EXERCISE Chekhov's Gun Challenge: The Pink Hair Bow

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  1. Chekhov's Gun Challenge, Cyan
    Chekhov's Gun is a writing trope used to mean that a seemingly insignificant object has turned out to be important to the plot. For example, the ring Frodo found in Gollum's cave in "The Hobbit" turned out to be the One Ring in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

    Any little thing can help you further your plot.

    To Participate: I will give you an insignificant object and the setting in which it is first seen. Then you post a way in which that object could be used to further the plot.

    example (open)

    Item and Setting Given: A stick brought back by the dog.

    Way in which it can be used:
    First mention of object - Peter's dog is always bringing back sticks. Peter has a habit of letting them collect by his front poach.

    The object becomes important when - One day while running from a band of trolls, Peter and his friends try to take refuge behind his house. Looking for something to throw at the trolls to distract them, one of the characters picks up the stick Peter's dog brought back earlier and . . . ZAP! that stick was actually the missing magic wand belonging to the Good Fairy. Now the trolls are all made of stone and if they can get the fairy back her wand maybe she can help them find the lost prince and save the day!

    The Item and Setting:
    A Pink Hair Bow found on the sidewalk

  2. The Pink Hair Bow on the sidewalk was blown there by the wind since it wasn’t attached to the hair properly from its last owner. It looks like a normal Pink bow but it uses the wind to its advantage searching for its next owner.

    The Bow likes to have fun with other people and see what happens when they have it and when they lose it. The grooves of the bow, if you look carefully portrays a face and you can tell when its happy or sad.

    You see when anyone attaches this bow to their hair the bow will give you sexually magnetism to men of your favourite hairstyle. So if you like men with long blond hair then any long blond haired man will want to be with you.

    There are 2 sets one for a man and one for a woman, each with their own magnetism. One is a desired height, colour eyes. Etc…

    If one person has both sets they can manipulate anyone and one evil girl has just found the bow on the sidewalk. “Excellent” she says “Just as the radar predicted.”
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