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  1. I've been craving this the past few weeks. Help me out please.

    I have an idea for a modern type super power kind of thing. It wouldn't be like superheroes or anything. Just random abilities showing up every here and there. Also it's a role play I'd like to have multiple characters in, as in a few characters for me and a few for you. I can explain some more if this catches your attention.

    Message me! plz.
  2. Oh man, I'm such an old lady, I was falling asleep when I wrote this. (That's how desperate for this idea I am)

    Anyway, some more information about it:

    Way back, let's say... between 15 to 20 years ago, a new study was started to enhance genetic properties in order to advance the human race, step into the future prepared for whatever may come. Their goal pretty much to expand the brain's capabilities to do things far beyond human capabilities thus far. At the time tests and studies were on volunteers, pregnant women who needed the money, pretty much. But immediately, after the sixth test subject resulted in death, or more like an unexplained explosion in the building, the project was discovered by the government and shut down. The files and information of the previous test subjects had been lost and they now lived among the rest of the world's population.

    Point is there's five mothers out there with children manifesting these random abilities and at some point or another int heir life between the ages of 17 to 21 they start to discover them. So eventually this group tried to get them together again and study them as well as train them. For what? Who knows, but really, I wanna find out.
  3. I'll bite. Are you still wanting to do this?
  4. I would love to give this RP a try. I have several characters I think could fit well into this world. How many would each of us be playing?
  5. I haven't done multiple characters in a little while soni would probably be comfortable with 2-3
  6. I can pretty easily balance two. More than that gets a little difficult.
  7. Awesome! I'm still open for this, I've been pretty obsessed with super powers recently. If you guys are still interested, PM me and we can go over some details. And yeah, it would be between 2 to 3 characters each.
Thread Status:
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