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  1. Sorry... Sheogorath reference... Ignore the title... Either way... Just to get this out of the way...
    Hey! I'm not sure how often I'll be online, but I hope that when I am, I can help someone feel good about their day, whether by compliment, by a friendly conversation, or even just a good post that lets them interact where they couldn't find a way otherwise! Now... Survey thing time!

    What do I prefer to be called? Just Rusty is fine, unless you want to add the numbers, I guess

    Boy, girl, or a mystery? Pie (jk, boy)

    How old am I? 17 for another couple months

    Am I new to the site but not to roleplaying? Yes, that is exactly my case.

    Do you like group Roleplays or just a single partner? I can do either one, honestly

    On a rainy day do I like jumping in puddles, or curling up on the sofa? I do have a certain fondness for this thing called roleplaying... I wonder if you've heard of it? (oh, and playing video games)

    SING IT OUT LOUD! What song is tormenting your mind? I don't know, I often listen to music while I RP, so I don't usually get any music stuck in my head, but, if for any reason you're curious, I like listening to a station that focuses around Rise Against's kind of music.
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  2. The Mad God comes! all Hail the Prince of Madness! XD Love the reference. Anyways, welcome!!
  3. lol, thank you. You, sir or madam... Get pie *throws pie* (btw, when not IC, I do actions using * *)
  4. madam is fine! *catches the pie and noms it* I had a good idea on what ya was doin' ^.^
  5. *bows* Very well then Madam. Cheese? As it is for everyone, I suppose I shall offer it inside of the thread to appease the mad god XD
  6. Cheese would be lovely XD *takes some cheese* Must spread the madness after all ^.^
  7. Of course, for without madness, how can there be order? And without order... There's only madness!
  8. >__> . . . <__< . . .O_O . . . I used to like cheese like you once . . . but then I took a platypus to the knee . . . T__T my poor knee

    Nice to meet ya fellow newbie! Welcome to the land of gah! Where everyday is an ADVENTURE! ^__^
  9. Pleased to meet you as well, newbie comrade, and I do hope your knee has improved since it was struck by such a devastating platypus attack. *gives cookie*
  10. ^__^ [nibbles the cookie] what can I say I'm hardcore. I work through the pain. . . >__> also cookies help! But alass the poor platypus never stood a chance against the infamouse [insert any glitch that auto kills you in skyrim/oblivion]
  11. Ahh, I see... I hate that glitch... But sometimes it actually helps... Ahh well... Rest in pieces, ye who hath struck the knee of one ex-cheese aficionado. May your antics forever be remembered through that knee, and forgotten through that [insert any glitch in which objects/NPCs mysteriously disappear].
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  12. That's it! Come hither fellow antics maker! Away to a Skyrim RP we Must go. and may the adventures of Twinklebottom and her faithfull sidekick Rufflebut become tales of legend across all of tamriel! and possibly Iwaku . . . No but really, I officially love you! Would you be interested in a one on one Skyrim Rp with me Pretty please? ^__^
  13. Lol, I would be willing to, yes, so long as you're okay with knowing that often I will only post once or twice a day (unless I have a lot of free time, such as today), also, I'm used to a different site's methods, so I'm not entirely sure how well I've gotten this site's features into my head, but I'm willing to try my best, lol, I'll be getting offline soon for tonight, but I will most certainly be online once more tomorrow. As an apology for my soon-to-be disappearance, have yet another cookie... Because I just found out about the "cookie" button, and I intend to use it to the best of my abilities
  14. Yes and you duth get a cookie as well my new compatriot in the arts of roleplaying and adventuring. May we send many a platypus into the knees of our enemies in our adventures to come ^__^
  15. And mayhaps one day we shall learn that one shout... Ya know... the one with summoning beavers or some such. (perhaps the words to the shout should be "may ka DAM!" or something along those lines?)
  16. Man I've been looking for the shout for a long time. I'm beginning to think it's a myth. You what my favourite shout that I've learned is. The one that makes peoples pants fall down. it goes like this "TROW ZER DOUN" It's awesome ^__^
  17. Sounds as such, 'twould be a mighty weapon in a war, a hilarious prank in a busy marketplace, and a neat trick for other situations. I believe that once I've left for the night I will have to search for this very shout.
  18. CHEESE <3

    With the Wabbajack I shall create a gumball machine full of it! *Zaps*


    Welcome to Iwaku, Rusty :)! I hope you enjoy your stay.
  19. I thank you for your generous request to enjoy my stay, I hope that everyone I speak to enjoys my stay, honestly, otherwise, I'm not doing what I set out to do in the first place
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