Chef Boyardee mmmmmm

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  1. Dani:
    I smile at him and kiss him, the feeling I had before returns.
  2. So, I've seen an animal or three slaughtered for food, in my day. Plus, I've seen some downright nasty sh*t, so I've got a pretty strong stomach when it comes to dead things.

    . . .This made a little sick.
  3. Oh deary me......
  4. clare:
    I frown and looked at him "Any Job is worth the while if it helps your wife." I say and curl into Bram putting my head on his shoulder.
  5. Bram

    I pat her head and Mari paused

    "Um...oh, oh dear." She sighed "Four months after Bram went missing, so almost a year now..."
  6. Bram

    She looks at us like she is planning our wedding. I continue to blush scarlet and she grins at us "Oh! My apologizes if I tried to rush things."

    "I-g-ga..." I stutter out and end up laughing "Oh, oh. It's fine."
  7. Bram

    Mari shakes her head at us. "Much more than little Bram here." She ruffles my hair and I roll my eyes "So how did you and Bram end up meeting any how?"
  8. Clare:
    I giggle again and looked at him, once again playing with his hair. I smiled at Mari, "We sort of have to go back tonight, to school I mean."
  9. I just ate so avoiding clicking on that link seems like a good idea... I feel sick just thinking about it.
  10. Clare:
    "I know Bram, but she missed you and I think at least spending two days with her will make it a little easier and we will see her again we canspend school holidays here."
  11. Bram

    I look through the collection. It's been a while. I pull a random one out of the pile "Er let's just go with this."
  12. Clare:

    I nodded and got up putting in the movie, "I thought your sister was going to watch it with us." I say as I sit back down pulling the blanket over the two of us.
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  13. Clare:

    I giggle and bit down on my lip, "So this is what family is like?" I ask softly and play with my fingers.
  14. NO SHIT.

    I was craving mac and cheese when I was in the dorms one day, and an asian cuisine cook-off was going on in the kitchen (Believe me, I asked for a taste, they shut the door in my face. Sad because it really smelled good.) and I bought a can of that, hoping to curb the munchies.... One bite.... and I seriously barfed in the bowl. My roommates thought it was hilarious, until I slipped and the bowl fell to the ground, barfy mac and cheese going EVERYWHERE.
  15. Why would you CAN mac n cheese? It only takes 10 min to make. o_o And this is when you're cripple!drunk, mind you.
  16. NO DOUBT! I bought some cause it was on sale and looked TOTALLY yummy... One bite and I spit it out and tossed it in the garbage. NEVER AGAIN! WORST TASTE EVAR!
  17. I'm surprised so many of you actually tried that stuff.
  18. Seems like Chef Boyardee & Taco Bell are in the same boat now.