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  1. Nick shivered. The Windy City indeed. He hated the full moon, the unwilling transformation it brought, the lack of control. But he couldn't say he would've minded a coat of fur on a November night here in Chicago. His jacket helped a little, sure, but his fingers felt like ice, even in his pockets. Not that he couldn't transform now. Just that it wouldn't be wise. Not here at the bus stop, with people all around.

    He thought of Nina, and felt just a little bit warmer. She was beautiful and kind. He smiled as he remembered their first meeting, which hadn't been long ago. Just a quick hello, but that was more than he'd gotten from most of his new pack. Then again, that had been before last night, when most of them had thought he wouldn't survive his first full moon. A lot of people didn't, especially scrawny ones like him. Maybe now that they knew he was going to be more of a permanent fixture, things would be different.

    The bus came screeching to a halt, and he and a few other people stepped on. Soon, he was on his way downtown. From there he'd have to walk a mile or so to find the pack. To find Nina...

    He shook his head. They'd only met once, and it was brief. It was too soon to be developing a crush. And if she had a boyfriend, he shuddered to think how that would end up.
  2. Nina gave a soft sigh as she sat upon the windowsill, looking up at the night sky with a small hum as she ran her fingers through her short hair that she had cut just a few days ago; she took a cigarette out of her pocket and lit it. Her thoughts went to the male that had recently joined the pack not too long ago; Nick, she believed his named was...he seemed like a nice guy and very attractive.

    She began to wonder if he was attractive as she took a puff of her cigarette and looked away from the night sky, the moon was just sitting there and mocking her as if saying it could force her to change; Nina shook her head and sighed as she closed her eyes and ignored the chatter amongst the room. Almeric, the snow white haired leader of their pack was speaking to one of the other stronger men of their pack Ulfr about something but she failed to pay attention since it didn't sound all that important to her; she figured it was whatever and not important.
  3. The bus seemed to take all night, and Nick actually dozed a little bit twice, but finally it reached his stop. A couple of other people also wanted to get off the bus here, and he wondered briefly if either of them was in his pack, but he didn't recognize either of them by appearance, and with his recently heightened sense of smell, he thought he could probably smell another werewolf if one were nearby.

    So he remained silent, shuffled his feet as they all slowly made their way forward, and finally stepped off the bus and into the cold night air. It took him only a second to orient himself, and off he took, running since although it was cold, the ground was dry, and it felt good to run. His endurance had improved greatly, and the running warmed him up. He remembered his mother telling him when he was a child that strenuous exercise may make you feel warmer, but in cold weather like this it made you more likely to get sick, not less.

    He shrugged the thought off. Power coursed through him. He was more than human now. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing, and they were the sheep.

    He stopped. He was still Nick. He took a few deep breaths. The power of being a werewolf was intoxicating, and he hadn't yet gained full control of himself. It would come with time, he thought. He hoped. He walked the rest of the way there, whistling a song until he was a block away, and then approaching quietly so as not to draw attention from people who weren't part of his pack.

    When he got to the door, he reached out and knocked, leaning down slightly so that his face could be seen through the hole that had been drilled just a little bit too low.
  4. Nina's looked toward the door and then over to Almeric who was still busy; she headed over to the door and looked in the peephole to see who was there, a smile appeared on her face when she saw it was Nick and opened the door. "Come on in." She smiled and let him inside before closing the door behind him.
  5. "Hey, there!" he said with a smile, accepting her invitation and stepping inside. A few of the others gave him sidelong glances but then returned to their conversations. He made his way over to the couch, which was remarkably empty, and sat down. He tried not to have too much hope that she'd sit down next to him, but he really couldn't help it. He glanced her way to see if she was headed toward him.
  6. She smiled and went over to sit beside him. "How was your day?" She asked, putting out her cigarette which was pretty much almost done so she didn't need the rest of it; she looked at him and sat crosslegged.
  7. Nick shrugged. Act casual. "It wasn't bad. Long, like most days when I work." He laughed. "How was yours?" He took a deep breath and tried to force himself to relax. Surprisingly, it worked a little bit. This place was comforting to him, somehow.
  8. She hummed. "Same old boring story." She chuckled. "Got up, ate breakfast and went about my day as a 'human'." She said and sat back against the couch. "And all that fun stuff." Nina said. "I had a day off from work so I've been bored..."
  9. "I know the feeling. Work is terrible, days off are boring. Tell you what... let's kill that boredom right now." He looked around the room. "Is there anything fun to do around here? I'm new, after all. Don't exactly know how you all spend time."
  10. "Me, I like to explore." She hummed. "What did you do in your last pack?" She asked/
  11. He shook his head. "I was never in a pack before. That full moon last night... was my first." He looked a little embarrassed, remembering how he'd locked himself in the basement, and awoken in the morning with the metal door all scratched and banged up, relieved.
  12. Nina whistled. "Wow...I remember my first turning, freaked the hell out. I was just finishing up a date with my ex when this huge dog ran at me and bit my hand, about a week later which was the full moon; I was just there making out with my man when suddenly my nails which turned into the claws dug in really deep to his skin and..." She stopped after a moment. "Lets just say I'm a little hesitant about dating another human after what happened." Nina said and smiled a little as she turned to him, "At least you had the sense to lock yourself up."
  13. Nick let out a dry laugh. "Google saves the day. Still... terrifying." He wanted to say more about it than that one word, but somehow it seemed like talking about those things lurking just under the surface would bring them back, possibly even cause him to turn right then and there. The last thing he needed was some kind of violent breakdown in the middle of the den. His den. Surrounded by what he imagined would become like a second family. "Exploring, eh? Where?"
  14. She shrugged. "Just random places." Nina replied. "Google does wonders doesn't it?" She chuckled softly as she looked around. "I think Ulfr and Almeric have been werewolves the longest in the pack."
  15. He looked around at the folks in the room. He could tell by where she glanced which ones were Ulfr and Almeric. They seemed very calm. He wondered if he'd be able to relax that much again someday. Since he'd become a werewolf, he was a nervous wreck. This was the first time he actually managed to have any real leisure time since it'd happened. "You want to show me some of the places you've discovered?"
  16. She nodded and stood. "Sure, you ever notice how things smelled different after you turned?" She asked. "It was like you had been living with a stuffy nose or something? I mean the whole world just started smelling different." She said as they headed toward the door.
  17. He stood and followed her, nodding in response to her question. "Not surprising, I guess. I mean, canines have a better sense of smell than we--" He caught himself. "Than most humans do." As they approached the door, he thought. "Though I didn't expect to be able to remember smells this well. It's almost like a second kind of sight, it's so useful. I bet after a couple months, I'll be able to tell who's in the room even if I'm blindfolded."
  18. "Oh yeah, you should totally be able to." She smiled, walking outside with him. "The first thing I had a huge whiff of was something that went bad in my fridge...it was gross..." She hummed and crossed her arms. "It's hard to get used to but as long as you find a pack you know you can get through things better."
  19. He stepped a little closer beside her. When he saw her cross her arms, he pulled his coat off and offered it to her. He was cold, too, but he wouldn't let her see that. "So, where are we headed?"
  20. Nina chuckled softly. "This is going to sound funny, but I don't know yet...I just wanted to get out of there for a bit." She hummed.
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