swears a lot... yeah no. If it's an OC and you want me to give him/her/it a voice then you have to explain to me how you want it to sound, otherwise I'm gonna make something up.

    Conditions for story telling: Like I said the last two times, no explicit language or anything like that. I will not read porn either so if you're looking for that... gtfo. No seriously go somewhere else. Kid friendly thread. I can read creepy pastas though, as well as poems, love stories (blushy blushy romeo and juliet type though), adventure, etc. Mind you I will be recording this all on my tablet until I am able to get on a computer, which will take a while, so bear with me.
  2. Lyam was on it's tracks. He'd been tracking it for days on end with Tundra's assistance and they'd finally found it. The pest that had been eating away at Winterfell's crop harvest. Winter was coming, and all this thing wanted to do was engorge itself on their hard earned food. So Lyam had decided to go find the beast himself. After all, it was the duty of a leader to protect those he leads. They had tracked the creature into a clearing, and he drew Wolfsbane. "YOU." He called to it, and with a snort, the beast turned around, Tundra already snarling as they grasped the face of the creature in their collective memories. It was a large bull, and it had rage in its eyes. It scraped its hooves backwards against the earth, ready to charge. "Stay back, Tundra." Lyam exclaimed to his direwolf, who skulked backwards. The being charged at Lyam, and he dodged to the left. It span round and charged once again. Lyam was ready. He sliced twice. One for each ankle. The bull cam down with a thud, but not before spearing Lyam with it's horn in it's dying moments. "Damn you, beast." He spoke, cutting the horn from it's source, the long bone now protruding from Lyam's chest plate. Taking the creature by the other horn, he began to hack away at the creature. Again and again until the bull was now chunked effectively into steaks. He now had a pest dead and food for the people of Winterfell. Tossing one of the steaks to Tundra, who proceeded to rip into it viciously, he made his way back to Winterfell. He had stories to tell.

    Could you read this? It's my writing sample for my Game of Thrones Roleplay.
  3. Sure. I'll try it out.
  4. Lyam is pronounced Lee-am :D
  5. Oh I just got to voice acting that
    I'm sorry but I can't do game of thrones.
  6. Why not? :)
  7. Did you not read my conditions? I suggest you do so before asking me to VA.
  8. Well hello again. ^_^
    I was wondering how you thought Flint and Celtic sounded, so here's a couple lines, if you want to of course.

    Flint: "Curse you, you pitiful collection of squares."
    Celtic: "What's wrong?"
    Flint: "I'll tell you what's wrong! It's this damn crossword!"
    Celtic: "Surely you must not be so furious over something as insignificant as that."
    Flint: "It isn't that simple! It's a matter of principle now! I've spent countless mornings defeating these puzzles with ease! I can't be stopped by this one!"
    Celtic: "Very well, I'm off to check the portals with Pani. By the way, the word is implode."
    Flint: "Bah, thanks I guess."

    Exeunt. :D
  9. Uh sure. Though it might not sound as good as you thinkmostly because this thread is for practice, but that also means I'll be getting better each time.
  10. And I am happy to help.
  11. UPDATE: I may not get the voicings or songs done right away due to me starting to hang out with friends outside of the site more. Please excuse this inconvenience.

    Due to this, I will not be able to finish a lot of the requests and I fully and honestly apologize for that.
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    You have been warned!
  14. New schedule!!
    I have decided that it would be best for me to post on Friday or even Saturday, and it will in fact be alternating between those days. This week will be a Saturday post and then next will be Friday.
  15. I'm sorry about missing posting day
    But here's something to make up for the fact I lost my voice today... Sorry!

  16. I'd like you to sing this please:

  17. Aye! I know this song quite well, but it might take a bit since I'll need to find out how to get the right pitch.
  18. you don't gotta imitate it 100%, just sing it however you feel most comfortable doing so.
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